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Facts About Bulletproof Coffee: Recipes, Benefits & Downsides

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Facts about bulletproof coffee

If you ask a coffee lover “What motivates you to wake up in the morning?”. I am pretty sure the answer is coffee!!! It is undeniably true that we all are attracted to the scent of brewed coffee, the nutty, smoky-like which automatically makes you turn to where the scent comes from. Coffee has been one of the most popular drinks for centuries. In modern days, people created new recipes to improve the taste of coffee by adding ingredients such as milk, sugar, cream, butter, and so on.

On top of that, coffee is known for a special drink to keep you motivated and awake for hours which is why we often drink it in the morning. A cup of coffee can encourage you to complete the tasks all day without feeling numb or exhausted. The tastes of coffee can be dark or light depending on one’s preference and adding. However, have you ever heard of bulletproof coffee? 

Let me introduce you to a new flavor of coffee which is called “Bulletproof”. But, is bulletproof coffee really bulletproof?



1. What Is Bulletproof Coffee?

Well, the name itself can be skeptical, can’t it? Bulletproof coffee is actually coffee with butter!!! It is known as a type of coffee that you can drink in the morning and a substitute for breakfast as well. It is highly energetic compared to other types of coffee because of a combination of caffeine in the coffee itself and butter. 

Unfortunately, bulletproof coffee is not bulletproof at all. However, its taste is quite better than being bulletproof!!! Butter coffee is quite popular especially in North America and some areas in Singapore. It gives you a unique aroma and it tastes heavier, rich, and nutty that will keep you wanting for more.

2. The History Of Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof coffee was initially created by David Asprey, an American entrepreneur who turned this recipe into a multimillion-dollar one under the name of “Bulletproof 360, Inc”. The recipe was found when he was hiking in Tibet. It was when he was climbing up Himayalas and a local offered him a cup of ‘Yak Butter Tea’ when he was navigating Asprey. He eventually came up with the idea of replacing tea with coffee when he was back to America. Because of the nutrition in the bulletproof coffee, it is enough to replace your daily breakfast which is why he decided to introduce this recipe in 2011. It becomes quite popular and well-known especially among those who are on a diet, fasting, and gymnastic. 

3. How To Make Bulletproof Coffee At Home

Now you have arrived at the fun part!! Making bulletproof coffee or butter coffee is easier than you think. You can make your beautiful cup of coffee with the greatest taste within 5 minutes. Here are the ingredients that you need. Two cups or 470ml of coffee freshly brewed from your beloved coffee maker either Single-Serve or Programmable One, two tablespoons or 28 grams of unsalted butter, and one or two tablespoons or 15 to 30ml of MCT oil. All you need is to pour your freshly brewed coffee and the other ingredients into a blender and wait until it becomes creamy. 

If you prefer the authentic taste, Asprey’s recipe is here for you as well. Grab your blender and pour 8 to 12 ounces of freshly brewed coffee into it. Then, mix one or two tablespoons of coconut oil or MCT oil and give it a well-stir. Last but not least, put one or two tablespoons of grass-fed, unsalted butter and start blending. Pour the creamy consistency into your favourite coffee cup then enjoy!!!

4. The Benefits Of Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof coffee or butter coffee does provide lots of health benefits. Because of its unique combination of ingredients, each of them is known for different benefits and we will break it down one by one. 


The first thing that comes to our mind is coffee helps us to stay awake and productive. Because the amount of caffeine that you consume is high enough to avoid drowsiness. Obviously, caffeine is consumed to boost productivity which is why people prefer drinking a cup of it every morning. However, the amount of caffeine in roasted coffee may be way too much for some individuals. If you need caffeine with less caffeine, we also would like to introduce you to green coffee and it will be your best choice. You can read our article about Green Coffee as well. It is particularly known for being rich in antioxidants. The chlorogenic acid which exists in your cup of coffee helps with maintaining sugar level and blood level. 

MCT Oil Or Coconut Oil

MCT oil and coconut oil have been introduced and recommended for decades. It has been mentioned that people should replace normal oil with coconut oil for their dishes to stay healthy. MCT oil, as known as a “Medium-Chain Triglyceride”, is also used as a supplement diary because of its small amount of fat contained in each drop. 

Both oils are the best choice to add to your coffee without tasting too oily or too fat. These two types of oil are recommended to use to reduce the risk of high cholesterol and maintain the level of cholesterol in the blood and heart. All in all, they both contain good fat that actually protects your heart from heart diseases. 

Grass-Fed Butter

This type of butter contains antioxidants which is the most essential ingredient to be added in your daily life. Without a doubt, the antioxidant is included in some foods, drinks, and even your skincare products. It is known to strengthen your immune system and protect your skin from the strong sunlight as well. 

Besides, there are more benefits that you will start to consume bulletproof coffee. The combination creates a unique taste as well as benefits also. 

Weight Loss

Coffee is particularly known for being rich in antioxidants as well as the other two ingredients. The chlorogenic acid which exists in your cup of coffee helps with maintaining sugar level and blood level. Along with MCT oil or coconut oil and grass-fed butter, this combination helps with maintaining the blood sugar and blood pressure level which results in low-carb that will help you lose weight. 

Best For Those Who Are On A Diet

As mentioned above, bulletproof coffee is the best choice to drink in the morning. Because of the grass-fed butter, you will feel full by just consuming a cup of it. It is also suitable to replace breakfast without consuming too much fat. For those who are gymnastic, fasting, or on a diet but still craving for coffee, bulletproof coffee will fill your stomach all morning with low fat and boost your energy all day. It effectively promotes fullness and motivation as well.

However, your body may need some time to adapt to consuming only a cup of bulletproof coffee in the morning, but after a while, you will get used to your better lifestyle. If you are up for a challenge, start drinking bulletproof coffee for a week and you will see a significant result visible from your body. 

5. The Downsides Of Bulletproof Coffee

Despite the various advantages of bulletproof coffee, there is a debate about whether bulletproof coffee is actually healthy as it is said. However, there are some researches that eventually claimed the downsides of bulletproof coffee. Here are some disadvantages that may make you think twice.

Saturated Fat

According to what has been mentioned above, bulletproof has been called out for its saturated fat. Even though it promotes fullness that can replace breakfast, it somehow contains saturated fat which eventually causes weight gain. Some studies also show that continuous consumption of bulletproof coffee can increase the risk of health disease which is quite opposite from the benefits of each ingredient that have been stated above. 

However, it is highly recommended to not consume excessively to avoid the risk of health disease and cholesterol. Bulletproof coffee contains high saturated fat which is from the coffee, MCT oil or coconut oil, and grass-fed butter. On the other hand, these three ingredients are actually not so harmful at all. But to be fair, the huge amount of consumption does seem to be harmful gradually. 

Increases Bad Cholesterol

The studies have proved how bulletproof coffee or butter coffee can increase the risk of LDL (Low-Density Lipoprotein) bad cholesterol. Ketogenic butter coffee somehow increases the level of high cholesterol. Although it is mentioned to be less fat, the fat that exists in MCT oil or coconut oil and grass-fed butter seem to be able to increase bad cholesterol as well. 

To be exact, our bodies show significant results differently. Ketogenic fat is actually high in fat, but this can be converted into good or bad cholesterol in one’s body. It is somehow great to add ketogenic to our diet. But those people who are likely to face a high risk of cholesterol and fat must avoid butter coffee. However, it is always recommended to avoid drinking too much per day to avoid this risk as well.

Low In Nutrients

Bulletproof coffee is recommended to drink in the morning and according to Asprey himself, he claimed that it can be a substitute for breakfast as well. If we look at the fact, butter coffee contains fat that somehow does not make you hungry after a hot cup of it. However, drinking only a cup of bulletproof coffee will result in lack of nutrition. If we look at the ingredients, each one of them only contain antioxidants and saturated fat which are not enough to start the day with. Except for grass-fed butter, it is the only ingredient that has vitamin A, some CLA, butyrate and K2. 

On top of that, it is recommended to take 3 meals per day as usual and just add a cup of bulletproof coffee in the morning. The coffee itself only boosts your energy, productivity, and it only keeps you awake. If you are on a diet, it is still recommended to eat healthy depending on your diet plan and just consume a good amount of butter coffee per day. 


Bulletproof coffee has grown its popularity overages from a continent to a continent. Butter coffee is even better than your average energy drink and other types of coffee that you will ask for more. If you are looking for a drink that motivates you to work all day, butter coffee will be your best partner. What’s more, the antioxidants that are contained in butter coffee are essential to add to your daily meals. Bulletproof coffee does help to maintain your blood sugar level and your weight as well because it helps to reduce hunger and it has saturated fat which is less fat than others.

Although, there has been said that the disadvantages of bulletproof coffee seem to be a lot. However, it is recommended to consume a good amount of bulletproof coffee every day to boost energy and stay healthy at the same time. If you are at risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, and high blood sugar level, we would like to advise you to avoid bulletproof coffee. If you cannot tolerate high levels of caffeine, we also would like to recommend you try green coffee instead which is also quite beneficial to your health. You can find our article about green coffee on our website as well. 

All in all, I hope this article will help you to decide whether you should drink bulletproof coffee or switch to another type based on your preference. But if you are always up for a challenge, you can try consuming a medium amount every day with 3 healthy meals to reduce the risk of diseases.