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Best Programmable Coffee Maker Preferences in 2024

Best Programmable Coffee Makers

Most of us coffee lovers are crazy about morning coffee, in a good way, of course. The challenges of the day, the busy schedule, or that work colleague that is impossible to tolerate will not compare to this high feeling of fresh morning coffee. However, we usually don’t like having to wait 4 or 5 minutes for a morning coffee every time we wake up! We want it instantly! A programmable coffee maker will help us achieve that.

The smell of coffee aroma in the morning, the first sip of that hot steaming coffee, and the first caffeine substance that touches our lips and tongues make everything else in this crazy world irrelevant.

Simply, it grants you the superpower of programming your own coffee first hand, before going to bed and you can wake up to an already freshly brewed morning coffee. What a delight! That is just one of the things this coffee brewer kind can do. There are plenty more!

Nonetheless, the fact that it has so many useful features can lead to any of us having decision fatigues when opting for one ideal product. Worry no more! Because this article will shed light on the best programmable coffee makers in 2024! Stick around and find out.


Our Top Picks

Best Overall7-2 Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer Coffee Maker
  • 2-way brew of your coffee
  • You can completely program this smart drip machine’s feature
  • You can adjust settings based on your cup drink sizes
  • Convenient single-serve
Best for Large Capacity6-1 Cuisinart 14-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker
  • The new type of technology will make sure your coffee is hot enough for you
  • You can select regular or bold coffee flavor with the brew-strength control
  • Adjustable Brew Temperature Control
  • Permanent filter
Best for Budget4. BLACK+DECKER 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker, Black, CM1160B BLACK+DECKER 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker
  • QuickTouch Programming
  • Digital controls with rubberized feel
  • Sneak-a-cup feature
  • Two-hour automatic shutoff
  • Easy-view water window
  • Warmth keeping glass carafe
Best for Brew Speed5-5 Braun 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker
  • Pure flavor system to satisfy you in every cup
  • Maintain the flavor within
  • Convenient control
  • Wake up to a fresh pot
Best for Grinder2-3 KRUPS Grind and Brew Programmable Coffee Maker
  • There is a built-in grinder at the top of the machine
  • Conveniently customizable
  • Automatic start and warmth keeping
  • You can pause brewing and use the precise pouring function 
  • The design is for common users

Basic Understanding

Programmable coffee makers are machines that can offer you quality types of coffee with a positively addictive aroma that typical expensive coffee shops like Starbucks can offer.

This model of the coffee machine allows you to customize and adapt to your daily caffeine intake. They have programs that can brew you a steaming, hot cappuccino, the way you like it, in just a simple click of a button.

What now? Cappuccino is not enough? Do you want Americano? Iced Coffee? Frappes? Lattes? The machine can serve you all that. Basically, your wish is programmable coffee makers’ commands. 

Now you found your own coffee recipe that you like, you want the machine to keep brewing you based on that all the time? No problem. It will keep following your order with the right consistency and quantity.

Now, you want it at different times of the day? In the morning? Mid-afternoon? You can just program the timer, it will get your beverage done before you know it, accurately and punctually. These are some of the conveniences you’ll get for owning a kick-ass programmable coffee machine.

Common Features

Programmable coffee makers typically feature some of these basic functions:

  • Control buttons that you can use to program the machine
  • Amount of coffee that you can set to get however many cups of coffee you need
  • Automatic shutoff that you can just leave it there without having to worry about wasting electricity or any accidents
  • Pause and serve button that you can use to get your own cup of coffee amidst any brewing cycle

Reasons for Owning One

You all might have a good idea that owning normal coffee makers is enough for you, right? Wrong.

Normal coffee makers can just brew your coffee, they don’t go beyond that. Programmable coffee makers push the boundaries of convenience. For example, some programmable coffee makers have automatic cleaning systems that wash without the need of a human agent. That is just amazing!

In case you discriminate against certain types of coffee and have your own strict preferences, you can just program the machine to give you what you like, like nobody’s business. You want it strong? Medium? Tempered? You name it. Tell that to the machine and your wish will be granted with a simple click of a button.

Furthermore, if you have a lot of people needing coffee, be it in your family or at your office, any of these programmable coffee makers can brew as many as 12 cups in one go! These are the reasons why you should get one of these programmable coffee makers.

List of The Best Programmable Coffee Makers in 2024

10. Bosenkitchen Coffee Maker

The top 10 spot list begins with the Bosenkitchen 12-cup programmable coffee machine. This dual brew coffee maker will help make sure that your coffee remains hot while brewing using its hotter brewing design. If you’re a hot coffee lover, you’re in for a treat because this bad boy has a hot preservation function that keeps your coffee hot all the time. Its adjustable hot plate or temperature option will allow you to keep your coffee at your desired temperature.

Right after waking up every morning, you will immediately get your hot coffee if you set up a time option before going to bed every night. Furthermore, if you enjoy different styles of coffee, you can utilize the brew-strength control feature to select bold or regular coffee flavors. 

When it comes to cleaning, you don’t have to do all the manual work. The drip coffee maker has an automatic self-cleaning function that you can use to clean the interior of the machine. All you need to do to keep your dual brew coffee maker clean is at a press of a button.

Moreover, speaking of convenience, imagine you program the machine in a dark night or place, the drip coffee maker comes with a built-in LCD light screen to help assist you in viewing the interface.

Also, it has an auto-off feature that automatically turns off your drip machine after one minute of inactivity. This can save the battery life of the coffee maker. Finally, it comes in a perfect size for household use and you will find the easy-view water window helpful.

What we like

  • Make 12 cup of coffee
  • Maintains hot temperature for your coffee
  • Can be programmable 24 hours and fully automatic
  • Maintains coffee machine clean
  • Design is easy for common users
  • BPA-Free Plastic & SUS 304 Stainless Steel

What we don’t like

  • Some instruction materials can be misleading
  • Hard not to spill from glass pot

9. Ninja Programmable Coffee Machine

The Ninja 12-cup programmable coffee maker is classic. It has a function that produces the right and favorable flavor to your coffee in every brew. This function is the brew strengths function that will never disappoint you with any bitter flavor.

Its hotter brewing technology is so advanced a boiler it is perfectly suitable for any hot cup of coffee on any given cold days. Get your hands on any of these and your great cup of coffee is out of this world!

Think about when you wake up every morning. There is a hot serving cup of coffee right there on the kitchen counter, ready to be consumed. How convenient is that? The Ninja programmable coffee brewer will nail that imagination down. Before going to bed, program your machine to brew the coffee for the next morning.

Go to bed and wake up, you will get your refreshing beverage either hot or iced coffee to start your day. Furthermore, it will keep your coffee fresh and flavorful for as long as four hours using the adjustable warming plate.

What we like

  • Flavorful brewing of hot coffee
  • Permanent filter basket
  • 24-hour programmable delay brew
  • Maintains the freshness of coffee
  • 60 oz removable water reservoir 
  • Material type is plastic

What we don’t like

  • A lot of the coffee grounds can get into the pot
  • The removable water reservoir can be fragile, so you need to carefully handle it 

8. Gevi Programmable Grinder And Coffee Brewer

The Gevi 10-cup programmable coffee maker can automatically grind and brew using its built-in burr coffee grinder. First and foremost, the coffee maker with a timer has a 1.5-liter large capacity, which means you can use it to brew as many as 10 cups of coffee. You can select the even number from 2 to 10 on the menu and even if you don’t choose, its default setting is 10 great cups of coffee.

Also, you can make drip coffee by choosing coffee beans and coffee powder, depending on your personal preferences. The burr grinder will take care of gathering and grounding the coffee beans while retaining their full flavor, before letting the resulting powder fall directly on the water filter.

The programmable coffee maker comes with such a conical burr grinder that provides you three strength control settings (strong, medium, mild) and eight coffee grind control grades, from coarse to fine. Otherwise, if you wish not the grinder to grind any more coffee powder, you may press the “GRIND OFF” button to make it stop.

You can program the timer on the machine to set an automatic start and brew at any specified time, for example, 6 AM, the time before you wake up. After brewing, there is also a prompt bell to notify you and there is a warming plate design that will keep your coffee warm in the glass carafe for as long as two hours. Finally, you will get a one year promise of this brew and grind programmable coffee machine. 

What we like

  • 1.5 litre large capacity
  • Easy to operate
  • Brewing settings provide optimum flavor
  • Automatic start function
  • Promise and service

What we don’t like

  • Can be hard to figure out how to use it
  • Coffee beans can get stuck in the hopper
  • The water hopper in the back is inaccessible
  • When you unplug the coffee maker, when cleaning the counter, all of your settings are wiped out.

7. Hamilton Beach 2-Way Coffee Brewer

The Hamilton Beach 2-Way brewer coffee maker has a 12-cup drip tray if you are one of the serious coffee drinkers or have a medium-sized group of people to serve. Otherwise, you may want to just enjoy a nice single-serve cup. That’s Hamilton’s power, providing you two ways of brewing your coffee, a small or a big one. You can easily program the machine to start its job at any specified time.

Before going to bed, you can set it to start at 6 AM, and the next morning, you’ll wake up to a ready brewed hot cup of coffee that you programmed last night. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about it wasting any electricity thanks to its automatic shut-off function.

When it comes to options, it provides you the setting to adjust to your drink sizes. With its built-in glass carafe, you can adjust to that when you have a group of people drinking coffee, or you want to have ready served coffee throughout the day. Otherwise you can adjust the settings to your preferred cup.

Moreover, it is such a convenient single-serve coffee brewer that uses loose and ground coffee to brew you a great cup of coffee. Finally, it has some smart features that consist of a brew strength selector, it can be regular or bold, and a keep-hot warming plate that keeps your coffee warm.

What we like

  • 2-way brew of your coffee
  • Permanent filter
  • You can completely program this machine
  • You can adjust settings based on your cup
  • Convenient single-serve
  • It includes smart features

What we don’t like

  • Slow brewing
  • First-time use, coffee can taste funny

6. Cuisinart Perfectemp Coffee Machine

The Cuisinart programmable coffee maker utilizes the latest technology to make your coffee hotter and at the same time keep the flavor and quality intact. It can serve up to 14 cups of coffee, so that is quite a lot. Also, you can use the brew-strength control to choose your flavor, be it regular or bold coffee. 

You can select the program with the machine at any given time you like. It is 24 hours programmable and fully automatic. You can program at night and get the coffee in the morning. It is super easy and convenient. In addition, it can clean itself using its self-cleaning function at your fingertips.

Furthermore, it has a function that automatically shuts itself off after 4 hours of inactivity. So, you can rest assured knowing that your electricity is not wasted. Finally, it has an adjustable temp control that you can use to keep your coffee warm in its thermal carefe at any specific temperature. 

What we like

  • The new type of technology will make sure your coffee is hot enough for you
  • You can select regular or bold coffee flavor with the brew-strength control
  • You can program the machine 24/7
  • Temperature control
  • Permanent filter

What we don’t like

  • Warming plate can corrode quickly
  • When you go to fill the removable water reservoir, the lid doesn’t open far enough to use the coffee pot

5. Braun BrewSense Coffee Brewer

Braun 12-Cup BrewSense coffee maker is solid and durable. It comes with a flavor system that is innovative and pure, bringing you the satisfaction you need in every cup. That is because your coffee is brewed at the right temperature and time enough to extract the greatest aroma and flavor out of the coffee beans.

Also, you will see the distinctive glasss carafe lid that minimizes air exposure of the recently brewed coffee, resulting in the fresh flavor being sealed inside the drip tray. Also, you will precisely pour your coffee with little to no errors thanks to the anti-drip system. 

You will find the digital control panel buttons easily readable. The buttons are ordered from left to right, the same way you read anything. Furthermore, at your fingertips, you can control the strength of your coffee with ease. You can get a regular coffee or you can get a bold coffee, depending on your preference.

Last but not least, the coffee machine is fully automatic and it is programmable for the entire 24 hours. You can easily program the machine to brew you a great cup of morning coffee to get your day started the next morning. 

What we like

  • Pure flavor system to satisfy you in every cup
  • Maintain the flavor within
  • Convenient control
  • Wake up to a fresh pot

What we don’t like

  • The water drips
  • Can make loud noises after several months
  • Water level indicator can be hard to read

4. BLACK+DECKER Drip Coffee Maker

Black+Decker 12-cup programmable coffeemaker comes with QuickTouch Programming that you can easily program the machine to start brewing coffee and get ready in the morning at any specific time. This way, you will always wake up to a refreshing coffee beverage to kick off your day!

When it comes to interface, the programmable coffee maker has digital control with rubberized texture. Yes, you read that right, it’s rubberized! The buttons will give you a satisfyingly sticky feel when you touch them and the screen display shows brew time, programming options, as well as the clock.

An interesting feature of the product is the Sneak-a-Cup feature that stops the flow of coffee for a moment for you to get the chance to pour your first cup before carrying on to the end without making a mess. Also, it features an automatic shutoff after two hours for added safety and calmness when using the machine.

Furthermore, the removable water reservoir has an easy-view water window that you can check the amount of water to brew your coffee. Finally, it comes with a warmth keeping glass carafe for your freshly brewed coffee. After brewing, this plate will keep your beverage warm for as long as 60 minutes.

What we like

  • QuickTouch Programming
  • Digital controls with rubberized feel
  • Sneak-a-cup feature
  • Two-hour automatic shutoff
  • Easy-view water window
  • Functional thermal carafe

What we don’t like

  • The water filter basket does not allow water to flow out fast enough
  • The water filter always overflows when making full pots

3. OXO Coffee Machine

Our top 3 starts with the OXO 9-Cup Coffee Brewer, which is technologically enhanced to bring you the well-brewed and fresh coffee you are craving. This coffee maker uses a microprocessor to control the brew cycle of your coffee. Your SCA certified perfect cups of coffee are here thanks to the replicated pour-over method by this microprocessor. In addition, you can totally rely on this machine to heat and hold the water for your coffee at the perfect temperature, precisely 197.6 to 204.8 degrees Fahrenheit. 

We hope you like drinking full flavor and uniformly saturated kind of hot or iced coffee because this coffee machine has the resources to bring you that specific item. With its rainmaker shower head, the machine will disperse water over your ground coffee to uniformly saturate them and fully extract their flavor to satisfy your thirst for coffee and enthusiasm for its great taste.

Furthermore, the programmable coffee maker has an intuitive LED interface that helps assist you in viewing the menu. The backlit screen on the interface will show the status of the coffee maker and the freshness indicator. Also, you can just use a single dial to program the number of cups and the start timer for the next 24 hours. Finally, you will find that the drip tray is double-walled thermal carafe and it is the agent to maintain the warmth or maybe heat and freshness of your coffee.

What we like

  • Brew cycle controlled by microprocessor
  • Heats and holds water at the right temperature for coffee
  • Provides uniform saturation of coffee with rainmaker shower head
  • Intuitive LED interface
  • Program the number of your coffee with a single dial

What we don’t like

  • Possible leak
  • Materials of the machine are not appealing to some users

2. KRUPS Grind and Brew Coffee Maker

The KRUPS grind and brew machine can brew up to 10 cups of coffee and with its built-in grinder, you will get the enticingly rich aroma in your coffee as well as full-bodied flavor. When it comes to customization, it is super easy.

For the grinder setting, you can set for 2 to 10 cups to customize the amount of coffee, and you can also set from coarse to fine to customize the intensity as well. To customize the flavor, you can use the brew strength selector to choose from mild to medium to strong. 

At any specified time, the drip machine will start its brew cycle if you program its schedule. That is so convenient when you wake up in the morning and get to consume the coffee you programmed to be brewed last night. When it comes to cleaning, you should wash the glass coffee pot and the water filter receptacle on the upper rack of the dishwasher.

Furthermore, if you think you are waiting too long for a great cup of coffee, you can just pause the brew cycle and let the precise pouring do its job. This coffee glass carafe has a curved spout that guarantees you every drip of your coffee will freely pour down to the last drop. Finally, it has a user-friendly design that includes intuitive controls and a bright LCD screen to help assist you in programming and use. 

What we like

  • There is a built-in grinder on top of the machine
  • Conveniently customizable
  • Automatic start and warmth keeping
  • You can pause brewing and use the precise pouring function 
  • The design is for common users

What we don’t like

  • The grinder can jam easily
  • Good replacement grinders are hard to find

1. Cuisinart Programmable Drip Coffee Maker

The 1st place goes to the Cuisinart DCC-1200 programmable coffee maker. This drip machine takes care of the smallest details you can think of. Take pouring, for example, the Cuisinart utilizes the ergonomic handle of its 12-cup thermal carafe to assist you for comfortable and dripless pouring.

How many times have you been frustrated that your coffee spills all over when you pour and you have to clean it up? Now, with this coffee machine and its helpful thermal carafe, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Furthermore, you can pause any brew cycle to get yourself a nice cup of coffee before it fills the thermal carafe.

Also, it doesn’t matter how long you plan to leave your coffee after brewing, the adjustable heater plate with its settings low, medium, and high will maintain the temperature of your coffee for you.

When it comes to programming, it has a 24-hour advance brew start and it also features an automatic shutoff function after 0 to 4 hours. Also, if you are making less than 5 cups, it has the option for you to choose from 1 to 4 cups as well. In addition, some of the accessories that this machine comes with include a charcoal water filter as well as a gold-tone permanent filter that makes sure to allow only the freshest coffee flavor to flow through. Other items include a measuring scoop and an instruction book.

What we like

  • The design is a classic brushed metal
  • The machine features a brew-pause function
  • 24-hour advance brew start
  • Accessories included

What we don’t like

  • Electrical design flaw
  • The clock is small and hard to read

Buying Guides For Programmable Coffee Makers


Sometimes, if you leave your coffee for too long, it can get cold or some randoms can happen at the same time. So, you should look for any machine that can take care of the timing. What kind of timing, I hear you ask. Of course, it’s the timing of brewing your coffee, the timing of keeping your coffee warm, and especially the timing of shutting off your machine.

For brewing time, you can just program it but make sure when exactly it does start or maybe check if it has any delays. For keeping your coffee warm, you should check for how long, and for automatic shutoff, you should check how many hours before it goes dark.

Brewing Options

Although this one can be present in any coffee machine at all, it is worth it to still keep in mind. When it comes to programmable coffee makers, they can do more than just adding more or fewer ground coffee. They allow you to select the temperature for your coffee water, they allow you to choose brew strength, set the timers, as well as save recipes and ingredients data for your next cup of coffee.

When opting for one of these coffee makers, you should look for the custom brewing options if they provide more than listed here like making hot chocolate, making tea, and other kinds of things. 

Extra Features

We did mention machines that go beyond common brewing options, and in the section, we want to go further. Try looking for extra features that the machine can provide. Some coffee makers feature audible alerts after it is done brewing, which is a really nice-to-have feature. Others might have been grinding, milk frothing, and notifications when cleansing is needed.

Here is a little bit of tip, you should keep an eye on espresso machine as well as hybrid coffee brewers because they usually provide you with the most options, however they can be costly.


How often should you clean your coffee maker?

Usually, it is recommended that you clean after every use. Removable parts of the machines should be cleaned such as the brew basket, lid, and thermal carafe. If you want deeper cleaning than that so you can remove mineral deposits, you should do it once in at least three months.

What If you don’t descale your coffee machine?

Descaling your coffee machine is very essential, especially for the water flow. Keep in mind that water must reach its optimal brewing temperature to extract the full flavor out of your coffee beans. If you don’t remove the mineral scale that builds up over time, it can clog the water flow and cause the machine to malfunction. 

THE VERDICT: What Is The Best Programmable Coffee Maker?

After such a thorough description of each programmable coffee maker product, it is not surprising that many of them provide great unique benefits in their own way. Whether you want your coffee strong, at 1 AM, or maybe a bit of milk frothing atop of your cup, the machines can do all that for you. All you need is to program them to fit your preferences.

We hope you have a better idea now on which programmable coffee maker is suitable for your needs, personality, and preferences. Bear in mind the set of key criteria we listed for you when choosing an ideal product.

To recommend the best overall programmable coffee maker, there is one product from the list that we’d like to recommend. It is the number 7 spot, Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer Coffee Maker. This bad boy has the perfect balance amongst capacity, brew speed, grinder, and especially budget.