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How Coffee Affects Your Skin?

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How coffee affects your skin?

Coffee is one of the most preferred drinks, surely best in the morning. There are different types of coffee, iced latte, cappuccino, and sort. No matter how busy the day is, we always spare a minute to grab our favorite coffee to freshen up our mood and awaken our sleepyhead as we always have thought of how effective the coffee is in helping to boost our productivity, though it is the caffeine. 

Though, this is still a debatable topic whether coffee is good or bad. Everything has a side effect, so does the coffee drink. There are pros and cons about coffee, it can affect either your inner system or your skin. Some people might favor the taste of coffee and argue to uphold the advantages of coffee drinks while avoiding the disadvantages. And some else might too focus on the side effects and forget that coffee is also an organic and natural exfoliating skincare ingredient that could help to brighten your skin, at least.  

We all know that coffee contains caffeine, and caffeine is known as a psychoactive substance that stimulates our central nervous system and brain. Adding to that, caffeine also generates dehydration in our body and skin, and it becomes drier without serving enough water to hydrate or balance with the caffeine we had. On the other hand, according to dermatologists, coffee is good for your skin and does not cause any reaction or acne at all.

As said, coffee is an interesting debatable topic to discuss, so here we are going to touch a little bit on the pros and cons of coffee with a couple of questions.


Is coffee good or safe?

Most people tend to rely on coffee in their early morning to freshen up their head, especially when they are tired and sleepy, they would say drinking coffee can help them to stay awake and work more productive and the taste of coffee is nothing less but the sweetness of their supporting system. Moreover, according to Gary Goldenberg, a cosmetic Dermatologist, drinking coffee moderately can be beneficial to your skin because  of the antioxidant that is known as a substance that helps to prevent and damage the cells of the organism. Researchers do not have any clear certainty that drinking coffee would lead to health benefits but experts might have some comment on that.

Even though with all of those mornings awakening or boosting your productivity, please do keep in mind that coffee contains caffeine in which it can stir up your nervous and brain system and destroy your immune system. Drinking coffee is like an addiction, you may say it is not an addiction, also probably cannot go a day without sipping your favorite coffee. This is a real deal here Because the study has found a few noticeable points that drinking too much coffee can cause you long-term difficulty.

First, it can slowly destroy your liver when you absorb too much caffeine or drinking coffee, drinking moderately is fine but if you drink too much it will cramp up your liver’s function. And it is not only troubling your liver but your kidney, stomach can also be the target as well, so better keep it less and balance it more with water.

Second, it can affect your blood pressure by stimulating the heart and cause facile breathing. Little do we know that coffee is like a mighty sword that can kill us slowly by interrupting our heart, brain and blood system.

Third, the cause of insomnia, people say coffee helps them to stay awake but they do not realize the real deal here is that coffee causes insomnia that keeps them awake late at night in which the cycle that will repeat every day and it slowly affects your health. Insomnia is not a joke, it might lead to sleep paralyze, brain weakening, and other health problems.

Can coffee cause acne?

Some people still argue that cutting off coffee does not necessarily make your skin any better or clearer, or simply say drinking coffee does not cause acne. Drinking moderately can help to energize your cells and skins, logically in a dermatologic definition with antioxidants as their supporting proof. Though, drinking on an empty stomach can indirectly cause skin problems.

1. Coffee On An Empty Stomach 

Scientifically proved that an empty stomach contains a very high level of acid in the early and if you wish to fill your stomach with coffee, I do not think that is a good idea. Having coffee with your empty stomach is a very important step in the morning, so coffee is not a good choice because when adding coffee on your empty stomach is like adding a problem, the acid level will rise, your stomach will find it hard to digest foods and it could also lead to gastric ulcers in your stomach and this is how your internal organ will be affected that associated to your skin cells. Besides the rising level of acid, it also causes the level of anxiety, stresses, weakening your brain and dehydrating your body.

2. Overconsumption Could Elevate The Stress Level And Dehydration

It has always been a problem that acne might pop up because of stress, tiredness, and sleepless nights, but the other thing that no one ever notices is that acne might also be caused by overconsumption of coffee. Even coffee contains antioxidants that help in boosting the immunity of your cells, but the overload of caffeine consumed can conjugate stress and dehydration which catalyzes the acne to pop out.

Moreover. Some people believe that coffee can help them to go through a stressful situation but little do they know that caffeine can possibly elevate the stress, and even worse if you are already struggling with acne. Besides coffee, overconsumption of milk and sugar can also irritate your skin to produce acne because milk and sugar could counterfeit the hormones. Sugar Though, keep in mind that coffee will not directly cause acne, but scientifically proved it does have an effect on your immune system and skin. In the long-run, your organs will also be affected by the overconsumption of coffee, milk, and sugar.

 Is coffee a good skincare product to be applied?

After having some awareness on how moderately consumed coffee can be beneficial for your skin, so what about when you apply it on your skin topically? How does it help your skin? Will it be any irritation or cause any skin allergy? We often heard about body/face scrub that is made from coffee or even body cream, but how effective is it for your skin? For that, caffeine may play its role in defining anti-inflammatory and antioxidant substances. According to Goldenberg, coffee as a topical product can be helpful in hydrating your skin by reducing the cellulite fats on your skin, yet it only cures temporarily.

Coffee is known as a product that helps in reducing wrinkles, fine-lining, acne treatment, anti-aging and vitaminizes your skin, and prevents skin cancer as well. So, if you wish to always keep your skin in balance, keep using the coffee-based products that u most preferred more often, and DO NOT expect a miracle to happen if you only use it once and/or rely on it and neglect the importance of hydration which is the most important factor in boosting your skin cells out of skincare products.

Although coffee scrub seems to be fine on the body or face, yes it may help, but it only works for a short period of time and you better stop using it if you find any irritation after you applied it. So, sum it up, coffee scrub does not at all ill-treat your skin.    

Lastly, I believe that we all are aware of how effective caffeine is and how strong the side effects are, so by not taking any further discussion drinking coffee is still as far as good if you just want to lighten up your morning breeze and tighten up your productivity. A little bit of coffee drink and keeping your day going with liters of water, I believe your liver would not mind the consumption. While doing so, it not only helps your liver but also your cells organisms, and your skins, a plus, the antioxidant that plays a side role in it. In a counterfeit to the side effect, overload consumption of coffee will not cure anything, in contrast only damaging your liver and increasing your stress level that will associate with your skin cell and also dehydrate your skin which is when the acne starts to take part. So, if you are able to figure out how to balance your consumed caffeine, you are all good to go because moderately will not cause a big scene while knowing how to hydrate yourself so.