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Best Aesthetic Outdoor Coffee Tables in 2024

Best Aesthetic Outdoor Coffee Tables in 2024

Do we do the same, enjoy resting outdoors with our refreshment drinks and snacks? Especially relaxing in our own backyard, garden or pool. If so, the existence of coffee tables at outdoor seating areas with outside chairs and sofas seem really essential for us. Coffee tables are known as the centrepiece of the living room and people seating around it like glass coffee tables and modern farmhouse coffee tables. Moreover, A coffee table is a low table that is designed to put beverages, magazines or books. Hence, an outdoor coffee table is a centrepiece to place beverages or books in the outside space. Furthermore, outdoor accent tables not just bring one refreshing experience, yet also increase one’s home to look more stylish too. 

However, you probably worry that keeping furniture outside might cause rust in affective weathers. As a result, patio furniture has expanded in recent markets for outdoor use, particularly a coffee table. The outdoor coffee table is typically constructed of weather-resistant materials to protect against rust. Since purchasing an aesthetic outdoor coffee table can be a challenging task as there are variety brands in the market, this review will introduce you to the best aesthetic outdoor coffee tables in 2024.


List of The Best Aesthetic Outdoor Coffee Tables in 2024

10. Keter Corfu Outdoor Coffee Table

10. Keter Corfu Outdoor Coffee Table

  • Made out of durable, rust-proof, all-weather polypropylene resin
  • features an open-woven texture that will not fray
  • UV resistant, and made from strong, all-weather resin
  • easy self-assembly with no extra tools required
  • You can pair the table with the armchair to create beautiful outdoor space
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Firstly, let’s have a look at an outside coffee table from Keter. The Keter’s plastic furniture such as plastic chairs and tables, is the perfect modern patio coffee table that will fulfil your outdoor living space. With that said, it is built in a traditional rattan style which is so convenient to clean, strong and waterproof. Each piece of these modern outdoor accent tables is constructed to be durable, weather-resistant and UV-resistant from resin. 

Moreover, there is an open-woven texture which won’t fray. Furthermore, if you are looking for a long-term use coffee table, you can go with the Keter Cofu coffee table. In that point of view, because the framing of this coffee table’s pieces is zero-metallic. Consequently, there is no more concern about rust. Likewise, the Keter Corfu Outdoor Coffee Table is created for fast and easy assembly without requiring any extra tools.

Take Home into Consideration 

  • A stylish patio coffee table
  • Use resin as materials 
  • Durable, weather-resistant and UV-resistant
  • Has an open-woven texture
  • Polypropylene resin plastic construction
  • Long-term use because the framing is non-metallic
  • Rust-free
  • 30.3 x 22.4 x 16.5 inches
  • Convenient for self-assemble 

A Little to Perfection 

  • Available only dark color, so it will not really match with some outdoor sofa
  • Some users received broken
9. DIMAR Garden Outside Coffee Table

9. DIMAR Garden Outside Coffee Table

  • the dimension is 25.2in(L) x 25.2in(W) x 12.6in(H)
  • All pieces made of brand new PE rattan, Environmental friendly and odor-free
  • UV-Resistant for over 2000 hours
  • Rust-Resistant over 2000 hours
  • Steel frame reinforcement, rust - resistant appearance
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The DIMAR Garden Outside Coffee Tables are made of top-quality rattan and stainless steel of screws as materials. Hence, it perfectly boasts its weather-resistant, UV-resistant and rust-resistant for 2,000 hours feature. Additionally, because of its square shape of 25.2 x 25.2 x 12.6 inches in dimensions, this outdoor rattan furniture coffee table is suitable for both outdoor and indoor terrace, backyard, yard, poolside, balcony and so on.

What’s more, there is a thickness of 5mm glass in the top of the table with a smoothly chamfer edge, as well as non-slip silicone chunks. Kai Hence, it is super easy to clean and cut-free. Furthermore, as its Nature Variance wood in design, the DIMAR garden furniture side table is easy to fit wooden furniture or sets of your favorite sofa inside or outside. With its Knock Down design and re-usable screws & holes makes the coffee table easy packing and setup.

Take Home into Consideration 

  • Top-quality PE rattan and stainless steel of screws as material
  • Resistance to weather, UV and rust
  • 25.2 x 25.2 x 12.6 inches
  • Square Shape
  • Suit both outdoor and indoor 
  • Easy to assemble
  • Quick assemble 
  • Removable glass desktop 

A Little to Perfection 

  • It sits low and small
8. POLYWOOD Side Table

8. POLYWOOD Side Table

  • No painting, staining or waterproofing required
  • Durable enough to withstand nature’s elements
  • Made in the USA
  • resistance to color-fade, waterproof-resistance, non-splinter, zero-crack
  • eco-friendly product, made with recycled materials
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The side table from POLYWOOD comes to be a space to set your beloved drinks when relaxing on your chair. It is constructed of hard POLYWOOD recycled lumber which is an ideal for outdoor furniture. As its resistance to color-fade, waterproof-resistance, non-splinter, zero-crack and non-peel. With that said, the POLYWOOD has the look of painted wood without painting required. Also, it is available in 13 colors for you to choose.

In addition, because of the genuine POLYWOOD recycled lumber makes the table durable enough to withstand the environment. Likewise, it is super easy to maintain by just simply cleans with soap and water. Besides, this aesthetic coffee table  is designed in square shape with 15 x 15 x 18 inches in dimensions. So, it is a perfect complement of the Long Island Adirondack and rocking chairs.

Take Home into Consideration 

  • The perfect complement to the Long Island Adirondack and rocking chairs
  • POLYWOOD recycled lumber
  • Fade-resistant color
  • Heavy-duty
  • Made in the USA
  • 15 x 15 x 18 inches
  • Square shape
  • 13 color options 

A Little to Perfection 

  • Received missing screws
  • It is small yet the price is high
7. WELLAND Tree Stump Stool Side Table

7. WELLAND Tree Stump Stool Side Table

  • A great plant holder
  • Unique and attractive outdoor stools for your garden, deck, or fire-pit
  • Great stylish pick for a resting stool with weight capacity of up to 200 lb
  • Recommend placing this stool in a dry and cool place
  • Constructed with care and skilled artisans
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The WELLAND turned cedar roots into a stylish side table which shows its natural beauty in the live edge. Hence, it is a unique outdoor side table for decorating one home. Additionally, the cedar is a soft which is a fantastic option for outdoor furniture. In the view of that as it is resistant to weather and it can maintain beauty for long durations with a good care. Importantly, every piece of the WELLAND side table is constructed with care and skilled artisans to an incredible artwork, in order to ensure none of them are alike. 

Moreover, the WELLAND can be used in multiple ways including a chair side table, small coffee table base, outdoor or indoor decor furniture, stool, etc. In addition, the WELLAND has a smoothed finish and is really sturdy in the dimensions of 13 x 12 x 13.75 inches. What’s more, this brand cedar roots coffee tables are a timeless living accessory which are gorgeous pieces of art, because of their unique shape and grain patterns.

Take Home into Consideration 

  • Constructed of cedar stumps
  • Organic shape makes it unique 
  • Used in multiple ways
  • 13 x 12 x 13.75 inches
  • Stylish and gorgeous 
  • Long lasting
  • Natural colors

A Little to Perfection 

  • Some broke easily 
  • A bit small to use as an end table
6. Grand Patio Round Steel Patio Outdoor Coffee Table

6. Grand Patio Round Steel Patio Outdoor Coffee Table

  • A bright color design, which creates a unique artistic style
  • Light weight, heavy constructed and designed for Strength and Stability
  • 4 foot caps protect your floor and keep your outdoor coffee table more stable
  • Easy to assemble, store and carry out
  • Size of table is 27.6”(DIA.) X 15.8”(H)
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Now, let’s check a round shape steel patio outdoor coffee table from Grand Patio. The Grand Patio used a bright color to create its end table for a unique artistic style. Thus, it brings so much wonderful view for your house. Moreover, the Grand Patio coffee table is lightweight as 7.7 Pounds which you can move easily to your outdoor space anytime. Furthermore, it has heavy construction for strength and stability in design.

What’s more, the Grand Patio circle outdoor coffee table is made of alloy steel which means it is weather-resistant and easy to clean. Also, 4-foot caps provide a well protection to the wood floor from scratching. Likewise, it looks stylish in your outdoor living room as the combination quality, style and function. It keeps the space tidy and comfortable for a first good impression from your guest.

Take Home into Consideration 

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Ideal size to complement conversation chairs, chaise lounges and sofa
  • Bright colors and UV-Protection
  • Weather-resistant
  • Heavy-duty Alloy steel construction 
  • 4 plastic feet on the bottom avoided floor scratching
  • Lightweight and easy to clean
  • Environmentally friendly.

A Little to Perfection 

  • Arrived without screws
  • Not looks perfect in large space
5. Christopher Knight Home Modern Round Coffee Table

5. Christopher Knight Home Modern Round Coffee Table

  • A simplistic structure and metallic colors for a modern style
  • Features a hammered surface to create a gorgeous textured look
  • Comes in a size of 26. 00” L x 26. 00” W x 17. 00” H
  • Iron frame to ensures that this table will hold up under heavy use
  • No assembly required
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If you are seeking a size and stylish coffee table, the Christopher Knight Home Modern Round Coffee Table would be an incredible choice. It can upgrade your living room style with a spot of sophistication. Moreover, it will give an additional boost of modern design and industrial influences to any house. Furthermore, as a gorgeous hammered surface, the Christopher Knight Home coffee table stands as an outstanding centerpiece to offer up a drink or snacks for your guests. 

In addition, because of the existence of an iron frame Welded Together as a cylindrical silhouette, it will hold up heavy use. Consequently, this coffee table becomes a perfect textured finish and a metallic sheen to enhance the long time look of your home. Lastly, the Christopher Knight Home coffee table comes as a ready to use item, you do not have to worry about the assembly.

Take Home into Consideration 

  • Metallic colors 
  • Clean, cylindrical shape and convenient table lip
  • Hammered surface
  • Iron frame
  • No assembly required 

A Little to Perfection 

  • No storage
4. Modway Outdoor Patio Glass Coffee Table

4. Modway Outdoor Patio Glass Coffee Table

  • Powder-coated aluminum frame woven with water and UV-resistant synthetic rattan
  • Contemporary Style, features versatile seating & exceptional support
  • Clean lines, squared corners, and a sleek profile enhance the modern look
  • Easy Maintenance
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Next, let’s have a look at the outdoor patio coffee table from Modway. The Modway items come with a gray-on-gray synthetic rattan weave. So, it contains UV protection when the items stay outdoors for a long time. Also, because of the construction of a powder-coated aluminum frame. Hence, it brings weather-resistance along itself. With the dimensions of 47 x 24 x 15.5 inches, you can place the Modway rectangle coffee table in the backyard, garden and so on.

What’s more, there is a tempered glass on the top, which is so easy to clean. As a result, you can keep the coffee table always clean like the first day by just having a quick wipe with a cloth on it. Moreover, the existence of the glass top also can protect the underlying table from any scratches and buffs.

Take Home into Consideration 

  • Used rattan as materials 
  • 47 x 24 x 15.5 inches
  • Contains a tempered glass top
  • UV protection 
  • Looks modern

A Little to Perfection

  • Hard to assemble as the 8 screws
3. Keter Ottoman Set of 2 with Storage Table Outdoor

3. Keter Ottoman Set of 2 with Storage Table Outdoor

  • Made out of durable, rust-proof, all-weather polypropylene resin
  • Weather-resistant polypropylene construction prevents rusting, peeling & denting
  • Seating poufs hold up to 242 pounds each
  • Comes with 2 rounded pouf style seats & 1 multi-functional end table/storage bin
  • Requires no assembly
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The table outdoor set from Keter comes with two rounded pouf style cozy seats and one cozy end table bin. Moreover, the knitted craft like texture is built of durable, weatherproof resin plastic. Likewise, the pouf ottoman with concave top is wonderful as comfortable seating or footstool. Which means you can either enjoy outdoor fresh air by sitting on the plastic poufs or keep the table set inside for a modern look in the living room.

Besides, the Keter end table has a double storage bin with 10-gallon capacity for extra odds and ends. The seat can hold 242 pounds because of the hard polypropylene resin construction. Furthermore, the Keter Sets are ready to be used right out of the box, no assembly needed. Hence, it saves so much time and energy.

Take Home into Consideration 

  • Durable construction 
  • Weather polypropylene resin
  • Seating has 242 pounds capacity
  • 10 gallons of storage space
  • No assembly required

A Little to Perfection 

  • Broke easily
2. LOKATSE HOME Coffee Table for Outdoor

2. LOKATSE HOME Coffee Table for Outdoor

  • Made out of durable fir wooden from New Zealand
  • With the extra lower shelf, provide storage and ample space
  • Perfect for displaying plants, flowers, succulents, and other decor
  • Overall size is 37. 5(L) x 20. 1(W) x 18. 5(H)
  • Simple stylish design, Natural color
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If you are looking for comfortable and stylish outdoor furniture, the LOKATSE HOME outdoor coffee table would be a nice option. With that said, the LOKATSE HOME has a duty to provide customers top quality and pretty pieces through creating an outstanding quality, stylish and comfortable brand. Furthermore, the LOKATSE HOME tables are constructed of durable wood from New Zealand for a natural finish. 

As a result, it will bring a classic outdoor style to one backyard setting. What’s more, there is an extra lower shelf for storage use as well as an ample space for placing foods or decor. Likewise, the LOKATSE HOME items come with convenient assembly with just about 60 mins.

Take Home into Consideration 

  • Durable construction as durable fir wooden
  • Double shelves including a lower shelf and ample space
  • 37.5 x 20.1 x 18.5 inches
  • Hold up 17.6 Pounds
  • A natural wood color table

A Little to Perfection 

  • Smell of wood
  • Sometimes arrived with missing pieces
1. LOKATSE HOME Outdoor Round Coffee Table

1. LOKATSE HOME Outdoor Round Coffee Table

  • Constructed from a powder-coated steel frame & hand woven PE wicker rattan
  • It has 35 x 35 x 13 inches in dimensions with an easy assembly
  • The perfect complement to outdoor venues
  • UV resistance and Weather-resistance
  • Has simple and stylish design which a beautiful addition to any area
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Another comes from LOKATSE HOME as a round coffee table, which stands as the first rank of this list. This type of coffee table is stylish and easy for your needs. In that point of view, because of its circle shape you can easily place it near your seating for enjoying snacks or drinks. Moreover, it will be a fantastic decoration item when you put it in the pool or backyard. These have been shown multiple usage of the LOKATSE HOME round tale coffee.

The LOKATSE HOME tables can be used outdoors due to construction from a rust-resistant steel frame and hand-woven PE wicker rattan. Thus, it is durable, UV-resistance as well as weather-resistance. Besides, it has 35 x 35 x 13 inches in dimensions with an easy assembly. Finally, the LOKATSE HOME offers free replacement or refund within 30 days after one purchase. 

Take Home into Consideration 

  • Built of a rust-resistant steel frame and hand-woven PE wicker rattan.
  • Durable material
  • UV resistance 
  • Weather-resistance 
  • Multiple uses
  • Guarantees from the store
  • 35 x 35 x 13 inches

A Little to Perfection 

  • No storage

Buying Guides on Choosing- Best Aesthetic Outdoor Coffee Tables in 2024 

Types of Materials Made

There are many choices of materials you can choose from the list. The naturally wood is comfortable and sturdy, yet it will need regular maintenance for weather and UV protection. So just buy redwood, teak, cedar and cypress as they require less maintenance. Moreover, rattan and wicker give a casual and comfortable look, but they need weatherproofing after a few years. However, synthetic rattan and wicker that has a resin finish will last longer. In addition, plastic and aluminum are rustproof, lightweight, cost small and convenient to maintain with just a little soap and water. Although they are lightweight construction, they might require to be secured when there are high winds and storms. Luckily, all of these material types Furniture will look fresh for years.

The Outdoor Coffee Tables Height 

The highest point of the coffee table is 2 inches shorter than the chairs or sofa that stays around them. Many coffee tables are 18″ to 16 inches tall yet whenever furniture is taller or you host a party, consider having a taller table which is 21″ to 20 inches tall.

Assembly Feature 

You should ask yourself; do you prefer a ready to use coffee table or required assembled one. For a ready to use item is lightweight which is easy to move. Whereas, assembly products will not require to be delivered on a big pallet which takes up space till you unbox the table.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I have to consider the weather when buying an outdoor coffee table?

Yes, you do. It is also an important thing you should never overlook. For example, if you live in an area which receives a lot of snow or rain, the coffee table that will not warp, crack, or become discolored are the best choice. On the other hand, if you live in an area that receives wind, choose heavier wrought iron over plastic.

What type of shape should a family have kids choose?

If used in a family that has kids, a round table should be the first consideration. At that point, because sharp corners can be extremely dangerous for the youngest, especially those who are simply figuring out how to walk. On the other hand, if you do not prefer a circle table, you can get a corner protector that will provide cushion to the kids.


An outdoor coffee table comes to put your refreshments partners such as coffee, tea or snacks when resting in the backyard. Additionally, coffee tables are perfect for decorating an attractive look to one living home. Consequently, they not only look aesthetic yet more functional too. Above products review has presented 10 best outdoor coffee tables with stylish design as well as durable.

Plus, with buying guides on choosing the best aesthetic outdoor coffee tables, we ensure that you will find the top quality and fit your outdoor seating space the most. Hence, we hope that these will be effective in your decision. Finally, just leave a question on the comment below if you still have doubts on choosing the garden furniture side tables. Our hard-working team will help you out as quickly as possible.