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Coffee Benefit And Side Effects For Men’s Health That Are Worth To Discuss

Coffee Benefit And Side Effects For Men's Health That Are Worth To Discuss About

By now, I am sure we all know about the health advantages of coffee. For centuries we hold this golden liquid in our hands and gulp it down our throats. Then, once in a while, we will exclaim loudly “Wow, this tastes good”. For years and years, we have understood the coffee health benefits. One of the overrated benefits that all of us know is alertness. Well, it is typical, isn’t it? Because you and I rushed to the coffee shop for a cup of Joe to keep ourselves awake for that important meeting or that school assignment. Although coffee brings abundant benefits for men and women, let us focus on one specific gender as for today. The objective of this article is to illustrate 7 health benefits that coffee can impact for men’s health.

Particularly, we are going to discuss the advantages that coffee brings for male consumers. Well, both men and women consume coffee equally. Nevertheless, the purpose of writing about men’s health benefits from coffee is to spread the knowledge to the male coffee consumers. Also, this significant piece of information could even surprise you at some point as well.

On the other hand, we understand that moderation is key. It is important to keep in mind that moderate consumption is your friend in the long run. Overconsumption is never good for anything. Therefore, apart from telling you the benefits, specifically for the male audience, of drinking coffee. We are also going to bring in 3 educational warnings about coffee’s side effects. Remember lads, if you are drinking coffee in an appropriate amount then it is going to be okay. Always make sure to follow strictly the guidelines of daily consumption and always monitor yourself. Do not let your cravings get ahead of you. So, buckle up, you can read this for your own health, your partner’s, father’s, or grandfather’s. But remember this coffee benefits and side effects could be happened to both women and men’s health.  



1. Boost Productivity and Lighten Moods

If–in any case at all–in your life, you said something along the line that goes “I cannot function unless I have my coffee”. Probably, you might already know what this first point is about. However, we are going to get a bit more technical as we proceed further through the points. 

Boost Productivity and Lighten Moods

It is amazing how a cup of Joe can brighten someone’s day. A sip will create magic–the magic of happiness, mood lightening, and productivity throughout the day. The reason for this cause is because coffee or caffeine goes and blocks adenosine. Adenosine receptors are responsible for our sleepiness. And when they are blocked, the body has no choice but to release dopamine and glutamate. Dopamine, on the one hand, is the chemical messenger in our brains. It allows us to feel pleasure, strive, and be excited about something.

Dopamine also affects human behaviors as well such as our movement, heart rate, mood, attention, etc… On the other hand, glutamate is also a neurotransmitter in the brain like dopamine. But it is healthy at a moderate level. Glutamate allows the brain to stay focused and clear which is beneficial for learning and memory. (Disclaimer: Excessive Glutamate will create the opposite effect leading to health problems.)

It is obvious to us that coffee is a stimulant to increase the two chemical substances in our bodies. Because these substances allow the brain to feel alert, fresh, and motivated. Frequently, both men and women feel stressed at work or at home. Coffee can be the catalyst to relieve those tensions. This is generally known but it could increase antidepressant for men after an unproductive day at work and boost their moods before entering another stressful zone. 

2. Boost Workout Performance

This is not a controversial statement to say that most men are addicted to workout. Women too but men DO LOVE WORKING OUT. You and I can agree on this point that we love to share this healthy habit. Men love to exercise their bodies and expect great results from it. Hoping that one day, they are able to gain more weight, flex their muscles in front of their beloved partners, and be more confident in their delicious-looking bodies. This is not a wrong thing to do obviously. And coffee has proven to be a stimulant to increase workout performance in men’s health during the workout.  

Boost Workout Performance

There are research studies that concluded coffee shows better physical performance and increases the chances of extracting energy. As suggested before, coffee increases dopamine and glutamate. But coffee also enhances your adrenaline. This substance is the core element. Adrenaline is what pushes us in critical situations such as the fight to flight, energy, and excitement. While our body is projecting adrenaline, it allows us to do more. 

Research suggested that trained athletes who consumed caffeine pre-exercise burn 15 percent more calories than those who did not. So, men, if you want to have the extra energy to lift more weight during your workout session, try consuming coffee before your training. You will feel more energized in working out and also thrilled to lift more weights and run an extra mile. Moreover, it also decreases your chance of muscle contractions, pain-intensity level, and fatigue after your workout as well. Finally, you will find yourself after a cup of coffee before your workout routine to be motivated and alert. During your workout, you will notice a strange sense of sharp-focused and strong endurance. So, grab your quick coffee with portable coffee makers or simply just instant coffee and go get your body. 

3. Improve Brain Functions 

Now, both of us all get through the feeling that we need to get through this test no matter what. I mean we were all students, once right? We all felt the need to rush through the night to submit that assignment before the deadline. Most importantly, we need our brains to get through with us. We need our mind to be performing at its maximum, and not to fail us at any stage. In order to improve brain functions for such critical times, coffee is one of the substances that are very well known to boost our thinking process. 

Improve Brain Functions

As suggested in the earlier text, coffee or caffeine is a substance that chemically stimulates adrenaline inside our human body. It also boosts the adrenaline I suggested earlier as well and hence increases the physical performance as well as the brain performance. This is why you see that most university students all around the world when asked what the common routine or habit that they have is drinking coffee. Come on, at least we have experienced this once in our life or you may have not entered university yet but you will. This experience is unforgettable because coffee is our best friend during that time, sometimes you even try to find coffee hacks to save more money. We need a cup of Joe to just keep us alert, aware, and concentrated in our work. 

The reason why people drink a cup of coffee during the most stressful time such as working or completing an assignment is that coffee alerts the brain. Coffee or caffeine blocks the adenosine receptors in our brain to mitigate our sleepiness. Moreover, it also increased our memory capacity for us to concentrate and recall information better. Therefore, it improves the brain’s capacity in terms of remembering and solving problems better in critical times. So, this is just a tip from our team, drink coffee if you need a booster for your mind.

4. Decrease Chances of Getting Type-2 Diabetes

Type two diabetes is among the common diseases in the world right now. Because of an unmonitored diet and all these fast food cultures, we are more prone to getting type two diabetes. Nowadays, this disease is now occurring within teenagers or children rapidly like it occurred among adults.

Decrease Chances of Getting Type-2 Diabetes

Researchers have found that consuming coffee can reduce the risk of getting type two diabetes in the future. Even compared statistically between those who do not consume coffee and those who drink coffee. A coffee drinker who has over one cup of coffee a day has a 11% chance of getting type two diabetes compared to those who do not drink at all. Furthermore, those who frequently drink coffee have a 23-50% (at the highest 67%) probability of not getting the disease. The reason why coffee prevents getting diabetes is because of a substance called chlorogenic acid. This acid is commonly found in coffee beans or as an alternative such as green coffee.

In addition, it also allows better regulations of blood vessel functions. So that the sugar level inside our body is being maintained properly and the insulin agents are performing at its best. Hence, the sugar that we consume daily is being absorbed into the bloodstream wonderfully reducing the risk of diabetes or further risk of stroke or hypertension. 

5. Creates Antioxidants Essentials

Antioxidants are some of the most important things that we need in our life. We normally obtain antioxidants out of drinks or often defined in skin care. We see a lot of commercials about antioxidants that help prevent stress and are used as an anti-aging property for the face and skin. 

Creates Antioxidants Essentials

Little do we know coffee produces antioxidants that are good for our skin as well. Fun fact: coffee beans contain 1,000 antioxidants such as vitamin C or E. We need those essential agents to combat the toxic inside our body as well as to produce new body cells and fight inflammation and infections. Antioxidants help our body to mitigate oxidation and also helps to decrease the chances of heart disease and cancer. 

The next someone asks, “why do you drink so much coffee?”. Go ahead and tell them, “I am extracting antioxidants” 😀 

6. Prevent Kidney Stones

The horrible news for men is that male is prone to kidney stones than women. Unfortunately, this has been proven scientifically. The risk coming from the male demographic is higher than his opposite gender. 

The cause of kidney stones is high sodium. And this excessive sodium will built-up in the urine. And, frequently, it could be painful while you urinate. Normally, high sodium is usually resulted from drinking less water, excessive fast food, or eating meat without vegetables or greens. 

Prevent Kidney Stones

However, the good news is you can reduce the risk of having kidney stones by drinking a cup of Joe. Coffee is known to be a mild form of diuretic. It allows you to urinate the excessive sodium in your bloodstream, at the same time reducing pressure in the blood vessel, through urination. To put it in simple sentences, coffee allows you to pee which is the most effective way to dilute sodium in your blood. 

Last of all, I think you might have heard that coffee can make you dehydrated. Which is completely false. It is not true. Remember urination is an alternative for our body to release excessive liquid that we consume. While the essential liquid is being absorbed into the body already. You just drink enough liquid along with consuming caffeine. Your body has enough and it expels the extra. 

7. Combat Alzheimer’s Disease 

Alzheimer’s disease is deadly in an invisible way. Basically, this disease is forgetfulness. You can’t say that it is coming because you are not aware of it mentally. Alzheimer’s disease occurs throughout a vast majority over the age of 65. The person whom you know will forget about themselves, forget about you, and the world around them. 

Combat Alzheimer’s Disease

However, a study has shown that throughout 21 years of observation people who drink from 3 to 5 cups a day decrease the chance of getting Alzheimer’s disease by 65%. There are studies from countless places showing that caffeine links to the decrease of Alzheimer’s and dementia (cognitive decline). Because caffeine improves the mental capability by enhancing memories and brain functions, therefore throughout a person’s life they are able to remember more. In a way, their brain is exercising yet relaxing at the same time. 

Side Effects

1. Insomnia 

By now, you would probably know that coffee does not make you sleep–for a while. Probably, this is a universal fact that has been established since you and I were younger. But actually, we do sleep after coffee, after the agents have subsided. However, overconsumption of caffeine can create a bigger problem which is Insomnia. Of course, this coffee side effect also can related with women’s health as well, not only to men’s health.


Insomnia is a common disease that blocks you from falling asleep. And coffee can be the fastest route to sleepless nights if you drink excessively. To prevent that from happening, you would have to drink moderately and consume caffeine 6 hours before your bedtime. Otherwise, you will face this difficulty of getting a peaceful rest at night. Instead of the advantages that we mentioned above, you can actually worsen your health. You should watch out carefully how much you should consume caffeine. If you are an adult, 400 mg (roughly 4 cups of brewed coffee) of caffeine is moderate. On the other hand, if you’re a teenager, then 100 mg of caffeine or 1 cup of coffee is enough. 

2. Anxiety

Too much of anything is never good. Caffeine is known to relieve stress and increase brain productivity. But too much coffee will increase the anxiety level even higher. Instead of decreasing or subsiding stress, you will feel even more STRESS! 


Caffeine blocks the adenosine receptors that make you want to go to sleep. Nevertheless, it will increase your heart rate and trigger adrenaline. At a higher dose, you will feel the urge of nervousness leading to anxiety. One must control their coffee intake. It could lead to an anxiety levels increase as suggested. If you are not monitoring your coffee consumption carefully, you will find that coffee is not working for you anymore. Unknowingly, you will train your body to drink more and more. Eventually, it can damage your stress control creating bigger anxiety issues. 

3. Rapid Heart Rate 

Since coffee is a stimulant, it is typical for our heart to pump faster. As aforementioned, caffeine triggers adrenaline. Therefore, our heart gets moving and excited for something. And it serves the purpose of being motivated and inspired to do something so that you can actually feel the urge to do a task. It is normal at the same time to get excited for our heart to pump faster. Once, adrenaline is pushed and the blood is being circulated in the bloodstream. Your heart pumps faster. 

rapid heart rate

However, the side effect of excessive caffeine would be rapid heart rate. In a long period of time, this change of cardiac rhythm will affect your health. The worst-case scenarios would be heart failure along with kidney and other organs failure as well. So drink coffee wisely as it will have a great impact to both women and men’s health. 


We have reached the end of this article. I hope you have learned something about how coffee is going to be a great advantage for women and men’s health especially for all the lads out there. It is going to boost your mind, physical, as well as preventing kidney stones and diabetes type-2. However, it is equally important to bear in mind the side effects if you drink TOO MUCH coffee. The common side of all is insomnia. Well, coffee does its job which is keeping you awake. Too much of it will keep you staring at your walls in your bedroom through the night. And you don’t want that, trust me. Plus, it is going to make you feel fatigued and also increase your anxiety level.

Finally, excessive coffee can be detrimental to your health whether for women and men’s health. Because it can increase your heart rate dramatically. Therefore, always keep a close watch on your coffee intake. Keep it at its best amount. Drink carefully and responsibly. Just like a popular phrase said, “With great power comes great responsibility”-Spiderman.