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Myth About Coffee: Is Coffee Bad For Your Skin?

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Myth About Coffee Is Coffee Bad For Your Skin

Your busy morning should mostly start with drinking coffee, so you are ready to fight the day with high serotonin. Other than that, you mostly grab one or two cups of coffee to finish your work as well. However, there is a doubt that coffee might cause your skin a negative effect that leads to skin problems. Other than that, coffee is also in a position that causes your health to be in danger. Therefore, we are going to explain and discuss this matter for a better perspective. Is coffee really bad for your skin? Let’s dive into our discussion!

What Does Coffee Contain ?

What does coffee contain ?

The fact that people consume coffee because it contains 85% of caffeine stimulates your central nervous system so that you are able to keep yourself in the midst of the day and be fast on your feet at work. Other than that, coffee also contains diterpenes which is a rich substance that consists of the oil of coffee that helps raise the serum level of the low-density fat in our body. That’s why you always feel alert whenever you drink coffee. 

How Do Those Ingredients Affect Your Skin ?

A cup of coffee contains a variety of compounds that provide you benefits and consequences. Furthermore, research shows that consuming up to four or five cups might heighten stress response which leads to headaches and cramps and also a digestive system error as well. There is also some evidence proving that drinking caffeine over the maximum amount might cause heartburn. Also, it distracts the regulation of the hormones that stimulate your stress hormones which lead to your breakouts. Another thing is that it shows that caffeine intake leads to diuretics that cause dehydration which creates wrinkles, aging skin, and dull skin as well. 

Does Acne Provoke By Coffee? 

Does Acne Provoke By Coffee? 

People who consume too much coffee because they really need the energy of the brain to work, so that they are able to finish their work, that’s why you usually see those people seem to have breakouts, pimples, acne, and dark complexion. Moreover, the reason is not only dependent on the caffeine alone, it’s due to the dairy, milk, and sugar that you put in your cup of coffee. For instance, when you add your sugar to coffee, it spikes the insulin which triggers your acne. Besides, it helps raise the cortisol level and trigger your sex hormone to react to it as well. Also for the latte lover, dairy plays the culprit in this act of your acne that many researchers strongly agree that it is also the main cause of the acne around your mouth and jawline. Other than that, taking too much caffeine which causes stress and stress leads to acne, as a result of your irregular hormone regulation that causes your sebaceous glands to overproduce not only on your facial skin but your body skin as well. 

Does Coffee Withdrawal Help Improve Skin?

Does Coffee Withdrawal Help Improve Skin?

According to dermatologist Gary Goldenberg, interviews have proven that caffeine makes your skin become worse due to milk, sugar, and the coffee itself. However, they recommend that we keep our caffeine intake in moderation. For instance, you should drink your coffee in a morning cup as stimulation for the day. Moreover, they also advise us to choose black coffee rather than adding milk or sweet as a topping. In contrast, you might get coffee withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, and palpitation due to the caffeine hit, which is different from a latte since it’s a plain coffee drink.  Besides, if you are prone to post coffee anxiety, then you should try to keep tabs about the sign of your withdrawal to make sure that it’s safe or not.

What If We Applied The Coffee Topically?

What If We Applied The Coffee Topically?

As you are already aware that too much caffeine might cause your intrinsic system to work backward which is a bad thing. Nevertheless, it’s a beneficial ingredient that many skincare products use as treatments. For example, they use them as body scrubs to treat cellulite and stretch marks for a perfect summer body. Other than that, coffee contains many great antioxidants that help to get rid of puffiness and dark circles around your eye, too. Besides, for facial skin coffee works as a great source for anti-inflammatory effects that occur on your skin. Also, in the beauty line, it helps to improve acne scar appearance and signs of aging as well. Another thing is that it prevents premature aging and provides collagen to your skin to keep it healthy.

Otherview of coffee

Drinking coffee four or five cups a day might lead to detrimental effects on your internal system but if you drink your morning cup of caffeine in moderation, you will see quite a difference from overloading it. Besides, you can control them in many ways like a diet, from sugar, cut and milk as well as syrup. You should document how much coffee you consumed per week so that you can decrease from high levels to lower ones. Moreover, consumption of coffee has been used in many beauty products for all skin over your body from head to toes because of its antioxidants effect and inflammation prevention as well. Therefore, caffeine isn’t all bad just because it worsens your skin due to overdrinking it, and mostly it depends on individual choice for whether coffee is bad for your skin.

In conclusion

There are other drinks that might contain caffeine such as energy drinks, tea, choco milk, and many other drinks which are most people’s favorite vices. As a result, consuming too much of all those things can also cause danger not only to the skin but to your whole body. Besides, you shouldn’t indulge yourself to become addicted to those substances that might threaten your life.  One more thing is that you should balance your caffeine intake so that you aren’t prone to withdrawal signs when you try to cut down those cravings.