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Why Long Black Is the Secret to A Better Caffeination

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Why Long Black Is the Secret to A Better Caffeination

There are a variety of coffee out there that are believed to help provide enough caffeine for people to function through their days. 

However, not all of them are capable of doing so. In the coffee drinking world, there are two types of coffee that are well known in the caffeine department, Long Black and Americano. 

Even though some may have seen similarities between the two, they are quite different in several factors. Nevertheless, long black has gained a great reputation from every corner of the world, especially for how amazing the level of caffeine it can provide. It is more than worth exploring.

Why Long Black Is the Secret to A Better Caffeination?
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Where did long black come from?

This simple and delicious espresso-based drink was being widely enjoyed till the present days, in Australia and New Zealand. There are so many other black coffee drinks that use espresso and some are hard to distinguish. 

However, for long black, it is easier to identify due to the amount of crema it creates, brewing method, and the level of caffeine it provides. 

Where did long black come from?
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To make a long black is to just simply pour two shots of espresso freshly out of the espresso machine over hot water. By doing this, the crema from the coffee is greatly created and visible. 

Pouring the espresso shots into hot is the most important process in making long black and also the most significant point that draws the line between a long black and its doppelganger which is Americano.

What makes Long Black different from Americano?

Americano is somehow known as the American take on long black. In the brewing process rather than pouring the espresso double shot or ristretto over the hot water, the hot water is added after the shots. 

By doing this the level of crema and the flavor of espresso overall is less complex and simplified. It is the opposite of long black. 

What makes Long Black different from Americano?
Source: Kings of Caffeine

The flavor of long is richer and the aroma is a lot stronger due to the less amount of water in the coffee that allows the espresso to take over and produce a wonderful taste. Besides, long black’s brewing method creates and contains better content of natural oil of coffee beans that possess many health benefits for drinkers. 

The crema is one outstanding point to determine the quality of the beans that are used to brew the coffee. A good shot of espresso is full of crema, therefore long black coffee must contain crema. 

To simply put, crema is the foamy and creamy texture floating above the coffee. The process of making a long black cup of coffee can be enjoyable when seeing the crema forming and almost spurring out of the cup. Due to crema, the flavor is also magnificent and tasty. 

Americano lacks in this department. The process of Americano made by pouring hot water after will create extremely minimal crema, based on this fact the flavor cannot be rich enough to fulfill the need for caffeine.

Caffeine in Long Black

When it comes to caffeine, espresso is what would come to people’s minds. Based on how long black is made, the coffee consists of two espresso shots, it is filled with more than enough caffeine for an average person to go about their days. 

In some cases, a question between Americano and Long black, which one has more caffeine content will be put to debate. As for Americano, it has only one shot of espresso, therefore it is lighter in caffeine and taste. 

It is true that the content of espresso in long blacks is strong and sharp, however not all coffee beans are the same. For example, each barista uses different beans from different sources. The bean would make a great impact on the level of caffeine and the flavor.

Caffeine in Long Black
Source: Bartalks

What else besides caffeine?

Different people prefer to enjoy different things based on various factors and characteristics that resonate with their likings. In this case, it is known that long blacks are the best in providing caffeine for those who need enough to fill their energy to start their day and fuel their mind to boost their productivity. 

What else besides caffeine?
Source: USA Today

On the other hand, there are people who choose to love long blacks coffee because of the taste, aroma and health benefits. 

In order to brew a good cup of long black, everything from choosing the best and fresh coffee bean to using the right method of brewing must be carried out perfectly. Fresh coffee beans will make the best out of the drink. People who are passionate about drinking and making coffee would tend to find this process fun and enjoyable. 

There are countless people who drink long black because they love how rich and creamy the drink is. So many people around the world enjoy their warm cups of long black in the morning to freshen up while also sharing them with their families and friends. 

Why do people like Long Black coffee?

Sure enough, there are so many types of coffee breweries out there that are being consumed by people from every part of the world. Iced latte is a modern take on milk-based coffee that people love to have. 

A regular espresso shot is an all-time favorite for coffee lovers who enjoy stronger and black coffee in general. Cappuccino, the creamy and sweet coffee drink that both young and mature drinkers love to talk about. 

Cold-brew is an international superstar that people love to hold dear when it comes to comforts, taste, and freshness. Americano, the American doppelganger of Long black and in the family of black coffee that is also being enjoyed and recognized all over the world. 

Even so, long black coffee has maintained its good rank on the chart in the name of the espresso-based drink that comes with a pack of rich flavor, bright caffeine, and realistic taste of real coffee.

Why do people like Long Black coffee?
Source: EnjoyJava

First, one of the favorite characteristics of long black coffee that attracts so many people toward it is the aesthetic that it gives out. 

Milk-based coffee is viewed to be the new generation of coffee that fits more into the modern aesthetic and attractive presentation. It is sweet, tasty and trendy therefore people tend to be amazed by it easily. 

Long black and average black coffee in general are more in the authentic or classic style. Coffee lovers who are into the minimalistic and classic aesthetic are more drawn to this type of coffee. They prefer the good taste, quality, and simplicity over trendy and flashy presentations. They also tend to take it as a slightly more mature vibe to their style. 

Second, it is one of the easiest drinks to be made. Any kind of espresso machine with good quality beans and ground can create the best cups or glasses of espresso shot for making a long black. With a double shot of espresso and hot water, you can easily achieve a good cup of long black coffee to enjoy before going out and spending your energy. 

Why do people like Long Black coffee? - 2
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Third, it is fairly beneficial for your health. Black coffee is known for being a good help when it comes to weight loss. People who drink long black hardy add any additional condiments such as milk, cream, or sugar. 

Based on these, gaining fat from the calories from those condiments is an unlikely cause. Furthermore, it is believed that black coffee can help lower the risk of liver cancer through its detoxification ability. 

Now you can enjoy the coffee knowing that the health of your body will be strengthened. What’s more, is that black coffee is also known to be the memory and mentality-boosting factor. The human brain is like a machine that needs fuel in order for it to run. 

In this case, the nice warm brew with a pack of bright caffeine and flavor is what you need to keep your mood in place while also boosting your memories so that you can perform well at work or school. That is why there are a lot of people that claim to need their morning coffee before starting their days in order for their mind and body to function well. 


All things considered, Long black is surely a refreshing beverage that many people tend to enjoy and love. It provides a good deal of benefits while also being able to entertain coffee drinker’s palates. 

There are different versions of long black based on where it is from, Americano is a good example. After all, there is an abundance of coffee drinkers and lovers in every part of the world and people adapt to what they think suits them best. 

A long black is just one of the delicacies that people love to have. There are so many other drinks out there that also bring joy and comfort to drinkers. 

There are also a number of coffee drinkers who enjoy various types of coffee. But long blacks will always be a default taste that will steadily stand as the foundational point for all.


Check out this YouTube video on how to make long black at home by White Horse Coffee