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Can You Put Ghee In Coffee?

Can You Put Ghee In Coffee

The study found that Ghee coffee is a delicious source of nutrients, especially if you are a coffee addict. However, there are a lot of people that are unsure whether ghee coffee is good for them. If it is your concern too, this article is for you. It will clarify all of your concerns about Ghee Coffee. Find out all you need to know before getting started on the path to an incredible cup of morning coffee.


About Ghee

Ghee is known as the type of clarified butter which is produced from butter that boils in the water till water and milk solids melt away. Moreover, it is quite similar to butter but it offers more nutrition, energy, and delicious taste compared to butter.

About Ghee

As well as Ghee provides a lot of vitamins including A and E, as well as conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). So this vitamin can help you to prevent cancers and colorectal. As you can see, it is very helpful for our body. 

Furthermore, Ghee has become a superfood for us, Because it plays a vital role in Ayurvedic therapies such as massage, rash, and burn treatments. We can eat Ghee in such a different way but have you ever tried it in your cup of coffee?

Is it possible to put ghee in coffee?

Yes, it could well be put to coffee. This not only enriches the taste of a coffee but also provides a slew of health advantages for you as well. As you may know, it is a healthier option for you to use in your cup. 

As well, this healthy fat beverage can help your energy boost, prevent hunger pangs, and also you can drink it on your empty stomach in the morning as well. 

The Taste of Ghee Coffee

Because once we add ghee to a coffee, you will receive a delicious taste that includes a nutty and a kind of creamy flavor. Despite the fact that ghee is somehow a purified butter, we guarantee that it is significantly different in terms of taste and smell. 

As you can see, when you put butter in your coffee, the amount of water that is in your cup might affect its flavor which is totally different from putting ghee in your drink, because it will help your drink become tasty. Furthermore, the fats in ghee aid to slow down coffee absorption.

Using Ghee in your Bulletproof Coffee

In this part, we will explain to you how to add ghee to bullet coffee. You can begin by having a cup of coffee that has been brewed to your preference. Depending on how much coffee you want and how buttery you want it, add one or two teaspoons of it. 

Using Ghee in your Bulletproof Coffee

Further to that, you can put coconut oil for one teaspoon or more because it depends on how much you want. Then emulsify your beverage until it is foamy.

What is the Purpose of Ghee in Coffee?

As coffee drinkers, we often ask ourselves why we have to combine ghee and coffee for our morning meal. 

So, The first thing that happens when you add ghee to your coffee is that the texture changes. Ghee contains water, which adds additional liquid to your coffee, making it more watery. It also contains a lot of fat, so the coffee may taste a little oily.

What is the Purpose of Ghee in Coffee?

The Advantages of Using Ghee in Coffee

Would adding ghee to coffee be healthy? Of course, it has a significant impact on your overall health. Some coffee drinkers might be wondering what are those benefits. So here we are:

Firstly, Ghee Can Effectively Remove Most of Coffee’s Harsh effects.

Most coffee drinkers are troubled when drinking coffee on an empty stomach and it generally happens to people. However putting one tablespoon of ghee in your morning cup, on the other hand, it can help keep your stomach from hurting and prevent a strong acidity. 

Therefore, it is an excellent solution because it eliminates all milk solids, leaving only trace quantities of milk sugars and proteins.!

Secondly, Ghee can be used to substitute cream for Extreme dairy sensitivities.

Some people assume a cup of coffee can’t go without putting cream in it. However, there are still people that suffer from dairy sensitivities. So, if that is the case for you, you can just use ghee as a substitute for your drink and it would help improve your flavor as well. 

Ghee contains calcium, which helps to counteract the acid that causes intestinal discomfort. It also includes butyrate, a fatty acid with anti-inflammatory properties that is found in trials to enhance gut health.

Thirdly, Ghee contains Greater Good Fats.

We have heard that all fats are bad for your health, but ghee is totally different. It offers you a lot of healthy fats that include fatty acid and also butyric acid that can make you healthier, offer more nutrients, and also improve the functions of your brain as well. Remember that healthy fats are very important to combine in your bulletproof coffee. We cannot have a cup that contains only the butter’s fat.

Lastly, Ghee appears as numerous Vitamins.

Another health benefit of ghee in coffee is that it is nutrient-dense.  If we use a hundred grams of it, you’ll get almost sixty percent of vitamin A, fourteen percent of vitamin E. Moreover, you will get eleven percent of vitamin K.

But are there any drawbacks to using ghee in my coffee?

With all those advantages mentioned above, there are still disadvantages that hide in Ghee. However, you don’t have to worry about health dangers because ghee is the healthiest ingredient for your coffee. We only found some problems based on individual taste. 

You may dislike the quality or flavor of the coffee. Because once you add ghee into coffee, it gets fatty and has an effect on the flavor of the drink. Some people may find it fattening. If you’re trying to lose weight, ghee coffee is not a good option. Even if the fat in ghee is of the beneficial variety, some people may hesitate and shun it entirely.

The difference between Ghee Coffee and Butter Coffee

When you combine butter and coconut oil in your coffee, you get Bulletproof coffee. While butter excels at many things, there is always room for improvement. This is where ghee comes into play.

The difference between Ghee Coffee and Butter Coffee:

When the two are compared in appearance, you can observe that butter is more opaque while ghee is more transparent. This is mostly due to the presence of milk solids, fat, and water in the butter.

It is prepared by simmering butter for a lengthy period of time. 

The good news is that you can use ghee in lieu of unsalted butter in the butter coffee recipe and taste just as excellent. In terms of nutrients, ghee is superior to butter and may be utilized at greater temperatures.

And if you ask which one is best to use for keto coffee? Ghee is an easy choice for a go-to cooking fat when on the Keto diet. Because the Keto diet is made up of around 80% fat, adding ghee is good for this healthy diet. 

Making Ghee Coffee from Home

Making Ghee Coffee from Home

This is a simple extra step in the coffee-making process. Here’s everything you’ll need to brew this type of coffee.


  • 1 tablespoon ghee
  • 1 tablespoon freshly made coffee (any brew is fine)
  • Choice of milk or creamer


The first thing you’ll need is a fresh batch of brew. You may also bring your cold brew concentrate with you. Begin heating your freshly prepared coffee at a low temperature.

You may now add the ghee to your coffee once it has simmered for a few minutes. Continue to cook for another minute or two at the same temperature.

Remove off the heat and give it a good toss so that the ghee emulsifies in the coffee. As well as you can also puree the mixture in a blender, but not suggesting to do so while it is hot.

You can add milk or creamer after the mixture is cool off from the heat. You can also combine milk with sweets such as jaggery or honey. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about coconut oil or MCT oil when you make ghee coffee.


Once it applies to caffeine, ghee is pretty new to the world today. We are accustomed to using butter as a component in coffee as a result of bullet coffee. However, the clarified version of butter appears to have more calories and health advantages.

If you don’t mix well with milk products, adding ghee to your daily coffee might offer a lot of health benefits. Those health benefits help you ease your stomach, improve your mood, and even aid in weight reduction. 


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