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Things You Need to Know About French Press Coffee | How to Press Like A Pro

Things You Need to Know About French Press Coffee _ How to Press Like A Pro

Are we the same that get bored buying a cup of friendly-service coffee every morning in a crowded line? Almost all coffee lovers tend to spend a lot of money to let Starbucks make the coffee for them. Yet, why don’t we start with something new and spend less? Making our own unique cup of hot or cold coffee like a pro. Instead of spending a lot of money and waiting for others to make coffee for us, it would be more interesting to spend an appropriate amount of money purchasing a percolator. 

That’s why the French Press machine has expanded into the daily market. As a result, grab one of an affordable French Press machine, and come along with me to press coffee like a professional barista with many Pro knowledge. As well as expanding clearer knowledge on the French Press machine. With below descriptions will take you along to understand more about the French Press coffee and basic French Press machine knowledge.


Basic Knowledge of French Press

Basic Knowledge of French Press

A French press is a manual espresso producer with a barrel-shaped decanter, a plunger, and a presence of a filter that permeates the expresso. Moreover, for around 4 minutes soaking coarse grinds into boiled water, you will see its great result. Additionally, the French press does not cook continuously on the hot plate, which means it will not turn the coffee bitter.

Main Components of French Press Carafe

Main Components of French Press Carafe
Free image/jpeg, Resolution: 1500×1500, File size: 190Kb, 8 Cup French Press Coffee and Tea Maker- Borosilicate Glass Carafe- Stainless Steel Components- FDA Approved Manual… N2

The French Press has plenty of small components. Yet, there are only 3 main parts that should be focused on when you want to buy. Those 3 parts are the plunger, carafe, and lid. Firstly, the carafe is for holding the water and coffee, it also has a cutie spout for pouring out the coffee that has been brewed. Moreover, the carafes have three types of materials such as plastic, temper glass, and stainless steel. Hence, choose one of these three types. 

Secondly, the plungers include a filter, a handle and a plunger. Whenever pushing down on the handle, the filter moves down and brings the ground underneath of the decanter. Moreover, the side of the filter is the major key of the plunger. The plastic made filter edges usually break down for a long time of using or kept in the dishwasher. In the comparison, the metal edges filter lasts longer than the plastic one, as it will not easily degrade.

Thirdly, the lid that is on the top is the basic piece. For inexpensive French Presses usually appears completely unblocked the heat, which means the heat goes out easily through the carafe spout. In contrast, for costly French Presses normally can perfectly keep the heat to not let the heat escape from the decades spout. Whenever the coffee brews already, you just twist the lid.

Benefits of Drinking Coffee from French Press Method

Benefits of Drinking Coffee from French Press Method

Normally coffee can bring plenty of health benefits to humans. Based on the studies of Mayo Clinic have shown that coffee cannot increase the risk of both heart disease and cancer. Moreover, coffee also participated in protection against diseases including type 2 diabetes, liver disease, Parkinson’s, as well as depression. Similarly, French press machines allow raw ground contact boiled water directly without flowing across a paper filter. As a result, the main oils have to spread out more than capture before you drink the coffee. So, both antioxidants and nutrients are finished in the cup with coffee flavor.

Besides, the French Press coffee drinkers have experienced the exact taste and good quality of the coffee’s natural taste, particularly made with a completely coarse blend. Furthermore, do not have to bleach filters to process brewing coffee. As a result, no more concern about health issues after a long time of use. The French Press coffee appears to be your special favorite coffee blend. What’s more, whether cold or hot coffee, you can control by yourself in the French Press method to make a cup of coffee. With that said, because the water is heated differently from the grounds with one desired temperature. Even with different kinds of beans, the temperature of the machine is still the same. Hence, how hot or how cold your beverage is, is in the control of your hand.

French Press Coffee Pros and Cons

French Press Coffee Pros and Cons

Using a French press machine to brew a cup of coffee will end up with strong and robust coffee without assistance from any electrical brewing system. Furthermore, French press coffee machines also can be used to brew both tea and coffee. Moreover, it can be either hot or cold depending on your favorite choice of beverages. What’s more, there are many brands of the French press machine at an affordable price in the recent market. 

Although no one is perfect, so do the French press coffee machines. The coffee has to be served immediately to hinder over-extraction. Since it is a manual brewing tool, obviously cannot leave it alone and walk away. Likewise, it requires precise monitoring of temperatures, level of water, grind size of the coffee and time of brewing. However, brewing coffee in the French press machine, will give one a cup of tasty coffee.

The Way French Press Works

The Way French Press Works

In making espresso in a French press machine, the ground coffee is plunged in 200ºF boiled water for around 3-5 minutes. Yet, keep in minds that beware of using a blade grinder to grind the beans. With that said, the grinder could not grind evenly and could warm the beans that bring away the tasty flavors from the coffee. Hence, you should grind coffee beans at the store. 

After immersed the ground coffee in hot water, pressing down the filter to divide the grounds from the expresso. The hot water temperature levels also have an impact on coffee’s taste. It will taste burnt in too hot temperatures like 212ºF. Whereas, in too cool temperatures of hot water, it will surprisingly remove the coffee flavors. Finally, just pour yourself a cup of great flavor coffee then smell the top odorous coffee oils, and taste a full espresso flavor.

Essential Pro Keys of Brewing Coffee with French Press Method

Essential Pro Keys of Brewing Coffee with French Press Method

Before beginning to make a cup of coffee in the French Press machine, it is extremely important to follow the tips below in order to have a great cup of coffee.

  • Willing to spend for a good quality French press. There are large amounts of best French Press coffee makers available in recent markets. 
  • Try not to use pre-ground coffee as much as you can, since it will take away coffee’s freshness so fast. Hence, purchase great quality whole bean coffee then grind it immediately. Then, brewing in the French Press coffee machine to keep the freshness stays.
  • Use a good coffee burr grinder instead of a blade-grinder with a good French Press. Try to avoid cheap store options, if you need a perfect taste French Press coffee.
  • Clean the French Press frequently in order to drink coffee that tastes clean.

Brewing Coffee in French Press Machine Simple Steps

Brewing Coffee in French Press Machine Simple Steps:

Brewing Coffee in French Press Machine Simple Steps

First Step

Fill enough water to a boil of the Fresh Press. For a 17-oz press, it requires about 12 ounces. This step is to warm up the French press. Hence, it assists a lot for maintaining the temperature to brew for perfect extraction. Remember that even the first step is just to warm up the French press, yet it stands the most major part that should not be passed. With that said, because it is the step that informs the machine to be ready to brew the tasty espresso.

Second Step

Grind coffee to the Fresh press when the water is heating. It needs 30 grams of coffee in 350 grams of water. Besides, just add about 8 Tablespoons of coffee then grind it as coarse as breadcrumbs. The more grind of the coffee bean the more efficient the result is. If you need a full taste of natural coffee, keep in mind to grind coffee beans before adding to the French Press.

Third Step

Congratulations! Your French Press is warmed up now! So, give a gentle discard twice the amount of hot water with coffee to the empty press. Like, start with 60 grams of water if there are 30 grams of coffee.

Fourth Step

After that, use a chopstick or bamboo paddle to gently stir. Remember not to use met to prevent accidentally breaking the glass. Then, let the coffee bloom for 30 seconds.

Fifth Step

Pour remaining liquid and fill it on the top of the grounds in a gentle way. Without pressing down, put the top on to brew the coffee. Next, keep the coffee steep for 4 minutes. 4 minutes is the limit, not suggested to steep more than 4 minutes.

Sixth Step

Removing the French press from the scale and putting it anywhere free and appropriate. Press down the filter. Hard when pressing means the grind is too fine. Whereas, the plunger trunks down to the counter means the grinds are too coarse. After done with pressing, pour the espresso to a cup quickly. Finally, add sweet sugar as your desired favorite. Remember not to let the coffee stand still since it will brew continuously and result in over-extract.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

What are the differences between tempered glass, stainless steel, and plastic for French Press makers? 

Of course, there are 3 types of materials from French Press makers. The tempered glass looks prettier but conveniently crashes. However, the stainless steels will not easily break, yet they look hazy which unable to see the coffee brewing. On the other hand, the plastic definitely breaks easily, but it is not so perfect to brew coffee.

Which size of the French Press should I use?

That’s true that you should purchase a good quality of the French Press, hence you exactly want to choose the one that both fits with the amount of coffee and looks great in the kitchen. As a result, the size of the French Press is super important. Generally, the most common sizes of the French Presses are 3 cups, 8-12 cups, or 4 ounces cups respectively.


All in all, the above descriptions are the essential things you need to know about French Press Coffee. As well as the ways to brew the French Press Coffee like a pro. With that said, we have shown you what the French Press is, the benefits to use the French Press machine to brew a cup of coffee. Moreover, understanding the differences of the taste through the use of French Press maker as a method to make your coffee and expanding the knowledge to visit the most crucial components of the French press coffee. Besides, as the simple following techniques, we guarantee that you will successfully brew a cup of tasty French Press coffee for yourself. 

Furthermore, the presence of the frequently asked question will be guided you to purchase a great quality French press maker. Hence, brewing a coffee like a pro barista dream is going to come into your reality just reading them. With the above details, you are going to make the first step to taste this cup of coffee and slowly infiltrate your heart to brew yourself a cup of Coffee by using the French Press method. Finally, let’s start to brew yourself a cup of delicious French press coffee and be happy to leave us any comments to brew a French press espresso like a pro.