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Best Modern Farmhouse Coffee Table Collection You Will Love in 2024

Best Modern Farmhouse Coffee Tables You Will Love in 2024

Modern farmhouse coffee table is such a famous options when it comes to picking out a coffee table for a coffee lover’s living room. So, what does “Farmhouse” mean when used with a coffee table?

Basically, this word refers to a style that introduces clean, rusticness, warmth, chic and traditional.


Basic Understanding of Farmhouse Coffee Table

A coffee table plays an important role in creating an aesthetically beautiful living room. Thus, the farmhouse coffee table is for those who desire their living room to look rustic and clean based on its color and material of the furniture. 

The farmhouse coffee table is usually made of wood. This furniture is aesthetic and will not take up much space from the living room. It is pretty convenient to build and has kind of eye-catching appearance in each unique style.

When To Use Farmhouse Coffee Table?

Imagine sipping your favorite cup of joe while watching TV near a modern farmhouse coffee table in front of you, positive vibe exposed.

If you are on the hunt for the wonderful farmhouse coffee table, we are here to help you explore some option that will fashion in your living room in a fascinating way. In this review article, our hard-working team has recommended the best items which will fit mostly with your favorite in the 21st century.

These farmhouse coffee tables have different designs and proportions. Also, they are all customizable and adjustable. Moreover, these coffee tables were highly selected for budget-friendly. No longer hesitate, check them out!

List of The Best Modern Farmhouse Coffee Tables in 2024

10. Walker Edison Sedalia Modern Farmhouse Coffee Table

10. Walker Edison Sedalia Modern Farmhouse Coffee Table

  • The dimension is 40 x 22 x 18 inches
  • Top surface supports up to 125 Ibs. and bottom tier supports up to 75 Ibs.
  • Made with warp-resistant MDF and powder-coated steel
  • Pair with the matching entry and accent tables to complete the look
  • Ships ready-to-assemble with step-by-step instructions
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Firstly, let’s have a look at one of the coffee tables from Walker Edison.  This coffee table appearance is going to enhance your living room vibe in a more rustic style. Hence, it will not seem outdated in a few years. The black painted metal accents are on the top corners of X-shaped sides.

Of course, it looks absolutely beautiful with the wood surface. Additionally, the top surface can support up to 125 Ibs. Whereas, the bottom can support up to 75 Ibs.

In addition, the Walker Edison farmhouse coffee table gives you sufficient space to place down staff like a TV remote and so on. Also, an underneath shelf is used for storage or decor. Likewise, this product is made of warp-resistant MDF wood and powder-coated metal, which boasts thickness and sturdiness with a rectangle shape in the main design. What’s more, this farmhouse coffee table comes with entry and accent tables in a pair for a better look in the living room.

Take Home into Consideration 

  • Top surface for 125 Ibs
  • Rustic Farmhouse Coffee Table
  • Bottom shelf supports up to 75 Ibs
  • Warp-resistant MDF and powder-coated steel
  • Pair with accent tables 
  • Made of wood and mental
  • Rectangle Shape

A Little to Perfection 

  • The color is not accurate with the advertise picture 
  • Heavy which might be struggle to assemble

For additional information regarding coffee tables, you can also have a look at glass coffee tables and aesthetic outdoor coffee tables to double-check if they are suitable for your spaces.

9. Convenience Concepts French Coffee Table

9. Convenience Concepts French Coffee Table

  • Super-easy to assemble with dozens of styles
  • Crafted with hardworking materials and durable finishes
  • Features bottom shelf, Available in multiple finishes
  • Fits easily with any decor
  • Quick and easy Set up
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Next, let’s go with the French style of farmhouse coffee table from Convenience Concepts. This French coffee table is such an artistic piece that can transform your living room into a modern decoration. The Convenience Concepts coffee tables are made from driftwood which is durable and looks handsome in an elegant living room.

This perfect farmhouse coffee table top is mated with carved turned legs that can create an elegant and fashionable look for every corner of your space.

Likewise, the Convenience Concepts has 48 x 17 x 17 inches in dimension. As a result, you can store many necessary things on it or display a flower vase for haunting a great look in the living room. It seems fit in a small space. What’s more, you can exhibit books and magazines at the lower storage of this beautiful wooden farmhouse coffee table. Plus, simply in design , this rectangle farmhouse coffee table is quick and easy to set up.

Take Home into Consideration 

  • Quick and convenient to assemble
  • Has bottom shelf
  • Fits well with any decor
  • Made from wood
  • 48 x 17 x 17 inches
  • Rectangle-shaped farmhouse coffee table

A Little to Perfection 

  • Available only in 2 color finish
  • Delivery in poor package
8. HOMECHO Coffee Table

8. HOMECHO Coffee Table

  • Made of high-qualified particle board, also with the metal construction, quite durable
  • Crafted with matte black finish that can offer better skid resistance
  • The hidden cubby is perfect for your cable, books and small router
  • Two drawers make it more convenient to reach your daily necessities
  • It is elegant and simple design
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Now, let’s move on to another famous farmhouse coffee table from HOMECHO. The HOMECHO items are made from natural wood tones as well as trendy vintage. As a result, say hello to an elegant and antique living room with the presence of HOMECHO modern farmhouse coffee table.

Talking about the minimal design of this rustic farmhouse coffee table, it perfectly matches with different furniture styles. With the handy set-up instruction will make you feel super easy to assemble everything.

Besides, the HOMECHO coffee tables are built of MDF including natural wood grain and mental frame. Consequently, it is durable for long term usage. Also, with the matte black finish, it can display such an attractive look to its surroundings to another level .

Moreover, the smooth wooden surface of this farmhouse coffee table is great for storage and decoration. With the tabletop dimension of 43.3 x 23.6 inches, it is enough to display belonging stuff on it.

Whereas, the open shelf is used for storing books, magazines and so on. Also, the 2 drawers are great to keep small things in order to tidy your room. Without placing the farmhouse coffee table in front of the sofa, it also did work for the TV stand. 

Take Home into Consideration 

  • Durable with long time usage
  • Match with any different furniture style
  • Provides set-up instruction
  • 43.3 x 23.6 inches
  • Includes open bottom shelf and 2 drawers
  • Multiple use such as a center table and electronic stand

A Little to Perfection 

  • Available only one color
  • Arrived with missing some pieces
7. KingSo Modern Coffee Table

7. KingSo Modern Coffee Table

  • features two open shelf spaces with a central divider
  • Made of 15mm thick durable particleboard, its weight capacity is up to 110 lbs.
  • The tapered solid wood legs of this coffee table fixed with screws
  • Comes with numbered parts and detailed instructions, easy to assemble
  • Easy to clean underneath and around the table
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The KingSo looks modern because it takes small spaces with its classic shapes. Moreover, it fits with any living room decoration as it’s dark with a bit light color finished. It looks so traditional in design. Which means there are 2 open shelf spaces to store novel books and magazines etc.

Besides, this farmhouse cofffee table top used a 15mm P2 particle board for construction to look modern and scratch-resistant plus sliding-free with waterproof features.

What’s more, the KingSo coffee table comes with embedded holes on the solid wood legs which causes it super convenient to assemble. Afterall, you just put in the wooden pegs and simply tighten screws to enhance its stability and durability. Additionally, there is the existence of plastic foot pads to prevent floor scratching.

Moreover, when you place a carpet slider under each 4 legs, it is really easy to drag the table. Likewise, the KingSo farmhouse coffee table provides a full 12 months guarantee. Hence, you can be confident to purchase such risk-free in return.

Take Home into Consideration 

  • Takes small spaces
  • 2 open bottom shelf spaces
  • Table top used of 15mm P2 particle board
  • Modern, scratch-resistant, sliding-free and waterproof
  • Super convenient to assemble
  • Stable and durable end tables
  • Floor scratching resistance 
  • 12 months guarantee

A Little to Perfection 

  • An hour to set it up
  • Some user complaint about the instruction which is hard to understand
6. Del Hutson Designs Farmhouse Coffee Table

6. Del Hutson Designs Farmhouse Coffee Table

  • Guided by decor upcyclers with a serious eye for style
  • Handmade in USA using high Quality Reclaimed wood
  • Adds beautiful rustic accent to home & decor
  • This barnwood coffee table is made from 100% reclaimed wood
  • The product dimension is 39 x 20 x 16 inches
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The Del Hutson Designs comes up with its handmade designs for adding a unique touch of rustic style to every piece for your living room. Moreover, Hutson Designs ensures incorporating new trends, colors, as well as styles into the items, which create every piece truly one of a type.

Consequently, it looks perfect in the smaller living room. With decor up-cycler guided plus a serious eye for style in design, the Hutson Designs increases your living room with a dress of carefully crafted decorative things.

What’s more, the Hutson Designs farmhouse coffee table has 39 x 20 x 16 inches is a perfect space to store drinks and some decor in-front of your TV. Furthermore, this barnwood coffee table is made from top-quality reclaimed wood in the USA. As a result, it has boasted its stability and durability.

Also, add a beautiful rustic accent to your home. In addition, this kind of barnwood comes with finished assembled and ready to use any time after your purchase.

Take Home into Consideration 

  • Handmade designs 
  • Has 39 x 20 x 16 inches
  • Made from top-quality reclaimed wood in USA
  • Beautiful rustic accent farmhouse coffee table
  • Finished assembled end tables
  • Lightweight 

A Little to Perfection 

  • Has short time usage
  • Small in size
5. Signature Design Ashley-Aldwin Coffee Table

5. Signature Design Ashley-Aldwin Coffee Table

  • Made of pine veneers, pine wood and engineered wood
  • The weathered gray finish accentuates rustic farmhouse styling beautifully
  • Easy to assembly, instructions, hardware and tools included
  • Will looks great set in both small and large living room spaces
  • Designed with crossbuck details, metal bracket accents and a 2 sided hinged lift top (with stay arms
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Now, welcome to the Ashley-Aldwin Coffee Table from Signature Design, which is also the best option for those who love square coffee tables. Not to mention it has double function with storage.

Firstly, its dual sided lift-table-top provides convenient access to the storage space. So just raise the single side of the table top, you will say goodbye to that problem. Secondly, you can store drinks or books on the top of the coffee table when you enjoy TV time. Furthermore, the Signature Design Ashley-Aldwin Farmhouse Coffee Table is built of pine veneers, pine wood and engineered wood with metal bracket accents. Consequently, it is rustic in both small and large living rooms. 

Besides the crossbuck details and roomy storage inside, you definitely love its modern perks in design if 22.75 inches in height. While closed it is 18 inches tall. Additionally, grey finished brings extra point to its look. Likewise, no more concern with hard assemble, the Signature Design provides a clear instruction to help you out set up the table.

Take Home into Consideration 

  • Double function with storage
  • Pine veneers, pine wood and engineered wood made
  • Clear set-up instruction
  • Modern in farmhouse coffee table design 
  • Table lifted has 22.75 inches, Close had 18 inches

A Little to Perfection 

  • Poor packaging which causes some broken when arrived
4. Ashley-Shellmond Accent Cocktail Table from Signature Design

4. Ashley-Shellmond Accent Cocktail Table from Signature Design

  • Top is made of veneers and engineered wood
  • Designed with a split hinged lift top that reveals open storage
  • The lift top makes it easy to stow away living room items
  • Can function as a side table or small coffee table
  • Easy to assemble
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Another comes with Ashley-Shellmond Accent form Signature Design as an accent coffee table. Moreover, this table is built of metal finish to enhance modern look and stability.

This upgraded farmhouse coffee table type is made to a round shape table with wood finish. In view of this, because the top is used of veneers and engineered wood to make, while the bottom is used of metal. As a result, it is not recommended use outside. 

Furthermore, this farmhouse coffee table is designed with a split hinged lift top for open storage. As a result, you can store some living room items to save some space. Besides the open storage, you can use it as a cocktail table when watching TV or movies in the living room. Likewise, it is super easy to assemble by just attaching feet with instruction provided support. With the wood finish ensures its stability and durability. 

Take Home into Consideration 

  • Metal finish and wood finish
  • Open storage included
  • Multiple functions 
  • Easy to assemble 

A Little to Perfection 

  • Legs easily get break
3. Farmhouse Coffee Table from FurniChoi

3. Farmhouse Coffee Table from FurniChoi

  • Elegant in its simplicity, the coffee table features classic X-supports
  • Large bottom slats shelf strikes the balance of function and style
  • The rough tabletop is a rustic style that is specially designed
  • Color variation in natural wood
  • The size is perfect which is not too big or too small
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Now let’s have a look at the Farmhouse coffee Table from FurniChoi, which is a charming style of your living room. If you are looking for a coffee table to fit with your wood furniture, the FurniChoiis an incredible choice. The FurniChoi has a big desktop as well as 2-Tier Design Spacious table surface. Consequently, it will make your living room look more rustic.

Furthermore, it creates so much space when placing all of your things in its storage. Hence, your room will look tidy and clean. Additionally, the FurniChoi is made from wood and medium density fiberboard in order to enhance stability and durability. Besides, the large bottom slats shelf used to store any items as you needed.

What’s more, the FurniChoi farmhouse coffee table comes in the size of 47.25 x 23.62 x 18.8 inches, which is a perfect size when placed in front of a long sofa or couch. Likewise, because of the solid wood plate and sturdy construction, there will not be any concern about wobbly and serious floor-scratching.

In addition, it is extremely easy to set up and also provides a year’s customer service in a purchase. Most importantly, users can contact FurniChoi to solve any quality problem after their purchase.

Take Home into Consideration 

  • 47.25 x 23.62 x 18.8 inches
  • Space Saving Table
  • High quality made
  • Protect floor from scratches 
  • Stable farmhouse coffee table
  • Has bottom shelf
  • Easy to Assemble end tables
  • 100% user satisfaction 

A Little to Perfection 

  • Arrived with some scratches
2. Walker Edison Anastasia X Base Coffee Table

2. Walker Edison Anastasia X Base Coffee Table

  • Top surface supports up to 100 Ibs.
  • Made with durable laminate and painted metal
  • Pair with the matching side table to complete the look
  • Made with durable laminate and painted metal
  • The dimension is 31 x 31 x 17 inches and 24.2 pound
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The round shape farmhouse coffee table from Walker Edison is a fantastic choice to place novels, magazines as well as fresh flower vases for a great decoration in your living room. Furthermore, the black painted metal makes the table look gorgeous.

Moreover, its mental legs wrap around the top of the table creating stability for the table. Likewise, you can be happy to put needed items on the table surface as it can support up to 100 Ibs.

What’s more, the Walker Edison round coffee table has 31 x 31 x 17 inches and 24.2 pound. Additionally, it is really easy to put together with just 3 components. It will take you less than 20 minutes to assemble the entire table.

Lastly, as the round shape in design, the Walker Edison farmhouse coffee table is a perfect choice for the family with little children or to avoid crash table accidents.

Take Home into Consideration 

  • Supports up to 100 Ibs on top surface 
  • Made of durable laminate and painted metal
  • Pair with the matching side table
  • 31 x 31 x 17 inches
  • Round shape
  • Super convenient to set up end table

A Little to Perfection 

  • Easily get scratched
1. Care Royal Farmhouse Coffee Table with Storage Shelf

1. Care Royal Farmhouse Coffee Table with Storage Shelf

  • 100% Real Natural Solid Reclaimed Wood
  • Handcraft Rustic Brown Bumpy Finish Metal Frame
  • Bottom Open Shelf Provides Additional Storage Space
  • Can be versatile to used as a TV stand, media console table, decorative display table
  • Can easily assemble with just 4 steps
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Here, comes with the last best modern farmhouse coffee table of the list. Let’s welcome the farmhouse industrial coffee table from Care Royal. Both table bottom and top shelf are constructed from 100% real natural solid reclaimed wood. As a result, the table comes as a unique style.

Moreover, the existence of a metal frame shows rust-resistance, sturdy and stability features. The style of this brand table will provide a cozy and warm atmosphere into the living room that is placing it.

What’s more, this Care Royal farmhouse coffee table decor idea is super fit with all styles of furniture. Likewise, its multiple functions are also the great reason to choose this table. You can use it as a TV stand and appropriate space to store some items on the bottom open shelf.

Besides, with just 4-steps set up as shown on the instruction provided, you will get a complete Care Royal farmhouse coffee table immediately.

Take Home into Consideration 

  • 100% real natural solid reclaimed wood.
  • Rust-resistance, sturdy and stability features
  • Fit with all style of furniture
  • Has open bottom shelf 
  • 4-steps to set up

A Little to Perfection 

  • Expensive

Buying Guides on Choosing Best Modern Farmhouse Coffee Tables You Will Love in 2024

In addition to the above review products description, our hard-working team prefers to share some factors for you before adding the product to your chart. There are 4 main points to choose the best fit modern farmhouse coffee table for yourself.

Your Specific Area Measurement 

You should measure the place first before deciding to find the best farmhouse coffee table. So, if you buy the wrong size of the coffee table, you will end up with tiny space. Which means you will hang out at a stacked-up place that is hard to move around.

Hence, it is the best idea to know the area you want to place and the size of space. Otherwise, you will have a larger coffee table than you desire in the end.

The Farmhouse Coffee Table Shape

In the list, we have mentioned 3 types of shape of the farmhouse coffees table including round, square and rectangle. Firstly, the circle shape coffee tables are perfect for sectional seating. In this case, because the square shape has no sharp edges and is good for family with kids.

Whereas, the square and rectangle coffee tables are fantastic for L-shape seating. Reasoning for this fact, the rectangle coffee tables are modern as well as provide the most amount of surface to work with. The square farmhouse coffee tables have a nice look and offer storage beneath the surface. Hence, you should decide the coffee table’s shape based on the furniture in your living room. 

Extra Features of The Coffee Table

You have to know the exact size of farmhouse coffee table you need, which means what you would be using it for. For example, some people just have a simple purpose to display on their living room to increase the appearance of the living room. Consequently, they can choose a long-lasting one.

Yet, if you need more space to store items, go with sturdy and durable as well as more storage space like bottom shelf and tabletop open. Another one of the most important things is to keep in mind the budget that you have. Make sure that you are affordable. If not, you will run out of money.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) To Choose The Best Farmhouse Coffee Table For Your Space

How to maintain a wooden farmhouse coffee table?

Without using a strong chemical, you can clean your wooden farmhouse coffee table with warm water as well as a little soap. Remember that chemicals can damage both the design and color of the wood. Moreover, you should not leave a single mess on the table if you need perfect maintenance. 

Which types of wooden farmhouse coffee tables should I choose?

Hardwoods like oak and walnut are durable and sturdy types of woods. With that said, because it’s hardy parts and durability as they are a seasoned wood product usually comes from a large tree. However, they are a kind of weighty material, the smaller size of the set is the best farmhouse coffee table as easily to move.

Final Thought 

The living room which exits a favorite modern farmhouse coffee table, tends to be so elegant on appearance. Moreover, you will gain a more comfortable atmosphere when at home.

Furthermore, a clean and modern living room will appear at your house with just the presence of the best modern farmhouse coffee table. No matter round, square or rectangular shape.

In the products description above have brought you to visit the best modern farmhouse coffee table in the 21st century. Additionally, the buying guide is the light show you the way to deliver the most fits coffee table for one. We hope these will help you to have a proper choice.