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13 Reasons Why People Would Go To A Coffee Shop

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Coffee shops have been the rage lately, with a handful of them existing within the same block. Despite all these cafes opening up one after another, is it really too much business of the same kind? You know what they say, too much of a good thing is never a bad thing. If there are too few, then that is when there is going to be a problem. 

Coffee shops are for people to enjoy leisurely which is why there are never people waiting in line for coffee. Where in restaurants you eat then leave, in coffee shops it is a different thing entirely. You can sit there for hours and hours after ordering only a cup of coffee and the waitstaff will leave you to your own devices, save for the occasional check-in to see if you need anything else. 

There are many reasons why coffee shops are the current trend, it is merely a response to the demand of the people. So, why are coffee shops so popular and among various establishments that serve food and drinks, what makes coffee shops so unique? Here are 13 reasons why people would go to a coffee shop.


1. Studying because when it’s exam season and everybody is camping inside the library

One major reason why any student would ever go to a coffee shop would be that the library is full and they just wanted somewhere to sit without having to share a table with countless other students. The library provides top notched silence for students cramming for midterms and finals, but if you have no space to place your books or the sound of breathing in the midst of deafening silence bothers you, where else can you go besides a quaint coffee shop.

On the other hand, some people cannot be productive in silence or they find their concentration wavered rather than focused. The chattering of the people served as a good background noise if you are the kind of people who cannot focus in absolute silence. 

2. Free wifi, need I say more?

Ah yes, the holy grail among the reasons why people are definitely flocking to coffee shops. It’s free WiFi! There is a reason why coffee shops are the second most popular study place for students after the library. Or maybe not just students.

Even if you are not studying, we all enjoy places that provide free WiFi, especially when you have various devices that need to be connected to the internet. Artists, students and freelancers alike can all appreciate the novelty of free WiFi that comes with a purchase of a delicious drink.

3. Creative atmosphere #FreelanceWork

Aside from the free WiFi, coffee shops also offer a creative atmosphere for the above mentioned people. Long gone are the days of simply just serving and selling coffee. Coffee shops are now also a creative working space for many people. It is designed and built not only be aesthetically to the eye but also to provide an atmosphere that people can come to enjoy.

A cafe can be gothic, cute, vintage, chic or elegant, but they all have one thing in common, it’s the welcoming atmosphere that beckons their targeted customers to stay. 

4. First dates or when you never know where you want to go

A date at the coffee shop is always something that most of us fall back to when we cannot think of where to go. It is so common that it is almost as cliche as a date in the movie theater. In fact, most first dates usually happen at a coffee shop because it gives people a chance to sit down and get to know each other. 

Cafes are open spaced enough that you don’t feel the awkwardness but private enough that you are comfortable to discuss everyday topics. In addition, the coffee and the menu can be good conversation starters. A simple ‘what kind of coffee do you like’ is enough to get the talk going, just a tip for those of you that are going on to your first date.

5. Coffee Shop Aesthetics – Instagram can never have too many coffee shop aesthetics

It is an unspoken rule among the coffee shop owners in the modern day, for a coffee shop, the interior is an extremely important factor in attracting your customer, a close second to how the coffee tastes. Because let’s face it, what draws us to cafes are always the designs.

If you are a vintage enthusiast, the rustic look of the clock and the way the cafe looks aged but loved could be what made you enter through the door. Some people are attracted by how the pastels were painted together in soft colors and flowers sitting on the windowsill. Others could be drawn to the way a cafe decorated itself like an authentic European cafe nestled between a flower shop and a bridal store.

6. Coffee from a coffee shop somehow always tastes better

Of course in this modern-day and age, most of us owned a coffee maker. Making coffee is as simple as a press of a button. It is fast, convenient, easy, and cost-effective. However, there is still a part inside of us all that cannot deny the unique taste of the coffee that you purchase from a cafe. 

Maybe it is the atmosphere, or simply the way the barista asks for your order and writes it down; or maybe it’s the way you walk to the coffee shop in the early morning and the chimes of the door greet your entrance to the place. Perhaps it is the way a morning coffee tastes better when there is company to enjoy.

7. When you don’t want company but still want to be surrounded by people

When life is too hectic and fast paced, we tend to sit down and ponder on how things come to be. While coffee can be homemade by themselves, others prefer company. Where better to enjoy the company of strangers other than a buzzing coffee shop full of life.

Coffee shops are usually filled with people and you can enjoy a cup of coffee surrounded by people at your own table at the corner. It is the peace of being by yourself but knowing that you are never alone. People are always coming in and going back out, while you are there in your corner table merely observing and enjoying the moment as it is. It is strangely therapeutic because right now, at this time, you are not burdened by the knowledge of how fast the world could change.

8. Casual enough for a hangout with friends

Have you ever wanted to go out with your friends but never knowing where to go exactly? Like when the mall is too crowded and the park is too open spaced, and all you want to do is just to sit down and talk. Coffee shops are one of the first on the list if you don’t know where to go. 

You and your friends can meet up and talk over a cup of coffee, it is a great way to start the day and you guys can decide where you want to go from there. Or maybe, just sit down and try something new from the menu and share a plate of desserts while getting each other up to date with what is going on in your life at the moment.

9. Formal enough for a meeting with business associates

While coffee shops are casual enough to be hanging out with friends, it is also a place where you can conduct meetings with your business associates. It gives a sense of familiarity and a relaxed vibe that a meeting room cannot give. You can discuss your ideas over a cup of coffee or a plate of dessert if you desire.

There are many high end cafes that cater to these kinds of customers, with a chic and elegant interior design to give a sense of professionalism as well as comfort. Such coffee shops can be located almost anywhere, popping up all over the city and business districts.

10. You are in the mood for fancy coffee that is more than just milk, coffee, and sugar

I know coffee shops sell coffee but anyone who’s ever been to a coffee shop will argue that it is more than just coffee. Some days you just want chocolate and coffee together in the form of mocha, and other times you want the sweet sweet taste of pumpkin spice latte. 

It is coffee and not coffee at the same time, and yet, it is the most wonderful thing that you taste all day. The drinks that you can buy and try at coffee shops are not the kind that you can make yourself at home. Furthermore, who doesn’t like a good cup of caramel macchiato, the kind where you can only buy from a coffee shop?

11. Cakes, muffins, baked goods?

Alongside coffee, coffee shops sell more than just a drink. There is a side of the menu dedicated to desserts such as cakes, muffins, brownies, various pastries all of which are to accompany you with your beverage. Those sweet treats are a good combination with the bitter tang of coffee.

If dessert is not your thing, a croissant or a banana bread can be a breakfast substitute when you’re in a hurry and want something that is on the go. Bakery is not the only place that sells this now. The upside of buying baked goods in cafes is that you can also grab a cup of coffee that actually tastes good as your to go drink too!

12. It is more than just coffee and desserts, food is also on the menu

If you want something heartier to fill your belly, fear not because there is a separate brunch menu to satisfy your gluten intake. However, if you are gluten-free, there are also various types of salads – chicken, salmon, tonkatsu – to keep you full just the same. Some places also serve vegan menu that is not limited to just salad.

Most coffee shops serve their customer’s many food options because they are a popular place to stop by for brunch. Brunch menu in cafes is when you are not hungry enough to stop by a restaurant but are still hungry enough bread isn’t going to be able to sustain you for a while.

13. Comfy furniture and staff service

When we are talking about coffee shops interior, the furniture needs to be special mention as well as the service that they provide. Most if not all the best coffee shops have very plush comfortable seats. Some places even have sofas! You can just make yourself comfortable and enjoy your cup of coffee.

Oftentimes you would find yourself comfortable and deep into your work that you want another cup of coffee but you don’t want to get up. That’s when the staff service comes in. You can simply ask one of the waitstaff for another cup of coffee. It’s the kind of luxury that you don’t have at home.

From studying to first dates, or safe haven for freelance workers, the purpose of coffee shops is nearly limitless. A restaurant or a bakery could not compare, I simply cannot imagine spending 4 hours in a restaurant when there are people waiting for their tables so that they can take their meal – especially during rush hours. Aside from its versatile purpose, even the menu option is the same. You can order based on how much you want to eat, from a little hungry to extremely famished. Take your pick.

Just when you think that there is possibly one reason why people would go and as it turns out, 13 reasons later and there could still possibly be more reasons to list. As a coffee lover myself, these don’t even begin to cover the basics. What about you, what is your reason to visit cafes, or cafe hopping? Is your reason mentioned above?