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Why Should You Put Coconut Oil In Coffee?

Why Should You Put Coconut Oil In Coffee?

In recent years, statistically speaking, almost 90% of the population around the world has started to add coffee to the top list of their favorite drinks. Some even take it as their breakfast and begin their day with just a cup of coffee. For this reason, coffee has now become the world’s most popular drink, coffee lovers themselves or people who own coffee shops always try to come up with different ways how to make coffee to obtain a unique and more flavorful taste according to their preferences. Just as some people would try different types of sugar, oils, or even coconut oil in their coffee.

For coffee shop owners, they can attract more customers to their shops with their unique or signature coffee taste while coffee drinkers can drink their desired coffee flavors and at the same time, gain other health benefits as well. 

Why Should You Put Coconut Oil In Coffee? Introduction

People seem to talk about coconut oil all the time. Normally, they would talk about the benefits that coconut oil can offer in many ways including your skin, hair, weight loss, and other health benefits. Therefore, one of the trendy methods to maximize the coffee taste is to bring coconut oil coffee recipe into account.

This is why coffee recipes or coconut coffee come into existence. Since people talk about coconut oil every time, most of them probably know what it is and its importance. However, some may not know or can never imagine the combination of coconut oil, coconut milk, and coffee together. 


What is coconut oil coffee?

Coconut oil coffee is actually not something new. It has been around for quite some time. However, it has become popular again because of the invention of bulletproof coffee. Basically, coconut oil coffee is just coffee that is supplemented with MCT oil in which it is extracted from coconut.

What exactly is coconut oil? What is it made of?

Coconut oil or coconut milk is made out of pressing fresh coconut meat called Copra. Overall, coconut oil has unexpectedly a lot of health benefits since it is full of fatty acids and healthy fats that could improve your metabolism, cognitive function, hair, and skin health. 

Because of these important nutrients, it could offer, I have brought up 7 main reasons why adding coconut oil in coffee cup or starting to use coconut oil coffee recipes whether it is hot coffee or instant coffee, is beneficial.

1. Assist you to stay in ketosis

Those who are on a keto diet, they will definitely find putting coconut oil in coffee interesting and coconut oil useful for their body. 

Absolutely, putting coconut oil in your morning cup of coffee will assist you if you are a coffee drinker who follows a high fat and low carb ketogenic diet or keto diet as coconut oil contains medium chain triglycerides (MCT oil). 

1. Assist you to stay in ketosis

What are the medium chain triglycerides?

MCT oil is known as a source of energy, so it could increase your energy levels. This MCT oil is immediately absorbed and delivered to your liver. Also, medium chain triglycerides (MCT oil) are easily adjusted to ketones compared to long chain triglycerides. 

As a result, the ketogenic diet and coconut coffee are a great combination for coffee drinkers. Overall helps your ketone body to control your blood sugar level, weight loss, and keto diet as well. 

2. It acts as your inside-out body protector

One of the many health benefits of coconut oil is that it will boost your immune system. The fatty acids that I previously mentioned in the coconut oil also include 50% of one type of acid known as lauric acid.

2. It acts as your inside-out body protector

What are the good things about Lauric acid? 

Lauric acid is usually found in breast milk and coconut oil. It is evident that it is very good for your digestive system because once you ingest it, it has antimicrobial properties, anti-bacteria and viruses. 

What is more special is that when it is in your morning hot coffee cup, it naturally boosts your antioxidant absorption. Plus, this acid is used to treat common illnesses such as cold, flu, and sore throat as well. 

Now, take some time to think if Lauric acid itself is already an excellent compound of coconut oil. What if we mix it with coffee? There are going to be a lot of health benefits that it can bring to your health.

3. It simply makes your coffee tastier 

I am sure most coffee drinkers will totally worry about whether coconut oil will ruin their coffee taste or their morning coffee. On the other hand, you do not need to worry about it. I am certain you will absolutely find the taste so flavorful and beyond amazing if you have never tasted coconut coffee before.

One of the benefits of coconut oil is that it makes a great mixture with your coffee. The flavor that is extracted from coconut oil is that it is not too sweet like other syrups. Instead, you can sense and taste the natural sweetness of coconut sugar or coconut cream. 

Moreover, it blends well with coffee black, hot coffee, and iced coffee. Plus, vanilla extract and raw honey can also work alongside coconut oil to replace the extreme sugary syrups so that you get a regular coffee with a wonderful coconut coffee. This is not all as you can also use added cinnamon and maple syrup together in coconut oil coffee to bring out another unique taste. With this, you can enjoy drinking your coconut coffee without worrying about weight gain and absorb more calories.

3. It simply makes your coffee tastier 

One additional thing to take into consideration, is if you want to maintain the smell of the fresh coconut in your coffee, pick out the refined coconut oil rather than virgin coconut oil because refined coconut oil will help you get both the organic coconut flavor and scent.

If we talk about refined coconut oil, you might wonder about unrefined coconut oil, too. 

When you make unrefined coconut oil, you can press fresh coconut meat to get its oil. It’s normally accomplished by using cold pressing, which means they do not use heat at all. This kind of oil also maintains the flavorful and delightful flavor of normal coconut. 

It makes itself a great option when you want to preserve the scent of the coconut.

4. Help to reduce the risk of heart disease

According to a few studies, if you add coconut oil in coffee, it will help to raise HDL cholesterol. Actually, there are two types of cholesterol. 

What are the two types of cholesterol you are probably curious about?

One is LDL which is low-density lipoprotein or called bad cholesterol in short. This kind of cholesterol makes up most of a human’s body cholesterol. If you have a high level of LDL cholesterol, you have a higher risk of having heart disease. 

While another one is HDL known as High-density lipoprotein or good cholesterol. This good cholesterol absorbs cholesterol and delivers it back to the liver then flush it to the body. 

So, coconut oil will raise the level of HDL cholesterol which means it will naturally help you to reduce the risk of having a stroke and heart disease.

5. Help you to lose weight

Do you have difficulty with losing weight and do you also love to drink coconut oil coffee? Then, the problem is solved now. The new coconut oil coffee recipe, will totally help you with weight loss. Because coffee alone already has the caffeine that acts as a natural appetite suppressant, so it can reduce your feeling of hunger and lead you to eat fewer meals and snacks. In addition to this, the MCT oil in coconut oil will serve as a great combination because it naturally and constantly boosts your metabolism and decreases other fats.

As a result, more calories and most fats are burned throughout the whole day little by little in your body thanks to MCT oil. 

It is also suggested that for the aim of weight loss, it is ideal for people who drink coffee to add two tablespoons which are equal to 28 grams. For beginners, you can start off with half or one tablespoon which is 14 grams and you can keep adding more when your body is familiar with it.

6. Increase your morning satisfaction 

It is known that when we use coconut oil in bulletproof coffee, it makes your coffee recipe more flavorful and refreshing in the morning. 

6. Increase your morning satisfaction 

What is bulletproof coffee you may ask?

Bulletproof coffee is also known as butter coffee. It is the sort of coffee that is rich in calories because it is intended to be made with saturated fat. Although saturated fat can be a part of a healthy diet, it can do harm to your body if you consume it massively. 

You probably wonder about saturated fat. This fat actually comes from meat, dairy products, and coconut oil as well. On the other hand, unsaturated fats are divided into two categories. One is monounsaturated fats and another one is polyunsaturated fats. Unsaturated fats generally come from solid food including a few vegetable oils, olive oil, and other seeds. 

Bulletproof coffee has become a popular drink, particularly for people who are dieters of low-carbs and followers of keto diets. But now, it has been replaced by coconut oil coffee which is considered to be more healthy, especially for people who tend to skip eating breakfast in the morning.

The potential benefit of bulletproof coffee and coconut oil when put together

When you combine bulletproof coffee that is made from high quality coffee beans with unsalted butter and a medium chain triglyceride that is extracted from coconut oil, these ingredients together will serve you a fresh coconut coffee to kickstart your day. 

When mixed together, it will help you to stay more focused, and awake as well as improve short term recall and reaction time. As a result, it will help you to improve your work or study performance although lasting just for a few hours. 

7. Help you with your digestive system

Once again, the brewed coffee with coconut oil could also contribute significantly to your digestive system. How does it work?

The links between coffee compounds like chlorogenic acids and MCTs in coconut oil will facilitate your stimulation within your bowels and keep your digestive system healthy.

Another fact is that chlorogenic acid is the natural compound that you can find the coffee and other fruits as well such as pears, eggplants, apples, blueberries, tomatoes, potatoes, and strawberries. 

Most importantly, it is the type of acid that has a wide range of beneficial effects on health and is most commonly used to reduce blood pressure and weight loss. Nevertheless, recent research suggests that chlorogenic acid may also assist to decrease oxidative stress, reduce blood sugar levels, and improve your overall mood.

Again, is it the best mixture between coconut oil and coffee?

All in all, coconut oil and coffee are indeed a great combination because coconut oil coffee does not only help to enhance the taste of your coffee cup but also brings a lot of health benefits to you as well, especially for those who are looking for healthy recipes. Although it has healthy fats and nutrition calories, that does not mean you can just add the amount of coconut oil as you are pleased. You need to consume a moderate amount of it to gain massive advantages from it.

Does the amount of coconut oil in coffee matter?

It absolutely is. Therefore, it is equally important to know how much coconut oil you put in your coffee can have aftereffects, too. That is why for starters, you need to calculate and be meticulous when it comes to the amount of coconut oil you will decide to put in your coffee cup. It is recommended that at first, you need to start with half a teaspoon and see whether your body can handle it.

So, after the observation, if your body is familiar with this amount and you think it can take on more, it is ideal to add two tablespoons of coconut oil every day because it is the standard for most people who drink coconut oil coffee.

Anyway, it is undeniable that the health benefits of coconut milk outweigh the disadvantages. Plus, looking at the seven reasons above why you should use coconut oil in coffee is probably convincing enough for you to change or try a new method with your favorite cup of coffee of the day. Who knows? It is both probably your cup of drink and definitely worth your shot!


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