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7 Reasons To Incorporate Green Coffee in Your Skincare

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7 Reasons To Incorporate Green Coffee in Your Skincare

Aside from regular coffee, raw coffee that can be called “Green Coffee” also makes a good mild taste and alternative tea-like beverage with a less roasted coffee smell. What’s more, green coffee is also added benefits to your skincare routine.

7 Reasons To Incorporate Green Coffee in Your Skincare intro

Green coffee is also crucial to the skincare regime of many people due to its number of advantages for skin, and hair. Nutrients in green coffee beans can bring a lot of benefits for us, especially beauty benefits that many people have included in skincare. 


Green coffee beans

To begin with, what exactly are green coffee beans? Green coffee beans are completely raw coffee or unroasted coffee beans. People can buy coffee in a full bean form to make beverages. The flavor of green coffee beans is milder and tastes more like herbal tea. 

Green coffee beans

Chemical compounds in green coffee beans are not similar to roasted ones despite similar backgrounds, there are slightly different nutrients that will be talked about below.

Nutrition tip on consuming Green coffee bean

Green coffee beans are unroasted and contain better antioxidant properties and vitamins such as vitamin c and vitamin e. Green Coffee beans can be used for internal consumption or topical application for its extract, which can be found in various beauty products. These properties are substantial for maintaining productivity, reducing cholesterol, and boosting your immune system. 

Metabolism boosting

Metabolism boosting

Green coffee beans are a good caffeine filler because it boosts metabolism, and there is a sizable amount of potent acid in green coffee beans. Green coffee beans boost metabolism pretty well, maintain high concentration and cognitive skills.

Fighting bad cholesterol 

Fighting bad cholesterol 

Moreover, the nutrition in green coffee beans, known as a natural detoxifier, cuts down cholesterol in our body. We can use Green Coffee beans to maintain the bad cholesterol named Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL) in our body which is the cause of cardiac arrest or cardiovascular disorder. All those antioxidants are the best for clearing up the body by being a natural diuretic and cleansing toxins. Also, they also help free our body from salt, get it properly detoxified, as well as reduce blood pressure.

Dietary benefits 

Furthermore, green coffee beans are recommended for those who want to maintain their diet because they are great for quick weight loss. The nutrients like fatty acids in green coffee beans raise the capacity of processing methods in unnecessary fats burning by turning it into energy. 

Studies have shown that the essential fatty acids in green coffee bean extract decrease fat accumulation which works best as a weight loss supplement. Then, it works on our hunger hormone in suppressing our hunger, reducing our frequent cravings, and getting rid of extra weight. 

Green coffee in skincare 

Green coffee in skincare 

In addition, consuming green coffee beans boosts skin rejuvenation because there are substances found in green coffee bean extract that are anti-aging and offer other skincare incentives just like green tea does. 

The high content of nutrition in green coffee beans is packed with secondary and unexpected benefits for health, skin, and hair. Below are the 7 skincare benefits of green coffee to consider incorporating into your routine.

7 Reasons to incorporate Green Coffee in your skin care

The high content of acid present in coffee beans is a highly beneficial and powerful antioxidant that acts as an anti-inflammatory and boosts your beauty. In terms of enhancing beauty, consuming coffee beans helps beautify hair and our skin. 

Help with collagen production boosting

First reason to incorporate coffee beans in our skincare is that its extract or green bean oil essentially helps with boosting collagen production. Why is collagen important? 

It is an essential building block for beautiful, radiant skin. They are an abundant protein; they are hard, insoluble, and fibrous proteins, and they play a protective role in the body. It is naturally found in the bone, some connective tissues, especially dermis tissue in which they work to repair the tissue by acting as supporting structure supporting cells. In cosmetic uses, coffee bean extract is included as an important ingredient in many products for the purpose of revitalization and tissue regeneration.  

Drinking unroasted coffee can assist you in attaining higher production of collagen. The antioxidants (chlorogenic acid present), and other potent anti-inflammatory nutrients such as potassium, manganese, niacin, riboflavin, and pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5) are important for skin protection, and elasticity. 

Make your skin firm

The second reason to include green coffee bean oil in your skincare regime is that a few drops of it can enhance your dermis firmness. The powerful antioxidants present in Green Coffee reduce dryness and tighten up the skin. How does it help tighten it?

The fatty acid in coffee beans contains diuretic effects that put down fat cells in our bodies by pulling out moisture from them. This also causes it to have a tightening effect on your skin and makes the skin look more youthful. Moreover, this potent antioxidant has the ability to fight radicals that can cause wrinkles and fine lines.

Despite that, the anti-inflammatory properties found in coffee beans can reduce the irritation and damaging effects, especially in a delicate area. The diuretic effect from chlorogenic acid works to reduce swelling around delicate areas like the eye, resulting in firmer, and younger-looking skin. 

Reduce effects of aging

Third, the benefit of green coffee is to reduce the effects of aging due to the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It is normal for adults to have more wrinkles as they age; the older you get, they appear, and sometimes it can be a frustration. 

People will look for any cosmetics or beauty products that ensure to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Coffee-based skincare products can treat the root problem because strong antioxidant properties in green coffee bean oil mitigate the effects of inflammation, and reduce redness. 

Moreover, green coffee bean oil harvested from coffee plants is added to many facial products for the purpose of skin revitalization and maintaining youthful skin. For instance, green coffee extract is added to eye creams in order to reduce skin puffiness, the puffiness under the eyes, especially, reduce dark circles. 

Reduce effects of aging

Green coffee extract oil for enhancing dermis health

Picture of product 

Picture of product 

Improve skin texture

Fourth, the benefits of green coffee bean oil are that the acid content in it improves texture by making it softer and giving you smooth skin. The extracts from coffee beans hydrate skin, and give moisture then makes a noticeable impact even out the skin tone, which is essential in texture improvement. 

Resolving skin damage

Resolving skin damage

Antioxidants in the bean are effective in repairing damaged skin cells and maintaining a good texture. Study proves that there are chemopreventive properties in the bean which help to prevent future damage. Thus, the ingredient is added to sunscreen to prevent the rupture of free radicals from sun exposure. 

Photodamage protection

Furthermore, it protects us from severe damages, especially sun damage, which can lead to increased wrinkles or even cancer. The UV rays of the sun are so powerful that they can be one of the greatest foes to the skin. 

It can damage skin cells and make them dull and dry. Antioxidants can fight these free radicals that formed under exposure to sunlight, then heal the skin deeply, and protect us from pro-aging as well. Also, fatty acids from coffee beans offer a lot of cell energy preservation as well. 

UVB in sun rays 

It might lead to severe skin disease that can be life-threatening, especially for those with dry skin, prone to moisture loss, and dark spots. Thus, caffeine can help protect us from the carcinogens received from sun exposure. According to clinical research, caffeine contains a DNA damage response that has adverse effects on UVB and provides a therapeutic option for non-melanoma skin cancer. 

Exfoliating product that is good for your skin 

Brightening your skin

Apart from improving texture, Green Coffee extract helps to make skin brighter naturally. The acidic content in Green Coffee is significant for moisturization, assisting blood flow, and repairing the damaged tissues, thus it makes the skin to be well-nourished. Normally, the hydrated skin is well-nourished, and it adds glow to the skin, making it look brighter and radiant.

Moreover, the benefits of green coffee on blood vessels assist blood circulation that is vital to maintain a soft, smooth, and good-looking skin when applied topically to the skin. An ingredient like caffeine improves the flow of nutrients carried in the blood to skin tissue, leading to puffiness reduction, preventing mottled dark circles. Plus, it can benefit the overall health along with the vibrant skin.  

Additionally, the quality of being able to repair skin tissue, Green Coffee is essential in partaking to the regulation of cell re-growth, retaining hydration by boosting collagen production, and enhancing elastic skin leaving it naturally brightened. 

Additional beauty product with coffee extract base

It moisturizes your skin

The sixth reason to consider adding Green coffee to your skincare is that the extract is perfect for moisturizing your skin. The green coffee extract, which contains chlorogenic acid present, such as oleic acid and linoleic acid, crucially moisturizes your skin and keeps it nourished, therefore helping smoothen and soften skin. 

Blood circulation improves skin 

In addition, it boosts blood circulation, which is another essential element added to factors that improve skin. Smooth, soft, and clear skin requires good blood circulation that can be attained by using coffee bean extracts. These extracts also prevent the platelets clustering that interrupts the circulation of the blood. 

Moisturizing products with natural-based ingredient

An excellent treatment for acne

An excellent treatment for acne

The last reason to incorporate green coffee in your skincare regime is to have a superb natural treatment for acne. It contains many proteins and antioxidant properties that are undoubtedly beneficial for skin protection. These antioxidant compounds are also considered effective stimulants for treatment. 

Green Coffee extract is a good option for treatment because it provides a great exfoliant to exfoliate dead skin cells, clogging pores, and most importantly, it is good for deep cleanse. The rich antioxidants can boster our natural defense built naturally in our body. It is important to deep cleanse your skin if your skin is prone to acne or pores. 

Side effects of Green Coffee consumption 

The list of rationales above can tell us about how helpful Green Coffee is to our skin improvement, and it should be included in a skincare routine. This is proved to be safe for both internal consumption and skin application, yet there are always side effects to everything if you over-consume. 

Side effects of Green Coffee consumption 

Over-consuming Green Coffee can lead to similar health effects such as interrupted sleep schedule, insomnia, stomach disorder, vomiting and nausea, and other related health impacts. In addition, Green Coffee is known to have high chlorogenic acid content that can lead to an anxiety disorder or bleeding disorder.


It is undeniable that a lot of beauty advantages are in green beans, however; it is important to manage a good measure in consumption to avoid negative effects on your health. For drinkers, it is very crucial to mark the daily caffeine consumption, drinking moderately, if you want the best outcome and not the negative impacts

In conclusion, Green beans contain a lot of beautiful advantages, and they should not be overlooked. Green Coffee has higher antioxidant properties. Because of these potent ingredients, this kind becomes trendy in the beauty industry. The essential nutrients in green coffee nourish the skin cells by keeping our skin hydrated, repairing the damaged tissues, and putting it in a healthy condition. Lastly, it is really important to remember that you can gain the most incentives when you consume in moderation.


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