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13 Most Popular Fall Coffee Flavors To Make Your Day More Colorful

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13 Most Popular Fall Coffee Flavors To Make Your Day More Colorful

As the memories of the hot summer days are distant, so every morning, the collar is fastened in the cold breeze. When the seasons change, your favorite coffee will naturally change as well. Instead of cold coffee with plenty of ice, what about a cup of fall coffee that is hot enough to burn your tongue comes to mind.

13 Most Popular Fall Coffee Flavors To Make Your Day More Colorful Intro

On top of that, at this time, how about a little special coffee instead of too common coffee such as hot Americano and latte? Of course, they are one of the most popular fall coffee drinks that people love so much. Anyway, it would be better to have our own special coffee at home rather than a coffee with a name that is difficult to order even at a cafe. 

For example, if you put a piece of unsalted butter in a hot Americano, you can enjoy a different coffee with the unique flavor of butter and a subtle milk scent. For those who want to enjoy special coffee for home cafes, we will suggest various home coffees for you.


1. Espresso

Basically, the taste of espresso is savory and pleasantly bitter. Drinking when you’re eating fatty foods or when you’re feeling stuffy can make you feel better. Because of its unique bitter taste, it gives the feeling of washing away the grease from the body. It is natural to drink espresso while drinking another coffee. 

First of all, you should quit coffee with milk and tame your tongue with the habit of drinking a menu that is close to the original taste of coffee while avoiding sauce or sugar. Because the amount of espresso is small, it is served in a small cup called ‘demitasse’. The glass must be preheated with hot water before use. 

The size of the cup is so small because if it is cold, the espresso will cool down quickly. It’s a good idea to preheat the glass before brewing and drink it right away. In order for a drink to feel delicious, it must have minimal sweetness. In that sense, when you first drink espresso, add 1 to 2 tsp. of sugar to your liking. This is because the sweetness of sugar and the bitterness of coffee are in harmony, allowing you to experience a richer taste.


*How to make

First of all, grind 16~20g of beans. And mount the portafilter after tamping the filling inside. And then, extract 30ml within 20~30 seconds.

2. Doppio

Two shots of espresso, or double shots.  It is coffee that provides 40 to 60 ml of the equivalent of two cups of espresso. There is nothing like doppio to feel the afterglow of coffee a little longer because you can feel the bitter taste that is moderately pleasing. If you want to drink a lot of cappuccino or café mocha at a café, you can also order Doppio. It tastes even better if you eat it with a sweet cake. For reference, in Italy, the day after drinking alcohol, doppio is also used to relieve hangovers.


For more information, most cafes use a portafilter for two cups, so if you order a single espresso, you often give only one cup and discard the other cup. So, when I go to a café, I sometimes get a grateful offer to give me a double instead of throwing away a cup. Instead, some cafés offer coffee that has changed taste after a while, so you have to check whether or not you are brewing a new one.

3. Hot Americano ( Caffe Americano )

You already know what it is and how to make it, even if we do not mention it in detail. One of the top coffee drinks that you used to drink at cafes or home would probably be hot americano, especially in the fall and winter season.

hot americano

For your information, diluting it with water does not mean that the coffee taste will be cloudy. Rather, the hot water makes the taste softer, highlighting the natural characteristics of coffee. After pouring an appropriate amount of water into the mug, gently turn it while pouring espresso. The thick crema slightly swells and looks more delicious.

Espresso with hot water added to the amount of coffee made 75-95㎖. It got the same name because it tastes similar to the thin coffee that Americans have been drinking a lot. However, while American coffee is drip coffee, Café Americano has the difference that hot water is added to espresso coffee. It is also called ‘Espresso Lungo ‘, meaning ‘I increased the amount of espresso’.

4. ‘Espresso Romano’ for Monday

On Monday, when the body and mind are heavier and lazier than ever, adding extra espresso shots is not enough. There is a good coffee to drink at this time. It is ‘Espresso Romano’ with a fresh lemon scent added. 

A cup of sweet, bitter, and sour Espresso Romano can really make us feel drowsy and down. This coffee drink is called espresso with lemon slices on top. And Romano is Italian and it also means Rome in Italian.

To tell you more, in Europe, the water quality is not good, so people drink it with lemon to improve the taste of coffee. It is said that because of the acid component of lemon, the crema is weakened and the coffee tastes good. 

Firstly, when you take a sip of espresso, you will feel the sweetness and bitterness by putting sugar on your lips as well. Then, taste a little lemon, and the espresso scent remaining on your tongue will disappear. Overall, Espresso Romano, where you can taste three flavors at the same time, seems attractive.

espresso romano

*How to make

The only thing to prepare is lemon, and the way to make that drink is simple. After extracting the espresso, add 3 to 4 drops of lemon juice. Put the lemon peel on top and it’s done. The refreshingness of lemon peel (a lemon peel simmered in sugar) and lemon juice further maximizes the acidity of espresso. If you don’t have a lemon peel, you can cut it into thin slices. You can add sugar according to your taste.

5. Café Mocha

Espresso and milk, chocolate, and whipped cream are blended together to create a sweet and soft mocha coffee menu. You can also add whipped cream to make it softer and sweeter. Using a whipping machine, first, paste the cream on the inner wall of the cup for café mocha, then rotate it in a circle along the inner wall of the cup to make a shape. On top of that, garnish with chocolate syrup and chocolate powder. Moreover, mocha coffee without cream creates a soft taste through harmony with milk, milk froth, espresso, and chocolate, while exuding the unique flavor and aroma of mocha.

Café Mocha

*How to make

Pour 15-20 ml of chocolate into a cup of café mocha and extract espresso. Using a spoon, stir until the extracted espresso and chocolate are well mixed. Pour warmed milk and fill up to 80% of the glass. That’s it for a traditional cafe mocha.

6. Café Macchiato

The meaning of Macchiato ( Macchiato ) is “stained ” in Italian. The crema appears when extracting espresso, there is milk shall mean the stained-shaped bubbles. In fact, in Italy, a coffee cup of a general size is used to emphasize the original taste of espresso. And it is also common to add milk or milk foam to a larger mug to give a soft taste. 

Café Macchiato

In addition to adding foam, there is also a method of holding a glass and pouring milk foam from the center. Depending on the sign to decorate the caramel syrup over the milk foam Caramel Macchiato, by adding more milk, you can enjoy latte macchiato. 

7. Café Latte

It is a representative coffee using milk, and latte means ‘milk’ in Italian. You can heat the milk warm and mix a 1:4 ratio of espresso to milk. Latte, which has a soft milk taste, is characterized by a large amount of latte and drinking in a large glass. It can be served with bread for breakfast, and even drinking this alone is reliable as a meal replacement. 

When making a latte, it is good to add a little milk froth as a finish. This is because the foam acts as a lid and prevents the temperature from dropping. However, if the foam rises thickly, it can look like a cappuccino, so you can put it on it slightly as if you are covering it with a thin lid.

Café Latte

*How to make

Extract 30 ml of espresso. And then, heat the milk. At this time, the temperature is suitable for 65 to 70 degrees. Lastly, pour 200ml of the warmed milk into the coffee.

8. ‘Dry Cappuccino’ that resembles a cloud

Cappuccino is another popular coffee that goes well in autumn. It feels like putting clouds in a blue sky in a coffee cup. The life of a cappuccino is a rich bubble no matter what anyone says. A cappuccino with a dead foam is like cola without carbonate. However, instead of ‘wet cappuccino’, which is familiar with latte art, mixed with milk and foam, we recommend ‘dry cappuccino’ with a visible foam layer. 

The biggest difference between a dry cappuccino and a wet cappuccino is the quality of the foam. Dry cappuccino needs a foam that has a lot of foam and has a lower viscosity, so it has good coagulation power. So, it creates a lot of foam when injecting air, and the steaming time is relatively long. 

Dry cappuccino is rich in milk foam, so when you drink it, it pours into your mouth with a lot of foam, so you can feel the sweetness of milk richly, but you may feel it. Compared to the wet cappuccino, it has a milder foam than a dry cappuccino, giving it a slightly softer taste.

Dry cappuccino

*How to make

Put the espresso in a glass and add warm milk to it. On top of it, but the milk froth in abundance. Lastly, sprinkle cinnamon powder or sugar over the foam to make it sweet. If you foam milk as it is, you can enjoy the savory taste of milk.

9. Vanilla Latte

It is a type of coffee with vanilla syrup added to the café latte using espresso. It is a coffee that contains milk and vanilla syrup in espresso, and you can feel the bitter taste of espresso and the flavor of vanilla syrup. Vanilla is one of the spices that are commonly used in ice cream, cookies, and cakes. 

In some cases, it is also added to coffee. This variation of latte with vanilla syrup is vanilla latte. It’s like a café mocha or caramel macchiato minus chocolate syrup or caramel syrup, and vanilla ingredients. The sweet aroma and taste of vanilla syrup, and the strong coffee aroma and bitter taste of espresso are sweet in harmony. 

If a general café latte or cappuccino is not sweet enough for the first taste, most of the vanilla lattes on the market fit well regardless of taste. 

Vanilla Latte

*How to make

Add steam milk and vanilla syrup (or powder) to your espresso.

10. Tea and coffee meet ‘TEA Drip Coffee’

How about a collaboration with the most popular tea and coffee these days? You can taste a different coffee because you can add the unique flavor of tea to your cup of coffee. You can choose whatever tea flavor that you like or that you used to drink before. The combination of those two favorites will make your cup of coffee more flavorful and colorful. 

To give you more information, in simple terms, tea instead of purified water is used to brew coffee, but tea can be any tea, but the more scented, the better. If you want to enjoy the full taste of coffee, Cascara (dried coffee cherries) is highly recommended. Then, when you drink tea drip coffee, you can feel like drinking the whole full taste of coffee.

Tea drip coffee

*How to make

The way to make tea drip coffee is simple. First, brew the scented tea with hot water. Put 30g of beans in a dripper, pour 30g of chilled water and cook for about 30 seconds. Then slowly pour 120g of tea and water. You can put the coffee extracted in this way into a cup. 

Depending on your taste, you can add a little more tea and water.

11. Sweet Pumpkin Spice Latte

Right now, we want to talk about another popular recipe that goes well with the cold weather. In particular, the sweet taste of sweet pumpkin, which is often thought of as Halloween approaches, is a perfect match for coffee. 

In fact, Starbucks has been making sweet pumpkin spice latte as a fall season’s drink since 2003. And we are going to share with you the unique recipe for this coffee drink. To tell you a secret that only we know, you can mix syrup, sweet pumpkin puree, condensed milk, food coloring, and preservatives instead of sweet pumpkin itself. 

Moreover, Sweet Pumpkin Spice Latte, which received a lot of attention among the seasonal drinks, was upgraded in 2015 to make it healthier. Because of its popularity, other coffee chains have also started making this drink and can be found at many cafes as well. However, in a situation where it is difficult to go to a café, what can I do to drink a delicious and warm sweet pumpkin spice latte comfortably at home? Just follow the recipe below!

Sweet Pumpkin Spice Latte

*How to make

First, mix water and sugar with a medium paste to make syrup. Next, add the spice and sweet pumpkin and simmer for another 8/10 minutes over a low paste. It should be creamy, and when it cools, put it in a glass container and store it in the refrigerator to make sweet pumpkin spice lattes. 

When making a drink, pour the sweet pumpkin cream into the mug first and then squeeze the espresso right over it. It is better if you use slightly spicy coffee. Steam milk is poured on top of it, and fresh cream is added to the final drink. It is even more delicious if you sprinkle a little seasoning (cinnamons, raw liver, nutmeg, cloves) on the fresh cream. 

Of course, many people drink warmly in the fall season, but you can also make cold brew and ice versions.

So do you know how many calories are in these drinks? A 240 ml base starts at 210 calories, and a 600 ml drink is 470 calories. It is a great energy capacity to prepare for winter. Now, then, shall we make it?

12. ‘Salty Caramel Latte Recipe’ Sweet, Addictive and Evil Coffee!

This time, we introduce Sweet-Salty Devil’s Coffee, which is said to be found once you taste it! It is called ‘Salty Caramel Latte’. At the end of the sweet caramel taste, the salty taste of salt remains, giving you an addictive and unique taste. 

Salted caramel latte, which can only be found in cafes, today, shall we go to bring out the atmosphere of a high-class café at home? Anyway, if you do not like the salty taste, you can choose not to put salt into your caramel latte. The way to make a cup of salted caramel latte is very easy and simple. All you need is just 1 bag of black coffee, hot water, caramel syrup, sugar, salt, milk, ice.

salted caramel latte

*How to make*

Firstly, dissolve the black coffee powder with hot water to make an undiluted coffee solution.​ And then, put 2 tablespoons of caramel syrup and coffee juice in a cup. After pouring milk, add an appropriate amount of salt.​ 

[TIP] Without caramel syrup, melt commercially available milk caramel to make it. Lastly, mix sugar and salt and put them in the mouth of the cup. (You can feel the sweet-salty taste every time you drink the latte.)

13. Vienna Coffee Recipe 

For those who have difficulty eating bitter Americano! This coffee recipe would be perfect for those who want something new rather than tasting only Americano! It is called Vienna Coffee. The sweetness of the cream and blend of bitter Americano is the charming point of this recipe! Shall we start to make it slowly? Here we are going to make a special drip coffee. 

​There are some necessary ingredients for making drip coffee. You may need a drip pot for water swelling and a milk pot to be used for making fresh cream! The grinder that will meticulously fine grind coffee beans, and if you have a coffee filter, a must-have for drip coffee, it’s perfect now!

Vienna Coffee Recipe

*How to make*

As you all know, coffee starts with beans! For the first step, put coffee beans in a grinder and grind them carefully, enough to drip thick coffee beans. Then, the finely ground beans are transferred to a stainless coffee filter. After that, use a drip pot and pour hot water slowly. Next, the drip coffee is falling slowly into your cup!​ 

A stainless coffee filter does not need a paper filter, so it is economical because it can be used semi-permanently! Last but not least, Vienna coffee’s key point is still a chewy cream, right? To make a viscous cream, put the liquid cream and sugar in the milk pot, and whisk with an electric whisk until it’s chewy! Don’t forget that the point is not too thin or too hard whipping. 

When the drip coffee and cream are ready, firstly, Take full ice in the coffee mug, and add about 150ml of water. Then pour the extracted drip coffee 50ml into the mug, and stir well with a spoon! Finally, we will decorate the finale of the Vienna coffee recipe. Pour the cream slowly and full on the coffee! If you successfully poured the cream, finish up by sprinkling cinnamon powder on it!

Final Thought

So far, we have introduced to you 13 of the most popular fall coffee flavors and their recipes that will make your day more colorful. Most of the above-mentioned coffee drinks can be made at home easily by yourself without going out at all if you have one espresso coffee machine

As you might already be aware, the keyword ‘home café’ is attracting attention due to the increase of home families who regard their home as a space for hobbies and healing rather than a simple resting place. This is because more and more people are proud of creating a home café with a variety of atmospheres in their own well-decorated space. 

So, why don’t you try this new trend at your lovely house? Hope you have a wonderful day with the above delicious coffee and we will be back with more interesting articles!