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How Come People Cannot Resist This New Trend Of Gold Coffee?

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How Come People Cannot Resist This New Trend Of Gold Coffee

Now a new coffee roast called Gold Coffee is on the market and is gaining quite a following of its own. Gold coffee made by the brand Golden Ratio which was just recently released on the market in the second half of 2020 is making a huge wave in the coffee world. 

The first thing that catches the eye is definitely the light-colored liquid that it produces which looks exactly like tea. In this article, we’ll learn more about all things you need to know about this intriguing new gold coffee trend and why you should get your hands on some to try some yourself. 

How Come People Cannot Resist This New Trend of Gold Coffee introd

Introduction to Gold Coffee

Gold coffee, is the liquid a golden color? Is it made from liquid gold? Is there gold in the actual coffee mix? So many questions run through our heads when we hear the name gold coffee. This is normal, and in truth, gold coffee doesn’t have anything to do with the precious metal gold. 

Introduction to Gold Coffee

The gold coffee made by Golden Ratio is super light coffee that looks exactly like tea when brewed. The package that the gold coffee comes in is also like tea, it comes in coffee bags that you can easily just pop into a cup of hot water. Golden Ratio’s gold coffee is made from beans specially chosen from Brazil, Ethiopia, and Nicaragua. The coffee is known to have the least acidic taste of all coffee roasts on the market. 

The Roast and the Caffeine Content 

Three of the most common coffee roasts are light, medium, and dark roasts. Even if you have a piece of knowledge on coffee roasts, you might know of other roasts like the medium-dark roast, the blonde roast, or the white coffee roast. 

But the gold roast isn’t commonly known and it just started getting well-known among coffee drinkers abroad. The founder of Golden Ratio created the gold coffee so it’s easier for consumers to find it online and have it delivered to their homes anytime. 

The gold roast is the lightest roast a coffee bean can get. Gold roast coffee beans are in between the blonde roast and coffee beans that aren’t roasted at all. It is specially roasted on super low heat and for a super long time. 

Usually, the lighter the roast, the more acidic the coffee will taste, and this is due to the coffee beans being roasted for shorter periods of time. However, since the gold roast is roasted for very long periods of time on low heat, the resulting coffee beans are less acidic than normal coffee. Golden ratio’s gold coffee is five times less acidic than most coffee on the market.

Moving on to the caffeine content of this mysterious new coffee roast. Not only is gold coffee less acidic than regular coffee, but it also contains a higher concentration of caffeine too. People usually associate the color of the coffee with caffeine content, the darker the color, the higher the content. But this is where people get a pleasant surprise, gold coffee whose color is a light tea-like color actually has a higher caffeine content than dark coffee.

In a normal cup of coffee, there will be approximately 90 milligrams of caffeine in it, however, in a cup of gold coffee, there are around 100 milligrams. This is a big 10 milligram difference. Drink a cup of gold coffee to get more caffeine and a less bitter coffee taste. 

What Gold Coffee Tastes Like  

Gold coffee is more of a tea-like coffee from its color to its taste too. Due to how it was roasted, the bitter, harsh burnt taste of traditional coffee isn’t found in gold coffee. The flavors noted in this particular type of coffee are mostly nutty, bright, floral flavors. 

What Gold Coffee Tastes Like

At first, it might be a bit weird to the taste buds because it doesn’t exactly taste like coffee or tea. It’s a combination of both, with the drinking experience more similar to drinking tea due to the smoothness and softness without the usual bitterness from drinking coffee. Gold coffee will certainly be a great addition to your coffee collection. 

How to brew Gold Coffee

Specifically, for Golden Ratio’s gold coffee, one of the easiest gold coffee to find on the internet, the coffee brewing process is easy peasy, lemon squeezy. The coffee comes in small coffee bags that you can just steep in water just like teabags. 

You can make hot coffee or cold coffee, and you can also control the strength of the coffee. If you prefer strong coffee, you can steep the coffee bags for longer, and if you prefer it weaker, then just steep it for less time. You can combine the brewed coffee with any sweetener of choices like sweetened condensed milk or just plain sugar. 

And you don’t have to worry about ground coffee escaping into your drink because these coffee bags are made from high-quality cotton, making it extremely convenient to make your own gold coffee at home. 

Why You Should Definitely Try Gold Coffee

Besides the reason for it being a trend and everyone should hop on the gold coffee bandwagon, there are actual legit reasons why you should try gold coffee. Here are a few of them. 

Why You Should Definitely Try Gold Coffee

Coffee bags

Just two simple words, coffee bag, are the number one reason you should try this gold coffee. The coffee comes in tea bag-like packaging that makes brewing the coffee super easy and mess-free. Due to the coffee bag packaging, you can easily control the strength of your cup of coffee.

You can also conveniently let it steep overnight in the fridge and never worry about never having cold coffee ever again. Or you can pop in a hot cup of water and steep it just like tea. Making gold coffee using coffee bags isn’t rocket science. It’s a good cup of coffee in a tea bag packaging that requires only instant coffee skills to make.

No more stomach pain

Gold coffee is known to contain five times less acidity than regular coffee. Coffee is a natural laxative and can also cause your stomach to create more acid, which can lead to digestive burns and more bathroom breaks. 

Some people had to give up drinking coffee because their stomachs couldn’t handle it, but now gold coffee can be a solution to that problem. Gold coffee beans are slowly roasted for a long time which causes them to lose the acidity while still maintaining their high caffeine content. 

More Caffeine with an even sweeter taste 

People usually misunderstand that the darker the coffee, the higher the caffeine concentrate. However, that doesn’t apply to gold coffee. Gold coffee actually gives you 50% more caffeine than your usual brewed coffee. 

Again, it’s all in the way that the gold coffee beans are roasted. The formula is a long and slow roast. And with the coffee bags, it’s even easier to control the caffeine in a single cup, just brew it for longer for stronger coffee or less for weaker coffee. 

Say no to yellow teeth 

Everyone knows of the fear of yellow-looking teeth from drinking too much coffee. Regular coffee doesn’t only stain your teeth a yellowish color, but it also causes bad breath. No matter how much you brush your teeth or the different brands of toothpaste or mouthwash can undo the stains left by coffee. 

However, with gold coffee and its extremely light colored brew, this will never be a worry again. Not only will you look better, but your significant other and dentist will be thanking you too.  

Final Thought

We, humans, are curious creatures that’s why we can easily get bored of anything and everything. Everyone is always on the lookout for anything that is new, innovative, and especially trendy. 

Those new finds are also usually a more modified, better version of what we already have on hand. This also applies to our caffeine needs. One day we’re drinking special drip coffee from Starbucks, the next day we’re jumping on the new Dalgona coffee trend, and then we’re back to making instant coffee in our kitchen just to get through the day.

The three main differences from one coffee drink to another are the degree of roast, the way it’s brewed, and how it’s served. Just one difference in any of these three categories, then you already have yourself a new type of coffee drink. 

For example, a shot of espresso, and a cup of Americano are basically the same thing, but the differences are in the way it’s served, the espresso is served freshly brewed in a small cup while the Americano is usually added to a tall glass of water and ice.

Well, that’s more than enough information for you on gold coffee. All that there’s left to do is to go and get your hands on some gold coffee and try it out for yourself. All in all, the changes in coffee trends are just like the changes of seasons. So let loose and try new creations and if you don’t like the new trends, you can always come back to your old, trustworthy favorite coffee drinks.