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Nespresso Originalline Vs Vertuoline, Which One Is better?

Nespresso Originalline Vs Vertuoline, Which One Is better

When it comes to coffee making machines, there has always been a debate on which kind is better in terms of usage and the flavors of coffee that it holds. As for Nespresso, the Originalline has been around for a long time to serve the interest of coffee drinkers from all around the world. 

However, Nespresso has released a new line called Vertuoline that is equipped with new designs, advantages and functions to enhance the brewing process, flavors, and overall usage. Nespresso Originalline Vs Vertuoline, which one is better?

Nespresso Originalline Vs Vertuoline, Which One Is better? intro
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This has sparked another debate on which line is better for Nespresso, the Originalline or the Vertuoline. It is true that the new things are created to fit into the new and improving lifestyles of the users and also to ease them with the daily life process. Yet, it doesn’t mean that all users are in favor of the new thing. Sure, it is better and improved but some people might be fully satisfied with the previous version and are not looking to switch. 

Therefore, there should be a good comparison between both lines for coffee drinkers and enthusiasts as a whole in order to simplify and give out all the essential information so that they are able to choose the one that serves their interests better. 


The Nespresso Originalline

The Nespresso Originalline
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The Nespresso Originalline espresso machine comes in a wide range of sizes, design,s and functions based on each model. It is considered one of the well-known espresso machines that you can easily brew your own espresso at home with the closest taste to the authentic espresso coffee. 

Some coffee drinkers prefer the Originalline because it was probably one of the first and best espresso machines that they ever own and it has the easiest and the most simple functions that everyone can get their hands on. It somehow gives a sense of comfort to the users which makes it hard for them to switch. 

The Nespresso Originalline - 2
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From the simple design to the easy functions and features, the Originalline was a winner back in the day compared to its competitors at the time. The capsules that are compatible with the machines are even different if we compare the Originalline to the Vertuoline. The older version is slightly bigger and seemingly can hold more products in one go. The design is also completely different since the Originalline is sharper and is known for being the best at brewing the tastiest and true espresso flavor. 

Nespresso Vertuoline 

Nespresso Vertuoline is the new line that Nespresso has released with new functions and features that have won the hearts of many coffee lovers and drinkers all over the world since the day that it has been introduced. Even though it comes from the same Nespresso family, this new line can brew more than just delicious espresso, which makes it more suitable for modern households since it can provide a range of options for coffee lovers. 

Nespresso Vertuoline 
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The Vertuoline machine comes in a larger body, due to the functions and the capacity that it holds. It is equipped with a built-in milk frother so that the users can enjoy milk-infused coffee drinks such as latte, mocha and more. Even for the espresso, it creates more crema than the Originalline which is a level-up for those who are in favor of a creamier espresso brew. 

The round shape capsule of the Vertuoline pod is in fact a new design specifically for the line and available in more than one size. The round shape helps tremendously in creating the crema when brewing and this new stylish design can also enhance the flavor of the brew itself. 

Originalline Vs Vertuoline 

Overall, one question that has always been asked is which one is better? But the real question that should be asked is which one is the best for you. Sure, the new things will always be the first choice for most people, but that doesn’t mean the value of the older model is not valid anymore. There are people who are completely satisfied with the Originalline and are not looking to switch to the newer version. However, there are also those who love the new innovation and prefer the wider range that the new line can offer. 

Nevertheless, in order to choose the right one, you need to understand all the pros and cons that each line holds so that you can clearly see which one is the best to serve your interest. 

The Originalline, of course, has a wider range of selection when it comes to machines. It comes in different shapes and forms for everyone to choose from so that the users can select the one that they prefer the most and that suit their style the best. 

The capsule for the Oroginalline is also affordable and easy to find since not only does Nespresso company that make the capsule, but also there are third parties companies that made the capsule that make it easy for the users to get their hands on. It brews the best at-home espresso that has the closest flavor notes to the authentic one. Since it can only brew espresso, the price range is also cheaper than the Vertuoline. For the Originalline, it comes with the built-in milk frother or you can buy it on the side depending on the model of the line. 

Originalline Vs Vertuoline - 2
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Thus, the Originalline can only make espresso, therefore there is a limitation when it comes to capability and variety. For those who are looking to brew many other kinds of coffee drinks, they need to put on a little more effort and time. It is also louder than the latest line, which makes it a little unpleasant if you want to brew coffee early in the morning. 

As for the Vertuoline, even though it has a limited range of machines, it can brew many types of coffee drinks as long as the capsules are compatible with the machine itself. One of the most impressive features of the Vertuoline is that all of its capsules are equipped with barcoded technology so that the machine can operate based on the capsule that it recognizes.  

Originalline Vs Vertuoline Originalline Vs Vertuoline - 3
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The machine itself runs really quietly compared to the Originalline machine, it makes it suitable for those who are likely to enjoy their coffee brews in the morning. It also comes with a frother. This new line is known for producing more crema in the espresso than the Originalline so that the drinkers can achieve the best flavor notes and texture of the espresso that they can make in the comfort of their home. 

But, everything has its downside. This magnificent machine is pricer and comes in limitations when it comes to the machine body. The overall price is also more expensive than the Originalline. Even the capsules are pricier than the previous line, which is not so much in favor of those who are on a budget. 


When it comes to choosing the right coffee making machine, we all need to look at all the advantages that most of them can offer, including all the features and functions in order to see if they are aligned with what we are looking for or not. All the coffee-making maker brands have many models available for the users to choose from and each one has its own uniqueness. As for the Nespresso, it is known as one of the most reliable brands out there that people entrust their morning brews with and it has not disappointed. 

Both Originalline and Vertuoline have their own unique features that most coffee drinkers need to achieve their best cups of coffee even though they can be different in some parts. 


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