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Top Flavorous Summer Coffee Drinks To Freshen Up The Hot Weather

Top Flavorous Summer Coffee Drinks To Freshen Up The Hot Weather
Top flavorous summer coffee drinks to freshen up your hot weather Intro

As the weather gets hot, we often think of a cup of iced coffee that is cold to cool down our body immediately. Coffee was also used as a medicine to treat patients around the 11th century. The name of coffee comes from the Ethiopian name ‘kappa’, which means power. It is not easy to endure or lift the drowsiness once poured out. However, it might be a good way to wake up with a delicious cup of ‘strength’ coffee!

In that case, how about opening your own home café where you can enjoy yourself comfortably at home without going outside? A variety of <Home Café Recipes> that are simple and easy to make and eat with just a few ingredients! Let’s take a look at the top flavors of summer coffee drinks and their recipe to wake you up from your sleep and hot weather!. Let me introduce you now.


‘Salty Caramel Latte Recipe’ Sweet, Addictive and Evil Coffee!

This time, we introduce Sweet-Salty Devil’s Coffee, which is said to be found once you taste it! It is called ‘Salty Caramel Latte’. At the end of the sweet caramel taste, the salty taste of salt remains, giving you an addictive and unique taste. Salted caramel latte, which can only be found in cafes, today, shall we go to bring out the atmosphere of a high-class café at home? Anyway, if you do not like the salty taste, you can choose not to put salt into your caramel latte.

'Salty Caramel Latte Recipe' Sweet, Addictive and Evil Coffee!

*Salt Caramel Latte Ingredients*

1 bag of black coffee, hot water, caramel syrup, sugar, salt, milk, ice

*How to make a salted caramel latte*

  1. Dissolve the black coffee powder with hot water to make an undiluted coffee solution.​
  2. Put 2 tablespoons of caramel syrup and coffee juice in a cup. After pouring milk, add an appropriate amount of salt.​
[TIP] Without caramel syrup, melt commercially available milk caramel to make it.

  1. Mix sugar and salt and put it in the mouth of the cup. (You can feel the sweet-salty taste every time you drink the latte.)

Vienna Coffee Recipe 

For those who have difficulty eating bitter Americano! This coffee recipe would be perfect for those who want something new rather than tasting only Americano! It is called Vienna Coffee. The sweetness of the cream and blend of bitter Americano is the charming point of this recipe! Shall we start to make it slowly?

Vienna Coffee Recipe

Here we are going to make a special drip coffee. ​There are some necessary ingredients for making drip coffee.

*Vienna Coffee Making Preparation*

Drip pot for water swelling and milk pot to be used for making fresh cream! Line grinder that will meticulously fine grind coffee beans, and if you have a coffee filter, a must-have for drip coffee, it’s perfect now!

*How to make a Vienna Coffee*

  1. As you all know, coffee starts with beans! Put coffee beans in a grinder and grind them carefully, enough to drip thick coffee beans.
  2. The finely ground beans are transferred to a stainless coffee filter. Use a drip pot and pour hot water slowly. Then the drip coffee is falling slowly into your cup!​ A stainless coffee filter does not need a paper filter, so it is economical because it can be used semi-permanently!
  3. Vienna coffee’s key point is still a chewy cream, right? To make a viscous cream, put the liquid cream and sugar in the milk pot, and whisk with an electric whisk until it’s chewy! The point is not too thin or too hard whipping. 
  4. When the drip coffee and cream are ready, firstly, Take full ice in the coffee mug, and add about 150ml of water. Then pour the extracted drip coffee 50ml into the mug, and stir well with a spoon!
  5. Finally, we will decorate the finale of the Vienna coffee recipe. Pour the cream slowly and full on the coffee! If you successfully poured the cream, finish up by sprinkling cinnamon powder on it!

Coffee Lemonade

We also have some of the most effective and delicious coffee recipes for cooling down your hot summer. It’s a combination of coffee and lemon. The arousal effect of coffee and the fatigue recovery effect of citric acid in lemon blows away your lethargy and drowsiness in the summer! A simple way to mix espresso and lemonade, by storing it in the refrigerator, it can get a cooler, fresher, and sour stimulation.

Mazagran, which is a coffee lemonade, originally, it was made by mixing lemon juice and sugar. It is also a menu item that many people enjoy drinking when the weather gets hot around summer~ You can make it with lemon fruit or lemon powder that you can get easily at marts or supermarkets. You can choose the ingredient that you prefer to use.

Coffee Lemonade

*Coffee Lemonade Ingredients*

Lemon or lemon powder, water, sugar, and espresso or instant coffee.

*How to make a Coffee Lemonade*

  1. First, add 40 grams of powder and 150 milliliters of water and mix well (Sugar can be sunk underneath, so make sure that you mix well~)
  2. And then, just add one shot of espresso. After you pour the espresso, you will find out that the drink inside of the glass cup becomes so pretty. 
  3. Adjust the concentration and taste by adding water or carbonated water according to your preference. That’s all for this coffee lemonade. Isn’t it so easy and simple to make? You should try right now.

When you drink it, you would feel like drinking refreshing coffee~ It is good to drink when you are thirsty in summer~ Iced coffee brewed with sour beans has a different level of freshness!

Why don’t you try adding lemon to the iced coffee you drink every day? Of course, it is different from making raw lemon juice, but it would be great if you want to drink it in a hurry~


Shakerato, which is misunderstood as ‘coffee with alcohol’ as it is for European coolness, is an Italian-style iced coffee that is shaken like a cocktail. It is a menu made by rapidly icing espresso by shaking it with ice, and you can feel the deep flavor and body feeling of espresso with softness. 

You can easily enjoy a home café with an automatic coffee machine. There are many types of coffee machines that you can use at home, and a single serve coffee maker is one of the best. In order to enjoy the cool Shakerato in your heart, it is better to choose beans from Central and South America with bright acidities, such as Kenya AA and Guatemala, rather than heavy beans.


*Condensed Milk Latte Ingredients*

Espresso, sugar syrup, and ice

*Condensed Milk Latte Making Preparation*

Coffee machine, shaker, and glass cup

*How to make a Condensed Milk Latte*

To make Shakerato, you need to prepare a cocktail-only shaker, two shots of espresso (30ml one-shot), sugar syrup, and ice. 

  1. Take two shots of espresso from the coffee machine, add espresso, ice, and sugar syrup to a cocktail shaker.
  2. And shake it vigorously up and down at least 50 times. During this process, when the espresso is extracted, ‘crema (golden foam)’ spreads on the surface, which is completed by slowly pouring it into a transparent wine glass that feels like a cocktail.

Condensed Milk Latte – the feeling of traveling in Vietnam

A condensed milk latte, the feeling of traveling in Vietnam, called Caphe Suada, is a popular Vietnamese iced coffee menu that combines coffee (Caphe), condensed milk (Sue), and ice (Da). It is perfect for enjoying a drowsy afternoon by adding sweetness to the savory latte. 

The Vietnamese condensed milk latte is recommended to have a deeper taste by using heavy-bodied Brazilian beans. The flavor of the coffee beans you prefer varies depending on the individual, so you can choose according to your preference. 

Last but not least, you can use a portable espresso machine to make this coffee or other coffee drinks. If you like travelling, or any other outside activities, these products would be the perfect accompaniment for you.

Condensed Milk Latte - the feeling of traveling in Vietnam

*Condensed Milk Latte Ingredients*

Espresso, condensed milk, milk, and crushed ice

*How to make a Condensed Milk Latte*

  1. You can make two shots of espresso (based on one-shot 30ml) with the automatic coffee machine and prepare condensed milk, milk, and crushed ice. 
  2. Add condensed milk and milk to your liking in a glass of ice, and stir until they are well mixed.
  3. Slowly pour two shots of espresso on top, and the condensed milk coffee is completed. The difference in temperature between milk and espresso creates a natural layer, boasting a visual that makes you leave a certified shot.

Matcha latte that goes well with summer

Matcha, grown in a special way, has a vivid green color and less astringent taste than green tea. And Matcha latte is a menu that boasts a subtle taste by gently mixing the savory flavor of the latte and the bitter taste of matcha. The dark green matcha juice and milk form a beautiful gradation.

Matcha latte that goes well with summer

*Matcha Latte Ingredients*

Espresso, matcha powder, milk, and ice

*How to Make a Matcha Latte*

  1. Prepare two shots of espresso (based on 30 ml of one-shot), matcha powder, and milk and ice. 
  2. First, thicken the matcha powder with warm water, pour the melted green tea powder into the prepared cup, and add ice. At this time, if you add sugar or syrup according to your taste, you can enjoy a sweet matcha latte, and you can see a more pronounced gradation effect. 
  3. Finally, pour the milk to the 2/3 point of the cup, then add two shots of freshly brewed espresso and stir well.

‘Brown Sugar Coffee’ – Instagram Popular Menu 

Taiwan’s brown sugar coffee, which is gaining popularity on social media recently, is addictive because the bitter taste of brown sugar is added to the sweet taste. The visuals of brown sugar syrup mixed with white milk and flowing down the wall of the cup stimulate the fun to see.

Brown Sugar Coffee

*Brown Sugar Coffee Ingredients*

Espresso, sugar syrup, milk, and ice

*How to Make a Brown Sugar Coffee*

  1. To make brown sugar coffee, you can lower two shots of espresso (based on one-shot 30ml) on the coffee machine, and the concentration of the coffee can be adjusted according to your taste. 
  2. Add the brown sugar syrup, ice, and milk stored in the refrigerator by boiling brown sugar in order, then slowly pour espresso to finish. If you add a chewy texture of tapioca pearl, cinnamon powder, or cinnamon stick, you can enjoy delicious brown sugar coffee like a famous café.

Dalgona coffee – 400 whipping rewarding

Here is another top flavorus summer coffee recipe that you can try at home, especially, when you are bored to stay at home during lockdown. All you need is instant coffee, sugar, and water. We can say that it’s one of the easiest recipes for coffee crink in this article. But it takes some time to make it. You will find out that you need to have a strong arm to make dalgona coffee. However, once you finish it, when you enjoy this cup of dalgona coffee with ice, you would feel such freshness, sweetness, and coolness at the same time with relatively little ingredients. 

dalgona coffee

*Dalgona  Coffee Ingredients*

Instant Coffee 1 stick, 2 tablespoons sugar, 2 tablespoons warm water, ice, and milk

*How to Make a Dalgona Coffee*

  1. Firstly, add 1 tablespoon of instant coffee 1 tablespoon to 1 cup sugar and 2 pestles.
  2. Add 2 tablespoons of lukewarm water and stir with a whisk.
  3. When sweet or whipping is complete, fill the cup with ice.
  4. Pour an appropriate amount of milk and sweetened or whip it on top.
  5. Decorate cookies or macaroons according to your preference.


When you use instant coffee, it is better to choose only black coffee than a mix with sugar. It is because at first, you must dissolve the coffee and sugar well and start whipping for the foam to rise easily.

Final Thoughts

So far, we have introduced to you the most popular top flavorus summer coffee drinks and their recipes that will freshen up the hot weather for you. Most of the above-mentioned coffee drinks can be made at home easily by yourself without going out at all. 

As you might already be aware, the keyword ‘home café’ is attracting attention due to the increase of home families who regard their home as a space for hobbies and healing rather than a simple resting place. This is because more and more people are proud of creating a home café with a variety of atmospheres in their own well-decorated space. 

In particular, the trend of ‘Instagrammable’, which means ‘that is worth posting on Instagram’, which is spreading around the 20, 30 millennials, takes a coffee menu with excellent visuals as a photo or video and shares it through social media. 

Anyone can easily enjoy delicious drinks at home and we will continue to challenge your home café. We will introduce easy and simple recipes. Please look forward to it!