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Major Truths Behind The Standard of Coffee Cups

Major Truths Behind The Standard of Coffee Cups

Going to many coffee shops to find the best taste that you like the most is the happiest moment. But wait! Have you ever noticed the coffee cups you carry on every time you go to the coffee shops? Holding a coffee cup that fits us with the right coffee taste can change your mood for a whole day. The casual sizes that the baristas or the cashiers frequently ask you which size you want Misses or Mister? They are small, medium, and large sizes. The coffee industry creates the different dimensions of the coffee cups for purposes. Therefore, I would like to guide you on knowing more about the ideas of coffee cups more than what you see every day. It might change your perspectives. The coffee cups are for who, why, and which one is the best?

Major Truths Behind The Standard of Coffee Cups Intro


Coffee Cups For Busy People

Who are busy people? Of course, people who get up almost late to arrive at the office on time but still manage to drink coffee anyway. They may not have time to prepare breakfast or any lunch box as long as they could have a cup of coffee. Their mood swings 360 degrees with full energy to fight in the morning or until the office hour is over after drinking coffee. They may order another coffee from the delivery company in the afternoon. It can be after they finished the tasks to fulfill the day.

If you ask five people in your office right now, 3 out of 5 will choose standards of coffee shops like Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donut. The reason is that they could select the favorable size that they want; small, medium, or large. Busy people might drop by the coffee shop to refill coffee in glamorous containers.

Coffee Cups For Busy People(1)

To Starbucks fan, you got one of the coffee containers with you, didn’t you? On the path in the coffee shops, you see there are types of containers in various sizes arranged on the shelf next to the cashiers’ desk. You feel like you want to have it, you want to buy it, how cool it is to have it on the desk or posting in the story. Just that, it attracts you to love coffee more and more. It is not right or wrong, just that the sizes of coffee cups or containers do attract people in many ways, especially busy people.  

Coffee Cups For Busy People

Standard Coffee Cup Fits To Drinks Holders In The Car

Planning to go somewhere but lazy enough to sit down at the coffee shop, the coffee cups for takeaway is the best idea. Most cars come with drink holders so that the drivers or travelers can put their drinks on them without fearing spilling out of the glass or make dirt inside the car. However, the drink holders you see next to the car seat are a help center.

Standard Coffee Cup Fits To Drinks Holders In The Car(1)

Why? It is a temporary table to hold the drinks or food if the travel needs. Each side of the car’s seat may have 2 cup holders; therefore, there might be 4 to 6 cups for some models. Hence, the coffee lovers who love to travel would adore this vibe so much. Considering that some models may not have holders, the coffee shops also have the coffee holders in a pair with the coffee cups. Thus, the customers could enjoy carrying it every way and use it for other cups besides the coffee cups they bought from the shops. A drop of coffee, one second of mood swings.

Standard Coffee Cup Fits To Drinks Holders In The Car(2)

Perfect Coffee Cups Sizes for the Drinks With Measurements

Perfect Coffee Cups Sizes for the Drinks With Measurements(1)

Something we need to know is every coffee-makers have their methods and measurements in making the drinks. No wonder that there are many coffee shops in the area. However, the high demand of coffee buyers only goes to the place where the coffee taste is incredible, friendly customer service, and nice decoration for attraction. All the readers here, you have one coffee shop that you stick with it, right? That is great! The coffee cups fit the various types of drinks. According to NESCAFE, coffee cup size for drinks like espresso, cappuccino, macchiato, latte, and so on has their suggested cup with the approximate measurement as listed in the table below (The Perfect Coffee Cup Guide). A good cup produces the one taste to remember.

Perfect Coffee Cups Sizes for the Drinks With Measurements(2)
Type of Coffee CupApprox. Measurement
Espresso cup60ml
Cappuccino cup180ml
Flat white cup160ml
Standard mug350ml
Macchiato cup60ml
Latte glasses220ml
Cortado glass135ml
Irish coffee glass250ml
Turkish coffee cup75ml
Table 1: Coffee Cup Size Guide, Source:

Espresso cups that bring you the aromas to your nose and palate supposed to be between 60ml to 88ml. Other sizes could be 103ml and 118ml. What about Cappuccino? The Cappuccino needs a wide-rim cup to smell the aroma. The mouth will fit perfectly to the cup. Therefore, the bigger size of coffee cups can be from 147ml to 177ml. Does it need to be big or small for the latte? The answer is the larger it can, the better it is. The size for latte could be 443ml because it needs additional spaces for the stream milk and design the arts on it (HOMEGROUNDS). By this, you will adore the taste of coffee you have with perfect coffee cups on your hands.

Coffee Cup Fits to Barista Standard

Coffee Cup Fits to Barista Standard (1)

To be a barista of the coffee shop, they need to know how to make an incredible taste of coffee for the customers. However, coffee cannot taste good without a good recipe and ways of doing it. That is why all baristas study different methods to make the coffee during the course. A cup of Cappuccino should have more than just coffee beans, sugar, and other ingredients. Do you know what it is? The numerical information to measure the right amount of water is. How many coffee beans to put? How much sugar and other inputs to include in a cup of coffee you need in making a cup of drinks? No wonder that coffee cups are different since they need to fit the measurement.

Imagine a customer experiencing high sugar in the coffee as they ordered 50% sugar. Somehow, the size of the coffee cup confused the barista of the measurement for the customer. By this, the baristas focus on how much they should use, what they need to make a tasty coffee, and all the procedures in making a coffee that fits customers’ preferences. The coffee shops can have the same menu but not the same method; otherwise, the customers keep their loyalty in one coffee shop. A good barista produces good coffee.  

Coffee Cup Fits to Barista Standard (2)

Coffee Cups for Travelers

Coffee Cups for Travelers(1)

Traveling is adventurous and fun. Yet, it is exhausted. So coffee is a good treat for travelers. Imagine sitting down in a group of close friends in front of the river while having a cup of coffee. This is a perfect view, isn’t it? As a traveler, the coffee cups shall be the ones that can keep the temperature of the drinks, vintage cups, and easy to clean. The bigger the cup, the better it is. The reason is that nothing bothers them if they could enjoy the drinks and view for a long-lasting period. Hence, the containers shall be better as it keeps the taste hot and cold based on the quality. They can carry it anywhere. They can set it up again after they clean the coffee containers.

Coffee cups are essential to travelers since most of them want to keep beautiful memories in photographs. So they may capture a story or post of a coffee cup and the view. Coffee containers or coffee cups for travelers may be the art showing the case of their adventurous journey. They could buy coffee merchandise from the coffee shops like Starbucks containers in different designs. On behalf of this, they could find them from the stationary stores or accessories stores that sell artistic coffee cups that they love.

Coffee Cups for Travelers(2)

The Art of Coffee Cups

The Art of Coffee Cups(1)

What can you say about the message or the arts on the coffee cups you buy from the coffee shops? The baristas ask for your name when you purchase the drinks from them. Then, you see your name on the coffee cups you drink. How do you feel? It seems like the cup belongs to you. You feel special because you are the customer of the coffee shop you went to, aren’t you? It makes you happy when you read the words on the coffee cups like what it said in the picture. Coffee makes you happy. The quote inspires your day. It shows that you receive care and love from someone. Sometimes you see the cartoon design on the coffee cups, and it reminds you of the view or the place where you sit and smell the taste of the coffee while you were drinking coffee.

The Art of Coffee Cups(2)

The arts create more arts because you share them through social media. Maybe you are sending the picture of a coffee cup in the morning to your loved one. Arts attract us in romantic and inspiring ways. The art on the coffee cup exposes its recognition and expands the brand awareness of the coffee shop directly and indirectly. You can spend the 30s thinking about the Starbucks coffee cup. I am sure the image is on your face in a few seconds because of the green logo of the brand on the coffee cups. Your name is on your coffee cup. The baristas call out your name to pick up the drink and compliment you in good ways. Arts on the coffee cup create more memories for the coffee drinkers.

The Art of Coffee Cups(3)

Coffee Cups Demand leads to High Price

Coffee Cups Demand leads to High Price(1)

Thousands of coffee shops in each country open to meet the demand of coffee lovers. The industries produce more coffee materials to supply to the owners. However, the price of the coffee cups fluctuates due to the high demand from the coffee shop owners and customers. Therefore, you could see the coffee cups are in different sizes, shapes, features, and materials. As the demand keeps increasing, the suppliers produce more coffee cups based on to meet the demand. Some suppliers will ensure the quality while some forget to be careful about it.

A little to perfection to know is the competitive designs on the coffee cups in order to get the attention from the customers. Yet, thanks to all the feedback and suggestions that make us see the creativity and arts on the coffee cups at the coffee shops. It encourages us to explore more coffee shops to experience and taste the iconic coffee cups.

Coffee Cups Demand leads to High Price(2)

Get inspired every day with a coffee cup that perfectly fits you. Choosing the right one along your adventure although you buy it from a local store or coffee shop you usually go to. Do not forget to read the text on the coffee cup and take a picture of it into your image folders for the memories. Enjoying the coffee with aromas and incredible by holding the coffee cup that makes you feel happy. Coffee cups are different if we order the drinks. A barista knows how to make the drinks as the drinks have their ways of doing it with the measurements.