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8 Amazing Facts About Coffee Oil

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8 Amazing Facts About Coffee Oil

The world is in love with coffee. There is one coffee shop at least on every corner of the street nowadays. It is insanely amazing. But what is more appealing about coffee is the immense benefits of coffee including coffee oil. I believe for some of us, this is a new term. But turns out, that coffee oil has been around for many years. 

We may all drink coffee at one point in our lives or coffee has been a great part of our lives. But we do little know much about coffee oil and the advantages that coffee oil brings. In this article, I am going to share 8 amazing facts and health benefits of coffee oil. I am sure that most of us will like our coffee even more after knowing these advantages that coffee oil can bring for us.

1. Varieties of Coffee Oil 

1. Varieties of Coffee Oil 

Do you know that there are two types of coffee oil: green and roasted. Coffee oil is processed oil extracted from coffee arabica beans and it is the by-product of the coffee industry. And people can extract oil from either roasted beans or green coffee beans. Although there are pros and cons to the two methods, it brings different kinds of benefits as well. 

Let’s begin with the roasted beans coffee oil. The oil that is extracted from the roasted beans is stronger and richer in scent and aroma. It is rich in aroma, Vitamin E, moisturizing properties, and lecithin which is also another hydrating element. You can use roasted coffee bean oil in your skincare routine which can help to soften and protect your skin from extreme dryness. Moreover, you can mix roasted coffee beans oil with carrier oils or essential oils to massage or other usages such as lotions, cream, blams, bar soaps, or conditioners. 

On the other hand, the green coffee oil is preferable to the roasted version by some people because it allows more nutrition to stay. Green coffee oil is rich in fatty acids as Flavonoid is presented. It also has a herbal scent that is slightly softener than a strong aromatic. You can use green coffee bean oil in skincare and body care as it will hydrate and reduce cellulite. 

2. Oil Extraction Method 

2. Oil Extraction Method 

Another fun fact about coffee oil is the extraction process. Earlier we talked about two types of coffee bean oils, now I am going to introduce to you the oil extraction process for getting coffee bean oil. 

The extraction process begins with processing methods. There are three types of processing methods that manufacturers can choose from namely: dry, wet, or hybrid methodology. Traditionally, drying takes more time. Once the coffee beans are picked, they must be spread out and dried under the sun after being cleaned. Another fermentation or spoil is avoidable during this time-consuming process. 

Secondly, the wet methodology is less time-consuming and brings quality coffee beans. After harvesting the coffee beans, the pulp must be removed and then washed properly. After cleaning, the coffee beans must be stored in a tank of water to allow fermentation to occur for a short time. Later, the beans will be brought out to be dried under the sun. The third method of drawing oil from coffee beans is the hybrid method. The last method is a mixture of dry and wet techniques. The pulp must be removed mechanically under this method. And it must be dried without fermenting at all. 

3. Fight Skin Problems and Allergies 

3. Fight Skin Problem and Allergies 

As human beings, we all have different skin conditions, and sometimes, it might lead to skin problems. A noticeable portion of the world is affected by skin issues such as eczema, dermatitis, and other skin inflammatory conditions. 

Coffee beans contain several important components such as chlorogenic acids and palmitic acid which have anti-inflammatory properties, heal rashes and dryness, and remove excess oil. Skin irritation can be shown on your face or your body, with a few drops of coffee oils as a regimen, I believe it can gradually improve the skin condition. Therefore, coffee bean oil would have the same effect to reduce the redness or irritation on your skin. And, overall, increase higher chances for the skin to be stronger and improve the red spots or infection on the skin. 

Coffee oil is said to be effective in decreasing the rate of allergies as it is said to contain anti-inflammatory properties. The active components in the coffee bean oil coming from the actual coffee beans have been shown to improve allergies by helping your immune system. The coffee essential oil properties would corporate to effectively reduce the stress and strain suppressed on the immune system. Hence, you will likely see an improvement in your allergies responses. 

4. Coffee Oil and Skin Care 

4. Coffee Oil and Skin Care 

Coffee oil can be a great mixture with your everyday cosmetic products. Apart from providing moisture, dewiness, and anti-inflammatory properties to the human skin, coffee essential oils bring in handy other skin benefits such as anti-aging and UV protection as well. Moreover, it can be paired with other essential oils as well from massage oil to lip or moisturizing balm. 

First of all, coffee oil is known to have Linoleic Acid which will tremendously help to improve the overall skin texture by nourishing the skin and adding moisture. The Linoleic Acid will enhance support for mature skin as well as promote skin regeneration. Moreover, coffee oil contains Flavonoids which contain antioxidant components to stimulate detoxification in your skin. Both of these elements are already calming and nourishing the skin tone and complexion. Coffee oil is recommended to join with your skincare routine so that you can strengthen your UV protection and fight against aging. 

Moreover, besides mixing with the carrier oils such as jojoba oil, rosehip, or olive oil to increase that glow or moisture to the skin, you can use it to massage as well which will help with relaxation. As you can see, apart from partnering with your skincare routine, you can also choose to mix with essential oil to massage or relax. 

5. Hair Care 

5. Hair Care 

As previously mentioned in the above paragraphs, coffee beans are highly praised for their anti-inflammation elements, they can be used to combat prosperity for hair loss as well. 

Hair loss can also be caused by the inflammation of hair follicles at their premature stage. And coffee can bring back growth and stimulate properties to soothe the inflamed follicle areas. Using the coffee bean oils daily at the early stage could address the infected follicles and better provide the necessary solution before any further loss. 

Moreover, anyone can choose to use coffee beans or coffee seed oil daily even though you don’t have any hair loss conditions. It applies to everyone. Using coffee oil in your hair care routine is said to leave the hair shiny, smooth, and voluminous. It helps with improving the overall complexion of the hair as well as improving texture and heals damaged ends. 

You can blend the coffee oil with other hair essential oil of your preference. Leave the oil in your hair for about an hour for the oil to absorb in the roots and scalp before rinsing it off. 

6. Antidepressant Properties 

6. Antidepressant Properties 

In general, coffee itself can fight depression. Some studies suggested that coffee contains proactive effects in helping with stress, anxiety, and, overall, depression. This points out the fact that coffee intake will result in its ability to increase the happy chemicals in our brains such as serotonin and dopamine. Once these neuro-chemicals are released into our system, it dismisses the negative feelings and moods as well. Moreover, others suggested that coffee can help brighten up your mood because it contains antioxidants and properties that will also have some effects on depression. 

Apart from the caffeine effect, I believe that coffee oil can cheer you up because of its sweet aromatic smell. Since coffee oil can be mixed with other carrier oil or essential oil, you can choose to mix it with other beautiful scented oil to lighten the atmosphere. Imagine coming home from a long day of work and smelling the aromatic scent of coffee oil diffused all over the room. These types of feelings can lighten up our mood and decrease our wariness to certain extents. It allows us to relax and feel afresh after a long, hard day. 

7. Improve the Digestive System 

7. Improve the Digestive System 

Another amazing fact about coffee oil is that it can help improve your digestive system. Although it cannot magically cure your problem in a day or two, it may take off gradually as time goes on. However, if you are a person who has been struggling with stomach distress that resulted in constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, or nausea, you can try using coffee oil. 

As aforementioned, coffee, especially coffee bean oil, is enriched with flavonoids which are composed of antioxidants, radical free elements, and a mechanism to fight inflammation. Therefore, these antioxidants and acids that can be found in coffee essential oil can eliminate or lessen the effect of digestive irritation. You can find vomit and nausea to be less likely to happen while your digestive system can absorb more nutritional intake. 

Moreover, all of the amazing essential fatty acids described in coffee oil are also found to be good for your liver as well. According to the World Health Organization, coffee beans are found to have certain effects in preventing liver cancer and cirrhosis. 

Finally, coffee oil can reduce the chances of getting type II diabetes as well. A study was conducted to demonstrate that caffeine, in general, can reduce the risk of diabetes due to two elements namely cafestol and caffeic acid. It increases insulin and breaks down complex sugars. 

8. Coffee Oil Combats Anti-Aging 

8. Coffee Oil Combats Anti-Aging 

This is a particular point, I am going to raise to three different dimensions that coffee oil is going to prevent anti-aging. The first thing we will look at is skin rejuvenation. Studies have shown that coffee beans or coffee oil have a positive effect on the skin. It has proven to be rejuvenating and refreshing. As mentioned over and over again in the above paragraphs, coffee oil has amazing properties. It can protect your skin from UV light damage but, most importantly, it will also protect you from aging, pigmentation, or discoloration. 

Moreover, coffee oil is raved about how it will tighten and firm your skin as well. As time goes on, the skin is continuously under pressure making it sag or loose. Coffee oil can bring back that elasticity and make your skin look once again young and ageless. 

Finally, the eye area is another important indicator of aging. Once the eyes are wary and wrinkled, you can tell that this person has undergone a series of hard work. However, preventing that from happening can be done with coffee oil. You can place a few drops of coffee oil mixed with your cosmetic products to enhance the appearance of your dark circles. As the eye area is extremely delicate, the coffee oil property can diss the under-eye bags, redness, or puffiness.


There you have it, the 8 amazing facts of coffee oil. It is amazing how coffee can benefit us all in our daily lives. But, most importantly, we cannot disregard the oil either. Like coffee, coffee oil is remarkable in making us happy. It has wonderful components that are beneficial to the skin, body, and mind. 

Coffee oil is versatile as well as you can mix it with essential oil or carrier oil to get the health benefits that you want. I am sure that with all of the great properties that coffee oil has to offer, you will be able to learn more about coffee and incorporate it into your everyday lives. The ranges can be from using it as a massage oil to health supplements. I am sure that after reading this, we all are going to be obsessed with coffee oil. 


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