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Legends Who Influence Coffee Industry

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Legends That Influence The Coffee Industry

Coffee is more than just a cup of beverage drink, some would use it for medication. A cup of coffee could also bring back the history of its discovery from a different angle, especially in the region of the Middle East. There were stories being told from generation to generation of the coffee invention and/or how their ancestors and legends found the coffee plants. So, stick around for the belief they had about the history of coffee in the coffee industry. 

Legends Who Influence Coffee Industry Intro
Source: The Spruce Eats


History of Coffee 

The history of coffee seems to have a little complication of its first existence. No one knows the exact story or has any exact evidence to prove the origin of coffee. The widespread use of coffee started decades ago and is still going strong in different parts of the world. 

Even in America, coffee consumption is jumping higher since 2015, in which the coffee industry rapidly gained about 225.2 billion dollars a year.

Everyone loves coffee. We love how the taste and aroma of coffee could be so energetic to our productivity and awaken the mood during the day. We feel so robust when the caffeine kicks in. 

But where did the coffee originated from? And who discovered it? There are several theories and folklore proving different histories of coffee. 

Kaldi and a Case of Dancing Goats

Kaldi and a Case of Dancing Goats
Source: Norfolk Coffee Company 

Here is the first interesting story of coffee’s origin discovered in Ethiopia by Kaldi. Kaldi has been known as the legendary Ethiopian Sufi goatherd and he was given credits for discovering coffee. 

His discovery was when he saw a goat and noticed the goat got excited after eating the coffee beans from the coffee plants. He witnessed the magical fruits turn into a notable herd that energized the goats to dance. 

For what he encountered, he took those berries to a local monastery where monks fabricated the first batch of those berries, coffee. After drinking those berries, monks claimed that those berries, which are coffees, really kept them energetic and alert and widely awake during prayer sessions. 

Not long enough, his words of acclamation began to spread throughout parts of the world. The story of this magically mysterious berry became a global prodigy and still upholds the current status quo. No one knew what really happened there or had doubts about Kaldi’s discovery. 

But based on the acclaim of the monks’ experimentation on that coffee, the myth of Kaldi and the dancing goats eventually became the source of inspiration in the coffee industry and especially the Ethiopian’s coffee chains and most coffee shops. 

How a Cup of Coffee Defeated 40 Enemies and Pleased 40 Virgins 

How a Cup of Coffee Defeated 40 Enemies and Pleased 40 Virgins 
Source: Coffee or Die Magazine

Across Muslim nations, coffee was controversially well-known for its energy. The story began when a man who was a famous prophet witnessed sipping a magical drink. He’s known as Muhammad. 

He then was invited by Archangel Gabriel. Muhammad was gifted the mysterious elixir as a gift during his visitation. The drink gave him the strength to continue his journey which ended 40 enemies and conquested 40 virgins. 

Till today, coffee is widely consumed and is a part of Arabia culture and tradition. Coffee is also used for celebration and is as well associated with Muhammad discovery of the magical potion. Ancient folklore claimed, Muhammad only took one sip for his victory. 

Omar The Healer and His Secret Healing Ingredients  

Omar The Healer and His Secret Healing Ingredients  
Source: EDO Barista 

Omar the Healer lived in Yemen where he was known as an aide curing sickness through meditation and prayers. And one day he was immediately expelled from the hometown of Mocha to the desert caves. 

The reason for his deportation is still unknown till today. Along his journey without any food, he found strange red berries from shrubbery, and he chewed them. He couldn’t chew those berries because it was too bitter for home, so he roasted the red berries. 

The roasted berries were too hard for him to chew, therefore he decided to boil them for drinking. The boiled red beans resulted in a brown fragrant drink. After he drank those boiled beans, he felt invigorated and firmly sustained for several days. 

The remarkable story of his magical drink reached the town of Mocha, and he was allowed back into his hometown. The local patients felt the alleviation of the illness and regained back their strength after drinking this new curing discovery. Omar again redeemed his popularity as a local hero and became a saint for his beans’ discovery.  

The Tears of the Supreme Sky God 

The Oromo are a native group in Ethiopia and are one of the largest Cushitic-speaking groups. They also have their own story of how coffee was invented. They noticed the dynamic effect of the coffee plants that could keep them alert and energetic. 

They would consume the coffee and sustain it for several days without food. The credits of this mystifying story is given to the ancestors of the Oromo people. The people of Oromo believed that the coffee beans will only be sprouted from the eyes of the God Waqa. 

By which the God Waqa sprouted the first beans from his own eyes after having executed one of his dedicated men.  

Final Thought

To sum up, the origin story of coffee has been told or heard differently from parts of the world and was used for different purposes. However, aside from the interesting stories, coffee trades have been holding up firmly in the global market and are demanded worldwide. 

The supply chain in the coffee industry is growing rapidly along with the increasing numbers of coffee drinkers as well as coffee shops. On the other hand, it also helps the coffee beans farming community to have a sustainable business in the same way.


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