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How To Make Cold Brew Coffee At Home

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How To Make Cold Brew Coffee At Home

If you are a coffee lover, you surely meet this problem when consuming the drinks. When you leave the coffee for a bit longer, it starts to taste watery than before. The reason is because the coffee isn’t brewed for enough time. To solve this problem, you should drink cold brew coffee instead of iced coffee if you want to taste the real flavor of the coffee. Cold brew coffee is super easy to make at home. It might take a bit longer to get the sweetness and complex flavor of the coffee, but it’s worth trying. If you love the stronger flavor of the coffee, then you really need to brew this coffee at home because it gives less acidic and also a more bitter taste than iced coffee.

Why Choose Cold Brew Coffee?

Everyone can make a cup of coffee easily, but why consider cold brew coffee? It’s because cold brew coffee makes the taste much better than regular coffee. It was steeped for at least a day, so it has a smooth, sweet, and also refreshing taste. Moreover, it’s very easy to make, especially if you are a coffee drinker and always run out of time making a good one, then cold brew coffee is the best choice for you. It’s ready-made for busy morning workers, quick and affordable by drinking with ice or if you want a hot coffee, you still can easily heat it up and you can have a perfect coffee in the morning.

  • Best tastes
  • Quick and Easy to make
  • Affordable 
  • Money saving

Few Things To Know For Making Cold Brew Coffee

1. Picking Your Roast 

You can choose any coffee roast you like depending on your preferences. But you should consider the level of each caffeine in the coffee because each type of coffee has different roasts that contain different levels of caffeine. Don’t worry if you don’t have any clues yet. You can ask any of your friends who used to brew the coffee at home or you can buy the coffee roast at the coffee shop with the help of the seller in choosing for you.

2. Getting The Right Grind

Getting a good grinding machine is important. There are many different ways of grinding, but for brewing coffee, the grinding is not perfectly grounded. Instead, you should grind it coarsely. If you don’t grind it coarsely, it can create a gritty product. Don’t be scared if you can’t grind the coffee well. You can purchase the coffee beans from any local coffee shop and ask the barista to help grind it coarsely for you. 

3. Getting The Right Ratio

Brewing the coffee makes it look simple, but you can mess it up without having a proper ratio in brewing. There are many different types of ratios such as 1 part of coffee to 4 parts of water or 1 part of coffee that needs 8 parts of water. It depends on your preference, but it would be great to brew a strong coffee so that you can dilute it with cold water or milk when consuming. In contrast, if you brew it too weakly, it’s very difficult to correct when making it for the first time.


  • 100 grams of whole coffee beans
  • 800 grams water 


  • Coffee or spice grinder
  • Glass, ceramic or plastic container
  • Strainer
  • Cotton cloth
  • Bottle, bowl, or jar 


1. Grinding The Coffee

Grind the coffee bean coarsely, not as a fine powder. When grinding, use short 1-second pulses in a spice grinder. Then you can have just about a cup of ground coffee.

2. Combine The Coffee And Water 

Transfer the ground coffee into the container. Then pour the water into the container. Using a long-handled spoon to stir it until the ground coffee is soaked with water.

3. Steep Overnight

Shield the jar with a lid or plate to secure it from dust or insects. Let the coffee steep overnight or around 12hour. The jar can be left inside or outside the fridge. It will not affect the flavor of the coffee.

4. Strain The Coffee

After leaving for one day, the coffee is not ready to strain it out. Get a small strainer with cotton cloth and place it over a cup or bowl. Then pour the coffee through the strainer to get the coffee liquid only.

5. Store The Coffee 

Pour coffee into another container and you can store it in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.

How to Serve Cold Brew Coffee 

Cold brew coffee is very easy to serve. After steeping for a day, you can now consume it by mixing with an ice cube if you want it to be cold or you can heat it up to make hot brewed coffee. Plus, if the flavor is too strong, you can add milk or cream when serving. If it’s not enough, simple syrup is highly recommended to sweeten the flavor. If you want to avoid the coffee to get watering, you can simply freeze some coffee in ice cube trays and serve it with the coffee. This will not affect the flavor of the coffee and keep your coffee chill at the same time.

Advantages of Consuming Cold Brew Coffee

1. Boosting Metabolism  

Cold brew coffee helps to increase metabolism rate. This helps you to burn more calories and body burns fat if you want to maintain your weight.

2. Lift Up Your Mood

By drinking coffee, it can enhance your good mood a day, especially for those who have insomnia can help to lower depression risk and help brain function to process well during adults’ period. 

3. Lower Risk of Heart Disease

Because in the coffee, it contains caffeine that can help to increase insulin, stabilize blood sugar and even lower blood pressure. But, drinking coffee should be at a limited level if you have uncontrolled blood pressure. 

4. Reducing Chance of Getting Type 2 Diabetes

Drinking coffee can help to reduce the level of blood sugar which can cause type 2 diabetes. Besides the caffeine in the coffee, it also has chlorogenic acids in coffee to help reduce blood sugar. Besides, it also contains gut peptides to improve slow digestion.