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The Most Underrated Espresso Romano You Need to Know Now

The Most Underrated Espresso Romano You Need to Know Now

Espresso Romano is a simple cup of coffee with drops of lemon to remerge its form. Its preparation may differ from cafe to cafe, some would serve with a slice of lemon. For its name as “Romano” which represents the drink’s name but hardly tell that the drink was originally from Rome or Italy.

The Most Underrated Espresso Romano You Need to Know Now intro
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Exploring Its Unique History: The Espresso Romano 

There wasn’t any solid proof that says espresso romano was found in Italy. But there was a complication regarding its birth discovery. 

Some said it is an American invention while others said espresso romano is known to have been introduced by the Italians. The Italians use drops of lemon for their coffee. 

There is no definitive evidence on the history of this drink but there is a story suggesting that the drink might have originated and been made by the Italians. 

As we are all aware of the Moka pots and espresso machines were Italain’s invention at the beginning of the 20th century. So, the Italians have been drinking coffee brewed with Moka pots and an espresso machine for more than decades now. 

But due to some limitations on coffee import in Italy during World War I and II, the Italians were forced to drink cheap instant coffee. And that instant coffee most likely was supplied by American soldiers, the coffee tasted very badly with poor quality. 

After the second world war, the Italians were still faced with an economic crisis before they could resume the international coffee trade. 

During the time when they could only consume poor coffee, they used lemons to conceal the undesired coffee flavor. 

Overview: The Espresso Romano

The espresso romano is a combination drink of coffee and a slice of lemon or sometimes the people use drops of lemon. Some say drops of lemon were used because there was a lack of sugar to reduce the bitterness of coffee. 

But others said the lemon was used because of water shortage at that time. Moreover, there was an argument where people said the recipe of espresso romano was created to deal with hangovers. As the combination of its bitterness and sourness with espresso caffeine is the best solution after having had a heavy drink. 

It’s a versatile drink, it can be served in hot or cold drinks, with or without milk. As time passes, the recipes might have developed through time and differently from coffee shops. 

The oil from lemon peel may be squeezed into a cup before pouring coffee over. Some coffee drinkers may leave the peel in the cup, some do not. The espresso romano is used with Sorrento Lemons. 

As they religiously believe that Sorrento Lemons are geographically indicated and verified by the European Union for their quality and unique nature.

The Flavors of the Espresso Romano Coffee 

According to Dr Wilton Soares Cardoso, a teacher and doctor at Brazil ‘s Instituto Federal de Educação, Ciência e Tecnologia, says putting lemons into espresso is really an advantage. 

When combining lemon and espresso, the lemon really makes a nice balanced acidity and bitterness of the espresso. Moreover, you need to make sure that the espresso bean is naturally a high-quality bean. 

The Flavors of the Espresso Romano Coffee 
Source: Perfect Brew

So, when the two natural ingredients meet each other, the total share of ingredients would make a balanced coffee serving. However, if you are using low-quality beans, it would be a waste of the taste of lemon and ruin the recipe of your shot. 

The Espresso Romano is strangely a simple coffee with lemon. Albeit the name and its origin, this drink really is a perfect recipe for a hangover. 

Naturally, caffeine can help in reducing headache pain and the essential oils in lemon help the flow of digestion and enhance metabolic functions.  

Nutritions of Lemon 

Nutritions of Lemon 
Source: Shape Magazine

The flavor and aroma of lemon come from the essential oils in the peels. And the lemon juice is refreshing and acidic. Lemons drops can be used to add on drinks and food in a minimum serving size since it has low calories, sodium. 

Lemon is also good as dietary fiber as it helps to reduce the risks of heart disease. Whether you are using a slice or drops of lemon in your espresso, it still gives you the same amount of protein and vitamins. Just that lemon wheel could give you a little more oil from the peels. 

How to Serve Espresso with Lemon: The Recipe Variations 

How to Serve Espresso with Lemon: The Recipe Variations 
Source: Starbucks coffee at home

There are several recipes you make to serve with espresso and lemons. Though the recipe you are trying to make is depending on the water temperature, the coffee quality and types, and the quantity of espresso you want to use. 

Citrusy Lemon Latte Recipe 

Citrusy Lemon Latte Recipe 
Source: World Coffee Beans 

Lemon with milk might sound a bit weird but if you can make it right, it will be worth the try. Lemon latte is a citrusy drink that is made of a mixture of milk and espresso. This recipe is easy and fast forward. 

Here are a few ingredients you may need in making this drink, 

  • lemon, 
  • ½ sugar 
  • one tablespoon lemon simple syrup 
  • two shots of espresso
  •  ½ cup of strong coffee
  • Any kind of milk for 8 ounces 

After having all the things you need, then follow the description carefully. 

  • Firstly, you need to cut and squeeze out the juice into a cup, and then pour that squeezed lemon into a saucepan and add sugar and stir it gently in medium heat. 
  • After that remove the pan from the heat. 
  • In the next step, put in milk with a spoon of lemon syrup and heat it up to see the bubbling boil and then pour in your espresso into a mug, and then you are ready to enjoy your drink. 

Lemon Affogato Coffee Recipe 

Lemon Affogato Coffee Recipe 
Source: My Yummy Spatula

If you don’t like too much milk, affogato coffee is your best option. Lemon affogato coffee is a smooth creamy drink with scoops of ice cream. A perfect drink for summer. 

Lemon affogato only needs lemon, mint, sugar, ice cream, and espresso. Prepare a few leaves of mint, zing a piece of lemon, gently mix the chopped mint leaves and lemon with sugar. And then rub lemon over the edges of the mug and dip in the lemon-mint sugar and then pour in your favorite espresso then you can finish your drink with scoops of ice cream. Enjoy. 

However, there are other alternatives for espresso with lemon that you can try including Kimbo Antica espresso and Illy intense espresso. These are easily made within a few minutes of your busy schedule. 

Lemon Affogato Coffee Recipe - 2
Source: Dial up the coffee


To sum up, espresso romano is one of the trendy drinks in 2024 that you should give out a try. Not only could it offer you a tasty drink, but it does also help in maintaining the calories and boosting your metabolic functions as well.

A cup serving a size of coffee every day could assist your healthy lifestyle and reduce the risks of heart disease. Lemon does a lot of helpful positioning in your body system. 


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