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6 Scientific Explanations You Need To Know About Teen And Coffee Consumption

6 Scientific Explanations You Need To Know About Teen And Coffee Consumption

We see that today the coffee industry is widely popular everywhere. It is amazing to see how coffee can influence the world from such an amazing perspective. It continues to grow and bring these creativities to the world that we are living in now. Coffee now is not just a regular drink but it is a symbolism of socializing and gatherings. And we can see that all ages are now aware of what coffee is. But we are missing one thing, is it good to be consumed by all ages? And especially, we see nowadays, teenagers are crowding toward coffee? Is it safe for them to drink? Which age is proper for them to drink coffee? That is why today we are bringing you the 6 scientific facts that you need to know about teen and coffee.

This is a question that needed to be answered. I think you’ve heard this at least once in your lifetime. “Coffee is for adults only” or “You are not at the right age to drink coffee yet”. This is what I hear throughout my childhood when I asked to taste that magical black liquid that my parents, uncles, or aunt were having in their cup each morning. They seemed to know that coffee is not good for teen back then but I didn’t receive a proper lecture on why it is bad.

This article is going to show you two advantages and disadvantages and finally introduce to you two facts about teens and coffee consumption. You will receive valuable information on why it is bad and why it is good. And most importantly, how much is adequate about teen and coffee facts as well. 

Coffee is amazing, but is it for everyone, especially is it okay for teen to drink? We shall find out. 


Fact #1 

The appropriate amount of coffee for adolescents 

Greeting fellow teenagers, this is for you. I know that sometimes it sounds unreasonable that our guardians or adults prevent us from having what they all called the heaven liquid. It is frustrating, I know. I had been there too. Why can they have it, and not us? We have Human Rights and by all means of equality, we ought to drink coffee as they do right? 

The appropriate amount of coffee for adolescents

But hold on, coffee is a strong liquid. That’s why people drink to make them stay awake and alert. And sometimes, we as youngsters, also want to stay awake because of homework, projects, or simply because we can stay awake to catch our favorite movies or dramas. But you must understand that this strong liquid must come with consequences if you overdose its power. Easy to understand, too much is never good for anything (remember that).

And as a teenager, we must understand that our bodies and minds are not fully developed, therefore, certain substances will hinder it from growing. Hence, we should be mindful of how much we consume and drink, especially caffeine. According to studies, teen at the age of 12-18 should be limited for their coffee. Which can only be drinking 100 mg maximum of caffeine a day. This is equivalent to a cup of coffee, 1-2 cups of tea, and 1-3 cans of soda. It is important to take precautions about caffeine intake because it may cause severe side effects such as anxiety, insomnia, and other health issues in the future if you misuse it. 

Speaking about soda, you must know that the existence of caffeine in other drinks is significant as well. And the common one is soda, energy drinks, chocolates and many more. So, you better watch out. Although you might think to yourself that I didn’t drink coffee but instead drink Mountain Dew or other energy drinks and have a hard time falling asleep. Well, now you know the answer. 

But it is good news that teens can actually drink coffee but in a limited amount. Always stay in the perimeter of 100 mg per day and find out more of which coffee to drink and which has strong caffeine. 

Below is the chart for caffeine amount in each drink:


Fact #2 

Gender Differences 

You don’t have to panic. This section is not talking about drinking coffee will change your gender or anything. Instead, we are going to provide a little bit of information about the differences when opposite genders drink coffee. 

Gender Differences

Girls and boys have different reactions when consuming caffeine especially during their adolescent years. It is important to keep in mind that this period is the age of development and the most critical period of human life. This is a phase where hormones are changing (pubertal development) and you will start to formulate your own perspective in life. Therefore, consuming certain substances could affect an alteration. 

In one research, the author experimented with caffeine’s effect on both boys and girls. Consequently, the outcome differs according to genders as well. First noticeable difference is the cardiovascular pressure. Girls show that after caffeine consumption their diastolic pressure increases significantly. If the increase is constant, in the future, it could lead to heart diseases such as stroke. On the other hand, boys show a noticeable decrease in heart rate. Secondly, the research also shows a climb in the girl’s estradiol hormones whereas the male’s hormone decreases. These two results were the significant result throughout the entire research. 

In conclusion, we can see that caffeine is effective. Indeed, its impact also varies according to genders. Subsequently, teens ought to stay within the limit. Moreover, during these years, it is vital for young adults to absorb the best nutrition to contribute to their wellbeing. Therefore, stay within the caffeine limit and always choose what is best for you logically (Temple, J. L., & Ziegler, A. M.; 2011). 

Advantages #1: Mood Booster 

First of all, both teen and adult drinks coffee because we wanted to stay awake. That is a fact. However, little do we know that coffee also affects our mood. A study suggested that coffee impacts our mood in the long run. It changes our emotions little by little and improves by arousing interest and energy in daily activities. If you are feeling tired or a little bit off, then drinking coffee may energize you to get back on your feet. Moreover, a study also shows that if you drink 100 mg of caffeine daily, you will also see an improvement in your moods such as fighting against fatigue and enhancing physical strength as well. 

 Mood Booster

Moreover, coffee is quite important to teen because it can affects our mood. Sometimes, we do not get enough sleep or staying up late to finish homework or projects. It could make us feel exhausted and restless. Naturally, our bodies know when to sleep and to stay awake. It is the adenosine substances in our brain that makes us tired and want to go to sleep. Nevertheless, caffeine prevents you from falling asleep by blocking the adenosine receptors. And keep on providing these shots of energy for your bodies. As a result, this is why people want to drink coffee when they have an important deadline to meet. Or want to look afresh at a morning meeting. Because they understand that coffee provides these energy shots and makes them alert and fresh. 

Finally, when your mood is happier. You might find the world a little bit more pink and fresh. Everything around you apparently is going smoothly and well. You find yourself more productive and realize that task is easier to complete. And especially coffee for teen, it helps to stay positive and maintain healthy connections, friendships, and relationships. Consume properly, coffee will lift up your moods in no time. 

Advantage #2: Memory Booster 

Sometimes, we go about our day trying to remember what to do and sometimes we forget. It is typical. People forget sometimes. As teenagers, we also have a lot to do. Not that it is overloading but it is also sometimes quite hard to manage. Especially, once we enter high school it is the time of seriousness and preparation to enter into the adult world. And mostly we find ourselves facing difficult tasks, tests, and exams. There are several sets of exams during high school that could make us insane sometimes just to get into university. As a result, we need something to boost our brain and memories. Apart from taking vitamins and nutritious food, coffee is proven to enhance memory ability as well. 

Memory Booster

A study from John Hopkins has claimed that a 200 mg of caffeine intake can improve long-term memory. Since adolescents can only consume 100 mg of substance, it is better to respect that boundary. Otherwise, it can cause worse harm. On the other hand, this fact proves to all of us that coffee is not bad at all. As a matter of fact, if we respect their limitations, it will bring us benefits in the future too.

Moreover, memory enhancement is for the far future. For example, in the case of Alzheimer’s. This is a common disease for elders at the age of 65 and above. This disease would make the patient forget about their information and fade their valuable memories. And coffee has also proven to combat that disease as well. And it is also a good thing if we start from a young age. Nevertheless, it is clever to be mindful of the limitations.

Memory Booster

Moreover, if you say that coffee is expensive. Well, you start making them your own as well. It is easy to make and will save you money. Furthermore, the smell will delight your mood and so will the taste. It is easy enough just to start from instant coffee. There are hundreds and thousands of good brands out there. They are most preferable throughout the globe because not only does it taste good but it is also easy to make. 

Disadvantage #1: Addiction

Addiction, we do not want to get there. I have seen a few people who have serious addiction problems for coffee. And often I heard them complain about how miserable it would be for them to not have a cup of coffee. For them coffee is a MUST. For me I think coffee is not a must all the time. It is an entertainment and a helper. I drink it because I like the smell and the taste. And also, I need help during critical times. It is never a must. I can still live without it. 


And the reason why coffee addiction is bad is because every ADDICTION is never good. Once you get attracted to something heavily, it is difficult for you to break away from it. Moreover, you will find that something is missing and will not find peace in yourself. Without a cup of coffee, it is to a point where it is extremely difficult to get things done. And when something goes wrong, the only solution is that addiction. But it won’t work anymore. Instead of drinking coffee to help you, coffee now is harming you. And we do not want that. And as an adolescent, we need to prevent that worst case scenario. We do not want drinking excessive coffee to become a habit.

Furthermore, addiction can also backfire the benefits of coffee. Drinking too much coffee can cause you to feel more tired because your body is getting used to this amount already. In addition, you may feel restless while constantly feeling exhausted all the time. These backfires will start to make you feel doubtful about coffee and start wondering why it isn’t effective anymore. We control the things that happen around us. Not the other way around because we have the ultimate decision to do so. Finally, always stay within the limit and be watchful of the precautions. We drink coffee to enjoy ourselves, not otherwise. 

If you are already on your way to addiction, then you can also try to break it. It is not easy but it is not hard either. The first thing you would have to do is try to blend or combine it with other elements such as protein shakes. Alternatively, you can start making your own coffee with easy recipes and less caffeine. If you say that it is difficult to find the best coffee machines, you can read more about some of the best brands in the market. 

Disadvantages #2: Insomnia 

Probably, this is the common thing that you might be aware of. I am pretty sure that somewhere at one point in your life. You must have heard that coffee will not make you sleep. And your guardians, parents, or relatives would stop you from drinking coffee at a young age because they know it can cause you to be extra hyped and restless. And they do not like that. They want kids, especially teenagers, to get as much rest as possible so that they themselves can rest too. 

Insomnia is a sleeping disorder. Where you cannot help yourself to sleep at all. To you it may sound fun because you can use your time to watch Kdramas or movies. But actually, it sounds problematic. Even though you got the satisfaction of watching your favorite show, in the long term, your health will say adios amigo.


Insomnia can occur one day to three per week or it could happen 3 continuous weeks in a month. The latter one is called chronic insomnia. That should be seek by professional help immediately. And at such a young age for teenagers, we want to avoid all sorts of insomnia. You ought to rest and find peace at night. Your body needs to rest and recharge energy. If your body does not get enough sleep, then you will understand what it is like being Frankenstein. First of all, you are unable to focus fully on anything that you are doing now. Secondly, it might affect your school, athletics, or daily performances. And finally, it could cause a disruption in growth for teenagers specifically. Teenage years are a phase where you will grow physically, mentally, and emotionally. On that account, be smart about what you put into yourself. 

Overdose of caffeine could result in insomnia. And in order to avoid that from happening, staying and respecting the limits is important. You do not want to feel like Frankenstein in the middle of a broad daylight trust me. Drinking too much of Joe will make you feel restless and hype that prevents you from getting your peaceful night rest. Moreover, you will feel extreme fatigue the next day and mood will descend little by little. Thus, be smart about drinking coffee, always respect the boundary. 


You have reached the end of our article. Let us recap some of the most important points about coffee and teen. So far we have discussed some facts that have been established. First, we talked about the essence of coffee respecting the caffeine limitation which is consuming 100 mg daily for teen. In other words, it means one cup of coffee, 1-2 cups of tea, or 1-3 cans of soda. It is also important to watch your soda consumption because caffeine does exist in soft drinks as well. It is essential to always be cautious about the amount of caffeine in your cup of coffee or drinks. 

Secondly, we brought up the differences that caffeine affects across both genders. According to the research of Journal of Caffeine Research, caffeine impacts on cardiovascular responses and hormones. Third of all, we also see the advantages that coffee brings for teen, young adults as well which is lifting up moods and enhancing memory ability. Finally, there are consequences if you do not follow the rules. It could cause insomnia and addiction. And we tried to avoid the later one so that coffee would not control your life and affect your daily routine. Otherwise, it could possibly lead to future health risk. 

Last of all, always respect the caffeine boundaries and leave room for your body to absorb good elements. So that you will grow to be a strong, courageous, kind, and powerful individual in the future.