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15 Best Coffee Shops in New York

15 Best Coffee Shops in New York

A cup of joe is what people desire in the morning to boost productivity all day long. We all know that drinking homemade or instant coffee at home might be economical. However, there is a different taste and sensation you receive from the same kind of coffee at the coffee shop. 

At coffee shops, everything will be there for you, and you can have a chit-chat with your friends or colleagues happily. Besides, the beautiful environment and aesthetic design of the cafes will give you a unique and good mood. So, here are why people like to visit the best coffee shops for you to explore in New York. 


List of Best Coffee Shops in New York 

15. Sey Coffee- Brooklyn

15. Sey Coffee- Brooklyn
Source:  Time out

Sey Coffee is one of the best coffee shops that you should not miss in New York. This sleek, lightwood-laden coffee shop has been known as a coffee paradise. It allows you to go through or monitor all the brewing processes started from getting coffee roasted to the end. 

Unlike the other coffee shops, Sey coffee takes its brew seriously enabling all the customers to sniff, slurp and discuss the coffee each month. Therefore, you can take this opportunity to have a discussion with other people about your coffee. 

On the other hand, there are 3 flavors and 3 faces presented in this cafe including sweet and simple, round and loud, and intricate and animate. These categories offer you a sense of the continuity between the change in the bean selection. 

14. Birch Coffee Shop

Source: Trip Advisor

This is Birch Coffee shop that is located in the Flatiron building with the use of glass windows together with an extensive lending library. Its coffee is roasted in Long Island City and brewed fresh at various locations every day. It will definitely offer you great coffee experiences because it is widely recognized by the majority of coffee lovers in New York. 

Although this is a chain coffee shop that is operated in many countries already, it delivers a consistent taste which means that no matter where you get your coffee from, the flavour is still the same. It has a variety of drinks ranging from bright light roast to chocolatey dark beans. The most popular drinks there are Chai Latte and iced coffee. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to visit there, please don’t order other coffee besides these two. It will not make you dissatisfied. 

13. Hi-Collar

13. Hi-Collar

Located in East Village in New York, this Hi-Collar coffee has only 10 seats available. The name Hi-collar is taken from a popular term in the Japanese jazz age. With this small coffee shop, you will never regret having been to this coffee shop since it gives you the freedom to choose whatever coffee bean you prefer together with the brewing methods. Besides, Hi-collar offers not only delicious coffee but also cocktails although it is available during the nighttime only. 

On the other hand, despite the drink, the service there is absolutely excellent that you might not be able to find in other coffee shops. It is undeniable that the baristas are very friendly and very helpful in guiding you to choose a nice drink. Additionally, if you happen to be there, don’t forget to try Mizudashi iced coffee and the green tea rice Krispy treats. 

12.  Abraço

Abraço is another amazing coffee shop you would love to visit in New York. It has been operating since 2007 and the coffee is sourced directly from South America and roasted in-house and the cow-only milk is organic. Therefore, you don’t have to be afraid of consuming excessive chemicals. Moreover, the service there deserves to be nominated for the best since the staff is friendly, polite and helpful. 

Although the exterior design of the shop looks unassuming, the interior design is wonderful. It makes you feel comfortable, welcome and satisfied especially when you stay there on a rainy day with the rich pour-over and espresso together with the olive oil cake. Besides, You may wonder about the meaning of the coffee shop. It actually originated from Portuguese meaning hug. 

11. Culture Espresso

If you are an espresso lover and looking for a coffee shop providing the best flavorful espresso, then this Culture Espresso is where you can have a try because it has been known as the cafe that offers the perfectly brewed express, drip coffees as well as amazing chocolate chip cookies. At the same time, it delivers a strong coffee which means the amount of caffeine can last after 10 to 12 hours. Therefore, you don’t have to be worried about that. 

As you enter the cafe, it gives you the feeling of warmth and relaxation allowing you to enjoy your cup of coffee comfortably. However, talking about the roaster, currently, it uses the Heart of coffee roaster which originated in Portland. Hence, you will definitely get the premium quality of coffee there. Besides, this locally owned coffee shop has been operated since 2009 and has 2 locations for you to visit with ease.

10. Stumptown Coffee Roasters

This unique coffee roaster would be nice for those who want to have a new coffee experience in the city. It gives you a similar feeling like you consume your coffee in Italy where you have to stand up. At the same time, this café offers the most delicious cappuccino which most of the local people prefer, and seek a quick caffeine fix in the morning to start their days. Moreover, the strong cold brewed espresso is also one of the best sellers in the shop as well. Therefore you can come in and place your order from this coffee shop if you like strong cold brew drinks.

Besides the good coffee, it also serves delicious pastries from top-notch vendors like Ovenly, Lafayette, and Milk Bar. Furthermore, this Portland, oregon-based coffee shop has 2 locations in New York for you to visit with ease. 

9. Coffee Project NY

Coffee Project NY is another best coffee shop on our list and it is recommended for those who are looking for a new coffee flavor together or a latte lover. Therefore, this coffee shop is one of the places where most of the coffee hipsters congregate in New York. Unlike the other cafes who keep working on the same thing all the time, this one tends to come with different tastes and always tries to figure out new ways to minimize the boundaries between the conventional coffee and the new java innovation. 

However, its in-house roasted coffee bean received recognition from Gesha as the most expensive bean and got the opportunity to compete in the US Brewers Cup competition and got ranked 10th and 17th. Some may ask for the suggestion to get a good cup of coffee there. Well, it is advised you to try their triple-set, deconstructed lattes as it allows you to experience 3 steps of coffee from a shot of espresso, milk, and finally lattes. 

8. Little Collins

This Little Collins is another café you are suggested to visit and it will not make you dissatisfied with your coffee experience. Located in  Midtown, it offers a completely different feeling from Starbucks; rather than being a coffee shop, you feel homey in this city of hustle and bustle. Moreover, the coffee beans are imported from the North Carolina roaster Counter Culture. You can imagine the quality of the coffee already. 

On the other hand, this coffee shop serves not only flavorful coffee but also various types of food including avocado smash, a schnitzel sandwich, chili flakes, other healthy salads for you to serve with espresso drinks.  Besides, there are also the options of takeout and delivery available as well. Therefore, you can get your cup of coffee without going there if you don’t have time.

7. Everyman Espresso

If you are an espresso lover and seeking a new taste of espresso, then this Everyman Espresso would be one of your options in choosing the best cafe in the city. With its neighborhood vibe, you will feel like it is invented and created for every coffee lover. Meanwhile, this café allows you to watch the view of the city pass by while enjoying your cup. In addition, there is no doubt that it offers flavorful espresso since its coffee bean is sourced from North Carolina’s Black and White coffee roasters. 

It is suggested to try its signature coffee cocktails like panaceas, or espresso old-fashioned which is the combination of espresso bitter with sugar. Besides, three locations are available in the city enabling you to grab your nice drink conveniently.

6. Intelligentsia Coffee Highline Coffee bar

Located on the ground floor of the High line hotel near the elevated park and founded in Chicago in 1995, this Intelligentsia Coffee bar is one of the oldest coffee bars in the country serving from the coffee truck. With such a location, it makes you feel like you are consuming your drinks in a nice atmosphere. 

Moreover, these large coffee chains don’t take coffee for granted, it is seriously and carefully brewed each cup of coffee from the start. At the same time, there are various brewing methods available from single up, pour-over to siphon brews allowing you to choose based on your preference. 

Besides, it is undeniable that the services and the staff are excellent in helping you to figure out the most suitable cup while charging an acceptable price. However, Chai latte, matcha, cappuccino, and espresso are the best sellers in the shop which you should not miss if you go there.  

5. Devoción

5. Devoción
Source:  Dezeen

This is another wonderful cafe you may find in New York since it delivers fresh and premium quality coffee. The coffee beans are sourced from Colombian farmers directly and shipped within 10 days after being picked. Unlike Starbuck which delivers a dark vibe, this café comes with a huge window full of lighting, the tropical plants as well as the palm tree giving you the feeling of having the vacation right around the corner. 

Moreover, you don’t have to be afraid of not having enough tables if you go there too late as it features multiple spaces to accommodate a number of people. On the other hand, the three locations of this shop are downtown Brooklyn, Williamsburg, and Flatiron. 

4. 9th Street Espresso

4. 9th Street Espresso
Source: Nooklyn

Having been launched in 2001 by Native citizens in New York, this coffee house has received a lot of recognition in terms of the services and the quality. However, to show its focus on coffee, only 4 items are available there which are hot coffee, cold coffee, espresso, and espresso with milk. Therefore, there won’t be anything that makes you dissatisfied.

Moreover, the coffee beans are sourced from Brazilian farms together with other smalls from the world. On the other hand, with multiple locations available in Brooklyn and Manhattan, it also has its own roasting space allowing you to consume the artisanal espresso together with French pastries. 

3. Black Fox Coffee Co

If you want to have a try on different types of coffee every day, then this Black Fox coffee co would be the best option for you. It showcases most of the coffee from various roasters around the globe with the aim of providing the best coffee to all consumers. In addition, each cup of coffee is carefully brewed to minimize your stress and tiredness throughout the day. Thus, you don’t have to be afraid of the quality of the drinks. 

Some of its best-sellers are the iced matcha latte with the housemade nut milk, hot cappuccino, iced latte, or iced almond matcha. Besides the amazing drink, some snacks including banana bread, blueberry muffin, caramel slice, and chocolate chip cookies are also a must-try in Black Fox coffee co as well. 

2. Felix Roasting Co.

If you are looking for a perfect brew coffee and luxurious coffee experience, then this cafe is the right option for you. Actually, this cafe just opened recently on Green street in Soho. Although the coffee there is quite expensive to some people, it lets the quality talk. Serving the espresso in a wine glass together with the tonic water, it has been recognized as one of the best espresso providers in this city. 

Besides, to ensure that the cafe delivers a great taste, each step of the brew is taken carefully starting from the selection of the coffee beans. The coffee beans are selected directly from the farmers every season, while the chai blend and mocha blend are made by themselves so that they can taste the quality and ensure that each cup is having the same taste. 

1. Bluestone Lane Coffee

1. Bluestone Lane Coffee
Source: Pinterest

Having gone through the 14 best coffee shops in New York, now it’s time to have a look at the top 1 cafe in town. Getting the influence from Australia, this Bluestone Lane coffee delivers premium coffee together with complimentary food providing you the best coffee experience. Moreover, the cafe works closely with sustainable farmers across central and south American in order to get the best green coffee. Besides, the staff are friendly in helping all your needs. Therefore, you don’t have to be afraid of not knowing what to order for the first time there. 

What is special about these chain cafes is the menus are various based on the location. Therefore, before going to a certain location, you need to check first in case it does not have what you want. Additionally, you will get a free drink if you purchase a pack of coffee beans to brew at home.


All in all, the above 15 coffee shops are the best café you may find in New York. Not only the taste of the coffee is nice but also the services and the environment there as well allowing you to enjoy and get the best coffee experience than ever before. Ultimately, we hope the information in this article is helpful and we get a chance to have a visit to these coffee shops since they are all the best ones and deserve to have a try. 


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