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What Is So Unique About Vietnamese Coffee?

What Is So Unique About Vietnamese Coffee

Coffee in Vietnam is more than just a beverage, but it is a culture – a part of daily life. If you ever have a chance to visit Vietnam, you will be astonished by the coffee culture of Vietnamese people. There are a number of fancy and western-style coffee shops you can find, not just in Vietnam. For that reason, you should instead stop for authentic Vietnamese coffee if you visit Vietnam. 

Every corner in the town, you will find sided-walk cafes and coffee carts where people are sitting around and having glasses for coffee talks. It is any time of day; the local cafés by corners in business are patronized by the locals and tourists. 

More than the locals, Vietnamese coffee is well known to extend throughout other regions. Do you know that Vietnam is ranked as the world’s second-largest for growing and exporting coffee? It’s true. How Vietnam became a coffee giant today is because their coffees show humbleness but uniqueness in origins, coffee beans, brewing, and tastes. But still, not many people would know what Vietnamese do to make their coffee delicious and outstanding. 

In the following part, we will define “What is so unique about Vietnamese coffee?”


Advantages in Geography

First, situated on the eastern edge of Southeast Asia, Vietnam has outweighed advantages in geography, climates, and natural resources ideal for coffee plantations. The best places where Vietnamese farmers grow their coffee are found in the temperate central highlands such as Dalat and Lam Dong. The farmers grow their coffee with basalt (volcanic soil) which is the best for coffee. 

Extraordinary Coffee Beans

Second, the coffee beans by Vietnamese farmers are extraordinary and diverse from other regions. You heard a lot about Arabica being famous in the U.S and the western blocs. Meanwhile, Robusta is the primary and vast majority coffee in Vietnam, famous for its higher caffeine and stronger, bitter, and darker profile.

Although the Arabica species is less common in Vietnam, some farmers started to grow the original Vietnamese’s Arabica and even hybrid Arabica-Robusta species. They want to give coffee fans diversifying coffee experience but with authenticity. So which one is better?

There is no popular answer because it really comes down to personal preference. However, Robusta coffee is the country’s signature wherein you can have a sip in just every café shop.  

The Vietnamese Phin

Third, Vietnamese have an old school way of brewing coffee in a phin despite modern society. Without doubts, it is their coffee culture and art in itself. The Vietnamese Phin – is an aluminum or stainless steel coffee filter that processes slow drips of coffee with hot water, press down through a thin lid into a cup. Moreover, the Phin filters come in different sizes from a single 4 ounces to a larger 40 ounces. 

Therefore, brewing coffee using a phin filter of Vietnamese people shows that they can make nice coffee in an unhurried way. Further, a slow drip-by-drip treats coffee fanatics to slow down and chill while waiting to take a sip.  

The Sweetened Condensed Milk

Last but not least, in Vietnam, sweetened condensed milk is popularly served with both hot coffee and ice coffee. They like to add sweetened condensed milk to give the drinkers with perfect sweet-bitter balance flavor. 

Shortly after you know how outstanding Vietnam coffee is and how they make their coffee, you must want to try it for once. Maybe you cannot fly to Vietnam and try their authentic coffee amid the pandemic. But you can still do it at home; all you need are only Vietnamese coffee from the supermarket and a coffee maker – Phin.

So if it is your first time, how do you choose the Phin filter to brew your coffee? In addition to the facts about Vietnamese coffee, in the next part, we will introduce you to a few coffee makers and mug sets for you to make authentic Vietnamese coffee to serve yourself, your family, or any beloved ones at home. They are by far the most picked products from around the world.

List of The Best Products To Make Vietnamese Coffee in 2024

1. Thang Long Vietnamese Coffee Filter Set

1. Thang Long Vietnamese Coffee Filter Set

  • Made in Vietnam out of HIGH QUALITY stainless steel
  • It is 8 oz, can enjoy with traditional any ground coffee
  • Slow dripper mechanism
  • Convenient handles. Comes in 4 pieces
  • Dishwasher safe
  View Price on Amazon

First things first, this coffee filter or coffee maker is originally made in Vietnam. Built from superior stainless steel, it is hard and durable for days to days use. Moreover, it is very hard-wearing with hot water for brewing coffee any time of the day.

Also, it is resistant to scratches and that is the quality of superior steel everyone looks for. It is dishwasher safe as well. Not to mention, Thanh Long is a top-ranking local brand for producing premium Vietnamese coffee filters with a lifetime warranty.

Speaking of the product features, this coffee filter set comes with a filter chamber, a container, and a lid, ideal for making morning coffee. What is more, the phin filters are available in 4 sizes ranging from, X-S (4 oz), S (6 oz), M (8 oz), L (11 oz), and X-L (15 oz) to fit many sizes of your serving cups. It has a hard built-in handle that makes you convenient fitting the filer onto the cup or removing it from the cup.

This Vietnamese gravity insert filter is a lot easier than the screw-down type. You first need to fit the filer onto the cup, fill the coffee ground into the chamber, add some hot water, press the insert into the chamber, and wait from 5 – 10 minutes for the slow drips of coffee to fill your cup. Click “add to the cart” now to help you enjoy and experience Vietnamese coffee.

2. Viet Delight Vietnamese Coffee Filter Maker Set

2. Viet Delight Vietnamese Coffee Filter Maker Set

  • Set with 6 pieces including a brew chamber, a cup, a plate, a spoon, a screw down insert & a lid
  • Each with aesthetic & unique color variation
  • Works well with all kinds of ground coffee
  • Have perfected the high temperature glazes technique
  • It is also an elegant, sophisticated piece for home décor
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This Vietnamese coffee filter is for someone who loves the old school collections or who is in love with hand-made masterpieces. Perfectly hand crafted from ceramic material, this coffee filter looks remarkable and transparent; it thus is perfect for a humble and extravagant home kitchen. As well, this French press style coffee maker could add more real treats to old school cafes.

The caramel color of the coffee filter is so aesthetic and elegant. This coffee filter set includes a 3.1 oz brew chamber, a 7.6 oz cup, a 5.11’’ plate, a 5.23’’ spoon, a screw-down insert, and a lid. More than that, the ceramic material can retain heat temperature better than any others. It works best with all kinds of coffee grounds of Robusta and Arabica. 

Stop waiting and order this set now to switch your coffee brewing to a more traditional but chilling vibe with your loved ones. It only takes a few steps and some minutes to brew your coffee in the filter. You start by adding the coffee ground into the chamber, add a splash of water to wet the coffee, push the insert into the chamber, add more hot water, and then cover it with the lid. It takes 5 – 7 minutes for the drips to fill in your cup.

At the same time, you and your loved ones can enjoy the conversation and watch the slow drips. If you look for a gift, this ideal set is also a great option for a gift theme for your sweethearts, parents, and colleagues. 

3. Gladiator Vietnamese Coffee Maker

3. Gladiator Vietnamese Coffee Maker

  • made in Vietnam with high quality stainless steel
  • Comes with instruction, and QR code for tutorials
  • Does not need to plug in, simply pour hot water over
  • Easy to use and portable, good for camping or travel
  • No need to have additional paper filter
  View Price on Amazon

Originally made in Vietnam, this French press-style coffee filter can serve for many purposes. Especially, it is perfect to use everywhere such as home, office, travel, and camping. The coffee filter designs with high-quality stainless steel portable for fitting onto or removing from the cup. The full set includes a chamber, an insert, and a lid. There is no limit to Vietnamese coffee, so you can also try brewing your favorite coffee drips by drips with Vietnamese Phin.

There is an attached instruction in the package to guide you on the right ways to brew coffee in a Phin. Furthermore, the coffee filter is sturdy and scratches-resistant, so you do not have to worry about breakage. Also, it is very easy to clean; you can just use a dishwasher and it is clean. 

With only this single set of coffee filters, you can brew coffee up to 6 oz which you can serve at least 2 to 3 cups of coffee at a time. Thus, it is your best option for making coffee while camping with your comrades. If you are ready to add one to your cart, there are 3 choices of colors such as golden, black, and steel. Make sure to not miss it out! It is because this set of coffee filters should be the perfect gift for surprising your loved ones. 

4. JoyJolt Declan Glass Coffee Mug

4. JoyJolt Declan Glass Coffee Mug

  • Elegant design
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Easy Hold Handle
  • Material glass & Capacity of 6oz
  • Dishwasher Safe & Microwave Safe
  View Price on Amazon

You have a coffee filter in a cart, but you also need a glass cup to enjoy your Vietnamese coffee. You need a mug or cup that best fit your phin filter. This crystal coffee mug by Joyjolt comes with high quality glass that is durable for everyday use.

Also, it can hold the temperature well for 195 to 205 F temperatures. With a capacity of 16 oz, you can enjoy every sip of morning coffee to have a productive day. You can serve all kinds of drinks as you wish with this one large mug. What is more, the mug has an easy handle that makes you comfortable in having your sips. They are heavy but safe to wash with a dishwasher or microwave. 

You are making the best decision you can to pick these portable glass mugs. It is because you can have a set of 6 quality mugs with a lifetime warranty. It is a perfect match between a big coffee filter and 6 coffee mugs of 16 oz. You can then host a family coffee-ing or coffee drinking on a camping trip. 

5. JoyJolt Savor Double Wall Insulated Glasses Espresso Mugs

5. JoyJolt Savor Double Wall Insulated Glasses Espresso Mugs

  • Savor double wall glasses arrive as a set of 2
  • Durable mouth blown glass
  • Heat-resistant borosilicate glass keeps ideal temperature
  • Ideal for any occasions
  • Holds 5.4 oz. each
  View Price on Amazon

If you are looking for a set of solid glass mugs for camping, this one is the right option for your consideration. It is a set of two 5.4 oz mugs that are perfect for traveller coups or lovers who like to have hot espresso of the day. They are handmade mugs from Joyjolt which is famous for providing premium and durable glass material.

The mugs are extremely thick that can retain your hot coffee well. Also, it keeps your hand cool with an easy handle. They are microwave safe or you can easily clean it with a dishwasher. 

It is a perfect couple set. Don’t keep it late and order one set now for your sweethearts, parents, or friends. During the coronavirus pandemic, most of us enjoy making coffee at home. With a coffee filter at home, it is the best idea to add another matching item.  

Final Thought 

You have achieved two aims at once after reading this article. That is to say, you have learned about the coffee culture of a county, Vietnam, and the uniqueness of their coffee in itself. By any chance, you find their culture impressive and want to try their coffee Phin filters at home.

Understanding the mindset of coffee fanatics, we did reviews of top Vietnamese coffee filters and glass mugs for you to take home into consideration. The Vietnamese coffee phins are eco-friendly, so you do not need to use a paper filter. What is more, it is perfect to use at home or office, and portable for travel or camping. 

After product recommendation, in that way you are now sure what to buy and start to build your new coffee experience with Vietnamese coffee Phin. Doing it the right way will teach you to slow down and chill for your good coffee to be served. All you need are a Vietnamese coffee filter, ground coffee, hot water, a mug, and add sweetened condensed milk which is common for Vietnamese. Therefore, the way to make the best Vietnamese coffee is you do it in unhurried ways and savor the experience.

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