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Most Embarrassing Moments All Coffee Lovers Experienced At Least Once

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Most Embarassing Moments That All Coffee Lovers Have Experienced At Least Once

As a coffee lover, do not lie to me that it has always been smooth and nothing funny has happened to you since your first day step into a Cafe or becomes a coffee lover. I confidently believe that all of the coffee lovers will experience a variety of the most unforgettable stories along the way of chasing their beloved drink- “Coffee” in a coffee shop. Among those also includes the most embarrassing moments which they would put their face in their pocket if possible. 

On the other hand, as a new in the coffee world, you might be curious how will be just drinking a cup of coffee can bring the coffee lovers embarrassing experiences, that is impossible. Yet, it is real.

Therefore, I am here to help you explore some of coffee lovers’ most embarrassing moments in the Cafe. Also, I dare to say that at least one of those moments might have been experienced by all coffee lovers. If you do not trust me, let’s just check them out now!

Mispronouncing Coffee’s Name, Awkward is Real

As a coffee lovers’, do you use to mispronounce a coffee’s name when you order at the cafe? If so, you are not alone. I remembered it was the second week that a new coffee taste- “Palm Dolce” had been shown up in my favorite coffee store. I had an idea to taste it for many days, but because of not sure how to call its name, I always gave up this idea. However, the second week on a certain day after the “Palm Dolce” has come in, I have no idea where my confidence comes from. I told myself that I must drink it that day. 

Mispronouncing Coffee’s Name, Awkward is Real

With a friendly greeting voice from the staff as the door opened, I quickly walked straight to the ordering counter. The cashier asks me a normal question: “Hello! What would you like for today?” I replied: “I would like a cup of Palm-Dolls, medium size, please.” The cashier awkwardly stared at me and softly asked me to say my order again.

I had repeated for twice time, and the cashier still did not get what drink I had ordered. Suddenly, another voice from another barista came out: “It is Palm-Doll-Say.” Could you imagine how was my feel? I was so awkward and embarrassed. I think probably only those who mispronounced “expresso”, could understand my feeling at that moment.

Face with a Good-Looking Barista, Become a Silly

When you go to purchase a cup of coffee, people who you always see are baristas. No matter at a brain cafe or a personal small coffee booth. But unbelievable is that the barista could always remind me of the most embarrassing memory in my life. One day, I heard that there was a new coffee booth opening near my home with an incredible taste.

Therefore, as a coffee lover, there was no reason to not be interested. So, I brought my exciting heart with my sister together and went on foot to buy a cup of my favorite latte. It was so crowd, many people sit on the chairs drinking their coffee. By the time we arrived there was no customer in the order line. So I walked straight to the booth, a young handsome barista stood up to greet us.

Face with a Good-Looking Barista, Become a Silly

I was shocked at that time because he has a very good-looking appearance and his face looks like my Chinese idol. I didn’t even notice how many times he had asked what coffee I needed. Until my sister hit me by her small hand. It was a bit embarrassing. But it hadn’t ended yet. When he had finished brewing the latte, he handed me that finished latte with his smile. For not letting him wait too long, I quickly grabbed from his hand in a manner way.

Like the time I turned to go back home, I heard his voice calling: “Hey, girls!”. Thus, I turned back with a question face. He talked to me in an awkward sound: “You forgot to pay the bill.” At that moment, I became the eyes center from people around me and felt like swimming in their laughing voices. To knock out the embarrassing door, I gave him the money and left.

Accidentally Spilled Out the Coffee in the Public

Did you use to accidentally spill out the coffee in the public? If so, you will not be so lonely. There was a story from the Reddit website. On a certain day, he was traveling from Paris to London with his university friends on the train. It was so crowd on the train that day. Hence he had to wait almost a half hour for getting some coffee. After sitting down with his coffee, he suddenly realized he needed to get something from his luggage. Before he left, he had reminded his friends not to touch his coffee.

Accidentally Spilled Out the Coffee in the Public

Yet, on his way back to his seat, he saw one of his friends sipping his cup of coffee, he was so mad and shouted: “Hey, that’s mine!”. He even grabbed back the coffee, which caused unexpected trouble. He spilled the coffee all over them as well as on several other passengers. Unfortunately, he found out that the person with his coffee was not his friend. He just looked like his friend from behind. His friends, on the other hand, were further up the train and were laughing at his awkward moment. Finally, he immediately apologized to the people, even though they were still so angry at him.

Coffee Spilled Out at the Cafe

One day at the Starbucks near a girl’s apartment, she spilled her fresh drink on the floor. It happened when she was setting up her computer, as well as knocked her Frappuccino right over off the table then onto the floor. The coffee landed upside-down and square on the top of the lid with pressing its newly-unwrapped straw up into the cup.

The whole thing shuddered, and the Frappuccino and whipped cream ran out onto the floor along with a loud slop sound. At that point, she shouted with a loud voice: “Oh good!”, yet no one reacted. It was pretty busy at the coffee shop at that moment. 

Coffee Spilled Out at the Cafe

8 people were sitting close to the girl, and some customers were well within earshot of both the plop sound of the coffee and her loud exclamation. However, no one so much as even looked at her and nobody laughed at her. They all just kept their own business and acted as nothing had happened.

As a result, she was both confounded and euphoric with those responses. Even though it seemed she had avoided public embarrassment, she still felt the embarrassment. Finally, she ended up cleaning up the mess and got a new drink.

Leave Coffee Alone

Besides my personal experience, it’s time to look at other coffee lovers sharing their stories. Firstly, let’s enjoy the story from Dianna Lee. After he dropped his eldest off at preschool, he always grabbed a coffee. There was a young barista at the café. Moreover, both of them know each other. Also, have a little chat every time he dropped by.

This time the barista took one look at him and said, “Large today?” He thought why would not, so a large size it was. As he busies with bundling his youngest into the car seat, he puts his coffee on top of the roof’s car. When he set off in the morning traffic, it came to an intersection. When he try to search for his cup to take a sip, he realize that his coffee wasn’t there. As he had left it on the roof! 

Leave Coffee Alone

Not to be deterred, he made a sprint for it when the lights turned red. And sure enough, his trusty coffee was still upright. Additionally, he had a trip of about four hundred meters that day! He couldn’t stop laughing at himself and admitted the ‘large’ size had a lot to do with it compared to the regular one. But still there was a greater thing when he looked around, people crossing the road and other drivers in their cars. Many of them were smiling and laughing. At that moment, he was proud of himself that his vagueness could create a wonderful moment for many sleepy overworked faces full of smiling.

Keep an Eyes on a Beautiful Drinker More Than Your Coffee

It is not wrong to look at a beautiful girl/boy. But, if we keep an eye on too much, it may be bringing us to an embarrassing moment. An experience shared from Portland State in a Reddit App. One day there was a man in the cafeteria at lunchtime. Then got his daily large cup of coffee in a Styrofoam cup. He put a lid on the cup, grabbed a few packets of sugar, and started to find a table to sit on.

Across the cafeteria sitting at a table all alone was a beautiful girl who he had never seen before. She wore a green University Oregon sweatshirt studying an anthropology textbook. At that time, he was rather shy, but he was instantly attracted to this girl. She got long blond hair with a beautiful face, long tanned legs accented because of her white shorts. He soon approach the table, he glanced at her ring finger on her left hand. So he assumed that she is single. 

Keep an Eyes on a Beautiful Drinker More Than Your Coffee

At that point, he gathered every bit of nerve and courage to ask if he could sit with her. She looked at him, then looked at the empty tables around them, looked at him with her smiling, and said yes. At this time, he placed his coffee cup on the table in front of himself and started to make a little small chat.

After a little talk, he proceeded to take the lid off his coffee cup and added the 2 packets of sugar while keeping an eye on her more than his coffee cup. At that point, he put the plastic stir stick into the coffee to stir the sugar. Unfortunately, the stir stick hit the side rather than the bottom of the cup. Therefore, the cup fell over spilling 24 ounces of coffee all over the table, her books and writing tablet, and a little on her fresh white shorts.

The girl immediately jumped out of her chair to escape the spreading coffee, slammed her book shut, and yelled a loud voice, which is enough for everyone in the cafeteria to hear, and suddenly drew everyone’s attention to what was going on. Then, she got out of the cafeteria and left him at the table alone with a lap full of coffee and laughing from several students. He was at a loss, did not know what to do next. Lastly, he decided to walk out of the cafeteria among a roar of laughter.


With the 6 stories we have shared above, display for real the most embarrassing moment for coffee lovers as well as myself. Even though it seems a bit weird and funny, perhaps at least one of that experience has happened to you once.

However, even if your friends is love coffee lovers, it might become a perfect topic to share with close friends when feeling stress. As a result, it will not be a bad memory for you to cherish or makes you stop in love with drinking coffee. Last but not least, if you would like to share us with a different experience, just leave a comment below to let us know.

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