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Ways to Boost Up Your Morning Coffee All Day Long

Ways to Boost Up Your Morning Coffee All Day Long

Having morning coffee has always been a great method to wake you up and have a productive morning or all day long. Although drinking coffee can boost your energy, don’t you think that having a nice taste is also important to you as well?

I believe that you don’t like to drink something that is not nice just to wake you up. You also don’t want to drink the same thing every day, do you? But how can we have a nicer coffee drink? What do we do to have a different type of coffee every morning instead of having the same taste every day?

The article will tell you key elements to clear out all doubt. It is for you to follow to get an ideal morning coffee.


1. Coffee Bean

1. Coffee Bean
Wooden spoon with roasted coffee beans on blurred background

There are many different types of coffee beans available in the market, but one thing you need to make sure of is the quality coffee bean. The sources and methods to produce the coffee bean does affect its quality and taste. Some coffee beans are made naturally and manually harvested and dried in the sun instead of using other machinery to have them dried. Moreover, a sun-roasted bean contains antioxidants and hence offers additional potent which is unique compared to the other way of roasting the bean.

On the other hand, you are free to try out a new type of coffee bean, especially the well-roasted bean. Because some good quality beans do not cost you much at all. But, you should not buy a new type of coffee bean with a large amount on the first try in case you don’t like it. So you won’t waste your money buying something you don’t like. One thing you should do once you get your coffe is to store the beans appropriately. You need to make sure that the air cannot flow in and out with the coffee bean.

2. Coffee Grinding

2. Coffee Grinding

As you have known, we cannot put the coffee bean directly into the hot water. We need to have it grind first. Thus, it becomes one of the most important components of having a nice drink. But, why do we need a coffee grinder? Well, with a grinder, it offers you a fresh ground coffee with a nice smell as well as great flavor. Once you have tried the coffee with fresh ground, you will definitely fall in love with it and aim to own a grinder at home. It is recommended to grind your coffee daily instead of grind once at a large amount and store or keep it for a week. Thus, it will lose its freshness and affect the quality as well.

How many types of grinders are there?

Besides, there are many types of grinders in the market that you can find based on your own preference whether you want a manual grinder, a blade grinder, or a burr grinder. They both have their own benefits and drawbacks. For a manual grinder, it is smaller and cheaper compared to the other 2 types. However, there is a limited feature that you can use with it. For a blade grinder, it operates quietly and the size of the grinder is smaller than the burr grinder. However, it needs learning curves to produce the ground with the correct size. While you can have the size under your control with a burr grinder, it produces much operating noise.

3. Brewing Technique

3. Brewing Technique

Besides the two factors above, brewing techniques really determine the quality and the taste of your morning coffee coffee. With a good brewing technique, it allows you to create a nutrient-rich, flavorful drink. Moreover, without the correct brewing technique, you will not get a tasty coffee and waste the coffee bean no matter how careful you are in storing your coffee bean and how careful in selecting the bean.

Actually, there are many brewing techniques for you to choose from and try out once you have time including French Press, AeroPress, Cold Brew, Moka Pot, and so on. For French Press, you may take around 10 minutes to get a flavorful coffee with a larger amount of the cup, which means you don’t have to repeat the process of brewing to make more than one cup of coffee. However, AeroPress requires a shorter time and offers a simpler process while ensuring the taste and the color of the drink. Yet, you can make only 2 cups at most once.

Tips:  You should always put in mind the level and the sources of the water. You need to make sure that you put the appropriate amount of clean water. One more thing is that to get a nicer drink, getting your cup warm before putting the coffee in could also make its taste better as well.

4. Clean Your Equipment

4. Clean Your Equipment

Once you have done with your coffee, you should not forget to clean your coffee maker and keep it for the next use otherwise, you will not get a desirable taste and will be dissatisfied with what you have made. Because things will get stuck with the port and hence diminish the quality of the drink.

Actually, most of the equipment like presses or brewers do not require any technical work to clean, you can simply hand wash it once a week. Some products are also machine washable which means you don’t have to do it manually. Yet, you still need to check with the instruction of the product you own first to prevent any inconvenience and devastation.

For the drip brewer, what you need to do is to clean the all outer and inner parts with descaling solution or vinegar by rinsing the water through it at least twice. This is prevention to your new cup of coffee from getting worse.

5. Temperature

5. Temperature

Bitter coffee usually results from the overheating or burning of the coffee or due to the high temperature of the water. Thus, when you brew the coffee, you should always pay careful attention to the temperature of the hot water to not disappoint your taste and feel.

However, the bitter taste of the coffee may also happen once you leave your coffee on a warming burner for a long time until it dries. Thus, if you want to have a nice and fresh drink with warm coffee, you can put your pot on a warming plate for 1 hour as a maximum. This would not have much impact on the taste,  but it would be better if you drink it for no longer delay.

When we say a cup of coffee, it does not mean only the coffee. A nice coffee shall include some additional ingredients like sweeteners, creamers, milk, or other flavors based on your preferences. Below are some popular ingredients that people would love to add in their coffee to meet their own satisfaction and boost up their day.

Butter and Coconut Oil

a. Butter and Coconut Oil

At first glance, you will be surprised why we add butter and coconut oil into our coffee, won’t you? It has now become a new trend for paleo lovers. Adding these kinds of ingredients into your drink will help to boost your energy and hence stay productive a day long. With the use of butter, it offers omega 3 and omega 6 which help to improve your brain. While coconut oil plays a crucial role in helping those who are trying to lose weight and prevent some serious diseases like Alzheimer’s disease as well.

Coconut milk and Vanilla Extract

b. Coconut milk and Vanilla Extract

The combination of these two things will satisfy those who love coffee with little sweetness. Adding these two things won’t take you much time and will not make the process of making coffee become complex at all. You may wonder about the amount of the ingredient you should put in to get the best outcome. Here you go! You may pout 14oz of coconut milk together with 0.5 tsp of vanilla extract and then blend it for around 30 seconds. Then you can start to enjoy your coffee.


c. Cinnamon

Besides adding sweetener to your coffee, you may also try adding a little cinnamon as well. By adding this, you don’t really need to add cream or sugar anymore because it tastes great and sweet already. In addition to this, cinnamon does provide you with numerous advantages such as helping to stabilize blood sugar and anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, eliminating the chance of getting heart disease. So having such benefits for your health, what are you waiting for? Why not give it a try?


d. Ginger

Another thing that you shall give it a try is adding ginger, especially in this cold winter season. Although you may find it strange to put ginger in coffee, it tastes good at the end especially for those who love gingerbread cookies. Besides, ginger does offer many advantages for our health including stress releases, reducing toxins and congestion from the human body, helping your stomach to be healthier by reducing the acid and heat in your stomach, improving your skin,  avoiding skin irritation, and kicking off the cold and flu as well.  Therefore, why not give it a try while you can enjoy your coffee and boost productivity and ensure you are healthy.


e. Cacao

Another amazing choice that you can choose is to add cacao powder. It tastes great for sweet lovers who aim to have lower calories with sugar syrups.  It is the best integration ever for those who love sweets instead of adding a large amount of sugar. Moreover, cacao itself helps to lower blood pressure, increases HDL cholesterol, reduces LDL cholesterol, enhances fiber, magnesium, and any more benefits to your brain as well.

But, have you ever wondered,…

What is the right amount of having coffee per day in order to stay healthy? 

Alright, non-coffee drinkers might argues that drinking coffee is not healthy at all, although the additional ingredients can reduce some illnesses from your body. I would say, it is unhealthy only when you drink over the maximum and drink at the wrong time. Actually, there are many benefits of drinking coffee. For instance, research of the AJCN study showed that those who do not consume coffee have a higher risk of having cardiovascular disease than those who drink coffee. Moreover, research has shown that 4 cups of coffee per day can be considered a safe zone. Thus, you should be careful to not over the maximum amount to keep yourself safe and healthy. 

When is the right time to drink coffee to get the best outcomes?

To minimize the side effects and maximize the outcomes of drinking coffee, you should think of the time instead of drinking the coffee whenever you want, otherwise, you will not get the desired results and may get some side effects as well. Research has shown that you should not drink it immediately after you get up in the morning, because in the early morning, the level of cortisol in the human body is very high, and if we drink coffee with a high cortisol level, it would increase the level of hormone and cause some health-related issue. Thus, it is suggested to drink the morning coffee between 9:30 am to 11:30 am.


Everything happens with the reasons behind it and so as the quality of the morning coffee. You should not overlook the minor points listed above no matter how simple it is because simple things sometimes play a crucial role. Moreover, a true coffee lover may try everything to get a better taste of the drink to have a nice and productive day. However, the listed points above are all the essential things to need to think of in order to get a desirable result. One thing you should always put in mind as an alert for your own health is to not overconsume your morning coffee no matter how busy and stressful you are.