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A Day In A Life of A Coffee Addict

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A Day In A Life of A Coffee Addict

Every day you wake up with your phone alarm, after turning off that alarm several times already. Feeling lazy and anxious, you lie on your bed realizing that you have to go to school or work. Your bed is the most comfortable and soft place that you have ever felt, but outside of your bed, it is different. 

A Day In A Life of A Coffee Addict Intro

After all, you get up from the bed and head to the kitchen to grab your first cup of coffee of the day. Even before you go to the bathroom, or even before you wash, the first thing that you do every morning is to go to the kitchen to drink a cup of coffee, life-giving water. 

Without that life-giving water coffee, you just cannot do anything and your brain stops working. And the first sip of first-morning coffee awakens your body and your entire body starts to relax. Actually, a sip of coffee doesn’t give you that fast effect, but the thing is your body and brain remember the smell of coffee that you were desperate for. 

Is it YOU? If the things that are mentioned above are just describing yourself, then surely you are a coffee lover and addict. So today, we have prepared some interesting facts and stories that show a day in the life of a coffee addict.


Funny Signs that You are Addicted to Coffee

1.Thinking of the first cup of coffee on the bed after waking up

Thinking of the first cup of coffee on the bed after waking up

Right after you open your eyes in the morning, all you want and think is a cup of first coffee. Before having it, you refuse to do anything.

2. Drink a first sip of the morning coffee, and you feel like you own the whole world

Drink a first sip of the morning coffee, and you feel like you own the whole world

Your eyes become bigger and your brain starts to work. You feel like you own the entire world and you are the best after the first sip of coffee.

3. Someone who is trying to disturb you drinking your coffee

Someone who is trying to disturb you drinking your coffee

You will be a fire if someone stops you drinking your coffee and be aggressive till you drink it.

4. Entering your classroom or office, hating yourself for forgetting to bring a cup of coffee

Entering your classroom or office, hating yourself for forgetting to bring a cup of coffee

Your mind is like how can I forget to bring my coffee and feel very anxious.

5. Smell the coffee aroma of someone who just came back from Starbucks with a fresh cup of coffee

Smell the coffee aroma of someone who just came back from Starbucks with a fresh cup of coffee

Just smelling the coffee aroma of your college can make you energized and feel very happy.

6. Your facial expression entering the cafe

Your facial expression entering the cafe

You may not know this, but now you do! The first impression when you arrived at your favorite coffee shop, smelling your favorite ground coffee.

9 Geniuses Known as Coffee Addicts

9 Geniuses Known as Coffee Addicts

There are enough reasons to drink coffee every day, but that doesn’t mean that there are no side effects when an overdose of coffee. Everyone knows the story of concern that it’s not good for your health. 

Whether coffee is healthy or not, it’s true that when you’re drowsy or drowsy, you find it on its own. Do you drink more than 3 or 4 cups of coffee a day? If you are suspicious of yourself being addicted to coffee, there is one story that can help you. It is that even world-class geniuses were coffee addicts or coffee junkies. Below are some of the colossal coffee addicts.

1. Bach wrote a short opera on coffee addiction

“Without my morning coffee, I’m just like a dried-up piece of roast goat.”

Bach, a composer, and pianist was a famous coffee lover. When Bach lived, it was a time when coffee was regarded as the evil of society. However, he was a coffee lover enough to turn the famous poem of Picante in 1732 into a coffee cantata.

2. Ludwig Van Beethoven put exactly 60 coffee beans in one cup

‘‘Would you like a cup of coffee before you go?”

Beethoven was known as a full-blooded After taking a spooky guest unwelcome one day said above to High. Besides, he was obsessed with his own coffee. Beethoven says he used exactly 60 beans in a cup of coffee.

3. Benjamin Franklin used the café as a social place when it wasn’t common

“I love every soul I met in a London cafe.”

Benjamin Franklin used a café as a meeting place while living in London, England. He loved to hold political meetings in cafes, play chess, and chat with people. He even taught his sister how to send mail to a cafe in London. As a businessman, he also sold his own coffee beans, and he said that he always brought coffee beans for emergency use when traveling by boat.

4. Voltaire drank 40-50 cups of coffee a day

“If coffee is poison, it’s a slow-spreading poison.”

Voltaire, a French Enlightenment writer, may have been the worst coffee addict in history. He said he drank 40 to 50 cups of coffee and chocolate a day. Even though his doctor warned him that coffee could kill him, he lived to the age of 80.

5. Soren Kierkegaard drank 30 sugar cubes in a cup of coffee

It doesn’t matter any coffee grade. I praise coffee.”

The Danish philosopher Kirkegaard had his own way of making coffee. First, the sugar cubes were piled up like acid in a cup, and then ground coffee was poured to dissolve the sugar. He also had 50 coffee cups, and when drinking coffee, he asked his secretary to choose a coffee cup and then asked why.

6. Theodore Roosevelt drank 3.8 liters of coffee a day

Roosevelt’s son said of his father’s mug: “It would have been more natural to use a mug as a bathtub.”

President Theodore Roosevelt of the United States said that each time he drank coffee, he added 5 to 7 sugars.

7. Lyman Frank Baum drank four to five cups of coffee with cream and sugar each morning

Lyman Frank Baum liked coffee that was strong enough to open the spoon without sinking.

Frank Baum, a famous wizard of Oz, relied on coffee to stimulate his creativity.

8. Margaret Atwood had her own coffee brand

“I don’t even look at herbal teas. I’m looking for strong, inexpensive coffee because drinking coffee makes me nervous.”

Atwood, a Canadian poet, had her name used by the brand Balzac Coffee’ to raise money for a bird station in Paley Island, Canada. Atwood drank cream and coffee for breakfast and sometimes enjoyed espresso.

9. David Lynch drinks 4 to 7 cups of coffee a day. It also has a lot of sugar

“Even a tasteless coffee is better than nothing.” 

David Lynch, a famous coffee fanatic, naturally promoted coffee in his film Twin Peaks and TV shows. He even makes and sells a product called David Lynch Signature Organic Coffe. The Huffington Post blogger David Lynch said in his blog Coffee and Me,” that “coffee is an indispensable element in the art life called David.

9 Things Coffee Lovers Should Know

9 Things Coffee Lovers Should Know

Lowers the risk of some types of cancer

How coffee lowers the risk of cancer is not scientifically clear. However, people who drink coffee frequently have a lower incidence of breast cancer, liver cancer, and prostate cancer, as well as oral cancer.

It may cause pain in the stomach.

Coffee can harm your stomach. Coffee can cause stomach ulcers and many forms of stomach pain. Despite knowing this, there are lots of coffee lovers who enjoy coffee, saying, “There is nothing to gain without pain.”

Rich in antioxidants

Fruits and vegetables also contain antioxidants. However, it is only insignificant compared to the antioxidants obtained from morning coffee.

Helps fight alcohol addiction

Research shows that coffee can help fight alcoholism. After all, coffee is a good thing, while alcohol is the most damaging thing.

Can replace protein shake

Research shows that drinking coffee before exercise can increase the level of fatty acids in the blood, allowing you to exercise more powerfully.

If you are pregnant, you should avoid it.

Studies have shown that drinking a lot of coffee during pregnancy increases your chances of miscarriage. Consuming more than 200 mg of caffeine intake per day is at risk. Therefore, if you drink coffee during pregnancy, you should consider decaf coffee for pregnancy or drink less than usual.

 Stain your teeth

Like soda, coffee can stain your teeth. The color and sugar content of the coffee make these stains. White teeth are one of the most important aspects for everyone regardless of gender. But drinking black coffee might result in staining your teeth yellow, which is not an ideal look. So, try to avoid drinking black coffee such as espresso or americano.

You may need help from a professional dentist so that they can provide you a better and modern solution to whiten your teeth accordingly. Instead, you can add your favorite choice of milk to reduce the staining of your teeth. 

Helps burn fat

Research has shown that caffeine increases the body’s metabolism by 3-10%. In other words, coffee is even good for your diet. Just drinking a cup of coffee can help you lose weight and stay slim. Isn’t it amazing?

The most expensive coffee in the world

Black Ivory‘ coffee made from elephant barrels is considered the most expensive coffee in the world. It is so expensive because it is hard to produce this kind of coffee and can produce only a little amount from the raw materials. But, the taste is so great!

Suggestions for Coffee Addicts

Suggestions for Coffee Addicts

Many people must drink coffee to continue work or study. It is because of caffeine that coffee has played a role as stimulants for your brain. There is research that proves when you intake a certain amount of caffeine, it is diuretic and relieves fatigue. Additionally, it will awaken your brain and mind so that you would not feel sleepy.

However, there are some bad effects caused when you overtake caffeine more than a recommended amount. For example, you might feel fatigued, hypersensitivity, insomnia, palpitation, etc. Your body will develop tolerance when you intake caffeine too often or too much. Therefore, it is suggested to control yourself to reduce a bit for your health.

Recommended Daily Amount of Caffeine 

Recommended Daily Amount of Caffeine

People normally say that we are already grown up when we enjoy the taste of coffee with a joke. This tells us coffee is vital that we must have every day.

However, even coffee lovers might not know well about the recommended daily amount of caffeine. As a matter of fact, 400mg is recommended for adults, 300mg for the pregnant, and 75mg for children respectively.

You have to understand these things because other foods contain caffeine in it, not only coffee itself, such as tea, cocoa, chocolate, cola, and so on. Caffeine easily dissolves in hot water and does not smell. It is hard to digest, so if you do feel it, then you’d better not intake it.

Also, if you overtake, then you will be addicted to caffeine, and it is not good for your health. Below are the solutions for the coffee addiction to resolve their problems. 

9 Ways to Reduce Caffeine Intake

Ways to Reduce Caffeine

Reduce gradually, don’t stay hungry for long. There is nothing bad about coffee itself. The problem is coffee addiction. Below are the ‘9 ways to get out of coffee addiction’.

1. Try to reduce it gradually

The idea of ​​reducing all at once is overkill. Rather, it is wise to gradually reduce it. For instance, on the first day of reducing coffee, you can start drinking two cups per day. And after a few days, start drinking one cup per day and so on.  It’s the way.

2. Find another beverage to drink

Drink another drink that will replace coffee, i.e. a non-caffeinated drink. Even decaffeinated coffee can be an alternative as well. It contains caffeine, but it’s a good alternative. Furthermore, you can also choose a caffeine-free beverage. For example, try to drink herbal tea or hot water.

3. Take painkillers

When you cut down on caffeine, the headache can last throughout the day. It’s a kind of coffee withdrawal. In that case, taking painkillers will reduce the pain.

4. Drink plenty of water

It is good to drink a lot of water. It doesn’t matter if it’s cold or hot. Holding water in hand, if there is, will also reduce the emptiness you feel when you don’t have a mug with coffee.

5. Increase the amount of workout

Workout is a caffeine-only stimulant. However, with weight training such as bench press, is better to avoid it. Such an exercise is not good because the contents of the stomach, including the acid, are refluxed.

6. Eat healthy food

Avoid refined sugar or fast food. They are not good for your health as well. Eat fiber, fruits, vegetables, whole-wheat bread which have rich carbohydrates.

7. Don’t leave your stomach empty for a long time

Don’t let your feelings of hunger last long. It is best not to leave your stomach empty for more than 4 hours.  The more you lose, the sharper your nerves. Eating small meals often prevents acid reflux, etc. good for health.

8. Get enough sleep

Another reason that you drink coffee is to reduce fatigue and energy. And the best relieving agent for fatigue is sleep. Every evening at a fixed time or at a similar time. Try to sleep.

9. Keep your mind calm

It is necessary to relax the mind with yoga, meditation, or massage. It is effective in preventing decreased concentration or irritability that occurs when reducing caffeine. Do yoga for 1 hour or sit quietly for 5 minutes to relax your mind and body. These will help you more than a cup of coffee.

Final Thoughts

It is not bad to love coffee and drink it every day. But at the same time, it is not recommendable to be a coffee addict. Because we have to care about our health. Just drink the amount that your body can digest and handle. Good health is the first thing before we talk about the fresh brain and feeling after a coffee.