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Best Percolator Coffee Pot To Purchase in 2024

Best Percolator Coffee Pot To Purchase in 2024

Percolator coffee pot is the electric or stovetop coffee maker that is used for brewing large volumes of coffee, while it operates on the principle of percolation. It consists of a tank for cold water, a device for heating hot water, and a filter device for putting ground coffee beans. 

In the United States, coffee was brewed as a powder in a kettle before the advent of the electronic percolator in the early 20th century. After that, the percolator coffee pot came into our life. Today, we will introduce to you the best electric percolators to purchase in 2024. Take a look at each product carefully, and grab the best percolator coffee machine right now.


List of Best Percolator Coffee Pot To Purchase in 2024

10. WestBend Classic Stainless Steel Electric Coffee Percolator

10. WestBend Classic Stainless Steel Electric Coffee Percolator

  • Brand: WestBend
  • Brew 2 to 12 cups of coffee
  • Have a light indicator
  • Automatic keep-warm function
  • Silver color stainless steel construction
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West Bend has a very long history of over 100 years of producing kitchen tools and equipment. It is famous for its durable aluminum kitchen appliances, and of course, the coffee maker is no different since it is one of the top products from this brand. 

First of all, not to mention the reliability and performance of the West Bend 54159 model, this electric percolator approaches the consumers at a very affordable price, which is one of the reasons why people love to use those coffee pots. 

Secondly, the stainless steel coffee maker ensures that the handle is always cool to grab. Therefore, you can hold and bring the coffee percolator anywhere you serve delicious coffee. 

Thirdly, it is super simple and easy to operate, while it can serve coffee up to 2 to 12 cups per time. Fourthly, the light indicates when the coffee is ready to drink, at the same time, the light indicator shows you how much coffee is left inside of the pot. 

Last but not least, there is a function that can keep your drinks warm so that you can enjoy hot coffee whenever you want. 

What we like

  • No-spill lid makes it convenient to use
  • The traditional design looks classic
  • Durable material used
  • Dishwasher safe product
  • Electric percolator

What we don’t like

  • The short power cord might cause inconvenience to some users
9. Farberware FCP280 Percolator

9. Farberware FCP280 Percolator

  • Brand: Farberware
  • Brew up to 8 cups
  • Power of 1000 watts
  • Auto keep warming
  • The stainless steel material used
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If you do not want to waste space by leaving a countertop to serve several cups of coffee, then you should try the Farberware FCP280 model. This coffee pot looks very sleek and modern. The model can brew coffee up to 8 cups per time. 

Additionally, you only need to wait for one minute to get a cup of hot coffee, therefore, you do not need to worry about wasting your time even when you have some guests to serve a flavorful cup. 

With Farberware coffee makers, you just need to set the stainless steel percolator properly and then fill your favorite coffee grounds into the filter basket. This Farberware percolator brews great-tasting coffee when you use medium roasted beans. Therefore, it is a highly recommended product for those who like medium roast coffee drinkers. However, there is no on/off button on the machine, so when you do not use it, you have to unplug the coffee maker in order to prevent any unexpected accidents. 

What we like

  • Simple to o operate
  • Brewing a delicious cup of coffee in just a minute
  • The cord is detachable
  • Convenient for storage 
  • Easy pour spout

What we don’t like

  • There is no see-through cap, which will result in letting you not check the water level
8. Hamilton Beach 40614 R Electric Percolator

8. Hamilton Beach 40614 R Electric Percolator

  • Brand: Hamilton Beach
  • Serve coffee up to 12 cups
  • Plastic and stainless steel material
  • Attached with Indicator light
  • Permanent stainless steel filter basket
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The usage of kitchenware is not only for making coffee but it can also be used for boiling water for other types of beverages, such as tea, cocoa, and so on. This is exactly what many coffee lovers say about versatility and functionality. With just one electric percolator, you can solve two or more problems at one time. Isn’t it convenient and useful for our daily lives? Hence, the Hamilton Beach 40614R coffee maker is ideal for this kind of situation. 

To illustrate, you can grab your first cup of coffee a minute later once you start running this electric percolator. Additionally, it can serve up to 12 cups of delicious coffee, so you can enjoy your flavorful drinks anytime you want. What is impressive about this product is that you will see a light indicating when your beverage is ready to drink. Obviously, it is telling you that you can take your one cup right away now. Besides, there is a temperature control feature so that you can always drink hot drinks only with this coffee percolator. Overall, Hamilton brand products usually have a longer product life compared to other kitchenware brands, ensuring that you can use them quite for a long time and would be satisfied with the quality. 

What we like

  • Durable stainless steel quality
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Always keep your coffee warm
  • Cool handle and no drip spout
  • Can view water level

What we don’t like

  • The inner design might be a bit complicated
7. Hamilton Beach 40616 Electric Percolator Coffee Maker

7. Hamilton Beach 40616 Electric Percolator Coffee Maker

  • Brand: Hamilton Beach
  • Brew up to 12 cups of coffee
  • Come with an indicator light
  • Automatically keep coffee warm
  • Brew in no time
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Here we have another Hamilton Beach brand, model 40616 coffee maker. Different from the above one, this electric percolator comes as a chrome-finished model, making it look shinier than the previous model. Accordingly, you can put this modern-looking coffee maker at any place or on the countertop in your area as a decoration. Along with its nice visual appearance, it can brew up to 12 cups of tasty coffee in no time. 

One of the attractive features of this coffee percolator is that right after it finishes brewing coffee, it automatically switches to keep warm, ensuring that your coffee will not be cold until you finish all of them. Plus, thanks to the indicator, you will know exactly when it is time to serve hot coffee to yourself, friends, colleagues, and others. Last, of all, it is highly recommended to wash it with your hands if you want to maintain it more clearly and for a longer time. 

What we like

  • Serve a great tasting coffee with fast serving speed
  • One of the excellent standard drip coffee makers
  • Use paper filters and removable cord
  • Keep your coffee hot and easy pouring

What we don’t like

  • Might not be very durable enough
  • Not a dishwasher safe product
6. Cuisinart PRC-12 Classic Percolator

6. Cuisinart PRC-12 Classic Percolator

  • Brand: Cuisinart
  • Brew up to 12 cups
  • Suitable with coarsely ground coffee
  • Made from high-quality stainless steel material
  • Come with detachable cord 36 inches
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Next in our list of best percolator coffee pots is offered by Cuisinart PRC-12 classic coffee maker model. With the capacity of 12 cups of brewed coffee, this coffee maker comes with all the features that you need to get flavorful drinks. 

First, the sleek and modern look is designed for the best efficiency and convenience when you use it. Specifically, the coffee pot handle is comfortable to hold, and the spout is also designed not to be dropped with a single drop of coffee. In one word, it cannot be simpler to pour a cup of coffee anymore. 

Apart from this, you can serve the aromatic coffee anywhere by holding the coffee pot since the cord is designed to be detachable. What’s more, the permanent percolator filter basket can be removable and with the measurement markings on it, you can assume how much coffee grounds are needed to brew your coffee. 

Just like other models, it also has a ready-to-serve indicator light, so you will be informed when it is time to serve your coffee. Thereafter, you can press the stay cool button and the beverage inside of the coffee pot remains cool. Besides, the coffee percolator can also keep your drinks warm for a while and the transparent knob ensures that you will see through the coffee brewing cycle clearly. 

What we like

  • Slender and modern design
  • Perfect kitchenware at your house
  • Drinks are poured gracefully
  • Efficient brewing method
  • Transparent glass knob
  • Stay cool feature
  • Inform you when it is ready to serve

What we don’t like

  • There is no on/off button
5. COLETTI Bozeman Camping Coffee Pot

5. COLETTI Bozeman Camping Coffee Pot

  • Brand: COLETTI
  • Brew up to 12 cups
  • Stovetop design
  • Come with measurement
  • Unique medical care coffee filter
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If what you are looking for is a stovetop percolator with excellent construction, then you may try this COLETTI Bozeman model. Actually, stovetop percolators are old-fashioned products. However, old does not mean that it is not good to use. 

Despite its old-fashioned style, still, it can brew a flavorful coffee to start your day every morning. Thanks to its sturdy building, the COLETTI Bozeman stovetop percolator is perfect to use outdoors, especially as a camping percolator. The stainless steel material used to make this coffee maker is high-quality food-grade, meaning that it does not absorb any flavor or odor of the beverages. 

Also, even if you keep your coffee for a long time or taste different flavors every time, you will always feel the current great-tasting coffee only. Plus, you will never be affected by the previous old coffee odors. Given these points, the COLETTI Bozeman stovetop percolator is great for camping trips and also brews nice coffee for coffee lovers. 

What we like

  • Premium quality material used
  • Use glass and wood instead of aluminum or plastic
  • Durable and sturdy quality
  • Modern good looking design
  • Great for camping trips

What we don’t like

  • The lid does not seal tightly
  • Should be careful when you pour coffee into the cup
4. Presto 02822 Stainless Steel Coffee Percolator

4. Presto 02822 Stainless Steel Coffee Percolator

  • Brand: Presto
  • Brew up to 6 cups
  • 100% stainless steel coffee percolator
  • Electric percolator
  • Power of 500 watts
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If you are looking for an electric percolator that is reliable and affordable, then you should choose the Presto 02822 coffee percolator model. In the first place, with 6 cups of capacity, it is ideal to use at small households to serve one to three people. It is enough to satisfy the needs of those coffee lovers. As far as we research, the most amazing point of this coffee maker is that it uses 100% stainless steel material only. There is no single plastic or any other materials used. Consequently, the durability and longevity of this model are not to mention. 

Furthermore, ease of use is another great feature of this coffee percolator. All you need to do is just add coffee grounds and water and wait till your coffee is ready to drink. And in the case you forget to grab your drink, the light will be on to inform you that your coffee is all brewed now.  Without a doubt, the Presto coffee maker is a totally foolproof product. Following this, the stainless steel percolator will switch to the auto keep warm feature, making sure that your next cup of coffee is hot as the first one. 

What we like

  • Drip-free spout design
  • Cool handle and the cord is detachable
  • Convenient to carry and use
  • Automatically keep beverage warm
  • Perfect for small families

What we don’t like

  • Not suitable for big households due to small capacity
3. Hamilton Beach 45 Cup Percolator Coffee Pot

3. Hamilton Beach 45 Cup Percolator Coffee Pot

  • Brand: Hamilton
  • Twistable lid
  • Serve 45 cups of coffee
  • Ready to serve indicating lights
  • Water level markings
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The next best coffee maker to purchase is Hamilton Beach 45 cup percolator. This model is perfect for commercial uses since it has a large capacity to serve at the same time. Surprisingly, it takes less than a minute to brew a cup of coffee, and you will always taste fresh and hot drinks with this coffee maker. 

Thanks to the indicating light on the pot, you can just let the machine work and have a chat or walk around a bit and then grab your cup of hot coffee. Moreover, the unique twistable spout of this coffee pot gives you two filling choices, one is for your cup, and one is for a large quantity jug. 

Furthermore, there is a watermarking on the coffee percolator, so you can easily refill the water when it is needed. On top of that, the twist-lock lid ensures that your coffee will never be spilled on the table or countertop. Finally, the handle is large enough for you to hold and carry to other places, not to mention that it is very comfortable to hold. 

What we like

  • Speedy Brewing 
  • Brew large quantity of drinks
  • No need to brew every day
  • Filter basket and the lid ware dishwasher safe

What we don’t like

  • No on/off button
  • The power cord is a bit short
2. Farberware 50124 Classic Coffee Percolator

2. Farberware 50124 Classic Coffee Percolator

  • Brand: Farberware
  • Brew up to 8 cups of coffee
  • Stainless steel and mirror finishing model
  • Stovetop style product
  • Dishwasher safe
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If you like outdoor activities and you need coffee to boost your energy, then you should purchase Farberware 50124 classic coffee percolator. Whether it is a camping, outdoor bbq party, you can always take this great coffee maker to enjoy your day off. In addition, since this coffee percolator is a manual model, if you like full-bodied coffee flavor, then you must try this coffee maker to brew your own beverage. 

Indeed, Farberware 50124 camping percolator is not a simple coffee maker, but it is one of the best coffee percolators around the world. With the durable quality stainless steel material, it will last for a very long time without any issues at all. More than that, you can check the brewing process and when your drink is ready through the see-through knob. What is more, the permanent coffee filter will not give you any hassle to change it several times, unlike other models. 

What we like

  • Manual coffee maker
  • Rich and full taste
  • Classical looking design
  • Can use for boiling water
  • Offer lifetime warranty

What we don’t like

  • The handle might be heating up if the fire is too intense
1. Farberware 47053 Coffee Percolator

1. Farberware 47053 Coffee Percolator

  • Brand: Farberware
  • Brew coffee up to 12 cups
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Transparent knob
  • The basket is permanent
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Now we are very excited to introduce to you the number one best coffee maker pot, which is offered by Farberware again. This 47053 model performs excellently on the stovetop or fire thanks to the premium quality stainless steel material. Due to its specifications, it is perfect to use at camping destinations, and surely it would be wonderful to start your camping day with a rich flavorful cup of coffee. 

Moreover, the 12 cup capacity is enough to serve all of your camping members at one time right away. Furthermore, to reduce your hassle for cleaning the coffee maker, this model comes as a dishwasher-safe product. Therefore, you no longer need to use baking soda and clean it with your two hands. 

Along with the high-quality built-in filter, you do not need to purchase paper filters individually to brew your coffee. On top of that, with the help of a glass knob, you would be able to see your coffee brewing process and know when to add or refill the water and coffee grounds into the pot. 

What we like

  • No single plastic components at all
  • Both interior and exterior are made of high-quality material
  • Take little time to serve
  • Brew rich and bitter cup

What we don’t like

  • There is no indicator, leading you to check frequently while using it

Buying Guides To Choose The Best Percolator Coffee Pot To Purchase in 2024

Electric or Stovetop

Generally, coffee percolators are divided into two types, either electric or stovetop style. To clarify, electric coffee makers use electricity to brew coffee, whereas the stovetop drip coffee makers are put on the stove to make coffee. Hence, electric percolators are suitable to use at homes, offices, or other workplaces where you have electricity, and stovetop percolators are ideal at camping places. 

Stainless Steel Quality 

You should also take a good look at the coffee makers’ materials. In fact, there are three types of materials used to produce coffee makers including electric percolators, for example, stainless steel, ceramic, and aluminum. Actually, all of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. But one thing for sure is that stainless steel material is the most durable and long-run quality. 

Percolator Size

Of course, we cannot miss checking the size of the pot. There are various size options or capacities in the list, and you need to choose one according to your needs or family size. 

If you need to serve a large number of people, then you’d better purchase big capacity products, but if it is for your personal uses or small households, then you can go for a small capacity one. However, you should understand that the small size brews fast whereas the large size needs some time to finish brewing. 

FAQs – Best Percolator Coffee Pot To Purchase in 2024

What Is A Coffee Percolator Exactly?

For those who do not have enough knowledge of what is exactly a percolator coffee pot, we have prepared a clear definition of it. It is a machine used for brewing large volumes of coffee, it operates on the principle of percolation (a combination of leaching and infiltration). 

It consists of a tank for cold water, a device for heating hot water, and a filter device for putting ground coffee beans. Plus, through the thermosiphon (hot water circulation method) method, when cold water is heated, it penetrates the coffee and spouts hot water, which soon collects in the serving space installed on the hot plate. The temperature is about 95°C and leaching occurs naturally.

How To Use Coffee Percolators Step By Step?

Inside the percolator, there is a basket that serves as a filter for putting beans in and a tube that serves as a passage for extracting coffee. Open the lid, drain both of these, and add water that is one of the most important elements. 

After that, fill the percolator pail at least 1/3 full with water. This should be enough for the water to boil properly.  In addition, it is good to adjust the number of coffee beans according to personal taste. However, since the percolator has a large filter hole, it is suggested to use finely ground coffee beans.

Then, close the lid of the percolator and simmer on the burner for 8 to 12 minutes. When the water starts to boil, you can check the coffee consistency with your eyes, and turn off the heat when it reaches the proper consistency. 

In fact, the amount of water could vary. If you want a strong coffee, try increasing the number of coffee beans. The percolator can be used not only for coffee but also for various teas!

What are the drawbacks of coffee percolators?

Since coffee is extracted again with the extracted coffee inside the coffee percolators. Therefore, if the concentration of coffee in the container is the same, extraction will not proceed any further. As a result, there is a disadvantage that the concentration cannot be increased above a certain level. Also, because the water is boiled, the temperature of the water is too high, and the taste might be a bit bitter and burnt.


All in all, coffee percolators are coming in a compact size so that you can place them anywhere in your area, and also they instantly brew your great-tasting coffee. If you are a coffee lover, then it is a must-have item for you to enjoy your flavorful coffee. The day we start with a coffee and end with a cup of it, it is obvious that we need a good quality percolator coffee pot for ourselves. 


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