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Best Instant Coffees Preferred By Almost Half of The World


Not everyone has enough free time to go for a cup of coffee at a cafe before they leave for work. Sometimes you just want to stay at home and enjoy the finest smell of coffee at your house without having to grab it at a coffee shop or even brew it yourself. Or perhaps you just want to become your own barista and do a quick coffee brewing by using a french press coffee maker or a programmable coffee machine? Yes, we understand. This is completely normal for every coffee lover. But, you know what? This is actually not a struggle nor a problem. The best instant coffees preferred by almost half of the world in 2024 are here to serve you and substitute the coffee that you always drink! 

I. Intro to instant coffee

Well well well, instant coffee? Isn’t that the type of coffee powder that comes in a jar or in a packet? If you’re having this thought, that means you are now in the right place. Hmm… should I trust instant coffees?

If you are someone who has tried literally almost every type of coffee, then you must know how this coffee tastes like, right? However, if you are a newbie to coffee, why not give this coffee a sip before asking whether you should trust it or not? 

If we are talking about coffee, we must put taste, or flavor at the center of discussion. Of course, instant coffees definitely will not bring you the same flavor or taste like any other form of brew. That is the part where you need to watch out – the quality of coffees. I mean this coffee will either make you feel like you’re in heaven when drinking it OR make you feel like you want to un-drink it. There is absolutely no in-between. 

Therefore, you might want to ask “should I try or not?”. We won’t say it is a MUST, but trying the good instant coffees won’t hurt, right? Maybe it will even change your taste in coffee, maybe … 

When did it all start?

No one seems to care about the history of instant coffee and how it was able to come to life. Hence, since we are already here, let’s spend a good one minute or two to learn about the existence of this coffee. 

II. when did it all start

In 1881, Alphonse Allais, France, invented and patented instant coffee under patent number 141520. In 1890, David Strang of Invercargill, New Zealand, sold patent number 3518 under the trade name Strang’s Coffee, claiming the patented method of “Dry Hot-Air”. 

Shortly after the coffee powdered substance was introduced in Buffalo, New York,  George Constant Louis Washington, shortly thereafter, invented his own coffee method and first sold it commercially in 1910. In 1938, the Nescafé brand, which introduced a more sophisticated method of grinding coffee, was launched. Since then, Nescafe has become the most popular instant coffee. It enhanced the taste by co-drying coffee extract along with an appropriate amount of soluble carbohydrate.

Nowadays, you can find all brands of instant coffees at every grocery store and market you come across. If you want it to be in hurry, think of instant coffees! Then, what is Instant Coffee?

Let’s keep it simple, clear, and easy to understand. Instant coffee, in other words, soluble coffee, coffee powder, and coffee crystals, is a beverage made from brewed coffee beans, which helps people to easily make hot coffee by just adding hot water or milk to the powder and stirring. 

III. What is instant coffee

Instant coffee is mostly known as weak or fake coffee as it does not provide the same flavors as regular coffee. In fact, this coffee is made from coffee beans that are grounded, roasted, and brewed. But then, the water is removed from the brewed coffee, while dehydrated crystals still remain. And when you add the water to the crystals, it will change back to coffee again. 

There are 2 main processes used in the production of instant coffee. One of them is called “Spray-drying”, which is a process wherein the liquid coffee concentrate is sprayed onto hot air, roughly 480 degrees Fahrenheit, as a fine mist. It will have dried into tiny crystals before the coffee reaches the ground when the water will have evaporated.

The second method is called “Freeze-drying”. The freeze-drying coffee method shows the coffee extract chilled to a temperature of about 20oF. Then the frozen coffee is put on the belts and allowed to further cool down until a temperature of about -40o is reached.

The coffee is turned into ice by the machine, which is then split into smaller pieces and dried to evaporate any amount of moisture. This causes it to form frozen coffee slabs that are then broken down into granules, leaving behind coffee granules. 

Final Result

If you look back at how ordinary coffee is brewed, you will definitely notice the difference that it has with how instant coffee is made. The aromatics of the coffee beans used in the process of making instant coffee are easily damaged and prone to fragility. This alone proves the complaints that people always throw at this coffee saying it tastes bitter and an almost sour taste that does not go well with their mouth. 

However, there are actually ways for you to customize, adjust or we can say “fix” the taste of the coffee in order to match your taste. Besides this, with coffee powder, you can make use of it by adding it to a cappuccino cookie or a mocha frosting. 

OK, let’s now shift our attention to the real thing we are going to talk about today. We will become a tour guide and lead you into the paradise of the best-rated coffees in the world you will never find elsewhere!


List of Best Instant Coffees Preferred By Almost Half of The World in 2024

You might think that all coffees taste the same, and you’ll never put them in your trolley. But, today, we are here with the 15 best-flavored instant coffees that will blow your mind and perhaps change your thoughts about this coffee. Who knows? Maybe one or two of these will make you click on the link and buy them! 

Waka Coffee - Quality Instant Coffee

15. Waka Coffee - Quality Instant Coffee

  • 100% high-quality Arabica beans from India
  • Freeze dried instant coffee
  • Makes hot and cold coffee & for baking
  • Roast level: Light roast
  • Fast to make and save you well
  View Price on Amazon

Have you ever heard of one of the best instant coffee brands called Waka Coffee? This fancy coffee is made of 100% Arabica beans from India. The good thing about Arabica beans is that it gives a more complex and richer flavor. This is surely one of the high-quality instant coffees due to its one-of-a-kind flavor of coffee beans grown in India. Aside from this, Waka coffee used freeze-drying technology, which makes this coffee very delicious and aromatic. 

On top of that, Waka coffee does not require any machines to make you a perfect cup of coffee. There’s no need to spend 20 minutes brewing coffee- you just have to add water, then you can enjoy a perfect cup of joe. More importantly, with Waka coffee, you can use it to make iced or hot coffee, or you can even add it to your cake. Besides that, this best-flavored coffee easily dissolves into the water without any appearance of waste or cleanup. In addition, it is also ideal for making whipped coffee like Dalgona coffee as well. With low acidity, pleasant finish with hazelnut and chocolate, Waka coffee is absolutely one of the best-rated instant coffees in today’s market. 

What we like 

  • Delicious flavor 
  • Dissolves quickly  
  • Light roast 
  • Easy to make
  • Very smooth as it does not wrench your stomach 
  • Clean instant crystals 
  • Easy to carry when traveling 
  • Contains a good amount of caffeine and a nice caramel smell

What we don’t like 

  • Very high-priced for the quality 
  • Flavorless if used too much coffee 
  • Not very strong 
República Organic Decaf Instant Coffee

14. República Organic Decaf Instant Coffee

  • Recycled materials signature glass jar
  • Certified organic & fair trade
  • Delicious & smooth with 100g size
  • Roast: Medium Roast
  • Flavour Notes: Full Flavor Decaf
  View Price on Amazon

If you’re looking for an organic and fairtrade decaf instant coffee that provides exceptional flavor and quality, República is the best decaf instant coffee for you. The coffee from República is guaranteed to be 100% organic. The company uses naturally-grown coffee and cocoa beans with no pesticides. Furthermore, this is definitely one of the most delicious and smoothest coffee you’ll ever drink. You will enjoy every velvety sip of this South American instant coffee thanks to its smooth caramel and medium-roasted flavor. Apart from that, República coffee also comes with an environmentally friendly jar made from recycled materials. Therefore, the freshness and aroma of this coffee will remain good for a long period of time. 

In addition, República instant decaf coffee is 100% chemical-free. Not only that, but it is also certified fair trade and completely organic. More importantly, the coffee crystals were freeze-dried, which is the best coffee drying technology. Just simply add 1-2 teaspoons of República coffee to your cup, and pour hot water in it. Plus, you can customize the taste of the coffee to your preference as well. 

What we like 

  • Make good hot coffee
  • 100% organic coffee beans 
  • High quality with good flavor and aroma 
  • Easy to prepare 
  • Environmentally-friendly jar 
  • Sustainably sourced 
  • Smooth taste 
  • Melts into the water leaving no lumps 
  • Taste like fresh coffee with no chemical 

What we don’t like 

  • Taste starts to change once it cools down 
  • Bitter and sour taste  
  • Too acidic for some coffee drinkers 
Trung Nguyen - G7 3-in-1 Vietnamese Instant Coffee

13. Trung Nguyen - G7 3-in-1 Vietnamese Instant Coffee

  • Instant 3 in 1 (coffee powder, nondairy creamer, and sugar )
  • Flavorful & aromatic
  • Quick & easy to brew
  • Perfect for home use and traveling
  • Weight: 1.73 Kg
  View Price on Amazon

If you come and live in Asia and feel like there are no trusted instant coffees, well, let us prove you wrong. Trung Nguyen G7 instant coffee is the most popular coffee in Vietnam and in other countries in Asia. This is the right coffee you’re searching for especially when you need to satisfy your sweet tooth. Moreover, this is 3-in-1 coffee, meaning that it is packaged in sachets. Also, each coffee pack contains a perfect blend of coffee powder, sugar, and non-dairy creamer. With this combination, you will get to enjoy a cup of coffee filled with delicious flavor and sweet aroma. 

Aside from that, this coffee powder is neither made by freeze-drying nor spray-drying. It is made using coffee beans from Brazil, Jamaica, Ethiopia, and Vietnam. Hence, Trung Nguyen coffee provides you a very fragrant and smooth cup of coffee that you’ll always love drinking. And needless to say, this is one of the strongest instant coffees that can be made effortlessly and easily. You can just mix 75ml of hot water with the coffee powder in just seconds. See how convenient and quick it is? 

What we like 

  • Quick and easy to make 
  • Flavorful and aromatic 
  • Nice flavor 
  • Instant 3-in-1 blend 
  • Cheap coffee with good quality 

What we don’t like 

  • The coffee does not taste authentic anymore. 
  • The flavor is weak.
Anthony’s Organic Instant Coffee

12. Anthony’s Organic Instant Coffee

  • Made with organic high aroma Arabica Beans
  • Non-GMO, gluten-free
  • Excellent aroma and rich taste
  • Micro ground and easily dissolve when added to water
  • Product of Latin America, packed in California
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Now, let’s take a quick look at another organic coffee from the brand Anthony’s Goods. This is an instant micro-ground coffee, thus it easily and quickly dissolves into the water without residue. Furthermore, it is purely made from organic Arabica beans that offer plant-based energy. 

More significantly, it is tested to be gluten-free and provides antioxidants that are capable of fighting inflammation. As mentioned above, this organic coffee is made from natural Arabica beans, giving you the rich and bold flavor that’ll surely impress you. Last but not least, to boost your energy with this best flavored coffee, 1-2 teaspoons of coffee with hot water added to your cup is all you need. Don’t forget to stir it well and adjust the taste by yourself! 

What we like 

  • Organic and gluten-free 
  • Rich and bold flavor with delicious taste and strong aroma  
  • Easily dissolve when added with water 
  • Made from 100% Arabica beans 
  • No mold or contaminants 
  • Great taste and low acid

What we don’t like 

  • The coffee has a burnt taste. 
  • Lack of aroma and taste 
  • Too bitter 
Nescafe Taster’s Choice House Blend Instant Coffee

11. Nescafe Taster’s Choice House Blend Instant Coffee

  • Medium light roast
  • Smooth, balance & full of favour
  • Makes up to 105 cups
  • Glass jar locks in freshness and aroma
  • Ease of making process
  View Price on Amazon

With the world’s most famous coffee brand, nothing will go wrong, especially when you have a tiring day. Nescafe is a simple go-to option when you’re looking for an instant coffee that saves you time and provides you with great taste. On top of that, it comes in a glass jar, which is far easier than instant coffee packets. With a jar, you can scoop out the coffee powder as per your needs and preference. More than that, this coffee glass jar will maintain the freshness and aroma of your coffee, unlike the packets. 

Besides, this Nescafe coffee has a mild roasted flavor. On top of that, once you try it, you will feel that this coffee has one of the most refined, smoothest, and well-balanced flavors. Additionally, Nescafe instant coffee provides only the pure and 100 top coffee that is produced with premium Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. To savor a fresh cup of coffee instantly at any time of the day, simply add 1-2 scoops to your cup, followed by hot water, stir well and enjoy your cup of joe. 

What we like 

  • Highest-quality coffee beans
  • Well-balanced, and rich in flavor and taste 
  • The glass jar maintains the freshness of the coffee 
  • Made from 100% real coffee beans 
  • Easily dissolves in the water 
  • Easy and convenient to customize the taste 

What we don’t like 

  • Weird chemical taste and smell 
  • Has a bland taste  
  • Not really flavorful 
Four Sigmatic Mushroom Organic Instant Coffee

10. Four Sigmatic Mushroom Organic Instant Coffee

  • Mushroom coffee mix with organic instant coffe
  • Support memory, concentration & creative focus
  • Antioxidant properties in chaga mushroom helps to support immune function
  • Perfect for all diets
  • No shroomy taste
  View Price on Amazon

Mushroom? Seriously? Yes! This a brand new type of instant coffee that some of you might or might not have seen before. It is made of 3 significant healthy ingredients such as organic Lion’s mane, organic coffee, and Chaga mushroom powder. Now, let us tell you the benefits of drinking this awesome coffee. First of all, the ingredients we mentioned above help you focus and concentrate better. This means that you do not have to force yourself to consume too much caffeine.

Moreover, organic Lion’s mane also boosts your productivity as well. Furthermore, Chaga, also known as the king of mushrooms, contains a large number of antioxidants. Therefore, Chaga acts as a big support for your immune system. Other than these, the beans used in this coffee are 100% organic Arabica coffee, which is grown in Columbia. It is also worth noting that these organic coffee beans are thoughtfully roasted and brewed, which is then gone through by the evaporation process. 

Don’t you worry about the taste of this coffee? It will taste like pure coffee, not like mushrooms at all! In addition, there are 10 coffee packets per box, so you won’t have to run out of it too quickly. Not only can you mix the coffee powder with water, but you can also mix it in coconut oil or even non-dairy milk. Another tip is you can also drink it with a smoothie. On top of that, this coffee is the perfect go-to drink for all vegans and gluten-free people. Kickstart your morning today with Four Sigmatic for your well-being, good memory, and stress relief! 

What we like 

  • Organic ingredients (Lion’s mane, Chaga mushroom, pure Arabica coffee beans)
  • Provides a lot of health benefits for the immune system and brain 
  • Best served in the morning or early afternoon
  • Can mix with coconut oil, raw dairy, almond cream… 
  • Suitable for all diets 
  • No fillers, carriers, or artificial flavors 

What we don’t like 

  • Nasty and bitter taste 
  • Weak flavor 
  • Pricey 
Jacobs Kronung Instant Coffee

9. Jacobs Kronung Instant Coffee

  • 200-gram sturdy glass jar
  • Made of 100% ground coffee
  • A flavorful and rich blend
  • Less expensive
  • Comes in a glass container (7.05 Ounces)
  View Price on Amazon

This fancy coffee comes in a 200-gram sturdy glass jar, which travels directly from Germany. Using freeze-drying technology, it is made of 100% ground coffee, offering you the flavorful and rich blend you’ve always wanted. Even though Jacobs Kronung gives you a mild and smooth flavor, the taste is actually not too acidic for your liking. 

For those who are looking for a coffee to beat your afternoon sleepiness and tiredness, this is one of the best instant coffees you should keep for yourself. Not only is it good-quality and tasty, but also less expensive compared to others. Lastly, if you’re a multi-cup drinker, worry no more because this coffee comes in a glass container that holds 7 oz. of the whole coffee. 

What we like 

  • A perfect coffee for every time 
  • Taste good and not bitter 
  • Doesn’t take long to make 
  • Fast shipment and well-packaged 
  • Rich in flavor 
  • Smooth flavor and a mild taste 
  • Not too acidic  

What we don’t like 

  • Most customers receive only 2 jars, not 6 jars as advertised.
  • Expires too soon 
Community Coffee Signature Dark Roast Instant Coffee

8. Community Coffee Signature Dark Roast Instant Coffee

  • An original dark roast blend roasted
  • Enjoy rich, smooth flavour with a deep chocolate profile
  • Gives back to our partners & local communities in every way we can
  • Take it on the go or use when you're in a hurry
  • Quality assured
  View Price on Amazon

To those who are dark-roasted coffee lovers, Community Coffee is here to present you with their best signature instant coffee. This good-quality coffee comes with a rich flavor and bold blend, which is roasted to achieve a very dark and deep perfection. Also, it offers you a deep and dark chocolate profile along the way. Having served for over 100 years, Community Coffee always follows the same coffee recipe as the original dark roast coffee. 

Community Coffee uses responsibly sourced coffee beans to produce this amazingly delicious dark roast blend. Just like the name states, you can make this coffee very easily and quickly, and you can add extra cream, milk, or sugar as per your need. It is undeniably the best coffee especially when you’re in a hurry! 

What we like 

  • Rich flavor and bold blend 
  • Delicious coffee 
  • Easy and quick to make 
  • Has a dark chocolate profile 
  • Follow the recipes of the original coffee 
  • Tastes like freshly brewed coffee

What we don’t like 

  • Some customers find the flavor too weak. 
Folgers Classic Roast Instant Coffee

7. Folgers Classic Roast Instant Coffee

  • Easy-open flip-top jars
  • 100% pure Folgers medium roast coffee
  • Ready in seconds
  • Beans are chosen for the optimal flavour & double-dried for a deeper taste
  • Weight: 12 Ounces
  View Price on Amazon

Don’t worry if you think that coffee that comes in jars is hard to open. This instant medium roasted coffee has an easy-open flip-top jar that makes it convenient for you to open and close the jar. However, the most important thing about this coffee is not about its jar. It is actually about the taste and the flavor. These classic roast instant coffee crystals are one of the most popular coffee crystals in the world. Furthermore, it is easy to make in just seconds, and it is also easily dissolved in water and milk. With this best-flavored coffee, you don’t need a coffee maker or a coffee brewer. 

On top of that, you can mix these good coffee crystals with just hot water or even milk, and the taste will not change (or maybe taste even better). Not only can you drink it hot, but there are also other recipes that you can mix with this coffee. Creamy iced coffee, cinnamon fudge, and sauce can also be used with this coffee to make them even tastier. 

What we like 

  • The coffee jar makes up to 45 cups, 6 oz. 
  • Tasty coffee 
  • Dissolves smoothly to water and milk 
  • Comes in a flip-top jar that is easy to open & close 
  • Can be mixed with other recipes 
  • Easy to store, plastic & lightweight 

What we don’t like 

  • Some customers don’t receive 12 oz. containers of coffee as advertised. 
Cafe Tastle Gold Instant Coffee

6. Cafe Tastle Gold Instant Coffee

  • Freeze-dried
  • Higher quality & efficiently dissolves
  • Makes 270 cups
  • BPA-free reusable plastic container
  View Price on Amazon

Here come another freeze-dried instant coffees from the brand Cafe Tastle. One good thing about this coffee is that it comes in a BPA-free lightweight plastic jar, which is not a concern even when you accidentally drop the jar. Moreover, it provides a very refined and high-quality blend that dissolves in the water much more smoothly and efficiently. Furthermore, you can consume this coffee for a very long time since it makes up to 270 cups.

Every sip of this flavorful coffee will make you feel like you’re drinking freshly brewed coffee. But, with Cafe Tastle coffee, no coffee machine is needed to serve you a perfect cup of joe. On top of that, this company used 100% Arabica coffee beans to make this coffee come to life. Therefore, you’ll never stop feeling satisfied with this coffee. You will only crave for more!

What we like 

  • The coffee jar makes up to 270 cups. 
  • Dissolves smoothly to water 
  • Comes in a BPA-free plastic jar 
  • Made of 100% Arabica coffee beans 
  • Has a raw and organic flavor 
  • A rich and bold blend 
  • Easy to make 
  • The good quality and amount of this coffee make it deserving of its price.

What we don’t like 

  • Chunky coffee powder 
  • Sour and metallic taste 
Cafe Bustelo Espresso Instant Coffee

5. Cafe Bustelo Espresso Instant Coffee

  • Famous Café Bustelo tastes
  • Dark roast instant coffee blend
  • Enjoy rich body, bold yet nuanced flavour
  • Easy-to-use single-serve packets
  • Rich Latin heritage
  View Price on Amazon

We have now reached the 5th best instant coffee in 2024, and this one is from the brand Cafe Bustelo! Cafe Bustelo offers every coffee lover a delicious espresso instant coffee. It contains 12 boxes of 6 dark roast packets, which is a total of 72 packets. Furthermore, this espresso-style coffee comes with a full-bodied, bold, and refined flavor. 

You can enjoy this flavorful coffee anytime and anywhere you want. Just mix the coffee powder with hot water or milk, and then stir it well until it dissolves completely. There you are, with your favorite cup of joe to save your day! More than that, you can also add cream or sugar to customize the taste to match your preference. With a consistent and rich flavor and easy-to-use packets, Cafe Bustelo espresso will always be your number one go-to coffee! 

What we like 

  • 12 boxes of 6 coffee packets 
  • A rich and bold blend 
  • Easy to make 
  • Espresso-style coffee
  • Dissolves in the water without residue left on the side of the cup 
  • Convenient and affordable 

What we don’t like 

  • Hardly smells or tastes like real coffee 
  • Smell like mold and mildew 
Starbucks VIA Medium Roast Instant Coffee

4. Starbucks VIA Medium Roast Instant Coffee

  • High-quality arabica coffee beans
  • Smooth, refreshing and tastefully sweet iced-coffee blend
  • Create great-tasting beverages
  • Ready-to-brew packets
  • Size: 0.95 Ounce
  View Price on Amazon

We just realized that we have yet to mention any instant coffees from the world’s most well-known coffee brand, Starbucks. So, now here we are, with one of the best-rated Starbucks instants coffee! This is another high-quality and delicious medium roast coffee we’ve got on this list. First off, this Starbucks VIA instant coffee is purely made from premium-quality Arabica coffee beans. Whether you want it hot or cold, this coffee from Starbucks will not fail to give you various coffee flavors and blends you’ll never experience with other instant coffees.

No need to go to a Starbucks cafe and spend $3-$4 on a cup of coffee anymore! With this coffee, you will get a cup of coffee very instantly. You can make it and drink it anytime – be it in the morning, in the exhausting afternoon, or at the end of a long tiring day. Apart from this, when purchasing this coffee, you will get 6 boxes that contain a total of 36 ready-to-brew coffee packets. Also, do remember that this Starbucks medium roast coffee makes the best sweetened iced coffee that will refresh your mind and boost your energy! 

What we like 

  • 6 boxes of 36 coffee sticks/packets 
  • Nice taste 
  • 100% made of Arabica beans 
  • Less than 1 minute to make 
  • Smooth & refreshing sweet iced coffee 
  • You can mix it with other recipes such as Dalgona coffee, Caramel frozen coffee, Butterscotch coffee…
  • Offers a star rewards code inside the boxes 
  • Travel-friendly 

What we don’t like 

  • Has a bad aftertaste  
  • Some customers did not receive the correct amount of coffee packets as advertised. 
VitaCup Slim Instant Coffee for Skinny Diet & Metabolism

3. VitaCup Slim Instant Coffee for Skinny Diet & Metabolism

  • Boost metabolism and decrease bloating
  • Keep you feeling fuller for longer
  • A daily dose of superfoods
  • Leading diet coffee
  • Brew & keep fit
  View Price on Amazon

The coffee you’re reading right now is a bit different from the previous instant coffees. This is the best coffee for those who are looking for a drink to help with their diet and metabolism. This coffee from VitaCup is infused with an exotic fruit extract called Garcinia Cambogia. More importantly, this is the ingredient that will keep you on a healthy dietary plan since it will keep you feeling fuller for longer. On top of that, this amazing ingredient is truly a natural fiber, therefore, it will help you in terms of healthy digestion. More significantly, drinking a cup of this gourmet coffee is just like consuming daily vitamins including Vitamin B1, B5, B6, B9, and B12, which are all the best nutrients for your body. 

In addition, this high-quality medium roast coffee is 100% made with the popular Arabica coffee beans, which are rich in taste and flavor. Plus, the beans are carefully sourced in Brazil and Columbia, and roasted and sealed in the US. All in all, this slim blend coffee will provide you both the delicious taste and the health benefits you’ve been searching for. In less than 1 minute with no brewing needed, just add hot or cold water with the coffee powder, you’ll be able to enjoy this coffee anytime! 

What we like 

  • Perfect for diets, fitness, and boosting metabolism 
  • Made from Arabica coffee beans
  • It only takes a minute to prepare.
  • Can be made as hot or cold coffee  
  • Promote healthy digestion 
  • Help your body to feel fuller for a longer time 
  • Rich in flavor and great taste 
  • Contains nutritional vitamins 

What we don’t like 

  • A little too weak 
  • Expensive 
  • Flavorless, not for strong coffee drinkers 
Starbucks VIA Dark Roast Instant Coffee - Italian Roast

2. Starbucks VIA Dark Roast Instant Coffee - Italian Roast

  • Roast and sweet with a rich, deep flavour and notes of caramelized sugar
  • High-quality arabica coffee beans
  • Crafted to generate sweetness and intensity.
  • Includes one box of 50 packets
  • Size: 10.08 Ounces
  View Price on Amazon

Here we are with our best-rated Starbucks instant coffee once again. But, this one is an Italian dark roast Starbucks instant coffee, purely made from good-quality Arabica coffee beans. Moreover, the dark roast in this coffee offers intensity and sweetness to kickstart your day in the morning and after a long tiring day. Plus, it provides a rich and deep flavor as well as notes of sugar for those with a sweet tooth. 

With a box full of 50 instant packets, this Starbucks instant coffee will absolutely serve as a great-tasting beverage for you to enjoy anytime and anywhere. No coffee grinder or coffee machine is needed. Just tear open the packet of this Starbucks VIA, and pour hot water into your cup. After that, stir it well for 10 seconds until it dissolves completely in the water. Additionally, you put several ice cubes to make a cup of delicious Starbucks instant iced coffee at your home as well! 

What we like 

  • 1 box contains 50 coffee packets 
  • Made with pure Arabica coffee beans   
  • Only up to 10 seconds are spent preparing this coffee. 
  • Dalgona coffee, Caramel frozen coffee, Butterscotch coffee… are other recipes that can be mixed with this coffee. 
  • Provides sweet notes of caramelized sugar 

What we don’t like 

  • Too close to the expiration date 
  • Packets count does not match picture and product description 
  • Not really travel-friendly 
Hills Bros Cappuccino Instant Coffee Mix

1. Hills Bros Cappuccino Instant Coffee Mix

  • Instant Cappuccino with this trusted brand
  • Frothy & decadent, with only a hint of sweetness
  • Rich, creamy coffeehouse flavour
  • Versatile
  • Size: 14 Ounces
  View Price on Amazon

We bet you are curious as to why the coffee from the brand Hills Bros snatches the number one spot in this whole article! If you are in the mood for a decadent and tasty drink but are too lazy to go out and wait in long queues at the coffee shops, this instant cappuccino coffee from Hills Bros might be the one for you. Also, you will be able to make up to 15 cups for the whole coffee can. 

Furthermore, this classic cappuccino-flavored coffee is decadent and frothy, containing only a bit of sweetness. On top of that, it has a rich and creamy taste, which is another reason to drink this great coffee. All you need to do is just mix the coffee powder with hot water, stir it fully, and enjoy it while resting on your couch comfortably. Other recipes which you might be interested in trying with this coffee include topping whipped cream, and caramel when making an iced caramel cappuccino. Besides that, you can blend it with vanilla to make it a vanilla frappe. Lastly, you can also blend it with hot chocolate with ground cinnamon on top. 

What we like 

  • Can make up to 15 cups
  • Has a very delicious flavor 
  • Comes in a compact can; easy to store  
  • Does not take long to make 
  • Can be used in other recipes as well
  • Cappuccino -flavored 
  • Rich and great flavor 

What we don’t like 

  • Has a thick consistency 
  • Very little coffee flavor 
  • Does not dissolve very well in boiling water 

Instant Coffee vs. Regular Coffee

Well, making a choice to select between instant coffee and regular coffee is still hard for some coffee lovers, especially when there are a lot of myths and rumors saying how instant coffee is not as good as the brewed coffee. For the record, instant coffee is also another type of coffee. It’s just that there are actually some fundamental differences between instant coffee and regular coffee. Those differences include types of coffee beans, different brewing methods, and differences in flavor, cost, and time as well. 

Time and simplicity

Unquestionably, one of the biggest differences between instant coffee and regular coffee is the time to prepare the coffee and its simplicity. Instant coffee takes less time to make than regular coffee. You just measure the right amount of crystals or granules on a teaspoon, add hot or warm water, and you’ll have a cup of joe in your hand in less than 1 minute. This is exceptionally helpful and time-saving when you’re in a rush to work or study. 

On the other hand, you cannot do the same with regular coffee. Even when you have ready ground coffee, the operation of preparing coffee will at least take a few minutes (without cleaning the coffee tools).  

IIII. Instant vs. regular coffee

On top of that, there are no complications or hassles at all when making an instant coffee. It is speedy and very easy to make- anyone can make it. Whereas for regular coffee, you need to use the right coffee equipment because you will receive different coffee experiences, and different equipment also requires different grinds. 


Taste or flavor is another thing that both instant coffee and ground coffee do not have in common. While regular coffee is fresh-brewed coffee that does not remove essential oils and much caffeine, it gives you a bolder, stronger, and more flavorful variety compared to instant coffee.

Health benefits 

The differences in flavor aside, the antioxidant amount in both types of coffee are almost the same. Even though some people tend to jump to a false conclusion about instant coffee’s flavor, most instant coffees these days are stepping up their game by using higher-quality coffee beans to produce their coffee. In fact, there are certain companies that are using freeze-drying technology, organic ingredients, and natural Arabica beans that guarantee the taste and the health of every coffee drinker.


And of course, the cost is the last point to end this discussion between instant coffee and regular coffee. Cheap instant coffees are lower in price due to the fact that it does not require you to buy any equipment. All you need is a jar/ a can/ packets of coffee, a spoon, and a cup of hot water. This is completely different from regular brewed coffee that costs way much more.

The Ultimate Buying Guides To Best Instant Coffees- Important Tips To Look At 

Type of roast 

Despite appearing as an instant coffee powder using almost the same methods, that does not mean that the taste will be the same for all. Do not expect that to happen

  1. Light roast:

This type of coffee roast contains a hint of sourness and goes well when mixed with milk. Moreover, light roast coffee is great for soft raw materials, bringing you an aromatic coffee smell and a nice taste. 

  1. Medium roast:

This is another most preferred type of coffee roast, which is a dark granule with a fairly oily surface. Furthermore, medium roast coffee also features a sweet as well as sour aroma and flavor, making this type of coffee roast outstanding. It’s also worth remembering that medium roast is more muddy and saturated than light roast coffee.

  1. Dark roast:

Dark roast is a stronger type of coffee roast than the two mentioned above. This type of coffee roast has dark brown bits with few traces of oiliness. In addition, the dark roast has a milder sour taste compared to the three above. Moreover, it contains a brighter look and a more saturated taste due to the release of essential oils. 

  1. Highest roast:

This is the highest coffee roast level mostly preferred by most Europeans. This type of coffee roast has deeper brown grains that are very similar to black. Also, they are oilier along with a more bitter flavor. Last but not least, this highest roast coffee is very popular for its pure raw form, and most importantly, it blends very well with cream. 

Decaf vs. non-decaf

This obviously has everything to do with the caffeine levels. While decaf coffee has gone through a process of removing a vast amount of caffeine, some people would choose non-decaf instant coffee for its richer coffee taste and aroma. However, decaf coffee is a good choice for pregnant women and others with health-related issues. While non-decaf coffee is better for people on a diet or those who cannot drink regular coffee for some reasons. 

Flavors and additives 

Oftentimes, certain instant coffees feature additives that help the quick-brewing method just like single serve steeped coffees. Since there are some particular flavors that you might or might not like, you should always check the details about the flavors before purchasing one. 


Too much acidity in coffee can lead to possible health problems. Hence, the best coffee is one with the lowest level of acidity. In fact, the processing method, the coffee plantation’s height, and the level of roasting all contribute to the level of acidity. Thus, doing some research and reading customers’ past feedbacks about the product will help you find the best coffee with low acidity. 

Type of beans

The two most commonly used coffee beans in coffees are Robusta and Arabica. While Robusta is more widely used in making instant coffee, Arabica takes the lead when it comes to quality.  Nevertheless, it also depends on your personal preference. You’ll opt for Robusta if you want a hardy coffee bean and a bitter taste. However, you’ll go for Arabica if you’re into a slightly sweeter coffee flavor. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can You Make Instant Coffee With Cold Water?

In a short answer, yes you can make instant coffee with cold water. Although many people keep saying making coffee with hot water, you can do it with the cold one. However, it will take you a longer time to stir the instant iced coffee until it dissolves in water.

How do I make my instant coffee taste better? 

First off, put a scoop of coffee powder or crystals using a teaspoon, and put it in a cup or a mug. After that, add a tablespoon of cold water and stir it until it dissolves. Then, pour the freshly boiled water into the mug or the cup. You can also add milk or sugar as per your preferences or needs. This tip will significantly improve the coffee flavor and aroma. 

When is the best time to make coffee? 

We advise you to consume coffee or any other type of coffee at least six to eight hours before sleeping time. Therefore, you should limit your coffee consumption to mid-afternoon, probably around 4 p.m. This is to prevent severe insomnia to disrupt your sleeping time and avoid low-quality sleep as well. 

Final Words 

Above all, we have conducted thorough research in order to bring only the best coffees for everyone to try. Within this article, you have also gained useful information and other insights about instant coffee that you may have not heard or known before. Also, please always refer to the ultimate buying guide that contains some of the most crucial factors listed above when buying one.

V. Final words

Armed with this much information, are you still hesitant and doubtful about instant coffee? With these many advantages, are you ready to change the mindset you used to have about instant coffees? Purchase one of the best tasting instant coffees in our article today to experience the unlimited and delicious flavor of instant coffee! 

Now, let’s make the 3 classic iced coffee recipes by using one of the best instant coffees.