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Here Are The Best Recipes for People Who Love Greek Frappé

Here Are The Best Recipes for People Who Love Greek Frappé

In summer, the Greek frappe is the most famous coffee drink in Greece, especially when one desires an iced refreshing beverage. However, some people tend to call Greek Frappé a Greek National drink. 

Here Are The Best Recipes for People Who Love Greek Frappé intro

A Greek relaxing lifestyle is to gather best friends and enjoy every sip of Greek iced coffee outdoors. The Greek Frappé is really frothy and caffeinated. Therefore, it is extremely perfect for those who are coffee addicted.

Some people probably confuse that Greek frappe coffee and Dalgona coffee are the same. They are just similar and have different methods to make. Also, they have different unique tastes. 

It is super convenient and fast to prepare at home. Yet before we go further to the Greek Frappé recipes, we would like to introduce the difference between Dalgona coffee (Whipped Coffee) and Greek frappe coffee to you first. Plus, what the Greek frappe coffee is and its origin.


Greek Frappe Explanation

Greek Frappe Explanation

It is the most famous type of coffee in Greece. You will find it everywhere at all Greek cafés. It is a shaken drink of instant coffee with water and sugar. Moreover, it has 3 main degrees of sweetness to order including glykós, métrios, and skétos. We will clarify the difference between them in the next description point. 

This cup of instant coffee is a traditional shaken beverage. We usually use frothers to gain the pretty foam. Yet, you can also use either a cocktail shaker or a mason jar. Let’s go further to the Greek frappe recipe.

Origin of Coffee Greek Frappe

Origin of Coffee Greek Frappe

We can call Greek frappe as Nescafe frappe. It was created by a representative of the Nestlé Company in 1957. When the representative of Nescafé was exhibiting their new version of products in Thessaloniki at the International Trade Fair, Yannis Dritsas. The product was for children, it was a chocolate drink that was made instantly by shaking in a shaker after mixing with milk.

Dimitris Vakondios, who is Dritsas’ employee, was trying to seek a way to produce hot instant coffee in his break time, yet there was no hot water. Then he decided to mix instant coffee, cold water, and ice cubes in a shaker. After that, the Greek Frappe Coffee has explored the real coffee world and is famous in Greece.

Greek Frappe Vs Dalgona Coffee 

Greek Frappe Vs Dalgona Coffee 

What makes the Dalgona coffee and the Greek frappe similar is the ingredient they used. We use the same ingredients for both of these drinks. It has instant coffee, sugar, and water. 

Note that the main ingredient is instant coffee. Never use ground coffee or espresso powder from coffee beans if you want to get it. With that said, instant coffee produces a dense and foamy topping. 

Although, we use different amounts of ingredients for these two beverages. It is not the only reason that makes them different. It is the way and length of time to whip or shake the ingredients. 

The Dalgona tastes creamier than the Greek frappe. It has a milky taste. Besides that, its topping will not melt well into the cold milk. However, the frappe has a bit stronger coffee flavor. It can bring you a quick burst of energy.

Dalgona needs the same amount of instant coffee, sugar, and water. Then, whisk together those ingredients to be super frothy. You can use either hand or an electric mixer for whisking. 

However, it might take 1 minute or less for an electric mixer. While it might take 3 to 5 minutes for hand whisking. Whereas, the Greek-style frappe shakes just 30 seconds to 1 minute to produce caramel froth.

Calories of Greek Iced Coffee

Calories of Greek Iced Coffee

Do you know what calories are? Yes, you are right. A calorie is known as a bunch of energy that gains from eating and drinking. So, now look out for Greek frappé coffee calories. 

Our coffee recipe below includes only 7 calories. Yet, adding extra either sugar or milk will enhance the calorie contained. Therefore, the number of calories will be based on how much you would use the sweetness to your drink.

Note that the frappe with whole milk tends to contain more calories than without milk. If you prefer extra strong to your coffee, just add one more tsp. Double the coffee recipe if you are looking for huge size. Nevertheless, for the Greek frappe that contains both milk and sugar, there has still not been any research yet.

Instant Coffee Types For Greek Frappe Recipe

Instant Coffee Types For Greek Frappe Recipe

The best coffee to prepare a Greek frappe is instant coffee. It is super convenient to search for it on the grocery store’s shelves. Among the instant coffee brands sea, the most popular use is instant coffee from “Nescafe”. 

Nescafe instant coffee is perfect for making this kind of drink. If you want to prepare a Greek-style frappe, I would recommend the Nescafe brand.

On the other hand, other instant coffee brands also work fine. For me, I usually use the decaf Nescafe Classic. Yet it is a bit of a high-cost brand. 

Anyway, choose whatever you want, it can be either Decaf or full caffeine. With that said, both of them work fantastic. Yet, they are a foamier and full-strength instant coffee.

Variation Choices of Greek Frappé

  • “Sketos” refers to a plain taste without sugar and milk. This is for those who love zero sugar and no milk frappe coffee. If it was you, just use only 1 to 2 tablespoons of instant coffee. It is based on how strong you prefer your coffee.
  • “Metrios” means medium sweet coffee. Depending on your preference of strong coffee desired, you can add 1 to 2 teaspoons instant coffee with 1 to 2 tps of sugar. Note that to make your coffee in Metrios way, just add the amount of coffee and sugar equally.
  • “Glykos” stands as sweet coffee. If you add 1 to 2 tablespoons of instant coffee, you need to add 2 teaspoons or 4 teaspoons of sugar. If you prefer Glykos Greek coffee, remember to double the amount of sugar compared to instant coffee. This depends on you to decide how strong coffee you need.
  • “Me gala” refers to coffee that adds milk. At this sweet level, you can decide the amount of milk you desire. It is usually 1 tablespoon of evaporated milk.

Main Ingredients 

Main Ingredients 
  • Instant coffee 2, it can be Nescafe
  • Milk
  • Sugar instead of milk
  • 3 ice cubes
  • A full glass of cold water (250ml)
  • Drinking straw
  • Frappe mixer

How to Prepare Greek frappe?

A frappe mixer is what we need to make a Greek frappe coffee. If you don’t have it, you can use a standard cocktail shaker instead. Besides that, to get a creamier froth you need either an electric milk frother or a milkshake machine for making.

After that, gather your prepared tall glass with the teaspoon and the electric Whizzer. Follow by adding instant coffee (Nescafe) and sugar with one shot of cold water. Begin whizzing the mixture to a thick and creamy foam. 

Then, pour the mixture into the glass. Next, you can add 3 ice cubes and milk if you desire. Finally, pour cold water to fill up the glass and enjoy with the drinking straw. We believe you will fall in love with this delicious beverage after the first sip. 

Summary Frappe Greek Recipe List

Summary Frappe Greek Recipe List

1. Firstly, gather all of the necessary items including glass, a tablespoon, a teaspoon as well as an electric Whizzer.

2. Secondly, add the instant coffee and sugar with approximately either 2 teaspoons or 3 teaspoons of cold water. Note that the cold water should be just sufficient to cover the coffee. 

3. Thirdly, start Whizzing the mixture to a thick and creamy foam.

4. Then, pour the mixture into the tall glass.

5. After that, just add ice cubes with optional evaporated milk.

6. Lastly, pour more cold water to fill up the glass and enjoy your drink with a drinking straw.

Frequently Ask Questions- (FAQs)

Between Frappe and Frappuccino, are they the same?

No, they aren’t the same. Frappe is iced coffee. It is topped with either milk or cream. In contrast, Frappuccino refers to coffee, milk, and ice cream with a milkshake.

Does Greek frappe have milk?

It depends on coffee lovers’ preferences. If they are the ones who enjoy the smell of milk mixed with their coffee, they usually mix it with milk. Yet, if they prefer a strong coffee without a milk smell, they always add water instead.

Key Takeaway

If you want to visit Greece and taste its traditional coffee, you don’t have to go directly to Greece. Just follow our above coffee recipe and make it at home. 

We are sure you will be addicted to it on your first sip. It is really perfect for coffee drinkers who usually consider sugar or milk to add to their coffee. With that said, the Greek Frappe coffee has 4 levels for desired sweetness. Moreover, you can decide to add milk or not. 

Additionally, we are not just sharing with you the homemade recipe. Yet, there are also some bits of knowledge of the Coffee Greek Frappe. It included its origin, its use of coffee types, and its calories. We hope you enjoy reading this and practice at home. 


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