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12 Most Creative Ways To Make Use Of A French Press Coffee Maker

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12 Most Creative Ways To Make Use Of French Press Coffee Makers

In the course of recent weeks, I’ve seen “French press” coffee makers referenced a few times on various sites. Also, the bizarre thing about those notices is that none of them had anything to do with making coffee! Obviously, I was in a split second fascinated and chose to do some burrowing all alone. In under an hour, I had found 9 unique approaches to utilize a French press to accomplish some different options from making coffee. I had no clue that a low-tech kitchen device could do such countless helpful things! So what is the creative way to make use of a french press coffee maker?

In case you’re a coffee lover, you likely own a French press—they’re moderate, minimal, and quite adaptable. As well as fermenting standard coffee with a French Press, you can likewise make concentrated coffee, or even a clump of cold mix! After reading this article and you feel like you need a new french press coffee maker, please visit here: Best French Press Coffee Makers in 2024 and you will find the best of the best French presses that we filtered from the many products on the market.


How to Use a French Press

In the first place, you need to ensure you have the correct proportion of water to coffee. We prescribe one ounce of ground coffee to 16 liquid ounces of water, that is around two liberal tablespoons of coffee. Ensure the water is warmed to around 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

In the event that you don’t have a decent food thermometer (meat thermometers turn out extraordinary for this), carry water to a stew at that point and let it rest for a few minutes. However, we suggest getting a thermometer. 

Scoop the coffee into the lower part of the press, at that point gradually pour in that 200-degree water and spot the highest point of the gadget on, with the unclogger raised as far as possible up. Presently for some pausing. As I would like to think, four minutes is the ideal blend time for great French press coffee, however you can spill a cup out after just two minutes and still appreciate good extraction, particularly on the off chance that you went heavier on the java in the coffee-to-water proportion.

Try not to attempt to make an extra-solid cup by soaking the grounds longer, since after in excess of twelve minutes, plus or minus, your mix will begin to turn harsh and astringent. On the off chance that you need more grounded coffee, add more grounds.

At last, after those four minutes, gradually and with control, press the unclogger down. Make a point to leave the unclogger down as you spill out your refreshment, and don’t bump the unclogger’s handle since that may send grounds past the screen and into your coffee — it would be a disgrace to destroy the mix only a short time before you appreciate it!

Milk Frothing

A French press proves to be useful to reproduce that foamy goodness comfortably. Just put a limited quantity of milk in the microwave to warm, and afterward siphon it in your French press until you get the degree of foam you’re searching for. 

Milk Frothing

Of course, you can likewise do this on the oven with a whisk, however isn’t this such a great deal more powerful? Less wreck, less fight, and way more Instagram-commendable outcomes. For a genuine coffee overhaul, add cinnamon, vanilla, or potentially cardamom to the hot milk, and let it steep in your French press prior to foaming. 

For those who prefer a little foam on your coffee or cappuccino, the French Press is your BFF. Simply add milk of your choice (even almond milk!) or creamer to the carafe and siphon the sifter until a decent foam structure.

Brew Tea

Care to get extravagant? Follow the lead of Erica Joy Dunn, affirmed all encompassing well-being mentors, and add new fixings. “While I’m bubbling water in my French press, I strip and cut up bits of new ginger. I place them at the lower part of the French press and crush in the juice of a full lemon. At that point I liberally shake ground turmeric over the top and pour the bubbling water over, allowing it to soak for 3 to 5 minutes. I mix in Mike’s Hot Honey and afterward gradually press.” This formula will kick any colder time of year cold, she adds.

brew tea

It’s not coffee that is the most well known beverage on the planet—it’s tea! What’s more, a similar gadget you use to brew your coffee—the French press—works similarly too for blending free leaf tea.

Spot the tea leaves in the French press, similarly as you would coffee beans, and let it steep. At that point push down the unclogger to draw in the lattice sifter that should work like a tea sack and keep the tea away with regard to your cup. You will appreciate the full-bodied newness of tea leaves without the troubling pieces of leaves.

Cook soup

French presses are stunning for soups! “You can fill the press with bunches of aromatics like basil and cilantro, peppercorns, a stub of five-zest or star anise, squashed ginger, some got dried out mushrooms for profundity and perhaps a cut of jalapeño to add a touch of warmth. 

cook soup

At that point pour some hot stock over the fixings and let it steep for a couple of moments,” says Michael A. Youthful, Executive Chef at Sheraton Kauai Resort. “At the point when you present visitors with every one of the tones and aromas, everybody ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs,’ and whenever it’s squeezed, they’re left with an insane tasty stock that is clear and fragrant.”

Make Whipped Cream

Everybody loves whipped cream! Apparently you can use a french press coffee maker to make the tasty dessert topping. Although the right consistency can be hard to reach, it is totally doable. Just fill the French Press halfway with heavy cream and pump the lever up and down quickly, whipping the cream. In about 5 minutes, peaks should form, and voìla! Dessert just got even better. 

whipped cream

In the event that you are into prepared treats and need a rich and cushy whipped beating, at that point the French press can be a convenient device. Disregard the wire whisk and attempt to whisk cream until light and cushioned. 

Pursue a faster route to a sweet treat by utilizing your French press. Fill about a portion of the carafe with hefty cream and blend in the ideal measure of sugar or vanilla. Presently put on the cover, get together and begin siphoning. This is significantly simpler and quicker than utilizing a conventional wire whisk.

Keep Herbs Fresh

Numerous new spices profit by being put away shortly after water, similar to cilantro, mint, dill, and then some. You can utilize your french press to make it very basic! Simply pour an inch or two of water into the lower part of your french press, at that point embed the top piece about midway.

Spot your new spices upstanding on top of the sifter. At that point press the unclogger down barely enough so the lower part of the spices are lowered. Store the entire thing in your ice chest, and your spices will remain new for any longer!

Contain Creamer

Let’s assume you’re facilitating an early lunch gathering—where coffee is obviously a fundamental part—and don’t have an extravagant little pitcher for half and half. Normally, you need your informal breakfast to be tasteful; a container of milk on the table just will not do. 

You see where this is going. Your trusty French Press is here to make all the difference! Add flavors (we love cinnamon) or flavor enhancers (like vanilla concentrate) to the carafe and pour hot milk (or creamer) over them. Allow the half and half to soak for a couple of moments and it will be a heavenly expansion to your visitors’ coffee.

Make Chai Tea

Snatch the cinnamon, cloves, allspice, and ginger from your flavor bureau—if any of the flavors are entire, crush with a mortar and pestle (or the lower part of a glass/skillet) first. Add water to one pan and coconut milk (or any sort of milk) to another pot and split your flavors between them equally. Heat the water to the point of boiling and the milk to a delicate stew. 

make chai tea

Add free leaf dark tea to the French Press and pour the water blend over it; cover and steep for 5 minutes prior to adding the coconut milk combination to soak a couple of more minutes. Siphon the sifter a couple of times to foam the milk and you’ll have the ideal cup of chai readily available!

Infuse Water

For wellbeing cognizant people, a tasty method to remain hydrated is by drinking implanted water, which is just plain drinking water to which spices or natural products have been added. The common supplement decency of the spices or organic product gets imbued into the water when left for the time being in the cooler. 

Utilizing a french press coffee maker, you don’t have to purchase a costly injector water bottle. The French press can fill in as your injector. Put your picked natural product or spices in the French press. Cover it with sifted water and spot the top on top. Spot the French press in the cooler short-term. The next day, remove it from the cooler, push down on the unclogged, and make the most of your solid, invigorating mixed water.

Rehydrate Dried Food Items

Dried food things are moderate and delightful. Dried mushrooms, for example, can have more vigorous and concentrated flavors than new ones. The solitary downside to utilizing dried food sources in your plans is that you should splash them for a long while to once again introduce dampness into them prior to cooking. 

With the French press, you can improve on the interaction of rehydrating dried food varieties. Put the food item in the carafe. Fill it with heated water and put on the cover gathering. Give it around 3 to 5 minutes to rehydrate. When done, push down on the unclogged and channel the water. This is a quick and simple approach to rehydrate your dried fixings.

Infuse Oils

You can utilize a french press to make tasty spice with olive oil. Throw a small bunch of new spices into the french press (rosemary settles on an extraordinary decision!) and cover them with olive oil. 

Set up the top, at that point put the french press into your cooler for two or three days. At that point press the unclogger down, and pour your delightfully imbued oil over bread, fish, vegetables, and that’s just the beginning!

Put your #1 flavor or spice in the carafe. Add olive oil or some other oil you like for cooking, put on the top and let it sit. Once in a while, push on the unclogger to help remove more flavor from the spices and flavors. This permits them to mix into the oil. Whenever you’re happy with the grouping of the imbued oil, press the unclogger one final time, at that point empty the oil into its holder.

Cold Brew Coffee

There is a developing fan base for cold brew coffee. Also, why not? Cold mix coffee gives a more extravagant and smoother coffee than ordinary hot brew. Its most prominent benefit is in its lower levels of acridity. Cold blend coffee is around 66% less acidic than customary prepared coffee. All in all, it is more amiable to the stomach. 

cold brew coffee

Utilizing a French press to make your own virus brew coffee bodes well. There is just something single you need to comprehend: While hot coffee preparing strategies can convey incredible tasting cups of joe in no time, you need to stand by 18 to 24 hours to finish the virus fermenting measure. Along these lines, the coffee you get ready today will be prepared to drink tomorrow.

Rinse Grains

Washing grains, for example, farro, quinoa, and rice can be a monotonous interaction and frequently requires a sifter to help separate the grains from the water, unavoidably bringing about a portion of the grains stalling out in the little openings of the sifter. 

An elective method to flush grains is by utilizing a French press. This is just about as simple as pouring the grains in the carafe. Pour water and put the French press top together. Push the unclogger right down and watch as the grains separate from the water. Keep the unclogger in its position and flip around the carafe. Void the flushed grains in your pot and get cooking.

The Best Coffee to Use in a French Press

The best French press coffee is actually whatever kind of coffee you love in your cup, be it Colombia, Egyptian, or what have you. You could even choose to utilize the world’s most grounded coffee if that is your thing, or enjoy one of the world’s five most costly coffees. 

What makes a difference more than assortment is the coffee granulate type. French press coffee makers work best with coarse toils for two reasons. The first is quite self-evident: finely ground coffee is bound to slip past the press’ channel and get into your beverage. Furthermore, who needs that? 

The other explanation of coarse drudgeries are the awesome French press blending is because of the manner in which the high temp water penetrates these bigger pieces of the bean during the all-inclusive time the grounds and water spend together, which is not the same as drip coffee. 

Find out How Does Automatic Drip Coffee Maker Work? Huge grounds retain more water than better pieces and in this way discharge more flavor. Yet they don’t prompt the over-extraction basic with better granules. Accordingly the subsequent blend is full-enhanced without being acidic or astringent in taste. Then again, a speedy blending coffee requires an extra-fine pound, and some sharpness is normal and wanted.

With respect to taste, I suggest a medium meal coffee. More obscure dishes regularly have a more acidic profile, so lighter meals are better for the long extraction time frame. Additionally, medium and lighter meals as a rule have more caffeine, which is another reward.

Furthermore, with that, you presently have the entirety of the data you need to mix the best damn cup of French press that is at any point been squeezed. It’s presently an ideal opportunity to get your caffeine on! In spite of the fact that you might need to get a carafe to place your coffee in.

If You’re a French Press Coffee Lover, You Should Know These Things 

The French press is one of the least difficult coffee brewers out there. It’s speedy, it’s direct, it’s steady, and it’s delectable. Nonetheless, the straightforwardness of the brewer regularly dominates some fantastic uses that don’t include hot coffee, just as basic fermenting botches. 

Regardless of whether you’ve been fermenting French press coffee for quite a long time, it’s possible you haven’t totally idealized your interaction or understood the maximum capacity of your coffee maker. I need to enable you to blend the best coffee you can, so we should check whether there’s anything you’ve missed. We should jump into a couple of regular imperfections, a couple accommodating tips, and some substitute uses so you can take advantage of your dearest French press.

Skimming The Surface Can Reduce Sediment In Your Mug 

Not actually attached to the sloppy silt that frequently discovers its way into your mug from the French press? Here’s a simple stunt to diminish the measure of dregs. Utilizing a paper or material channel is the best way to eliminate 100% of it, however this aids a lot. 

At the point when you’re around 15 seconds from a completed blend, get two spoons – ideally not metal if your press is made of glass. Take the spoons and gradually skim the outside of the fermented coffee to gather and discard the coasting grounds. 

You would prefer not to require more than 15-30 seconds for this stunt, since those grounds that have sunk to the lower part of the press will in any case be delivering flavors into the water and you don’t need them to over-extricate. 

In spite of the fact that you can’t gather every one of the grounds along these lines, eliminating a good bit of them by skimming decreases residue when you at long last empty the fluid coffee into your cup.

You’re Ready To Make Cold Brew Coffee 

Cold fermenting coffee brings out exceptional flavors that you can’t create some other way. The subsequent virus mix concentrate can be sliced with water and ice to make invigorating frosted coffee. It can likewise be utilized to make inventive beverages, for example, chilly mix coffee mocktails.

In the event that you effectively own a French press, you effectively own a virus mix coffee maker (and perhaps the best virus blend coffee producer). With a couple of acclimations to your preparing procedure, you’ll have rich virus mix coffee in pretty much twelve hours. 

Cold water takes much more to pull out every one of the flavors we like in coffee beans than heated water, so you may need to prepare a piece to make a cold mix. Here’s the manner by which it works: 

  • Consolidate 100g of coarsely ground coffee and 700ml of cold water 
  • Start a clock for 12 hours, yet return following 5 minutes for a speedy mix 
  • At the point when time’s up, plunge the channel and store the move in the refrigerator 

This is blended at a 1:7 proportion, with 100g of coffee and 700ml of water. To transform it into frosted coffee, cut it with an equivalent measure of cold water and top with ice. This carries it to a more typical grouping of 1:14, ordinary hot coffee is blended at a 1:15-17 proportion. It’s simple, delicious, and invigorating!

Try not to Squeeze The Grounds 

The clock blares. The barista goes after the cover and unclogged. He pushes down cautiously and starts to empty the coffee into a cup. It’s practically full, however he actually presses the unclogged into the crushed grounds significantly more to press out each and every drop imaginable. 

The great flavors (the splendid acids, sweet sugars, fragrant oils, profound notes) separate during your ordinary French press schedule. The mark of the brief brew is to stop the fermenting before every one of the harsh tannins extricate into your cup to make over separated coffee. 

That last press doesn’t simply give you a couple of more drops of coffee. It in a real sense powers a lot of harsh tasting things out of the grounds and permits them to deplete into your mug. Indeed, it really exacerbates your coffee. A weighty cost to pay for a couple of additional drops.

Preparing Continues After The Plunge

Numerous cafés serve French press coffee in the press. You empty some into a mug and need to abandon the rest. At the point when you pour the subsequent mug, you find that it doesn’t taste on par with the first. 

Here’s the reason. Plunging the channel, despite the fact that it isolates the grounds from the fluid coffee, doesn’t really stop the fermenting. There’s as yet a limited quantity of water collaborating with the grounds, which implies those grounds are as yet delivering acids, oils, severe tannins, and such. 

Before the finish of an ordinary French press preparing measure, every one of the great flavors are as of now in the fluid coffee. The lone things left in the grounds are dull, unpleasant mixtures that you don’t need. 

At the point when you leave some fluid coffee in the press after you plunge, you permit it to remove more, making the coffee become increasingly severe. All things being equal, you ought to consistently spill out the entirety of the coffee promptly when the fermenting is finished.

French Presses Are Great For Tea Brewing

On the off chance that the universe of tea calls you to investigate it, you can undoubtedly utilize your french press coffee maker as your vehicle on the excursion. Tea kettles normally utilize a metal sifter that basically works a similar path as the French press channel. So you’re prepare to make a plunge. Simply make a point to clean your French press amazingly well first. Those characteristic coffee oils can be somewhat obstinate, and trust me, they don’t mix with the more unpretentious, sweet notes of tea.


In the event that you are confused with regards to what different capacities you can anticipate from this straightforward coffee making wonder, at that point, this is the article for you. As basic as the plan of the French press might be, it has a lot of employment past blending coffee. 

The french press coffee maker: Although little and unassuming, it is a very helpful gadget in any kitchen. Little did Italian fashioners Giulio Moneta and Attilio Calimani realize that the gadget they licensed in 1929 would get perhaps the main compact gadgets among coffee sweethearts all throughout the planet. Easy to work, one can appreciate a phenomenal brew with almost no exertion surprisingly fast.