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Best Vintage Coffee Tables In 2024

Best Vintage Coffee Tables In 2024

Vintage coffee tables are a type of furniture that is very popular among furniture lovers. These coffee tables are a great addition to your furniture collection at your home, office, and restaurants. Unlike rugs, carpets, paintings, and other accessories, vintage coffee tables can beautify your places very elegantly and aesthetically.

Besides a great look, vintage coffee tables are also best known for their durable functionality. You can either put anything on them or just simply let them stay in the room as an extra decoration.

Though you might think that coffee tables take up lots of space in your house, they are actually also space-saving since they act as storage. Hence, we are here to shed the light about choices of vintage coffee tables in 2024.

Best Vintage Coffee Tables In 2024 - Intro


We all seem to always talk about coffee stuff such as the best coffee brands, the best types of coffees, the good-quality coffee makers or grinders, and even the best coffee shops to go to. Looks like almost everyone forgets to include one coffee-related stuff in their discussion. What is that? 

Well, today we are going to talk a lot and have everybody gain surprising, insightful, and in-depth information they have never heard about coffee tables. Since there are so many types of coffee tables existing in the markets, it might be challenging for you to pick the one for yourself.

The competitive market these days is full of vintage coffee tables with different materials and designs. But, do not lose hope yet! Below is the compilation of the top 10 best vintage coffee tables in 2024 that will make everyone go Woah! Take a look at them and decide for yourself which table goes well with you according to your tastes and needs.  


What is a Vintage Coffee Table?

Before we walk you through the process of choosing a high-quality vintage coffee table, we believe that most of you might not know much about coffee tables and their origins.

A vintage coffee table is a low table with a vintage or retro design and style. It is used for holding drinks, books, newspapers, books (especially huge, spacious, illustrated coffee table books), decorative objects, and other small items in a sitting area. Not only can you use a vintage coffee table to complete the look of your house, office, cafe, or offices, but you can also use it as storage for other things as well such as foods, electronics devices, etc.

When you celebrate a party night or a movie night with your friends and family in your living room, having a vintage coffee table as a focal point between your TV and your couch or sofa is the best alternative you shouldn’t miss!

What is a Vintage Coffee Table?

In fact, the majority of vintage coffee tables are created from wood (like faux wood which is the popular material), metal, glass, aluminum, and usually stainless steel, but sometimes cabinets, shelves, or drawers are also included. 

The Origin of Coffee Tables – The Story Behind its Name and Existence 

Now, let’s find out and appreciate the story behind how vintage coffee tables came to life and their great craftsmanship.

It all started in London in 1652 during the late Victorian Era with the opening of the first coffee house. More coffee shops sprung up all over Europe as a result of its popularity. Penny University, as it was also known, paid a penny to enter and included a cup of coffee.

The need to put down hot beverages between sips inspired the development of a coffee table. In comparison to today’s coffee tables, which are 18′′-19′′ high, these tea tables were 27′′ large.

The Origin of Coffee Tables - The Story Behind its Name and Existence

With hundreds of references to coffee houses during that time period, there are no records from the 17th and 18th centuries that mention coffee tables. More importantly, since coffee had overtaken tea as the favorite social drink, the name tea table was changed to the coffee table.

Until 1938, Joseph Aronson wrote that a coffee table is a “low wide table used before a couch or a sofa”. According to this theory, coffee tables were a late invention in the history of furniture. With the wider accessibility of television sets starting in the 1950s, coffee tables really grew out of their own since they are low enough to not block the view of the TV, even with glasses and mugs on them.

Coffee tables (also known as cocktail tables) are also placed in front of the sofa and TV in today’s lounge room. However, the form, scale, and functionality of the tables have all changed dramatically.

Types of Vintage Coffee Tables

Based on Construction Material 

Wood Wood is widely known as the most used material that manufacturers use to produce vintage coffee tables. This material is very sturdy, durable, and long-lasting. More than that, wood coffee tables are available in many sizes, colors, and shapes.

Metal – Metal is the second most commonly used material for vintage metal coffee table production. Not only are they sturdy like wood, but they are also more lightweight and easier to move around than those made of wood.

Glass – Besides wood and metal, glass is also a popular material used for vintage coffee tables. Although some glass coffee tables are constructed from 100% glass, there are some other tables that are actually made by connecting through metal joints.

Based on Construction (glass)

Acrylic oe Plastic – Acrylic or plastic is lighter and inexpensive, but this material is also sturdy. The acrylic vintage coffee tables are easy to clean and move around the room or the house. More importantly, this type of coffee table completes today’s contemporary settings.

Rattan – Rattan as known as wicker might be a rare material used for vintage coffee tables, but this material lasts for a long time and gives the room a feeling of warmth.

based on construction (rattan)

Based on Surface Material 

Glass – Top tables made of glass are extremely popular and well-liked by the vast majority of the public. Aside from adding glitz and glam to the vintage coffee tables, this type of surface material is also best expanding the visual area and making your space look even more elegant. On top of that, glass vintage coffee tables are stain- and damage-resistant, making them a very long-lasting material.

Wood – Again, wood is also popular in terms of tabletops. Wooden tabletops blend very well with the rest of your furniture, especially if those pieces of furniture are also made of wood. Plus, this type of surface material gives the furniture a timeless appeal, and your home décors a vintage and retro look.

Metal – If you own a vintage coffee table with a high-quality metal tabletop, you will never experience damage caused by water, moisture, and stain. This is due to the unique trait of metal material – prone to stain and water. Furthermore, they also complement modern decors and settings.

Stoneware – Stoneware tabletops such as marble, slate, and granite look best when they are paired with darkened rugs and hardwood floors. These types of coffee tabletops transform your home and room into classical, elegant, and timeless spaces you’ve always dreamt of.

based on the surface material (Stoneware) - 1
Stoneware tabletop
based on the surface material (Stoneware) - 2
Marble tabletops

Rattan – Just like what we’ve mentioned above, rattan vintage coffee tables are convenient to move around and they are lighter than other tables made of different materials. Aside from these characteristics, rattan coffee tables give your room a special sense of glamour and a simple yet elegant appearance.

Pallet – Pallet vintage coffee tables are typically constructed from recycled wood pallets. The décor is given a nice vibe and relaxed feel by the use of pallet tabletops.

Leather – Leather vintage coffee tables appear to look a lot like a hybrid of Ottomans. When the table is not being used, they offer soft cushioning for your body to rest on and a place to relax your feet.

based on the surface material (Leather)

Based on Shapes

Rectangle – This is the most popular shape preferred by the majority of furniture lovers. Rectangular vintage coffee tables make a great pair with long sofas or couches. Another scenario is to break the soft lines in your room by decorating with a rectangular vintage coffee table.

Square – This shape of coffee tables is more likely to look best in smaller rooms or square-like settings. Nevertheless, square vintage coffee tables might not work well if they are placed on a long couch since they are not long enough for users to reach them.

Round – Similarly, round vintage coffee tables work better with shorter couches or sofa and more compact seating arrangements. This is due to the fact that longer sofas make round coffee tables appear smaller than they actually are. Most importantly, as there are no sharp corners to trip over, round coffee tables are a great choice if you have small kids or dogs.

Oval – Albeit similar to round vintage coffee tables, oval coffee tables work best when you pair them with a lengthy sofa or couch. 

based on shapes (oval)

Free-form and others – Who knows? Perhaps ordinary vintage coffee table shapes listed above aren’t favorable for you. But don’t worry! We’ve some more interesting and one-of-a-kind shapes for you to choose from if you’re into modern and ‘unusual shapes.

You may want to take a look at a few geometric designs including hexagon, triangle, and even half-circle shape. If your living space has a very modern, unique, and sophisticated look, one of these free-form coffee tables will turn your room into a museum full of sculptures. 

based on shapes (free-form)

Based on Styles 

Contemporary – To suit modern living, contemporary vintage coffee tables come in a variety of shapes and characteristics to complete the look of your house or room.

Modern – Even though some vintage coffee tables look modern, they are casual, elegant, and classic. Furthermore, modern coffee tables blend very well and look really good with other pieces of furniture because of their amazing aesthetics and durable functionality.

Coastal – By using light-toned wood and natural shapes, the coastal vintage coffee tables give off a casual vibe, beachy and airy feel to the whole living area. 

based on styles (coastal)

Rustic –  Rustic vintage coffee tables are frequently mentioned in so many coffee table-related articles. This type of vintage coffee table is typically made of wood with simple designs and patterns carved into them.

Industrial – Industrial vintage coffee tables are also very well-loved by many furniture customers and experts. This type of coffee table is created from metal and wood, and it is very solid and well-constructed.

Novelty – This type of vintage coffee table is the most unique style because it is made simply out of people’s weird and creative imaginations. They come in different shapes, sizes, forms, and designs that depict extreme creativity and innovative artistic ideas.

based on styles (novelty)

Why Your Living Room Needs a Vintage Coffee Table

When there are a lot of people that think a vintage coffee table or other types of coffee table is not a necessity in their house or living room, let us guide you through a few good reasons why you need one in your room.

It is an undeniable fact that even if you do not own a vintage coffee table or a mid-century coffee table, you’ll still be fine with the other furniture you have such as a chair, desk, table, and sofa. However, these pieces of furniture are getting out of date, and they can make your living room look dull. Don’t you think you need to give your room a makeover? Vintage coffee tables got your back!

Why Your Living Room Needs a Vintage Coffee Table

Without a vintage coffee table, where do you think you can place the drinks, food plates, and snacks when your friends or guests come over to your house? And what about the TV remote control?

Are you thinking of putting it on your chair or sofa? Well, even though there’s no problem with putting it on the sofa, it will be problematic when you accidentally sleep or step on it.

We all know so well that vintage coffee tables are available in a wide range of styles, sizes, and forms. They are very modern and stylish to the point that some of them are even easy to move around effortlessly while also giving your room a sophisticated and aesthetics look.

Aside from beautifying your room, vintage coffee table functionality is no joke. It acts as a center or a focal point in your room, so it’s like creating a bridge between your couch to the TV stand, and it also ties the room together.

Not only does it act as a focal point, but vintage coffee tables are very beneficial for saving space and providing additional storage for your daily essentials. Some coffee tables even come with hidden drawers for you to store items that you don’t want to be seen. In short, vintage coffee tables are versatile furniture in terms of both functionality and appearance. 

Home Interior Design with Vintage Coffee Tables 

If you’re a fan of vintage and retro furniture, this part of the article right here is a must-read for you.

Home Interior Design with Vintage Coffee Tables - 1

People who have a vintage coffee table in their house or living room might be thinking of decorating or upgrading the look of their house to another level. And this definitely has something to do with making slight changes to the original decoration of your vintage coffee table.

One advantage of vintage furniture is that you can consider blending the trends of ancient eras with modern elements without making it look messy. Therefore, if you own a vintage coffee table, that does not mean you should only make your whole room or house look like an antique. You can, of course, add additional vintage items and modern, trendy elements to style your house!

If you want a different feel on your vintage coffee table, you can either paint it with your preferred color or paint it to match the color of the wall in your house or room. This will give off a fresher feeling and catch the eyes of you as a house owner and make your guests go Woah! 

Home Interior Designs with Vintage Coffee Tables (2)
Vintage coffee tables

Another great alternative is to make vintage coffee tables manually out of vintage crates.

 Home Interior Designs with Vintage Co (3)
A touch of vintage charm

If you want your house to be relaxing heaven with a touch of vintage charm, the art deco style might be the way to go.

Home interior design with vintage coffee tables (4)
Unique coffee table

If you wish your home to be filled with beautiful deco objects while maintaining the illusion of space, simply use a unique coffee table.

(5) Home interior design with vintage coffee tables
A mind-blowing art decor look

Furniture and other extra accessories are very crucial to achieving a mind-blowing art decor look. Last but not least, we recommend you stick to a monochrome color scheme for the bigger objects; however, please make sure they have details or texture to spark more interest.

(7) House interior design with vintage coffee tables
A monochrome color scheme

List of Best Vintage Coffee Tables in 2024 

Vintage coffee tables actually come with various designs you can choose from including the 1950-style coffee tables, mid-century coffee tables, modern-looking coffee tables, retro coffee tables as well as vintage glass and wood coffee tables. That is why we have conducted careful research, and have come up with this full list of only the best vintage coffee tables that will steal your attention. Let’s get into it! 

10. Best Choice Products Wooden Mid-Century Coffee Table (Brown)

10. Best Choice Products Wooden Mid-Century Coffee Table (Brown)

  • Shape: rectangle | Base type: legs, storage
  • Made of engineered wood with pine wood legs
  • Ample storage with 3 open points for easy access
  • Weight capacity: 110 lbs | Product weight: 35.2 lbs.
  • Overall dimensions: 39.25’’(L) x 19.75’’(W) x 17.5’’(H)
  View Price on Amazon

If you have a thing for mid-century furniture, this vintage coffee table from the brand Best Choice Products might be the one for you.

This mid-century coffee table is crafted with an open design. Moreover, it has a natural wood-grain finish with a softly textured feel and a mid-century modern look. Hence, it will add a simple but stylish charm to any living room.

It comes with spacious space for storage. It contains 3 open points for easy access to grab any items you put on the table. You can simply use it as storage for your books materials, cups, laptops, board games, and you can even decorate the space on the table with a flower vase or tray.

On top of that, this mid-century coffee table is versatile furniture. You can place a TV on this wooden table or move this table to the center of the living room to play board games at night or for a cup of tea or coffee in the morning.

Aside from that, this vintage coffee table is sturdily built because it is made of engineered wood along with angled pinewood legs. This means that it can withstand up to 110 pounds worth of capacity to hold foods, newspapers, coffee, other beverages, games, etc.

Not only is this coffee table durable and beautiful, but also easy to wash and clean up as well. Due to the smooth and high-quality materials and open interior used to make this table, it allows you to wipe the dust off the table very conveniently. There is no way that the original look of this coffee table will fade away! 

What We Like

  • A cheap mid-century coffee table 
  • The instructions about setting up the table are easy to follow. 
  • Cozy & modern 
  • Ample storage in the lower level 
  • Great shipping and packaging 
  • Clean and sleek 
  • Easy to clean
  • Good for a footrest & decorative piece 
  • Nice open design 

What We Don’t Like 

  • Legs don’t fit with the table.
  • Very sensitive to moisture and water 
  • Some customers received missing assembly pieces 
  • Too small for some customers 
9. KingSo Modern Retro Coffee Table (Rustic Brown)

9. KingSo Modern Retro Coffee Table (Rustic Brown)

  • Shape: Rectangle | Base type: legs
  • Product weight: 37.5 lbs.
  • Made of 15mm thick particleboard
  • Weight capacity: 110 lbs | Size: 39.4’’ x 19.7’’ x 17.8’’ (W x D x H)
  • Easy to clean and assemble
  View Price on Amazon

Another mid-century coffee table is here to blow your mind. KingSo has produced a retro coffee table that is inspired by the modern mid-century design. The design is simple and easy to match with your current decor.

This modern retro table also adds simplicity and a great look to your living room. Moreover, this mid-century coffee table contains two shelf spaces along with a  central divider. As a result, it can provide you access and convenience for storage and display of magazines, albums, TV as well as for decoration purposes.

On a side note, this modern retro coffee table is made of 15mm thick particleboard, which guarantees the durability of the entire coffee table. More than that, it is capable to withstand up to 11o lbs of weight. Plus, the solid wood legs are fixed with wooden pegs and screws so that the coffee table is stable when you install it.

KingSo retro coffee table is the best addition to your house that you shouldn’t miss. You can access every daily accessory and necessity on this amazing coffee table such as books, office supplies, magazines, game consoles, vases, routers, remote controls, TV, laptops, etc.

This table can also be used as a sofa table, a TV table, or a corner table in the lounge or living room, office, and bedroom. In addition, this mid-century coffee table comes with detailed instructions that are easy to follow and understand.

It does not take long to assemble and put the pieces together to set up the whole coffee table. It is also easy to clean underneath and around the table because it features open spaces and the under clearance area. 

What We Like 

  • A beautiful modern retro style coffee table 
  • Contains a plastic foot pad to avoid scratching the floor
  • Easy assembly with understandable instructions 
  • Waterproof & scratch-resistant 
  • Has embossed surface for preventing stuff from falling 
  • Solid & well-designed 
  • Easy to wash 
  • Great for small spaces 
  • Strong, sturdy, and durable 

What We Don’t Like 

  • Table legs are wobbly
  • Some customers found it hard to assemble 
  • Some customers received broken pieces upon arrival
8. IWELL Mid-Century Modern Coffee Table (Rustic Brown)

8. IWELL Mid-Century Modern Coffee Table (Rustic Brown)

  • Shape: rectangle | Base type: legs, storage
  • Furniture finish: brown
  • Product weight: 43 lbs.
  • Large capacity: 150 lbs | Size: 43.3 x 21.7 x 17.7 inches (L x W x H)
  • Easy to assemble with detailed instructions and simple structure
  View Price on Amazon

This mid-century modern coffee table from IWELL is the ideal furniture anyone would want to have in their living room. It adds a bit of retro style to your room decor, especially for those who are in love with retro and vintage design.

With its trendy, simple, and stylish design, this modern coffee table also completes a rustic and cozy flair to your lounge or living room.

Apart from that, not only is this coffee table attractive, but it also contains high quality and is made of durable materials. IWELL mid-century retro-styled coffee table is carefully crafted from P2-grade engineered wood along with solid legs. Therefore, it makes this coffee table very long-lasting and remains in its original and fresh look for many years.

On top of that, this sturdy coffee table can hold up to a capacity of 150 lbs of weight. It has a meticulous and smooth overall finish with no harmful or chemical smell, which is also very easy to clean and wipe off. This nice mid-century coffee table comes with two large drawers, and you can also put a drawer to 4 different sections as per your needs.

It is convenient for you to place any of your pictures, toys, plants on the top of the table. Plus, you can put your widely-used items such as laptop, remote controllers, chess, books in just only 2 drawers. They are capable enough of protecting those items from dirt and dust.

IWELL’s mid-century modern coffee table also includes such detailed instructions for you to easily assemble all the pieces of hardware to set up this table. You’ll never be disappointed in this awesome coffee table. It has everything you’re looking for! 

What We Like 

  • Attractive rustic mid-century coffee table 
  • Has a smooth finish
  • Clear and detailed instructions for assembling 
  • Spacious storage and drawers 
  • Does not take long to put all the pieces together 
  • Easy to assemble 
  • Makes a good TV stand 

What We Don’t Like 

  • Flimsy
  • The bottom part of the drawers can’t hold a lot of weight 
  • Legs become loose after a while
7. FurniChoi Farmhouse Rustic Vintage Coffee Table (White & Brown)

7. FurniChoi Farmhouse Rustic Vintage Coffee Table (White & Brown)

  • Shape: rectangle | Base type: legs
  • 2-tier rectangular table
  • Product weight: 47.4 lbs.
  • Large capacity: 150 lbs | Size: 47.25 x 23.62 x 18.8 inches (L x W x H)
  • Easy to assemble
  View Price on Amazon

FurniChoi is absolutely perfect for modern farmhouse owners. As the picture is shown, this vintage coffee table is by far one of the simplest yet elegant pieces of furniture that would complete the aesthetic look of your living room. The size of this coffee table is ideal for putting in front of a couch or sofa; not too small, not too big for the whole space.

The height of this coffee table makes it convenient and easy to pull closer to the sofa to grab some snacks or other accessories while relaxing or watching TV. This awesome vintage table provides ample space to store your often-used items, hence your home or living room will appear more well-organized and tidy. Moreover, the large table surface will also leave rooms for other uses and decorations as well. 

Let’s talk a little bit about the materials and the designs of this rustic-styled coffee table. First off, it features an uneven color of the eye-catching paint that shows off the industrial and chic style of this coffee table.

Due to the design of knots, grain, surface texture, and color variation in wood material, each table is one-of-a-kind. Thus, this table offers you a unique look that suits your personal preference and your room’s interior decor. More importantly, this lovely coffee table features classic X-supports that fit even more perfect for all vintage or rustic-style living rooms.

FurniChoi’s vintage coffee table contains a bottom slats shelf that provides a fantastic balance of style, functions, comfort, and additional storage. Because of its well-constructed solid wood plate, this coffee table has very sturdy and strong stability without wobbly or flimsy movement.

Additionally, this solid wood plate also prevents your floor from damages and scratches while helping the table to stay evenly on the floor. Design your room with this charming coffee table today to get the aesthetics look you wish for! 

What We Like 

  • Good functionality
  • Very aesthetics and attractive 
  • Easy to clean and simple to set up
  • The desktop has a wide space for storage 
  • Space-saving 
  • Additional storage on the slatted bottom shelf 
  • Protect your floor from uneven surfaces 
  • Make your room clean and tidy 
  • 2 x-crossed sides to support the balance of the table 

What We Don’t Like 

  • This coffee table is not so well-painted
  • Wobbles and scratches easily 
  • Some customers received the broken one
 6. CharaHOME Vintage Round Rustic Coffee Table (Gray Brown)

6. CharaHOME Vintage Round Rustic Coffee Table (Gray Brown)

  • Shape: round | Base type: legs, storage
  • Product weight: 40.7 lbs.
  • Size: 35.83 x 18.31 inches (W x H)
  • Aesthetics & elegant color
  • Multi-functioned
  View Price on Amazon

The previous 4 vintage coffee tables are all in a rectangular shape. How about we shift our attention to this round vintage coffee table instead?

CharaHOME presents you with their rustic and industrial-style coffee table that is made of top-quality materials along with a very trendy color texture. Not only is it a coffee table, but it also acts as a sofa table or a cocktail table. See how amazing and multi-purposed this piece of furniture is?

This coffee table features a 2-tier large space, hence you can store or place any items you want including books, magazines, vases, lamps, baskets, and other household accessories. Furthermore, this mid-century coffee table is crafted from a high-grade 16mm thick MDF board. Also, it is built with 25mm metal legs and powder-coated iron pipe. This pipe is prone to rust so you can worry-free about its durability.

The top of this coffee table contains a darkened natural PVC finish, giving this table a rustic touch. In addition, the textured wood also features a matte finish, which is easy to clean up and prone to water. 

CharaHOME vintage rustic coffee table has ample storage space and a low-level shelf for you to store your items like toys, snacks, and books. Simply speaking, this coffee table is the perfect table for small apartments or even big houses as it beautifies your place to be well-organized and tidy.

Talking about its appearance, CharaHOME ensures the warm tone of the wood used to make their coffee tables. Therefore, no matter what your home or room looks like, this classic coffee table will never fail to create a more attractive look and feel to your place. Choose CharaHOME’s rustic vintage coffee table today to bring your home a fantastic new feeling!

What We Like 

  • Metal frame legs are durable and stable
  • Aesthetics and elegant color
  • Easy assembly and disassembly 
  • Suitable for small-sized apartments and big houses 
  • Water-resistant and scratch-resistant
  • Has a round angle for protecting people from collision  
  • Multi-functioned (can act as end tables and cocktail tables)
  • Protect your floor from uneven surfaces 
  • Sturdy & easy to move 
  • Has a simple yet modern rustic industrial look
  • Eco-friendly & non-toxic 

What We Don’t Like 

  • Pieces do not really fit together
  • Some customers received missing parts of the table
5. YAHEETECH Modern Lift-Top Coffee Table (Rustic Brown)

5. YAHEETECH Modern Lift-Top Coffee Table (Rustic Brown)

  • Shape: rectangle | Base type: legs
  • A hidden compartment included
  • Product weight: 53.57 lbs.
  • Large capacity: 121. 3 lbs | Size: 41.14 x 19.49 x 24.21 inches (L x W x H)
  • Easy assembly
  View Price on Amazon

Currently on the lookout for a modern vintage lift-top coffee table? YAHEETECH has it in store for you! The tabletop can be lifted easily due to the heavy-duty metal mechanism that also ensures safety and smooth operations.

This tabletop is adjustable when you want an appropriate and comfortable height to use your laptop, watch a movie, eat or drink, and do your work. There is a large storage compartment hidden under the tabletop where you can store your daily items in there.

Besides, there are two other open shelves on the bottom of the coffee table which offers a bigger displaying space for decorative stuff and more handy storage for other accessories like blankets and a basket of toys.

This modern coffee table is crafted of CARB P2 compliant MDF. This material is water-resistant and also keeps the whole coffee table long-lasting and durable for a long time. More significantly, this coffee table is also featured with square trimmed legs and thick framing; thus you will never need to be concerned about sturdiness and stability.

YAHEETECH’s modern coffee table is also known for its great versatility because you don’t actually need to lean forward to write or eat on the table, use your laptop while resting on the couch. It is truly a real functional vintage coffee table that has both quality and a nice look. 

What We Like 

  • Lift-top design 
  • Smooth, easy, and silent lowering and lifting 
  • No difficulties in assembling 
  • Spacious storage space to house and showcase a lot of household items  
  • Stable and sturdy table legs 
  • Goes well with any home decoration 
  • Impact and water-resistance 
  • Has foam cushion pads to protect users from bumping 
  • The hidden compartment keeps things handy and dust-free.

What We Don’t Like 

  • Smaller than some customers expected
  • The brackets on the tabletop are slightly wobbly
  • Confusing assembly instructions
4. Care Royal Farmhouse Vintage Coffee Table

4. Care Royal Farmhouse Vintage Coffee Table

  • Shape: rectangle | Base type: storage
  • Product weight: 41.9 lbs | Furniture finish: wood finish
  • Large capacity: 275 lbs | Size: 43.3 x 23.6 x 16.9 inches (L x W x H)
  • Easy to assemble & Easy to wipe clean using a soft damp cloth
  • Made of 100% natural solid recycled wood from old buildings
  View Price on Amazon

Let us display another top-quality and elegant-looking vintage coffee table from the brand Care Royal. This coffee table combines the classic vintage style with a simple modern design to bring a brand new look to your home or living room.

The tabletop and the bottom shelf are made from 100% strong recycled wood in its natural state that comes from old buildings. This means that not only will you receive an attractive coffee table with good-quality materials, but you’re also contributing to traditional heritage and environmental preservation.

Each table is distinct and unique because of the knots, grain, uneven surfaces, cracks, old scratches, nail gaps, and color patterns. This sturdy vintage coffee table comes with a rustic brown metal frame featuring a bumpy finish, which provides great support and is rust-resistant and very robust. 

This is a multi-purpose type of coffee table. It can be used as a cocktail table, a table for displaying decoratives in the lounge, living room, playroom, office, and more. On a side note, you will get additional storage space thanks to the open shelf on the bottom part of the coffee table.

More than that, it can act as a TV stand, accent table, console table for media, etc. Care Royal’s vintage coffee table also provides you four high-quality rubber feet to keep your floor from scratches and other damages. 

What We Like 

  • Sturdy, solid, and robust
  • Used 100% natural reclaimed wood as the material 
  • Beautiful & eye-catching color 
  • A great farmhouse addition to any living rooms 
  • Rust-resistant 
  • Has large space on the bottom shelf for additional storage 

What We Don’t Like 

  • Difficult assembly
  • The wood is uneven, hollow, and thin 
  • Metal pieces do not really fit together
3. GreenForest Round Industrial Coffee Table (Rustic Walnut)

3. GreenForest Round Industrial Coffee Table (Rustic Walnut)

  • Shape: round | Base type: legs
  • Product weight: 43 lbs | Furniture finish: walnut
  • Large capacity: 300 lbs | Size: 35.83 x 35.83 x 18.11 inches (L x W x H)
  • 3D mesh design for the button shelf
  • Easy installation
  View Price on Amazon

Let us introduce you to the classical round-shaped coffee table from the brand GreenForest! This is a 2-tier coffee table whose size is 35.5 inches, which is wide enough to look good in any living room. The most unique thing about this coffee table is that it comes with a metal net bottom opening shelf.

This shelf allows you to save up space in your room, put boxes and other stuff, and store toys, magazines, books, or other decoration stuff. Not only is this net bottom shelf beneficial for your daily essentials, but it is also a trendy style and design for coffee tables and other furniture. Moreover, this round industrial coffee table is well-constructed that can even support up to 300 lbs of weight capacity. 

GreenForest coffee table is made with P2 particleboard, so when compared with MDF material, this vintage coffee table displays a more vivid wood aesthetics. However, it is also heat-resistant and waterproof, which guarantees the durability of the table.

Apart from that, the second layer has a 3D mesh design. This 3D mesh is 2mm thick. The painting technology used on this mesh will never make the color of the metal frame fade away. Want to redecorate your dull-looking living room, but don’t know what to add? Purchase this round vintage coffee table now to refresh the look of your room! 

What We Like 

  • An elegant rustic round-shaped table 
  • Space-saving 
  • Has a trendy and aesthetics dark rustic color 
  • Solid metal 3D net open shelf for specious storage 
  • Waterproof & prone to heat 
  • Clear and vivid wood appearance on the tabletop 
  • Easy to install
  • Never-fading color 

What We Don’t Like 

  • Big air bubbles appear on the top layer of the table 
  • Flimsy bottom shelf 
  • Screw holes are drilled incorrectly
2. Olee Sleep Vintage Cocktail Wood Coffee Table (Rustic Brown)

2. Olee Sleep Vintage Cocktail Wood Coffee Table (Rustic Brown)

  • Shape: rectangle, base type: legs
  • Furniture finish: pine
  • Product weight: 31 lbs.
  • Size: 46 x 24 x 18 inches (L x W x H)
  • Easy assembly
  View Price on Amazon

Maybe some of you are actually on the lookout for a retro coffee table with metal legs and not wooden legs? Well, metal or not, we got you! We proudly present you with another top-quality coffee table, and this one is from the brand Olee Sleep.

This beautiful coffee table has multiple functions for every user. It can be any tables you want it to be such as a coffee table, cocktail table, end table, and even office table. With extra home decor, Olee Sleep vintage coffee table fits well with any room and will give a fresher look to your place. 

It is worth noting that this vintage coffee table is made of hard and solid pine wood with natural tones. It features stable steel legs that ensure the durability and sturdiness of the table. In addition, this vintage table features a wood shelf at the bottom that provides so much additional space for daily use and storage. Olee Slee vintage wood coffee table is the true definition of elegant design and high-quality product. 

What We Like 

  • Easy installation 
  • Fits well with any room decoration 
  • An elegant and multi-functioned coffee table 
  • Made of real solid and sturdy pine wood
  • Durable and strong metal legs for stability 
  • No veneer, and MDF 
  • Lightweight; easy to move around 

What We Don’t Like 

  • Has cracks in the tabletop
  • Leaves a big white heat stain when a plate of food is put on the table
1. VASAGLE Modern Mid-century Retro Coffee Table (Walnut)

1. VASAGLE Modern Mid-century Retro Coffee Table (Walnut)

  • Shape: rectangle | Base type: legs
  • Has 3 open access areas on the bottom shelf
  • Material used: rubberwood legs, particleboard
  • Product weight: 36.2 lb | Furniture finish: walnut
  • Large capacity: 110 lbs | Size: 39.4 x 19.7 x 17.8 inches (L x W x H)
  View Price on Amazon

We have finally reached the last vintage coffee table of this product review! Let’s find out why VASAGLE has snatched the first place for the best vintage coffee table in 2024!

This is one of the best retro-inspired coffee tables that would look great and add a more pleasant look to any room. It has a spacious tabletop and storage space that provides you lots of room to hold your laptops, book materials, remote controllers, cups, coasters, and more. The dark yet classical modern walnut color is what makes this coffee table stand out in the room. 

And when it comes to quality, VASAGLE vintage coffee table is proven to be the best and reliable. It features canted rubberwood legs that are strongly supported by screws and wooden pegs. More special than that, thanks to the sturdy and heavy-duty particleboard frame, this retro coffee table is able to withstand 110 lbs of weight without any wobbly movements.

Additionally, the appropriate size of this mid-century coffee table will not make your room overcrowded. It actually is an excellent piece of furniture for places with tight space. Create an enjoyable daily lifestyle in your house starting from today with VASAGLE retro-styled modern mid-century coffee table with your friend and family! 

What We Like 

  • Does not overcrowd the room
  • Blends well with other furniture and any rooms
  • Elegant classic and attractive dark walnut color
  • Solid, durable, and strong particleboard 
  • Stable rubberwood legs 
  • Large storage space for daily items and decoration 
  • Easy to set up in less than 30 minutes 
  • Affordable 

What We Don’t Like 

  • Has very thin veneer
  • The surface of the table is easily damaged
  • Customers did not receive any instructions nor directions about assembly

Buying Guides to Best Vintage Coffee Tables in 2024

Products reviews such as product descriptions, pros and cons, and customers’ feedbacks are not efficient enough to determine which vintage coffee table you should buy. Therefore, we have done careful research, and here we are with the 10 key most essential buying tips that you should never overlook when shopping for a vintage coffee table! 

Dimensions / Size

Before deciding which vintage table you should buy, the first thing you need to do is to measure the size of your room. Measuring the size of free space in your room and check where you want to place your vintage coffee table is very important because the coffee table’s size needs to fit perfectly in the room you want to put it in. It is also crucial to consider how much you can move the rest of your furniture around in the room.

This tip is very useful especially if you buy a good coffee table that is larger than the free space you have in your room. Moreover, ensure that the space in your room and the retro coffee table you purchase has enough space for your legs to put on when you sit. 

In addition, do not forget to measure the height of the vintage coffee table you’re purchasing.  Its height shouldn’t be lower than 1-2 inches from the seat of your sofa or couch. A standard table height is 16-18 inches, which works well with a standard-sized sofa.

Besides that, a higher couch or sofa needs a taller table as well, one that is 20-21 inches tall. Plus, if you usually hold some types of entertainment or party at home, the taller the coffee table is, the more convenient it’ll be for you and your guests to place a glass or plate on the table.

Also, don’t look for a vintage coffee table that is more than an inch taller than your seating place. However, if want to use the coffee table for eating, then choose the one that is a few inches lower than the sofa or the chair. 

Measuring the height of the rest of your furniture is also a must. Of course, you do not want the vintage coffee table and your other pieces of furniture to be bumping into each other or falling, right? Hence, aligning the coffee table with other furniture will prevent these accidents from happening.  


When it comes to materials, vintage coffee tables come in a wide range of choices. It largely depends on your personal need. If you don’t usually clean your home frequently, vintage coffee tables with stainable surfaces like glass or metal are not the best option for you. So, instead of glass or glossy metal, you should opt for wood.

Even though metal or glass vintage coffee tables are hard to clean, their looks are very sophisticated since some glasses are made with either steel or brass. Aside from this, if you plan to place a lot of heavy items on the table, or if you have little children or pets, you should definitely need a coffee table with a sturdy tabletop, which is mostly made from wood or metal.

Apart from glass, wood, and metal, other materials used in vintage coffee tables including oak, walnut, cherry, and maple, have their own unique look that can add an aesthetics feel to your room and home.

Oak and maple have a more casual look, while walnut and cherry have a much more formal appearance. You can also consider using Lucite; it will make your table appear to float in the room and will give it a more contemporary and newer look.


To choose a vintage coffee table that makes your room look well-organized and eye-catching, you need to be good at choosing a very beautiful shape of the table. However, it also depends on the appearance of your room and other furniture as well.

If those pieces of furniture are mostly curvy, then a round vintage coffee table will blend in well with them. A round or oval table is perfect for people with kids and pets. This is due to the curved edge with no sharp corners that won’t cause injuries if someone falls or bumps into the coffee table.

If your room contains so many hard lines and angles, you should look for a vintage coffee table with a square or a rectangular shape. It is the ideal coffee table for tiny rooms, and it even allows 30 inches between the table and the TV console, thus you will have enough space to walk between the two pieces. And as for the rounded vintage coffee table, since it curves away from the television console, this shape of the coffee table provides a little more walking space. 

Style / Design 

Speaking of styles and designs, vintage coffee tables have a lot of different styles that are all unique in their own ways. Coffee table styles such as modern, mid-century, retro, 1950s style, informal, formal are all the styles you should take into account when purchasing a vintage coffee table.

If a modern or contemporary style is your cup of tea, then pick a glass-topped table with a sleek design. If you prefer country casual, a rustic oak table would be ideal.

For a romantic look, choose a round table with wood-turned legs. Because there are plenty of styles for your choice, just simply follow the room’s decorating scheme as a guide to achieving the best-looking room with the most elegant-looking vintage coffee table. 


If you plan to choose a vintage coffee table based on your favorite color, please bear in mind the current color scheme of your room. You should never look for a coffee table that looks too unpleasant or strong in color patterns. But, if you are all in for color contrasts and bold colors, try it and make sure it turns out great! 


The scale is also of the utmost importance due to the fact that every furniture piece in your house or room should be the acceptable scale.

Generally, the term “scale” refers to how similar the size and visual weight of objects in a room are. Therefore, when it comes to decorating your room with a vintage coffee table, you must make sure that the other furniture and the coffee table you’ve bought are on the correct scale with one another.

Let us show you an example. If you pair a heavy, solid, old-fashioned, overstuffed comfortable sofa with a delicately small and pretty vintage coffee table found in your grandmother’s attic, the scale is obviously incorrect. Instead, pair an overstuffed couch with a sizeable table.

This is because the two bits will be more in scale with each other since they are of equal weight and size. Moreover, it is great for the dainty coffee table to be paired with a smaller and more delicate settee or loveseat. 


The next thing to think about is the functionality of the vintage coffee table you are buying. What is your purpose for using the coffee table? Will you use it as a piece of decorative furniture or as a table for storage? If it’s for storage, make sure you know exactly how much storage will be enough for the coffee table to be able to hold your daily objects.

Choose a vintage coffee table with a storage shelf at the bottom if you want to store items on it. In fact, a few coffee tables now have storage boxes or drawers to hide your belongings. Moreover, some tables have tops that can be lifted and dragged forward to bring them closer to your seat. Also, if you want to work on your laptop by using the coffee table, the abovementioned ones are the right options for you.

Under the lifting part, there is normally a boxed-in storage area too. In addition, tables with adjustable legs, which allow you to adjust the height, are also a good option, particularly if you plan to use them in other rooms besides your office and living room. The coffee table’s adjustable legs allow it to be used with a wider range of furniture.

It is also worth noting that you should pick a vintage coffee table that is able to hold your snack plates and drinks with ease. That means you won’t have to tip over when you place down a cup of drink or a plate of food on the coffee table.

If you don’t want your floors to get scratched, make sure the coffee table’s legs have protective caps screwed on them. Some coffee tables are also equipped with wheels, making it easy to move them around. Despite choosing a coffee table with wheels, ensure that it has a locking system to keep it from rolling away.


There are times when thinking outside the box leads to the discovery of the ideal vintage coffee table, which may or may not be a table at all.

By thinking outside the box, it basically means that there are several alternatives available for you to create or design to make them look and function like a vintage coffee table (or even better than coffee tables). Alternatives to the ordinary vintage coffee tables include old steamer trunks, ottomans, and cedar chests.

Ottomans can be made of leather or beautiful fabrics, which adds visual interest, aesthetics, and texture to the room. They can also be used as a place to rest your feet without worrying about ruining the tabletop. They’ll look great in any family room that has a lot of traffic areas.

Lastly, the old steamer trunks existed for a long time. Therefore, if you have inherited a steamer trunk, you can still continue to use it as a conversation piece of ancient furniture in your house. 

Small groupings 

Who says you can only use one coffee table? Consider putting together a vintage coffee table collection. Place two sets of identical coffee tables next to each other and pull out each table to increase the surface area while also stacking the tabletops for an interesting look.

If your space is vast and you can’t find a table that you like, put two tables next to each other to make a bigger table. Another suggestion is to assemble a group of garden stools and use them as a sofa table. They’re available in a wide range of colors and patterns, and they’d look great in a vibrant, shiny living room.


A vintage coffee table’s price ranges from high-priced to very affordable, so the best way is to figure out how much you want to spend before you go shopping. Your total spending should be divided into categories like lighting, accessories, and furniture.

The good news is that you can stretch your budget a little if you see a vintage coffee table or a mid-century coffee table you want, as long as the quality of the sofa or chairs is not compromised. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Does a vintage coffee table need to be centered? 

Most of the time when you decorate your room with a vintage coffee table or any other coffee table, you will need to establish a center point for placing the coffee table. This isn’t always in the center of the room, but it is most of the time.

If your living room is particularly long or large, you should think about having two center points, one of which will be bigger than the other. For example, if you have a glass vintage coffee table, it should be the first center point in your room arrangement, and the second coffee table should be placed near the windows. 

Is a vintage coffee table the same as a cocktail table?

Both vintage coffee tables and cocktail tables are low tables that sit in front of a sofa, couch, side tables, or other seating arrangements in the rooms. But, the shape of the tabletop is the only difference between a cocktail table and a coffee table. The top of a cocktail table is square or rectangular, while the top of a coffee table is round. 

Do vintage coffee tables and end tables need to match? 

No, actually both of these tables don’t need to match. However, you can feel free to mix and match these two tables together, and you can also match them with a TV stand as well if you want to see a mixture of furniture in your room. 

Final thought 

A living room or a house without an awesome piece of furniture like a vintage coffee table is like going to a wedding party with no makeup on! You need to wear some makeup in order to boost your confidence and your beauty.

Likewise, you also need an elegant and beautiful vintage coffee table to complete the look of your current living room and turn your dull room into an aesthetic one. Therefore, with this very long yet useful article, we truly hope that it will be useful and impactful to your decision in shopping for a high-quality and trendy vintage coffee table.

Apart from product reviews pros and cons, we have also included the million-dollar question which is the 10 most important ultimate buying tips that you need to look at when you’re looking for a retro coffee table.

Be it a physical furniture store or an online furniture store, please always bear in mind that dimensions, materials, and functionality are the most necessary factors you should always refer to otherwise you could end up with a disappointing product. Be your own interior designer by purchasing a vintage coffee table today! 


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