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Coffee and Women’s Health Precaution That You Must Be Aware Of

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Coffee and Women's Health Precaution That You Must Be Aware Of

People commonly talk about the taste of the coffee and the brewing method to make it more flavorful, but the health benefits and harms they may gain from this aroma stimulant are not discussed clearly. Health is imperative, and as a female caffeinator, you need to be aware of the side effects of drinking it more than ever. So what are the precaution of coffee and women’s health you should be aware of?

Undeniably, coffee has great taste and also has a good deal of advantages. However, it would turn out to be harmful if you drink it in a way-out way. To easily cognize and understand, coffee is identical to a double-faced weapon. As long as you have coffee properly, you can gain many health benefits from it, or your health will be damaged by it. 

Accordingly, today we will be addressing the extensive facts and ways to gain advantages from coffee, so you must read on and take note.


There Are 3 Top Health Benefits That Women May Get:

  • Fighting depression
  • Losing weight
  • Lowering the risk of breast cancer

Let’s figure out how to get coffee can doing these works for women’s health as below.

Help Fighting Depression

Help Fighting Depression

Many studies show that women have a higher risk of depression than men. This is a very concerning problem for our women, but before getting to know how coffee can help you fight depression, we choose to let you know the reasons that cause women to get depression first. What does it has to do with coffee and women’s health that help fighting depression?

Depression Root Cause 

As some of you already know that there are main factors such as: 

  • Biological
  • Socio-cultural
  • Psychological 

These things put so much pressure on both women’s physical and mental health; Thus, they bring a lot of negative emotions to women. The more pressure, the more oxidative-stress substances keep increasing, then free radicals will be imbalanced by its presence. 

You have to know that when these substances continually increase in your body for a long time, the depression will be reaching you for a fact.

Some more factors that also let oxidative-stress substances occur are such as so much sugar and fat in dietary habits, smoking, and pollution from the surrounding environment.

Why Can Coffee Help?

Coffee beans contain many antioxidants that have the amazing ability to decrease oxidative stress substances and keep the balance of free radicals in your body. Many studies show that antioxidants from 200 to 550 milligrams exist in a cup of coffee. Coffee ranked 11th on the list after several types of berry, based on a 2010 review of more than 3,000 foods.

Additionally, if you reach depression disease, you must be aware that your blood level will be getting higher than usual because of inflammation falling out in your body. Good thing, coffee also contains anti-inflammation substances that can reduce your blood level perfectly.

Due to the highness of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances, coffee becomes a part that contributes to helping you fight this serious hopeless disease.

Just as importantly, even though having coffee intake is advantageous, it doesn’t mean coffee alone can do for you with this hard work. You need to learn to make more peace in your mind, change bad dietary habits by eating less sugar and fat, but more veggie, stop smoking, keep far away from the smoker, and protect yourself from pollution. 

To be notified too, from 3 pm onwards, you must not drink coffee anymore because it will make you stay awake at bedtime. The best time for having it is in the morning after breakfast. But if you want to take it before breakfast, you must have a glass of water first. Also, good news too, you can drink coffee at least 2 cups per day, but no more than 4 or 5 cups which is less than 400mg per day.

Help Losing Weight

Being chubby is not what every woman wants, but it seems easy to get. Sometimes, even though you follow what they told you to do exercises, not eating many calories, cut down on sugar, fat, alcohol, etc. Yet there is no result at all, and you still keep gaining weight. 

Help Losing Weight

Finally, ending up stressed-out, and another sad news is that being stressed-out is also a reason to gain some more weight. So could coffee possibly affect women’s health by help losing weight?

Gaining Weight Root Cause

As mentioned above, they are the root cause, but there are many more reasons as below:

  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Eating quickly
  • Yo-Yo dieting 
  • Metabolism slowing down
  • Not eating enough fiber
  • lack of enough sleep at night 
  • Not drinking enough water

To lose weight, you need to know the main root of it first. People gain weight for different reasons. Among those, there is one main reason that is not known by many, yet it happens commonly, that is metabolism slowing down.

Metabolism is the main root that leads you to heavyweight since it plays an important role in burning fat within your body via your dietary intake. If your metabolism works well and fast, eating many calories is never a problem because they are going to be burned out. But if your metabolism doesn’t work well, exercise, eat less, and no matter what you do, weight loss will never happen.

To help lose weight, you can also use coffee as a tool.  

Why Coffee can Help

Coffee contains active substances such as Caffeine, Theobromine, Theophylline, and Chlorogenic.

Caffeine has the greatest power to block adenosine and increase the firing of neurons, then let off the neurotransmitters like dopamine and norepinephrine. This reason makes you alert and energized. With more energy, so that you can exercise longer. For the best performance result, you should have a cup of coffee before you start your exercise for about 30 minutes in the morning.

Furthermore, studies show that 3-11% of RMR increased by caffeine ingestion. But this effect can be different based on age; the younger age can get the greater result. Likewise, obese people may also get a small-scale result. However, it does help.

Another good thing, caffeine may decrease your hunger feeling because it can reduce levels of ghrelin (it is the hormone that forces you to be hungry). 

Most importantly, you need to make sure that your coffee will not add more sugar, cream, and ice. Only black coffee with less sugar or low-fat milk can help you burn your fat. 

Lowering the Risk of Breast Cancer

 Lowering the risk of breast cancer

Breast Cancer is a terrible disease that causes death in women. Because this cancer commonly occurs in women over the age of 50 and menopausal, this topic seems not to be discussed among adults. So, let’s figure it out. 

Breast Cancer Root Cause

Many reasons lead women to get this cancer:

  • Positive family history of breast cancer
  • Shift work experience
  • High alcohol consumption
  • Tobacco smoking
  • Eating so much fried food
  • Obesity
  • Radiation exposure

Even though breast cancer doesn’t appear in younger women, this chronic disease is certainly caused by your actions at a younger age. That’s why you must be aware to avoid any diseases when you are older.

To get rid of breast cancer, you need to quit all of the habits we mentioned earlier. Even if some of them you cannot avoid and control, the food and drink habitual intake strongly affects—a piece of good news for you who are a caffeinator because coffee can lower this risk.

Why Coffee Can Help

For roasted coffee, beans contain a tiny amount of Acrylamide, which is a chemical substance. This substance exists while coffee beans are being roasted at very high heat. Based upon the studies show that this chemical substance can protect against breast cancer and many other cancers. 

But then again, the tiny amount of Acrylamide can be useful if, in a gross amount, it would be very threatening and may cause cancer as well. The bad side effects may be unseen in the present, but you will see them later when you get older.

Research suggests that drinking coffee in moderation can gain numerous health benefits both now and in the far future. 

To be Reminded

Coffee is just the best in its way. You can surely have a cup of coffee and get benefits for women’s health as long as you understand it correctly. Nonetheless, before you decide to have a habitual coffee intake, you also need to understand your condition if your body can take it or not. You can check the reaction after you take it if you feel groggy and shaky or not. If something unusual happens, you can discuss this with a health professional. 

Additionally, it is important to know your purpose too. In case you wish to lose some weight, you need to avoid coffee with more sugar, cream, and ice because it can bring more weight to you for sure. Plus, the best time to have coffee is to follow that from 3 pm onward, you must stop having coffee ingestion and not drink more than 400 mg per day (less than 5 glasses).

The last-most important thing is about the coffee brand, especially instant coffee. Some manufacturers who produce this type of coffee fail to achieve the standard in one or more—the criteria regarding acute toxicity, chronic toxicity, and some banned ingredients that they have used. Therefore, you need to be selective in coffee.