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How To Store Your Roasted Coffee Bean The Right Ways According To Experts?

How To Store Your Roasted Coffee Bean The Right Ways According To Experts
How To Store Your Roasted Coffee Bean The Right Ways According To Experts? Introduction

Coffee is one of the popular beverage drinks that we all are craving for every day. The smell of its freshly roasted beans with a combination of the fresh morning breeze is already a swish that could awaken the sense of our productivity. There are different types of coffee produced after roasted. There is a saying the most challenging testing coffee is freshly roasted and brewed, but there is also another different perspective that the tastiest coffee is depending on the process of its roasting and how it is stored or kept in the roasted coffee bean the right way it should be. Good coffee is not made just in a blink of an eye though, be Patient, guys.

To be able to enjoy a cup of tasty coffee is truly beyond the brewing process. As said, the best testing coffee should really be depending on the storing process of the roasted coffee bean, because a mislead can easily ruin a good coffee.

As it goes, once the coffee beans are roasted they will begin to lose their freshness and when they start losing their freshness, the essentiality of its flavour is also dwindling. The roasted coffee beans can stay up to one month if it is kept in the right way. If you do care about your coffee, you should know how to store it properly, then there are 7 tips to rightly store your roasted coffee beans.


I. Understand the Basics

Before we begin to do anything, we need to familiarize with the basics of that one particular thing. It is once said, “if you want to win your enemy, you should learn and understand about his weaknesses.”

So, for the coffee beans, we should know their basic need such as how long it will last, what to avoid that against the bean’s characteristics. There are a few points that the coffee bean hates and those are light, air, moisture, and heat. The coffee beans should be better stored in an airtight, cool, dark, and dry place to stay fresh longer and also to avoid the loosening of its aromas and essential oils that can easily become stale. The coffee beans produce a lot of carbon dioxide (CO2) on the first day after it has been roasted, however, you should not use the beans while it still has a high level of CO2 carbon dioxide, yet you should not wait too long for the beans to become colorless. So, in a couple of weeks after roasting should be the right time to leverage the coffee beans to brew with a pleasant aroma attractively.

II. Avoid Freezing the Beans

There are things that can stay good in a lower temperature, but some can stay fresher in a normal temperature. And people are still arguing about whether to freeze the coffee bean or not to balance and extend its liveliness of its flavor. And here is a basic structure of the beans is that the cell structure of the beans is soft and permeable, and it likes to absorb the redolent around itself. However, the coffee beans should never be stored to freeze, that is why we have to avoid the situation where the beans have to thaw out the ice and allow moisture to creep in which could leave out the unpleasant smell and that creates a problem that can ruin the natural aroma of the coffee beans. Once the beans thaw out, it will not taste as good as when you bought it.

III. Avoid Putting the Beans in the Fridge

III. Avoid Putting the Beans in the Fridge

Earlier we said, the beans hate the light, yet not be frozen as well. So, simply there might be a question asked “can we just cool it in the fridge?” and the answer would be a no-no, even we have to extend their lives but putting it in the fridge is not a solution at all, because there are lots of stuff put in the fridge that can spread out their strong smell to the coffee beans as the beans already can absorb its surrounding odors. Let’s say you put the beans and onions in the same fridge, surely the onions have such a smell that can easily affect the natural aromas of the beans, so by that, the beans might lose their lively characteristic and might take on some onion flavor, in which it will taste awful when you brew the beans.

So, DO NOT ever think of having your beans in the fridge, if you do not want to get a mixed smell of foods from your fridge.

IV. Store Your Beans Carefully

Bear in mind that wherever you want to store the beans, it should be somewhere else out of light, heat, air, and moisture. Think again before you lay your hand off the coffee bean bags near the microwave or oven. Also, a window is never an option for coffee beans to be left alone there, the air, sunlight is like poison to the beans, it can slowly drag down the flavour of the coffee beans and become stale. It is advised to look for a cool and shaded place that is not subjected to the temperature fluctuations for the beans. The best place to keep your coffee beans should be somewhere in the dark cupboard, dry and safe, and remember to keep away from moisture, heat, light, and air, it is DANGEROUS for the coffee beans. And if you decide to keep it in the kitchen or somewhere else, think of a container as well. The container here is like a safe for the beans. Lock it away from all the bad. With proper procedures in coffee storage, the taste of the coffee will not be easy to get lost. Check Out “Why Does Coffee Taste Different?” as this also indicated how the storages can give an impact on the coffee taste.

V. Coffee Kettles

Where and what the beans are stored in are the most two important considerations when it comes to talking about the condition of the beans for longer than you wanted it to be, so let’s talk about the best container that would work best for the coffee beans.

V. Coffee Kettles
Coffee Kettles

Firstly, the container must be made out of hydroperoxide-free or non-reactive materials such as ceramic, glass, metals are the best. Because reactive material can give an unpleasant flavor to the beans and make it stale. So, get yourself any container that is non-reactive material.

Secondly, an airtight container should be the first object that comes to your mind, since air is a dead-end for the beans to survive. So, better think of a storage that has a tight lid to make sure that there is no air flow through the beans to make it lose its flavor when you brew the coffee beans.

V. Coffee Kettles 1

Thirdly, it is best when you can choose a container that is airtight and can also protect the beans from the sunlight, as said light is one of those illnesses for the beans. The best way to alleviate the cause is to not put the container directly to the sun but rather in the shady spot for the beans to stay safe.

VI. Buy Green or Raw Coffee beans

There is another preference that you can choose to either learn to roast your coffee or buy the unroasted green beans. Those raw beans can maintain their flavors for up to a year and it also allows you to experience various types of coffee beans and roasting tricks which you can add to your skills. If you can uphold that, you will be able to carry out the flavor of your coffee as you wish 

Lastly, to arrange the best coffee bean storage is never an easy task while the condition is to keep it fresh and nice. However, having the right choice will always give you the best result and favorable coffee beans. With the right amount and storage of coffee beans, no worries left, but only the best testing coffee made.