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Best Coffee Thermos For Traveling in 2024

Coffee Thermos For Traveling

For people who are addicted to coffee and often want to drink coffee along with their long trip, owning a good coffee thermo is the smartest investment. Surely, you can enjoy drinking hot or cold coffee at its ideal temperature, even leaving it for 2 hrs in the bottle. Therefore, you can brew your own coffee when needed with the handy traveling coffee thermos.

In this article, we have selected the 10 best coffee thermos for traveling and handing more details on the features of those items. Also, we have selected the most affordable price with great quality, Hence, what to wait for? Let’s have a check with our reviews and make a consideration.


10. Large Coffee Thermos OKADI

The large coffee Thermos from OKADI is one of the best choices for those who stay outdoors or work for a long hour to get away from thirsty. Firstly, because of the large capacity in a total of 2.5L, it brings users enough water per full day. Moreover, the OKADI big coffee thermos made of top quality 18/8 stainless steel with BPA free. As a result, it is definitely boasting its high-quality service life as it is perfectly anti-rust. Furthermore, this is the best thermos for coffee built-in dual wall vacuum insulation technology as well as a coated inner layer. Hence, it will keep drinks greatly warm for a full day and cold for 36 hours. Consequently, you can enjoy a cup of hot coffee on the winter day or a cup of cold coffee in the summer.

What’s more, Handle is very tough and durable because of the presence of strong plastic material. With that said, the OKADI strengthened the connection of the handle to the bottle, which makes it is more solid than other the same flasks. Additionally, it contains double cups in one bottle. One is a 304 stainless steel cup and another is a plastic cup, which is approved by SGS certificated. With this special two-cups feature, you can enjoy espresso with family or colleagues at the same time. Likewise, the construction of high-grade silicone seals guarantees that the bottle mouth is perfectly sealed to protect coffee spill out. Hence, be relaxed to drive for a long session with the OKADI thermos as an anti-leak feature. Besides, say goodbye to the bad smell of the drink after putting your coffee into the bottle by just a simple clean. 

What We Like 

  • Top-quality 18/8 stainless steel made 
  • Large capacity & 100% leak proof
  • Built-in dual wall vacuum insulation technology
  • Cold for 36 hours and warm for 24 hours
  • Sturdy handle with strengthening connects 
  • Zero-spilling is the construction of a high-grade silicone seal
  • Includes a plastic cup & Convenient to clean

What We Don’t Like 

  • Big size in design which is hard to find an appropriate space to place

9. Thermos Matte Black Bottle

The Thermos brand is an incredible choice that brings reliable insulated bottles for more than a century. With that said, they include the double-wall vacuum method of heat retention and constructed with a stainless-steel vacuum to prevent breaking. Moreover, the items from the Thermos are trusty and spill-proof thermos which can keep coffee staying cold or hot. Furthermore, they can keep 8 1/2 cups of coffee warm for hours. Likewise, its retractable handle brings you much more convenience to carry and pour. With its special feature of twist and pour stopper, no more removing the stopper to pour out a cup, which doubles as a mug. 

In addition, this spill and sweatproof design is built of stainless steel to hold 2 liters of coffee. Additionally, it comes in stainless steel, blue, and black colors for 3 options. As a result, you can choose one of your favorite colors. With its classic design, the Thermos becomes a requisite travel coffee thermos when it has an outdoor activity. The Thermos vacuum insulation bottle is the perfect option if you’re searching for high-quality, heavy-duty as well as extended use.

What We Like

  • Vacuum insulation technology
  • Unbreakable stainless steel
  • Sweat-proof with cold
  • Stainless steel serving cup
  • 1,200 Milliliters capacity
  • Coffee stays hot for 24 hours 
  • Easy to handle

What We Don’t Like  

  • To avoiding the smell must be clean after each use

8. Stanley Classic Vacuum Insulated Wide Thermos

Comes with Stanley Classic which is a trustful thermos that has been in the market since 1913. Moreover, this stainless-steel coffee thermos has a size of 20 ounces to 2.5 quarts. Hence, you can bring extremely enough coffee along with you. Furthermore, the Stanley Classic coffee thermos can keep your coffee hot for up to 28 hrs and cool for up to 30 hrs. With an old-school handle style plus cup-functioning, top-off makes the Stanley thermos have a perfect classic style.

On the other hand, the Stanley Classic travel mug is available in blue and green as well as many different size options. As a result, it seems to be the right thermos for you with its guaranteed lifetime. In short, the Stanley Classic stainless steel vacuum insulation includes both durable and heat resistant. It is perfectly suitable and useful for both indoor and outdoor people to get away from thirstiness.

What We Like 

  • Dual wall stainless steel vacuum insulated bottle
  • Fully leakproof, BPA-free & lifetime warranty 
  • Coffee stays hot for up to 28 hrs, cold for up to 30 hrs
  • Has variety of sizes and color options

What We Don’t Like  

  • Heavyweight with large size design

7. Santai Bamboo & Stainless Steel Thermo Bottle 

Drinking hot coffee all morning with a Santai Bamboo & Stainless Steel best thermos coffee bottle. With this latest vacuum insulation technology ensures your coffee stays hot for 12 hrs and keeps cold for a whole day in ice. Likewise, the Santi thermo has a large capacity of 17oz. Hence, you can drink a super enough coffee every morning. Moreover, because of the real Organic Bamboo made, the Santi gets a stylish and unique appearance. Furthermore, say goodbye to any bacteria and crash with food-grade stainless steel interior construction.  

What’s more, keeping you healthy with the absence of harmful plastic and chemical smells. Besides, it is made to a great size to fit in the cup holder in the car. With that said, the Santai is not just a space-saving thermos, yet it is also a perfect portable best coffee thermos. You can store it in your bag when you start traveling or go to work. As a result, you will enjoy hot or cold beverages anywhere. Additionally, with the simple wide opening, you are able to spill hot coffee into a cup easily.

What We Like

  • Latest vacuum insulation technology
  • Hot coffee stays hot for 12 hrs and keep cold for a whole day for iced
  • Portable With Large capacity of 17oz
  • Real Organic Bamboo made
  • Has stylish and unique appearance
  • Absence of harmful plastic and chemical smells

What We Don’t Like 

  • Too tight with the lid screwed

6. Stanley Vacuum Insulated Mouth Bottle Thermos

The Stanley thermos is made with top quality insulation in order to keep coffee hot or drink for a whole day. Moreover, using BPA-free materials makes this bottle super safe to consume. Furthermore, say hello to a strong lifetime and say goodbye to the scar on the bottle because of stainless steel construction. Likewise, there is a collapsible handle on the Staley coffee thermos. As a result, it is extremely convenient to bring the bottle along with you.

In addition, a leak-resistant lid designed to make the Stanley thermos can be kept in one backpack or bag. Also, no more concern about coffee spills. What’s more, super easy to pour the coffee into the Stanley 8-ounce cup with its wide mouth. Besides, with its special intention design, Star Wars on the bottle, makes it look more attractive. Additionally, the top of the insulated lid displays mud horn signs for incredible looks. Lastly, to keep it clean or prevent any bad smell, just simply clean with a bottle brush.

What We Like 

  • BPA-free materials
  • Keeps beverage cold or hot for a whole day 
  • 18/8 stainless steel construction for rust-resistant
  • Handle is collapsible
  • Has a leak-resistant lid with an 8-ounce cup
  • Attractive edition design 

What We Don’t Like  

  • Bad packaging

5. MAISON HUIS Outdoor Coffee Thermos

Talking about outdoor coffee thermos, should never overlook MAISON HUIS coffee thermos. The MAISON HUIS is created from high technology of dual wall vacuum insulation to ensure the coffee stays hot or cold for very long hours. Moreover, the extra presence of a copper coating adds extra shielding for temperature. Furthermore, no more worry about coffee leaking in your bag due to a leak-proof. Additionally, with sweat-free exterior provides a perfect sweat shield to prevent sweating that makes your bag sweat. 

What’s more, stay healthy because of BPA-free and non-toxic made. In addition, the construction of high-quality stainless steel makes the bottle rust-resistant. Likewise, super comfortable and convenient to hold the MAISON HUIS thermos due to the adjustable shoulder strap. The shoulder strap can be removed when unneeded and it is really sturdy.  Besides, for an extra durable and non-slip grip, the MAISON HUIS is a built-in durable outside coating. Equally important, as the large capacity of 68 oz, you can enjoy tasty coffee with a number of family members or friends in the car.

What We Like 

  • High technology of dual wall vacuum insulation 
  • Includes copper coating
  • Leak-proof & Contains sweat-free exterior 
  • BPA-free and non-toxic made
  • Adjustable shoulder strap

What We Don’t Like  

  • Looks bulky

4. GiNT RED EARTH Water Bottle

Other reviews on personalizing coffee thermos RED EARTH from GiNT. The RED EARTH can keep coffee in a 25.7 oz thermos with double-wall vacuum insulation technology. As a result, it has perfect temperature protection to keep the coffee piping hot for 12 hrs and 24 hrs for cold. Moreover, the dual vacuum construction makes the coffee thermos durable and crash-resistant. With top quality and modern design, the RED EARTH from GiNT is an incredible must-have accessory for outdoor activities. 

Besides stainless steel made, there is an interior electrode that has been polished to make sure its cups remain rust-free. Also, keeping away from dents as well as scratches superior. What’s more, the RED EARTH bottles are designed in either pouring directly into the coffee cup or drink directly with just one push because it is equipped in a vertical lock. With leak-free always ensure non-spill during shaking. Likewise, it comes in 2 color options including white and black.

What We Like

  • Dual-wall vacuum insulation technology
  • Hot for 12 hrs and cold a whole day
  • Durable and crash-resistant 
  • Look modern in stainless steel and vertical lock design 
  • Inside has been polished electro 
  • Cups are rust-free
  • Leak-proof for non-spill
  • Available 2 color options

What We Don’t Like 

  • White color is easily get scratched in the outside appearance

3. IRON °FLASK Thermo Coffee Travel Mug 

Are you looking for a fashionable look and great quality coffee thermos? Here, the thermos coffee travel mug from IRON °FLASK is an incredible option. It has a DarkRainbow body look which boasts it elegant look. Moreover, never say hi to sweat because of the double wall insulation. Also, it can keep coffee cold for a full day and hot for up to 5 hrs. Likewise, it is built from stainless steel for a full BPA free and non-toxic. Consequently, say goodbye to a mental taste and rust. Furthermore, it comes with 2 stainless steel insulated lids and 2 straw lids with a completely leak-proof. 

Additionally, with the presence of rubber on the product’s bottom, will never create noise when putting it down on the table. Consequently, you can bring this IRON °FLASK Thermo Coffee into your office to enjoy your coffee. Besides, you can pour the coffee into this 24 oz capacity bottle for enough drink. What’s more, in order to increase customer satisfaction, the IRON °FLASK provides a full satisfaction warranty. If you are not completely pleased, there will be a full refund or new exchange.

What We Like 

  • DarkRainbow appearance 
  • Fashionable design & has double-wall insulation 
  • Sweat-free & BPA free as well as non-toxic
  • Flip lids and straw lid
  • The rubber on the product’s bottom
  • Satisfaction guarantees 

What We Don’t Like 

  • The color is not bright as an advertised picture

2. Leidfor Travel Coffee Mug Thermos 

The Leidfor comes as a coffee travel thermos in the market. It has double-wall vacuum insulation to keep the temperature cold or hold for long hours. Moreover, there is a strainer for coffee mug brewing. As a result, you can use the Leidfor as a travel coffee mug bottle and enjoy fresh coffee wherever you want. Likewise, the capacity of 17oz is sufficient to drink a whole day. 

Besides, the non-spill lid makes the Leidfor become a portable bottle to keep in your bag without concern of spilling coffee. In addition, as made of food-grade stainless steel both interior and exterior, it fully boasts its durability and quality. Also, BPA-free plastic lid with SGS certified silicone base is the extra score to add to its quality. In addition, you can handle it with non-grip because of a matte finish. Lastly, the matte finish makes the Leidfor bottles look so elegant in black.

What We Like 

  • Has double wall vacuum insulation 
  • Including a strainer
  • Portable & Non-spill lid
  • Stainless steel both interior and exterior
  • Matte finish & Elegant appearance 
  • BPA-free plastic lid with SGS certified silicone base

What We Don’t Like  

  • Short hours to hold heat temperature

1. EcoVessel PERK Stainless Steel Coffee Travel Bottle

Comes up with the top reviews in the list of travel coffee thermos which is from EcoVessel PERK. With that said, the EcoVessel PERK is similar to a hybrid between a flask bottle and a gym thermos. However, it still does a perfect job. The EcoVessel PERK got a stainless steel body without either fillers or liners. Hence, the bottle is completely recyclable which fits with their company’s vision of fighting overuse plastic water bottles. With this great quality made, this travel coffee thermos ensures to keep coffee hot for 8 hrs and cold for 36 hrs. 

What’s more, the EcoVessel PERK built-in push-button lid, which is super convenient for directly drinking with just one push from one hand. Especially when you are busy with your phone on the other hand. Equally important, there is a removable strainer which is super useful when drinking an iced latte. As you can stir them into a tasty coffee.

What We Like 

  • Triple insulation perfect keep hot coffee for long hrs 
  • Push bottom lid in design 
  • EcoVessel donates part of the profit to environmental nonprofit 

What We Don’t Like  

  • Simple appearance

Buying Guides on Choosing Best Coffee Thermos For Traveling in 2024

Size of Capacity 

In this part, you have to surely decide which thermos suit best with your requirements. You use it only by yourself or seeking the one that can be shared with others. If you choose a shareable one, the larger capacity is the best option. Of course, the large coffee thermos should be purchased if you enjoy drinking a whole pot of espresso over the day. However, it might be heavier and need more space in your bag or table. Yet, it ensures you have sufficient coffee for a whole day. On the other hand, for those who tend to choose lightweight and small, the small capacity is a perfect choice. With that said, it is easier to move and save some space as well as fit in your car cup holders.

Insulation Matter

Insulation is the main calculator to determine how long the thermos maintain temperature for both cold and hot. The effective insulation can be seen on its construction. The best thermoses are built in double wall vacuum stainless steel insulated. Whereas, the thermoses which are made of tin or plastic are incomplete insulation. As it got a shorter hour use and sometimes struggled to keep the temperature.

Appearance and Extra Feature

Talking about the appearance of the coffee thermos, means the design of the bottle. Surprisingly that the design of this item has a large impact on consumer attitudes on buying it. Along with deciding the size and insulation of the thermos, seeking for a good looking one is also a necessary thing. Hence, choose your favorite style whether you desire a presence of a handle or straps or not? Ask yourself whether you enjoy drinking directly or drinking with a cup. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to clean coffee thermos?

There are many different ways to clean your coffee thermos. Firstly, you can clean them with salt and ice. Secondly, use vinegar and baking soda with hot water to clean the thermos. Thirdly, you can clean with dishwasher powder. Try one of these three methods, we are sure that there won’t be stubborn coffee grime on the thermos interior or feel hard to clean. Yet, remember that it might be a great idea to change a new one if there is too much coffee grime.

How to keep a good smelling stainless steel coffee thermos?

There is only one way to maintain a good smell for your coffee thermos. You should always clean it after every use. Remember to rinse out the bottle immediately after use in order to prevent getting moldy.

Is it safe to use stainless steel thermos with hot coffee?

According to a scientific point of view, stainless steel cannot destroy the flavor of coffee. Also, steel is known as an inert compound. Although it formed into a cylinder including a mug with boiling water or hot coffee, there are zero chemical reactions going on. As a result, it is safe to pour hot coffee in stainless steel thermos, as it also won’t take away the flavors of the coffee.


Above are the best coffee thermos which contain double vacuum insulated and portable features. Hence, you don’t have to go to a cafe when you’re outdoors anymore. Traveling with your favorite coffee anywhere and anytime. Moreover, no more wasting time brewing coffee every single time when you want to drink. You can just prepare coffee and store it in the thermos and enjoy a sip whenever you need it. Furthermore, there are many different sizes, styles, and color options for you to choose based on your favorite.