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9 Things A Coffee Maker Can Surprisingly Do For you

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9 Things A Coffee Maker Can Surprisingly Do For you

People who enjoy drinking coffee daily and those who are passionate about the culture of coffee as a whole, all see coffee makers as smart and useful assistance that they can rely on producing the best cups of coffee every day without complaint. Most often, the coffee maker comes in different sizes and functions to choose from to satisfy people’s needs. 

However, there are a number of surprising things that people might not know coffee makers are capable of doing. It is a really convenient piece of equipment of course. Now you can enjoy the best cups of coffee that the machine can produce while also getting to witness how handy it is when it comes to assisting people. 

9 Things A Coffee Maker Can Surprisingly Do For you intro
Source: Bona Fide Bean Coffee Co. 


1. A perfect heating station for foods and drinks

The best way to enjoy your favorite foods and drinks is to have it while it is still warm, or for leftovers is to reheat it. However, it can be irritating when it comes to its method. Pan-frying might slightly burn it. Microwaving it might leave the inside still cold. 

That is when the coffee maker comes into the picture. Using a coffee maker to reheat your foods and drinks other than coffee will leave you more satisfied. 

Simply just place it in the coffee pot and start operating the machine. The food will be evenly heated and the drink will just be at the right temperature that you prefer. 

1. A perfect heating station for foods and drinks
Source: The Kitchn

Using a coffee maker to reheat is a good way to save money and electricity by using only one piece of equipment for multi-purposes and tasks. While waiting for your food to be ready, you can enjoy your delicious coffee and relax.

2. Instant ramen on the go

For those who enjoy eating ramen, you might get hooked on this method. Instant ramen is one of the easiest instant foods to make when people do not have enough time to prepare a proper meal. Not only is it convenient, but it is also delicious and addicting. 

Normally, to cook a bowl of ramen you need to boil the water until it gets super hot then pour it over the already seasoned ramen noodle. However, there is even an easier way to cook ramen. Using a coffee maker to cook your instant ramen is such a fun and smart way. 

2. Instant ramen on the go
Source: Bob Vila

First, place the noodles and all the seasonings into the coffee carafe. Then fill it up to the right amount of water and place it on the machine. Now all you need to do is wait for it to be ready. Cooking instant by using this method will allow the water and seasonings to merge and the flavor will intensify. 

3. Perfect oatmeal

The ideal healthy breakfast that most people are familiar with is oatmeal. It is easy and takes less time to cook than most breakfast foods. Meanwhile, oatmeal can also be cooked using the coffee machine and it will surely change the way you prepare oatmeal forever. 

The point is to make it in a single shot. You will take less time to prepare it than you normally would. Pouring the oatmeal of your choice in the coffee carafe, or you can also use instant oatmeal. 

After that, add in the sweetener that you prefer and top it off with various fruits and condiments to enhance the flavor of your oatmeal. Lastly, pour in the water and turn on the coffee maker. 

3. Perfect oatmeal

Now you can enjoy this delicious oatmeal breakfast without breaking a sweat. Best for people who are on the go and do not have enough time to prepare a proper breakfast or running late to school or work. You have more time to enjoy your morning before entering a busy day. 

4. Melt chocolate and butter

This is the perfect tip for every at-home baker out there who is looking for easy hacks to their ingredients preparation. The perfect melted chocolate for your delicious pastries and melted butter for your cake batter will be achieved in minutes. 

4. Melt chocolate and butter
Source: Better Homes and Gardens

By just placing the butter in the coffee carafe or a small amount of butter on a cup or transparent glass then place it on the heating pad of the coffee maker, in just minutes your melted butter will be ready to be used. Now you are ready to start baking your tasty treats. 

4. Melt chocolate and butter -2
Source: If You Give a Blonde a Kitchen

The same goes with melted chocolate, melting your chocolate using a coffee maker will save you a lot more time and allow you to use it to do something else while at it. Just place it in the coffee carafe and wait for it to melt. It sure looks satisfying. 

5. Cheese Fondue

Cheese fondue is a type of treatment that people all around the world love to enjoy with their family and friends. It tastes spectacular, is fun, and brings people together. Perfect for holidays, special occasions, and family nights. 

Normally, the most basic way to enjoy cheese fondue is by melting the cheese in a pot and placing it in the middle of bread, veggies, fruits, and more delicious treats to be picked up and dipping it in the melted cheese. But let’s say that you do not have a pot or you don’t want to cook a big portion, then melting the cheese in a carafe using a coffee maker is a great way to start.

5. Cheese Fondue
Source: Frico

By doing this it can also lift up the spirit of everyone in a fun and creative way. The fact that you can easily make this in just minutes is what makes this specific method unique and enjoyable. 

6. Pasta for dinner 

Who doesn’t like pasta for dinner? It is the most basic Italian descent dish that almost every single person on this planet knows of and has had. It is simply delicious and easy to cook. In 30 minutes you can whip up the simple and tasty pasta dish.

However, let’s stress on the pasta department in the meantime. Normally, people boiled up the pasta till it turned soft to get it ready to cook. And usually, people would use pots to boil the water. What if this time, you try using a coffee maker to boil the pasta. 

6. Pasta for dinner 
Source: Scrumdiddlyumptious

Pour water into the carafe and add just the amount of pasta that you prefer. Now you are able to boil pasta in a fun and creative way. Boiling pasta this way is also easier to strain all the water out without creating a mess. 

7. How about soup?

How do you like your soup? I prefer mine, which is delicious and easy to make. Soup is undeniably one of the basic and appetizing dishes to have. It is also fun and takes less time to make.  

Still, preparing it might not be as fun as expected due to the mess of the aftermath and the ingredients. But if you cook it in the coffee maker, that might not be the case for you anymore. Using only one piece of equipment can keep the cooking process simple and mess-free. 

7. How about soup?
Source: Everyday Cheapskate

Similar to instant noodles and oatmeal, the way to prepare it is effortless and easily done. You just need to gather all the ingredients, condiments, and spices for your chosen soup and put it in a carafe then add some water. Now you get yourself a delicious bowl of soup without extra effort. 

8. Toasts!

Every morning person’s go-to easy breakfast would be toast. It is surely delicious, takes less time to make and you can just customize it whatever way you like. To make this tasty treat, people normally use a toaster or microwave oven. But surprisingly there is another way to toast the bread without using too much heat and electricity. 

Yes, coffee makers can also toast bread. Glaze the bread with butter and place it on the heating area of the coffee maker. Now you can watch the butter slowly covering your amazing golden brown toast yours.

8. Toasts!
Source: Scrumdiddlyumptious

It also comes in handy when you want to reheat or warm up your hot dog and burger buns. Generally, any type of bread can be used on coffee makers. However, there are specific types of coffee makers that have a toaster function built into them. That way people can multitask and save more time. 

9. Pancakes for breakfast

What are the odds that you can also make adorable-looking pancakes on your coffee maker too? Of course, you can. For those who love sweet breakfast and love to have pancakes in the morning, this is the sign to start making it using your very own coffee maker instead of a traditional frying pan. 

The flat surface of the heating pad of the coffee maker is such a perfect space for pancakes. Just get your pancake batter ready and pour it on the heated pad. After it turns a golden color that means it is ready to be served. It’s fast, easy, fun, and creates less mess. 

The size of the coffee maker can only allow the pancake to be in a mini size, therefore you need to make a lot more if you are into larger portions. But, this can also be a charm since mini pancakes are now a trendy food for social media enthusiasts. 

9. Pancakes for breakfast
Source: Coffee Machine Cuisine 

It is easy to clean, to say the least. Just use kitchen wipes to wipe off the excess batter on the heating pad of the coffee maker and it will be good as new. Or you can just wet the kitchen cloth and start cleaning as such. Now you do not have to worry about cleaning it afterward since it is a really simple process. 

Key Takeaway

Based on these points, it is safe to say that coffee makers are extremely convenient. Not only is it capable of making the perfect cups of coffee, but it is also able to make 3 meals a day for the users, from breakfast to dinner. 

It can also reheat the leftovers so that you do not have to waste your food by throwing it away or taking more time to reheat it. By owning a coffee maker, you have both a barista and a chef in your home to guarantee that you are allowed to have good meals anytime you want. 


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