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What Exactly Is a Spanish Latte?

What Exactly Is a Spanish Latte

When you hear the word “Spanish latte”, you might think that this type of coffee is the type of latte you often buy in ordinary coffee shops. This drink seems to have originated in Spain, but it has become so popular that you can enjoy drinking it all over the world, especially in Latin America, Florida, and the Philippines. So what exactly is a Spanish latte? How is it different from other coffees? What makes them so special? Let’s find out in this article.

What Exactly Is a Spanish Latte? Introduction

In Spain, drinking coffee is a way of life. To start the day, Spaniards usually have a cup of coffee for breakfast first thing in the morning. The first cup of coffee is usually accompanied by hot milk; this type of coffee is called café con Leche.


Spanish Lattze

What is A Spanish Latte?

What is a Spanish Latte?

Spain Latte or Café con le che are coffee with espresso, milk, sweetened condensed milk. It can be hot or cold. As a result, it is very similar to Vietnamese coffee. This cup of joe is the combination of espresso and condensed milk. This adds a third of the milk to make a lighter along with the drink. The Spanish Latte is a very exquisite and simple coffee link. In addition, it is very popular that you can find multiple variations around the world.  

What Does Spanish Coffee Taste Like?

Because it’s a hot espresso with milk, it’s easy to think of the Spanish latte as another latte. You are so wrong, it is a combination of coffee and milk. Produces a very sweet and creamy latte shape; occasionally you can produce it in a 1: 1 ratio of espresso to sweet milk, usually sweetened with sugar, although this practice is not very popular and is not called Spanish latte.

Very suitable for breakfast drinks, this drink is stronger and more satisfying than a latte, and has a sweeter taste. There are not many subtle flavors in coffee, just the taste of coffee in general, so I recommend using darker roast coffee to give it a strong flavor. The mocha coffee-like taste is like hot chocolate with a hint of coffee, and the sweetness overwhelms the subtleties. 

What does this latte taste like?What does this latte taste like?

On the other hand, you can make a regular latte from foamed milk or steamed milk with a layer of foam on it. This is not the case with Spanish latte, it is a simple and beautiful drink with a thick and creamy texture. In addition, Spanish latte is hotter than other drinks, allowing you to appreciate its unique creamy taste and consistency.

Where Does The Spanish Latte Come From?

The Spanish Latte, also known as coffee with milk, is a white coffee from Spain. This delicate coffee needs a strong coffee and sperm in hot milk. Some versions include condensed milk, and drinks are popular in the districts of Cuba in Latin America, the Philippines, Florida, where they are out of breakfast. In Vietnam, you can see they serve Vietnamese coffee (or Ca Phe Sua da in his country of origin) with a short and transparent glass. Vietnam coffee contains condensed milk mixed with espresso. Frequently robust coffee. It was said that Vietnam was not a country of milk, so it was created and facilitated condensed milk.  

How Is Spanish Latte Different From Other Coffee?

How is Spanish latte different from other coffee?

The Spanish latte is different from other lattes in that you mix espresso (usually espresso) with piping hot milk. Other types of latte only use steamed milk or frothed milk. Spanish latte is usually sweetened with sugar to make it sweeter than a regular latte, but not as sweet as a latte with flavored syrup.

Water: The water used to make espresso is an element that many people overlook. To make a perfect Spanish latte, you need water that tastes good, so if your tap water has a special taste or high mineral content, please use filtered or bottled water.

Coffee: If you don’t have espresso, high-quality, fresh, dark roast coffee (like French roast coffee) is a good substitute. Make sure even the coffee beans you use are finely ground. To make the finest Spanish latte, you can consider to use the finest Spanish espresso.

Milk: For Spanish coffee, you can use any type of milk, even milk without dairy products. Spanish milk coffee lovers prefer whole milk, although 2% milk can also make delicious Spanish milk coffee. You can make your favourite latte coffee by using textured milk, which will foam before being poured on the coffee. But if you are a lactose-tolerant person, almond milk or oat milk will be your perfect choice.


How to make it:  To make a real Spanish latte, you need an espresso machine or, for a cheaper option, a stove-type espresso machine, sometimes called a Moka pot. Fill the lower chamber of the mocha pot with cold water and fill the upper chamber with ground coffee beans. Heat the mocha pot until the water reaches the upper chamber. When the air starts to come out of the coffee, it is time to remove it from the heat source.

If left too long, the coffee will burn. One-pot of mocha generally produces enough espresso to make a large Spanish latte or two small cups. After that, heat the milk. You can make it in a skillet on the stove or in a microwave-safe mug. Coffee makers with steam nozzles are also an easy way to heat milk. Make sure your milk doesn’t boil, but just burns. Use a frother to froth the milk and add texture to it.

How to mix them: When the coffee and milk are done, it’s time to combine them! Traditional Spanish latte is made with equal amounts of coffee and milk in a ratio of 1:1. If you want to sweeten the latte, please do so. If you want to add sugar, put it on the bottom of the cup first, then add the espresso, stir to mix, and then add the textured foamed milk on top.

How Much Caffeine Does The Spanish Latte Have?

Understand that a Spanish latte consists of one or two cups of espresso. Now you can simply determine the caffeine content of a Spanish latte. 

How much caffeine does the Spanish Latte have?

 So now it depends on how many espresso you add to your latte: 

  •  A Spanish latte with one espresso contains 63 mg of caffeine. 
  •  A cup of Spanish latte with two cups of espresso contains 126 mg of caffeine.

How Many Calories Does Spanish Latte Have?

How many calories does this latte have?

If you are concerned about your health, you must check the calories from the Spanish Latte before drinking it. 

Your Spanish Milk Café is determined by the number of people who use sugar and the amount of milk it uses. The traditional Spanish latte with additional sugar has approximately 140 calories throughout the milk. 

 The number of calories from your coffee is changed when you add condensed milk or sugar: 

  •  Condensed milk from a milk spoon (15 ml) adds 62 calories. 
  •  1 Sugar (13 grams) Sugar has 48 calories of coffee.  

The Easy Recipe To Make The Spanish Latte At Home

Spanish Latte could seem difficult to make. However, if you follow this recipe, I can guarantee you that you could make this latte in a blink of an eye.

Here Are The Simple Recipe For Hot

Here are the simple recipe for Hot Spanish Latte
  • An espresso maker/Moka pot Milk frother on the stove
  • 1 tbsp of high-quality espresso
  • 14 cup milk
  •  1-3 teaspoons sugar

Please keep in mind that this recipe is for a 3-cup espresso machine. If you’re using a 6-cup pot, double the recipe. A 3-cup espresso maker yields 6 ounces of espresso.


  1. Fill the espresso pop with water (please fill it directly below the valve). 
  2. Top Compartment is filled with a cup of espresso and put a filter in a pot. 
  3. Connect the upper and bottom partitions and place them in the heating element. Heat heat for approximately 10 minutes. Until the medium heat passes through the filter and fills the spot spot and fills the spot of espresso. 
  4. As soon as the upper pot is full, turn off the fire.  

How Do You Make A Good Iced Spanish Latte?

How Do You Make A Good Iced Spanish Latte?

I’m thinking of whether you can create an ice version of the delicious Spanish latte after you look at it.

  1.  To create an ice version, use the same component as the previous recipe, but the following is different. 
  2.  Pour coffee into the glass. Note: If you have a really cold glass, avoid pouring directly because you can crush it. Then stir the sugar (or condensed milk). 
  3. Then,only add milk to taste.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Do They Call It Spanish Latte?

A Spanish latte, also known as café con leche, is a coffee drink made with hot, generally scalded, milk. It is similar to lattes from other countries, such as Italy or France. Although it has Spanish roots, this drink is now enjoyed throughout Latin America, the Philippines, and even sections of Florida, because to its global appeal.

What is The Difference Between Spanish Latte and Latte?

There is a significant variation in the amount of milk and the kind of milk used to make a Spanish latte from a latte. Lattes are made with one component espresso and two components milk, whilst Spanish Lattes are made with one piece espresso and one piece milk in addition to the condensed milk comparable.

What Does a Spanish Latte Have?

A classic Spanish latte is made with a 1:1 mixture of strong coffee and hot milk. Typically, it is sweetened with  sweetened condensed milk or white sugar. If you’ve ever had a Cuban café con leche, you’ll recognize the Spanish latte.

Final Thoughts

Whether hot or cold, the Spanish latte is a very delicate and simple coffee drink, combining high-quality ingredients to produce a unique symphony of flavors. Also, it is so popular that many variations can be found all over the world. Coffee comes in various forms, civilizations, and continents. Over the years, many coffee-drinking techniques have involved adding milk. This drink combines hot milk and equal amounts of coffee to make a frothy, creamy drink that retains the flavor of the coffee we all love.


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