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7 Things That Coffee Can Do For Your Health

7 Things That Coffee Can Do for Your Health

Coffee is known as a brewed drink that is very popular in the world. The process of making coffee can be done in different ways to produce a variety of flavors such as Expresso, Latte, Mocha, Cappuccino, and so on. Two main reasons that make people like drinking it are first, is its unique taste and second, is the energy they get from drinking it. But there are many incredible complexities and benefits of coffee and health relation that you are still doubting, so today, we are going to tell you more about the 7 things that coffee can do for your health.


1.  Preventing Weight Gain

1.  Preventing Weight Gain

Weight gaining is an unsatisfied and unhealthy thing that no one wants it to happen. More than that, trying to have weight loss might be harder than preventing weight gain, thus let’s choose to prevent it before things become harder.

Coffee can be your enjoyable choice to prevent weight gain as coffee contains caffeine. Caffeine can help you less hungry after eating the one main meal until the time for having the next main meal. It is easy to understand that for 4 to 5 hours before having the next main meal, you can still feel okay without eating some snacks. Also, caffeine can help burn calories. After you have a cup of coffee you must know that your body seems to have more energy and when you use that energy, your calories are also burned faster. For this reason, you can find it difficult in gaining weight.

Otherwise, if you are on diet and plan to lose some more weight, you can choose black coffee because it contains zero calories, fat, or cholesterol.

2.  Lowering Risk of Cancer Disease

Cancer is the most terrifying disease and people often hear about it. It is a disease caused when cells divide uncontrollably and spread into surrounding tissues. In spite of that, antioxidants are a substance that can protect and prevent cancer disease, and eating food and drink which contains a lot of them is a good way to avoid cancer.

Literally, we are sure that, this must be a piece of great news to hear for every coffee fan because coffee is brewed from beans that contain antioxidants. As a matter of fact, antioxidants work well in the body to track down free radicals, neutralize any harmful effects, and especially can help keeps cells healthy. All in all, drinking the tasty beverage as coffee daily is very useful and a happy thing to do.

3. Enhancing Liver Health

As the liver is a large organ that has numerous hard works in the human body, especially, it helps cleaning the toxins that you take. It’s a good thing if you can take more care of your liver.

Coffee fans must be happy to hear about this news again. Actually, based on multiple studies have shown the similar thing that those who drank coffee can escape from cirrhosis by as much as 80%. Likewise, you can drink more than a cup per day, 4 or more cups (no more than 400mg per day), it is not a bad habit, but it even has the strongest effect in enhancing your liver. Purifying and protecting your liver by drinking coffee is such a fun thing, easy and enjoyable.

 4. Preventing Gout

4. Preventing Gout

Everyone must encounter Gout oftentimes or less. Mostly, Gout affects only one joint at a time and especially at the big toe joint. Everything happens for reasons, just like Gout happening because of the high levels of uric acid in your blood and uric acid is getting high whenever you ate a lot of purine-rich foods and drinks such as red meat, seafood, soft drinks, and alcohol.

Good tiding, coffee may help with this as well. Coffee can complete with enzymes that break down purines in the body well. Thus, drinking coffee can actually help you in reducing and preventing gout.   

5.  Reducing Depression

The oxidative stress in the blood is also a part that causes depression and mostly, women who are between 14 to 25 years old likely to get it; young women have a higher risk. As a matter of fact, oxidative stress is an imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants in the body. Also, research suggests that antioxidant-rich substances may neutralize free radicals and increase your defense against oxidative stress. You can undoubtedly choose coffee as the daily beverage as it contains antioxidants that can help you reducing anxiety and depressed feeling. 

6.  Enhancing Gut Health

Your gut every day works for you to absorb nutrients and excrete the waste. Also, your gut is where various kinds of bacteria can live. It is the reason why you need to take care of your gut well because it can affect the whole body’s system as well, among many ways to take care of your gut, drinking black coffee can help due to it has the ability to kill bacteria living in your gut effectively and even lead to smooth bowel movement.

For this study, the researchers experiment on rats by feeding coffee mixed with gut bacteria in a petri dish. Three days later, they found out that bacteria had been eliminated. This is proof that having coffee is really helpful to the process in the alimentary canal in which food is turned into waste, it boosts gut health and smoothes the whole process. 

7.  Reducing Risk of Stroke

A Stroke occurs when the blood supply to part of your brain is interrupted or reduced. It is a serious life-threatening medical condition that needs to have emergency treatment due to brian cells possibly die just in a minute. The quick a person receives treatment for a stroke, the less damage to your brain.

This must be a terrifying sound, however, coffee lovers will be feeling safe because the experiment shows that coffee is associated with a decreased stroke risk. Many research studies have shown that having 2-4 cups of coffee per day is very helpful in reducing the risk of stroke. Since coffee changes in blood vessel physiology and alters blood flow in ways that can help to disallow hypertension. Moreover, out-turn of coffee can decrease harmful blood clots and even might lower cholesterol level as higher blood cholesterol also cause to have a stroke.   


Coffee is and will be always best. Not only about its taste and not only for alerting your focus but about its other multiple and incredible benefits that you can get from having it daily. Nevertheless, to make coffee and health balance, no matter how much you can get benefit from it unless you take it in a proper amount and time or it will hurt you and even cause many more problems for your health as well.

Based on several studies, they have suggested that the safe and healthy amount is 400mg of coffee per day (4 cups or 945ml) of coffee for adult. Additionally, you shouldn’t drink coffee in the evening or at night time as it can affect your sleep, you might feel insomnious. For the energy drink, you should have it in the morning and afternoon.   

However, there are some people who are unable to have coffee like those who already have Insomnia, seizures, Heart disease, and etc. In case you have one or more of these kinds of diseases, drinking coffee is totally banned as it won’t help you anything besides hurting you more. 

Once for all, please take good care of your health and the most important thing is that you need to understand your own preference of coffee and health condition and practice what your health can receive or you can discuss with the doctor in case you are not sure about it.