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These Costa Olympics Cups For the Tokyo Olympic Will Make You Blown Away

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As you already know, the Olympic 2020 which was held in Tokyo just ended 2 weeks ago as many athletes have been showing their spirit and effort to win as representatives of each country. Moreover, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the event was delayed until this year when Tokyo has shown great hospitality as an Olympic Host. 

Other than that, there are many sponsorships in the Olympics, and Costa Coffee is one of the sponsors that has been delivering their products for the games. Furthermore, for the great occasion, Costa coffee decided to make something new for the athletes and also their customers who enjoy watching the Olympics even more interested by creating the limited edition merchandise for the Olympic season.

Actually, the Costa Olympics cups were commissioned to celebrate their official sponsorship of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. However, the pandemic hit, so after two years and one pandemic, they finally got their hit on the street.  Each cup features a different iconic Olympic sport, with six available globally and an additional two created exclusively for the Chinese market.

The Designs were created working alongside the IOC to ensure 100% authenticity across each sport, however with just the right amount of creative freedom to add some humorous touches here and there on the secondary characters. The illustrations were adapted for animated digital assets and a whole range of limited-edition merchandise.

Costa coffee is best known for its community service and sustainable initiatives. The costa Olympics cups design is the collaboration of Pablo London and Barrie Jones studio. Besides, the Olympics cups packaging is a United Kingdom project type which the two artists above created for their client which is Costa. More than that, the packaging material is made out of cards which is totally environmentally friendly. 

Otherwise, Costa is also known for its sustainable coffee supply and for supporting the communities behind its coffee. The packaging cups were created to deliver their great coffee for their consumers that will be able to link the excitement of watching the games while enjoying their coffee drinks as well. Moreover, the different iconic Olympic sport is created to emphasize the uniqueness of each physical activity that makes the whole range of the merchandise even more interesting.

Also, the Costa limited cup packaging isn’t only available in London which is the produced client, but also available globally at every one of Costa shops. Another thing is that it’s rare to see coffee cups for large brands that employ some fun and humor in their designs and these ones certainly pushed Costa beyond their usual comfort zone.

The collaboration has been receiving much love and support from many external links media as well. Furthermore, the Costa website also receives a lot of satisfied comments from their coffee fans about their new cup feature after they released it. 

In addition, the cup was created exclusively to show love and support for the Olympic athletes and to encourage the fans to watch the Olympic games as well.