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These Coffee Are Cooler Than Your Crush, Hotter Than Your Ex, And Better Than Your Next

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Believe it or not, These Coffee Are Cooler Than Your Crush, Hotter Than Your Ex, And Better Than Your NextStyles To Display In Your Areas In 2023

95% of the great big oceans are unexplored, and 96% of the vast outer space is untouched. Approximately 65% of our Earth besides dry land still hasn’t been delved into. So, of course, coffee is one of the most famous drinks around the world. With billions of cups consumed annually shouldn’t be one of these unexplored mysteries. If you don’t know where to start. Here’s a list of underrated coffees that are cooler than your crush, hotter than your ex, and definitely better than your next for you to try out in this new year. 

Most coffee drinkers out there probably order the same coffee drink anytime and anywhere they can get their hands on a cup of coffee. They do this because they obviously like the drink. It could be either because they’re scared of trying something new. Or would rather not regret wasting their money on a cup of something they might not enjoy.

Believe it or not, These Coffee Are Cooler Than Your Crush, Hotter Than Your Ex, And Better Than Your Next INtro

This article is here to tell you that a couple of bucks spent on something new might be some of the best bucks you’ll ever spend. Especially money spent on trying new, different, and wild coffee drinks is never wasted because drinking coffee isn’t just the act of consuming a beverage. But drinking coffee can be made into an experience.

The coffee recipes secret is how the coffee beans that used, the way or method of brewing the beans. The way it’s served, and even the location you’re enjoying that cup of coffee are all part of the coffee drinking experience that the average coffee drinkers usually don’t pay attention to. 

And yes, the classic everyday coffee drinks like a latte or an espresso. The tastes are rarely less than perfect are undeniably daily orders of some for all the right reasons. However, once in a while, we all need something a little bit different to spice up our daily routines. That’s why mixing up our daily cup of joy and appreciating a whole new experience. It will going to be one of the best things you’ll ever do.

Now let’s get to know the new drinks that are cooler than your crush and definitely better than your next.

Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Did you know that Vietnam supplies 18% of the world’s coffee exports? Vietnam is the second largest exporter of coffee beans, with 95% of the harvest exported annually. Vietnam mainly grows the Robusta coffee beans who are well known for their higher caffeine content than the Arabica coffee beans, 25% to be exact.

The Robusta beans produce a stronger and more bitter taste than Arabica and are also more used in making espresso blends because it creates a nicer crema on top. The crema on top of an espresso can tell a lot about the quality of the coffee and even the barista’s skills too.  

Vietnamese Iced Coffee

What’s so special about Vietnamese coffee mainly lies in the way it’s brewed. An authentic cup of Vietnamese coffee is brewed in a “phin”, a Vietnamese version of a coffee press. It’s a small metal cup that sits on top of another cup and directly brews the coffee into the cup.

Brewing the coffee in a phin is a slow process that produces a small robust coffee similar to an espresso except that’s thicker and has a higher caffeine content. After brewing, it is mixed with sweetened condensed milk and can be served hot or poured over ice to get the classic Vietnamese iced coffee. 

Kopi Gu Yu

The name “Kopi Gu Yu” simply means coffee with sweetened condensed milk and a knob of butter on top in the Hokkien dialect. Kopi Gu Yu is the Asian version, specifically Singaporean version, of the Bulletproof coffee, the trademarked coffee recipe by Dave Asprey.

However, as the Bulletproof coffee is made fancy with its coffee mixed with medium-chain triglyceride(MCT) oil and grass-fed butter, Kopi Gu Yu is a simple cup of coffee that brings back memories for many adults.

In the past, people added butter in the hot coffee to smooth the bitterness of Robusta coffee beans and create a creamier drink. These days, people besides Kopi Gu Yu drinkers rarely stir in butter with their freshly brewed coffee. Made from Robusta beans or any other blend because the beans were already roasted in butter or sugar already. 

Kopi Gu Yu

You can experience an authentic cup of Kopi Gu Yu and travel back to the 1930s from the comforts of your own home. Simply, brew some strong Robusta beans or a blend of Robusta and Arabica beans. In a cup, you add some sweetened condensed milk in the bottom. Then pour the freshly brewed coffee in and add a slab of your favorite butter on top. AND WAIT! Don’t stir it yet. Let the butter fully melt on top of the coffee. After that, you are ready to enjoy the beauty of a cup of Kopi Gu Yu, stir until it’s fully melted.

Coffee Tonic

Often when you think of coffee, the words bitter, sweet, and heavy might come to mind. Coffee drinks are usually either bitter or sweet depending on the drinker’s preference. However, there are also coffee drinks that are light and refreshing if you know where to look.

As the year is moving along into the spring and summer months, fizzy carbonated drinks are what most people gravitate to. If you still want to enjoy a cup of joe and a soda, a coffee tonic is what you need right now in your life. 

Coffee Tonic

Coffee tonic is literally coffee mixed into some tonic water and added ice. It’s just as simple as that. The coffee used for this drink is traditionally a shot of espresso, but cold brew is also widely used now. The difference between using espresso or cold brew is ultimately up to your preference, with espresso creating a layer of crema on top of the tonic but cold brew doesn’t.

Next, the tonic water you choose plays an important part in the taste of the coffee. It is recommended to choose a tonic water that is a bit more sparkly and has more of an acidic taste to it. Mix and match the coffees and different types of tonic water to get a drink that is unique just for you. Enjoy the summer with a cup of sparkly coffee in hand. 

Egg Coffee

Hmm, eggs and coffee in the morning is one of the best breakfast combos to ever be created. When most people think of eggs and coffee, it is always some scrambled or fried eggs and a cup of coffee. Not real eggs inside the coffee. Yes, everybody, there are coffee made with eggs mixed into the actual coffee.

There are two well-known coffee recipes of egg coffees around the world, the Vietnamese egg coffee and the Scandinavian egg coffee. Both of these coffee drinks use eggs but in very different ways and in different steps of the coffee making process 

Egg Coffee

The coffee recipes for the Vietnamese egg coffee is a more heavy coffee drink that only uses the yolk part of the egg. The egg yolk is beaten with sugar or sweetened condensed milk until it becomes similar to that of a meringue. Or until it becomes frothy and fluffy looking. In a cup, pour in some brewed coffee preferably Robusta coffee beans, scoop the egg cream on top and you’re done. 

While the Scandinavian egg coffee is a lighter and smoother cup of coffee compared to the Vietnamese egg coffee. The Scandinavian egg coffee uses the whole egg including the shell. Before brewing, a raw egg is added to the coffee grounds with a little bit of water.

The egg helps to remove the bitter and acidic taste from the coffee resulting in a clearer cup of coffee with a milder taste than normal brewed coffee. The raw egg coffee grounds are added to a pot of boiling water and simmered on a low heat until the coffee grounds clump together and float to the top. When this happens, remove the pot from the heat and add in cold water till the coffee clump falls back to the bottom.

Lastly, pour the mixture through a sieve and enjoy your freshly made Scandinavian egg coffee. 

Tim Tam Slam

Tim Tam Slam

For this coffee experience, it’s mainly in how the coffee is drank. A Tim Tam Slam is just one of those treats you eat when you’re bored or need a little pick-up-me. It’s sweet, creamy, and delicious loved by both adults and children. 

To experience the Tim Tam Slam, all you have to do is prepare your favorite cup of hot coffee and get a box of Tim Tam biscuits. There is a huge variety of Tim Tam biscuit flavors to choose from. So get the one that appeals to you most.

Now that you’ve gathered the necessary ingredients, sit down and open the pack of biscuits. Take out one Tim Tam and bite off both ends of the biscuit. Then proceed to use the bitten biscuit as a straw to drink your coffee.

As you drink your coffee, it will melt the inside of the biscuit and after a few slurps. You can eat the Tim Tam and enjoy the melty goodness of a biscuit.  

Exploring Coffee in Quarantine

We shouldn’t let the pandemic and quarantining get the best of us. You can still explore and try so many new things from inside your home. Make use of everything you have and give yourself the chance to travel the world, one cup of coffee at a time.  

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